Friday, March 21, 2008

All Set?

The English media is a little kinder once the elections are over. ;-) In addition to the article reproduced below from The Star Metro edition yesterday, I've also been invited to speak at a forum organised by The Star and the Asian Centre fro Media Studies on "New Politics in Post-election Malaysia".

The forum is to be held in The Star auditorium on Monday 10.30 am, but it has been fully booked since the first day it was advertised in the papers on Wednesday, attracting some 500 attendees. And I had thought that given that it was a work day, attendance might have been on the low side! ;-)

Other speakers include Datuk Seri Chia Kwang Chye (Former Bukit Bendera MP), Datuk Nur Jazlan (Pulai MP), Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek (Former Labis MP), Charles Santiago (Klang MP) and Datuk Wong Chun Wai, managing editor for The Star. It should certainly be interesting ;-)

Pua all set for his new responsibilities

STEPPING into his Damansara Utama service centre in his trademark crisp white shirt and toothy smile without any signs of fatigue, Tony Pua looks set to take on his new responsibility as Petaling Jaya Utara (PJU) MP.

(No sign of fatigue? You've got to be kidding! - Tony ;-))

Pua garnered 37,851 votes in the 12th general election to beat incumbent Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun by a majority of 19,972 votes.

“Yes, we’ve been getting a lot of emails and calls about faulty street lamps and clogged drains. Some are more serious, like constant flooding,” said Pua. Most of the complaints are local council issues and he is not about to jump the gun in tackling these issues.

“We (including Damansara Utama and Kampung Tunku assemblymen Lau Weng San and Dr Cheah Wing Yin, respectively) want to deal with it in a more systematic approach,” he said.

To tackle the problems at the root, they would be compiling a list to be brought up during a meeting with PJ mayor Datuk Roslan Sakiman early next week.

“After all, we’re not here to replace local councils,” he said.

There are also bigger issues like the misuse of land where trees have been cut down without prior approval. Pua feels that these abuses have to be checked, but not independent of an overall state policy that would ensure more transparency and accountability.

“Instead of solving problems on an ad hoc basis, we have to look at why these problems happen every other month and how to resolve them,” he said.

He is hoping to work together not only with the DAP assemblymen but also with MPs and assemblymen from other parties like the PKR.

“It’ll take a few meetings to get everyone onto a single track. I think everyone has the same objectives but there are differences in approach,” he said.

As far as accountability and transparency were concerned, Pua said that while some laws have to be amended, some were already in place.

“For example, if the local councils refuse to publicise their full accounts, it’s up to the MPs and assemblymen to apply pressure to put up the account books for inspection. If you haven’t done anything wrong, there’s nothing to hide,” he said.

While the roles of the MPs and assemblymen are to apply pressure to the local councils to be more accountable, he feels that putting civil society members into the local council works better because they would be more public-spirited.

The ultimate objective is to have local council elections.

“We hope it would be as soon as possible but, realistically, it’ll be between the second to the fourth year. We want to do it before the next elections for the simple reason that that would be our key performance [indicator],” he said.

Being a fresh face in parliament does not bother Pua.

“As long as we can bring in the right set of professionals to help us with policy making and so on, the core values of the government will remain intact. We want a government with integrity, honesty and one that is accountable to the public,” he said.

For now, there is only one DAP service centre in PJU but there are plans to set up more.

“We’ll try to share resources so that we don’t end up attending to the same complaints. There should be coordination,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Just be on your toes. I have a feeling that you are going stright (and not passing GO) into the Lion's den.....just a gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I read with dismay news on the composition of the Selangor exco which reports that the DAP will only be getting 3 exco posts and no Deputy MB-ship.
Once again, it looks like the DAP is getting the short end of the stick. PAS which has much fewer state seats again looks like the main beneficiary.
I am all for a Malaysian Malaysia but it gets tiresome when it seems that it is the DAP which gets shafted time and again. It also looks like the BR coalition in Selangor has acceded to the wishes of the Malay ultras not to have a Deputy MB.
How is this fair to the representatives of the DAP which have worked hard to win their seats? How is this fair to Teng Chang Kim who has spent half of his life fighting for the rights of Selangor residents of all races? If i were Saudara Teng, I would consider telling the party to go *&() itself and go it alone as an independent.
It is time the leadership of the DAP starts showing some backbone. Being spineless will not make the party any popular in the next GE but it would certainly make it less so.

