Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ceramah @ SS2 Chow Yang

I just got my hands on these pictures...

Umbrellas all around the field...

And that's me completely soaked still shaking the hands of well-wishers!

This ceramah was held on Thursday, 6th March next to the SS2 Chow Yang pasar malam. It was certainly a wet evening as rain started and stopped umpteen times. However, about 10 minutes before I spoke, and I was the last speaker for the evening, it started pouring absolutely cats and dogs! It rained often during the campaign period, but that evening at Chow Yang was certainly the heaviest.

It was my shortest speech in my entire election campaign - probably 5 minutes or so, so as to ensure that the crowd doesn't have to keep standing in the rain. Of course, there's self interest involved - if everyone gets sick, then they can't go to the ballot boxes on Saturday! ;-)

The fact that I actually spoke was due to my being extremely touched that the large crowd actually continued standing in the heavy rain to wait for me to speak... and I had to tell everyone to go home early and return the next evening for the grand finale at SS2 the next evening.

Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, it was all worthwhile in the end ;-)


Anonymous said...

i was there!!!

Anonymous said...

You are almost as famous as Tony Leung (Hong Kong Star). We are there that day, but no umbrella, so just sit inside the car and listen.

Anonymous said...

Alamak, Tony,

Wet transparent white blouse used to be the standard tool for Hong Kong R rated movies back in the 1990's.

Can't say it has the same impact on you for me.... :-)

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

hhmmm this looks like a stint to make urself look good... we already know you are cool and capable... its time to show us what is being done for the people and the country...

mind you... i m your supporter... so pls dun disappoint

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

I attended 3 of your ceramah (2 at SS2) and 1 at Brickfield.Out of 3 ceramah, 2 is heavy rain.

*I will email you the pic i took with you.

Anonymous said...

eh...right glass fog up like chew mei fun leh...wear lah singlet inside next time.

to me it was the cries for help of the malaysian people raining down on you that day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

It's true that Action does speak louder than words (base on the pictures). I hope more actions will translate into more benefits for the rakyat. All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I were there too and we saw you came in.

However, it started to pour shortly and the night was getting late too. So we had to miss your speech again.:)

Anonymous said...


Enough of the last GE talk.

Time to get cracking.

Anonymous said...

I will retain this picture and hopefully show my grand-kids that I was there when the tide turned, listening to our dearly distinguished leader.

And if it all turns sour and you become just like the rest, I'll use it to remind you of the time when you did it because it was right thing to do.

I'm one of your biggest supported so I hope it's the former rather than the latter.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

How many days can MCA, Gerakan and MIC hold on to their ministry post?
Another 5 years? 2 years or 180 days?

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, we have achieved our objective in putting a DAP voice in the parliament for PJU. I guess BN has already been successfuly reduced to a pulp. It is high time we end our honeymoon (though a lot of your ardent supporters here may not agree with me) and start creating a vision, a mission and action plan to transform PJ into "the leading think tank for a society of equality, justice, opportunity and freedom for all chinese, malays, indians, kadazans, dusuns......" as championed by DAP. This is the very manifesto that I have cast my vote (as well as a lot of my hard earned money) in support of your campaign. If you look at LKS' blog on the various articles and issues, especially on the agenda for first parliament seating which you will be a part of, I just want to say how great a leader he is, he has vision, principles and most of all integrity. On a similar footstep, I hope that you can emulate his style. You will have to transform your modus operandi from "criticism based" (as in BN bashing) to "construction oriented" as in a government, and have a solid action plan to achieve these visions, if not all, at least partially in the 4 to 5 years mandate that the PJ resident has entrusted you. Communicating these action plans to the rakyat is important as they are your ultimate stakeholder. Soliciting their feedback through blogs and public forums will ensure that you have not detrated from the wishes of the rakyat at large. Hope to see your action plan before the start of the parliament sessions.

Anonymous said...


NEO said...

Hi Tony,

Are you willing to assist the Rakyat to proposed in Parliament to abolish the so called “Licensed but un-controlled Money Lending Activities” in Malaysia.

The Ministry of Housing & Local Government had enacted an Act or By-law which allow the local authorities to issued license for approved money lender.

Now, these money lending activities seem un-controlled by any authorities and created lots of social-economy problems to the society. Many individual and families were destroy due to these un-controlled money lending activities.