Anonymous said...

Hope the video clip will appear on your blog later …. It must be a very interesting forum…

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

'The ultimate objective is to have local council elections ..... realistically, it’ll be between the second to the fourth year.'

Why do we have to wait so long? The residents can't wait to have the new changes taking place now.

We don't want Bohongwi's working style that takes 5 years to warm up :)

lanaibeach said...

I wish you luck
The day you become the MP

It isnt easy handling people
The high expectations always there
With your experience and background
I know you can handle it well

Failures for now isnt an option YB
The people expect high expectations
Come rain or shine the rays of hope
The people will judge you by

The good Lord will guide you
Along the path of good governance
I know it isnt easy handling complaints from the people
It is a service you booked into

Anonymous said...

But China Press still don’t get it……Yesterday night newspaper headline story is CMF so proud be invited to Taiwan watch presidential election……

Is there no any news is valuable than this?

I wonder how the editor to Measure Newspaper Headlines???????????????

Life, As I See It, Live It said...

Tony, congrats!
If my memory didn't fail me, I remember asking you whether it is possible to boot out the BN at the 12th GE.
Your reply was that that was a tall order.
In restropect, it's not too tall an order at all!
In fact, if there is no shenanigans on the part of the BN, the oppositon could have done it.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

You are right, we need your team more focus on Malaysia Education system . We not looking for MP to look after drain or lamp post.. it's local coucil responsible not an MP job.

There are also bigger issues like the misuse of land where trees have been cut down without prior approval. Pua feels that these abuses have to be checked, but not independent of an overall state policy that would ensure more transparency and accountability.

“Instead of solving problems on an ad hoc basis, we have to look at why these problems happen every other month and how to resolve them,” he said.

ong said...

My husband brought me to see your ceramah at SS3, I ask him, who is this guy, he told me that you really want to serve the people, because you are quite rich, joint to work, not for money. Hope after 5 years of service, you are still TONY PUA that everyone know 2008. GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

YB, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..the UMMNO ppl keep on harping on YB Lim Kit Siang's disrespecting the Sultan of Perak and also now take to the streets notwithstanding YB Lim has APOLOGIZED.


who is being disrespectful. didn't Shahidan snub the Raja of Perlis when the Raja wanted to appoint Isa as MB. Didn't UMMNO ppl refuse to accept Raja of Perlis's decision.

Didn't Shahidan NOT attend the installation of Isa as MB.

Has Shahidan apologize for saying I am the MB as I have letter from PM? Who is being rude now.

I have not seen or heard any apologies from Shahidan and UMMNO to Raja of Perlis!!

Anonymous said...

malaysia born said...

Just be on your toes. I have a feeling that you are going stright (and not passing GO) into the Lion's den.....just a gut feeling.

8:49 AM


You mean the forum? or the parliament? :|

Golf Afflicted said...

hey Ong et al,

If I'm not the same Tony Pua after 5 years, please give me a good kick in the ***, both figuratively and literally.



Anonymous said...

U r taking part in a forum where that "snake" is a moderator????
Please be on your guard. Mentally screen every word b4 it comes out. Dont be drawn into arguments regarding race n religion - especially the MB posts, deputy MB posts or exco allocation. Methinks the snake is trying to give u enough rope with the hope you will hang yourself.Be very careful.

Anonymous said...

surely YB, you gonna change in 5 years time least, you would be 5 years older and wiser then;

and ya, could you tell Dr. Cheah, he better not " deem " ( in cantonese ) anything 'cos we heard and we voted for CHANGE ... we read he got the biggest margin win for State seat =)

Anonymous said...

if I were you, I would reprint some of the imbecile things Wong Chun Wai and VK Chin wrote before the election. Remember how one sided they were? Remember how these ppl were the government lapdogs?

Anonymous said...

CSL? What will he be teaching all the other speakers? H'mmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Not sure if in your scope...but on the topic of declaration of assets by PM AAB:

1) why now?
2) what are the loop-holes?
3) what are the limitations to the declaration?
4) how transparent will it be?
50 who will audit the declaration?

I read in Malaysiakini that the assets declaration should be extended to those who resigned. I would also say it should be extended also to the past cabinet members that were dropped.

Is it for real or just cakap-only?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Hope the forum can be uploaded from your blog.

Don't worry about the snakes in The Star...we already know they are just shoe-polish for BN-Umno & what they may be up to. You have nothing to lose.

Sammy and Velu said...

Dear Tony,

I'm extremely disappointed by the 4:3:3 for Selangor excos' position. Our votes were to DAP and not PAS, shall we consider this as part of the democracy? me and my wife voted DAP for the past three elections, however, if the votes to DAP indirectly strengten PAS, the party that we never feel comfortable with, we will definitely think twice which party to vote before making any emotiional decision and DAP will definitely have to prepare for a convincing reason ( not excuse! ) for us to re-elect you again!
Sammy and Velu

Anonymous said...

Tony & Charles (through Tony),

Please be careful, both of you are going into the pit of snakes and vipers - do not be baited !!

Anonymous said...

The rakyat is concern for you and there are some who even cautioned you to be on your toes. I guess it is never going to be easy for you or any of the DAP's MPs. Just look at MCA, they are part of the BN government but yet is unable to speak up before they are being threaten and insulted by we all know who within the BN.

I can only imagine that it will be so much more difficult for Lim Guan Eng who is the Chief Minister of Penang. Unfortunately, this is the reality of politics in Malaysia encouraged by the present government.

Fear not for as long as you you walk in the path of righteousness and with the fear of God Almighty, you will be fine. For if God is for you, who can be against you. I pray that all evil plans brought about by evil doers against you will fail and the evil intended on you will instead fall back on the those who initiate these evil plans.

Couple of words of wisdom for you .... be patient .... listen more and talk less ... lies will be thrown at you, don't strike back ... engage the public, not the foolish politicians from we all know where ... the rakyat has responded to your "just change it" message and now our message to you is "just do the right thing" and all things will work out for good.

Best wishes to you. Keep your motive pure. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

On the Selangor exco issue, it's troubling and do note that DAP is elected because of its more secular, pragmatic and democratic approach to nation building. PAS has a different ideology and it's certainly very worrying. I'm from Selangor and while my vote went to the opposition (which in this case DAP), there are certain constituencies where the only choices were BN or PAS. I can dare say I'm not at all comfortable with PAS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I understand that things will take some time to get some traction. I'm sure that both you and your fellow colleagues will take all necessary actions to make your promises come true.

However please understand that not all of us rakyat are patient people - so taking 2 to 4 years to get the local council elections made into a reality is not that reassuring statement.

Can't the new state government accelerate this process in the hopes that the citizens of the state can have local council elections in the next year or two at the max?

I suggest that people like Derek Fernandez who are well versed in this area should be roped in to assist in making the transition a reality.

In the meantime please do all you can to fix, mend and polish this state back into the shine it has lost along the way. Also don't forget to be vocal in the parliament as that's where we want you to be fighting for us the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to congratulate you for winning in the recent 12's GE.You are indeed fantastic as you had slayed the what-I-thought the invincible Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun.Infact,I admire you and Jeff Ooi and with you bloggers in the MP,I bet the proceedings must be lively now.Anyway,I hope you show your stuff in this coming forum and do what you must do to show what DAP means business.Syabas!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Before the elections, the MSM (The Star, NST, etc) ignored you guys. Now after the elections, they try to rub your shoulders...don't fall prey to their ulterior motives. The slightest mistake, or even error of expression will be magnified to try to make BN look good again. They are still a BN held machinery - don't ever forget that. There's a lot of things wrong in this country, one of them is the ruling gov or BN having stakes in the MSM. We have seen too many false advertising of the BN...I read them only for entertainment. How can we take a PM that legs become taufu when Iron Lady just shout why no UMNO-Women Chief in Cabinet...immediately "poof" a new position created for Sharizat. Nothing against Sharizat here (she is probably the only BN-UMNO that lost rejecting the 14 balllot boxes that came out of nowhere after it was known that Nurul was winning all the way). Point is, didn't PM AAB said no losers in the cabinet??? So, what has changed? Semua sama saja lah.

Anonymous said...

Despite all success by DAP in many states,I'm very disappointed to see racism in the selection of Chief Minister.DAP should be given the post in Perak and Selangor.'Lembu punya susu,sapi punya name' is still being practised.I just cannot believe it.Why vote according to parties then?We should have voted according to race instead.