I really do not understand why the BN Cabinet, Economy Planning Unit, Bank Negara, Ministry of Finance could allow these un-controlled money lending activities be dominant in our country economy.

Moreover, all these so called Licence money lender were not subject to supervision of any regulatory body, no minimum paid-up capital were set, submission of annual audited accounts and etc.

If the initial objective was to provide an avenue for the public to obtain credit financing, than, perhaps the government shall re-consider abolish this Act or By-law which initially proposed by the Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Ting; the former Ministry of Housing & Local Government.

The government should replace the above money lending activities with a micro-credit scheme under the supervision of Bank Negara and other regulatory bodies and to utilise bank system and finance institutions in Malaysia to distribute the micro-credit.

Please help us to voice out our opinion on the above Un-controlled money lending activities to the government.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Today is April Fools Day...hope the PR formation is not for that ah.

So, when will there be PR-TV? I haven't watched MSM news since...I can't even remember !!!

PR-TV can be on-line, via broadband mah. 24hours. Those with 3G or 3.5G also can see.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

with the formation of Pakatan Rakyat and the talk of 2 party system era in Malaysia, I would suggest PR produce a list of "Shadow Cabinet" at Federal level.

This is not following the BN practice of shadow state governments in Penang and Kedah, where I think the BN Wakil Rakyat can learn how to govern better, this alternate shadow federal cabinet would demonstrate to the voting public that Pakatan Rakyat has the personnel, co-ordination & a tangible plan of succession should they take power.

1 lesson we glean from this election is that the opposition parties lacked a ready-made plan for state governance but luckily initial hiccups were quickly addressed.

With a functioning shadow cabinet, the voting public can have a better view of alternate government available.

The campaigning for 2013 GE starts now!

What do you think, Mister Pua? Your cousin in Singapore, Chu Kang, might just agree with me.

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...


Hats off to all those who brought change
Alfred Ho | Apr 2, 08 4:08pm

The people of Malaysia have finally spoken and a quiet revolution of sorts has taken place. I think that the election

results would have been even more impressive for the opposition had the Election Commission acted impartially.

However, at least the opposition has now denied the Barisan Nasional government its two-thirds majority in

Parliament and that is certainly a good start. I am glad to have been able to play a small part in this quiet revolution

by urging Malaysians to bring about change by voting for the opposition.

I equate the election results to ‘People Power’ and with the winds of change. The MIC and Gerakan are now both

irrelevant. The MCA and the PPP have also been dealt a heavy blow and I am sure that the leaders of the Barisan

Nasional will have to do a lot of soul-searching to do.

Let us hope that the three successful opposition parties can get their act together and rule efficiently the five

states that right thinking Malaysians have delivered into their hands and not fail the many citizens who have helped

bring about this change.

As a blind individual myself, I hope that discrimination towards the disabled community will be a thing of the past and

that we will be given equal opportunities where jobs are concerned. As a singer, musician myself, I hope to be given

opportunities to perform at government and other public functions.

Finally, I wish to thank all those who campaigned tirelessly to bring about this change and these include people such

as Raja Petra, the Lim combo, Anwar Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi, the list goes on. I also wish to take this golden opportunity of

saying special thanks to the alternative media for giving us a platform to air our views during the run-up to the


Let us hope that the Barisan Rakyat will keep its promises to the people by looking into their interests and that

corruption and cronyism will be things of the past.

While I am on this subject, it is my sincere hope that all those who have been involved in corruption during the

former administration be charged in court and that the full force of the law be brought to bear upon them for their

misdeeds to teach them a lesson that they will not forget in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Many DAP rep have their blog (included you, Hannah Yeoh and etc) can i suggest all the blog will have a space to link to all the DAP MP or members so that we can understand and read more about our DAP MP Representative.

NEO said...

Hi Tony

Could you please ask MBPJ to re-study the impact cause by the "Paradiam Commercial Project" located at LDP (next to Kelana Jaya Seafood)?

I think the location is in between PJU and Kelana Jaya, but since the opposition parties is planning to set-up a "Pakatan Rakyat", could you please working together with Kelana Jaya MP; Mr. Low?

The residents are not against development but we would like to ensure that MBPJ did conduct a proper feaibility study prior to any project approval in the future.

Thank you,

Unknown said...

Good job Tony.You have gained the price. I never see the BN candidate to soak themselves under the rain to speak for the rakyat.

Good toe see your effort for the Malaysian.