Anonymous said...

Change subject here Tony,

Does Khairy Jamaluddin has a valid visa or citizenship in Malaysia? This might be a good way to get him out of MP position.

Khairy was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait.....check the below link about him.

Malaysia Visa link:

Hope this issue will help change the IMI regulation for spouse program or get KJ out of politica career in Malaysia.

Hope it help.

Citizen Monitor said...

Dear YB,

Permission to link.


Anonymous said...

Yb Tony Pua,

Bolih kah saya seorang melayu menyertai dan menjadi ahli DAP?
Saya amak kagum dengan perjuangan saudara menegak kebenaran

Golf Afflicted said...


1. Citizen Monitor - anybody can link to my blog posts ;-) No permission required ;-)

2. Setiap rakyat Malaysia layak menjadi ahli DAP, tak kira bangsa dan agama. Anda boleh menghantar butir-butir anda kepada saya - tonypua (@) yahoo (dot) com

3. I know its common to call our MPs YB - (which I'll respond to) - but Tony is just fine too ;-)

Best regards,

Tony ;-)

Chauncey Gardener said...

To anon 12.02 am on the subject of KJ's citizenship.

If you are born overseas to a Malaysian male parent, you can apply for Malaysian citizenship through the Malaysian Embassy in whichever country the child was born (within 12 months of birth). I am presuming that his father did, especially since he was in the diplomatic service.

Please note that in the same situation but father is non-Malaysian married to a Malaysian mother, you may not apply for Malaysian citizenship. Why the discrimination ? I don't know but I have first hand feedback on that.

Anonymous said...

You are our brightest star. You must dare yourself in any Loin's cage or den. You have no way to retreat, take on any task to lead your supporters for brighter future in malaysia. You must dirty your hands for malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Tony (Yang Benar)
Thank you for putting up your name for election to represent Truth and Justice in our community.
I believe that the campaign period was infact the easy part. Now, having won - your difficult days have just begun.

This Forum - is one of those difficult days that you have to face up to. However, with God on your side and the support of the People - truth will prevail!

Having been unable to book in time for the forum, i hope it will be uploaded.

More importantly - I hope the Parliamentary debates will be telecast live - and MPs off all parties be given equal air time - justice!

Finally - Thank you Mrs Pua (YB - Yang Beautiful) for lending your handsome husband to society - to give Malaysia a better future!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Today was the first time i heard you speak and it was at The Star Forum 'New Politics in a Post Election Malaysia'. I finally understood why you won against the Chew Mei Fun.
Today, I am thankful that the public has voted an MP who is able to intelligently and rationally articulate the issues that are close to our hearts. The other speakers from BN like Chua Soi Lek and Nur Jaslan were clearly out of touch with the sentiments of the groundswell. I was appalled and disgusted when Chua Soi Lek stated that the constitution cannot be changed and warned us against the consequences of doing so. I was further exasperated with the MP from Pulai who was condescending to the crowd the whole time by wagging his finger and deemed fit to tell us that Malaysia is a product of history (which country isn't) and we should continue to live our lives by the legacies left to us without questioning the applicability of it in this day and age. If not for you and Charles Santiago who continued to reason with frankness and humility, I would have left the forum in disgust and continued to explore the possibilities of emigrating to Singapore.
I hope that by 2013, we will have a better and fairer society

Anonymous said...


Even deep inside I do not feel good about PAS MP became MB and number of EXCO members for DAP is below expectation, but please do not fail us this time around. Please prove to us that our worry is unnecessary, and my vote for next general election will be a lot easier.

I still have faith in Malaysian Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony and all readers,

Don't be fooled by the MSM's gesture at false kindness. Once they are certain that you have fallen into their trap, they will not hesitate to go in for the kill.

Always be careful what you say to the press and think of how they will quote and misquote what you say to give the people a false perception of what you meant.

Personally, I believe it is better to boycott the MSM totally. My email is barisanr at yahoo dot com. I am compiling a list of all BN owned businesses especially the smaller ones. Once I have enough on my list to make an impact I will publish it for action (boycott) to be taken against them.

This will teach the BN goons a lesson. Nothing seems to work for them so the only way is to hit them where it hurts most: money.

Please feel free to email me names of companies linked to BN and their goons. I am hoping to hear from all of you soon.

Thanks... Makkal Sakthi!