Sunday, March 23, 2008

Short of Experience?

Plenty of questions have been raised on the ability of DAP to administer an effective and efficient government, given our "lack of experience".

I believe that our leaders have all been providing great replies to the above question, as shown by DAP Secretary-General, now Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng as well as the plucky DAP state assemblywoman for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh.

In The Star a few days back, Guan Eng was questioned by readers - "Without any experience working in the state or Federal Cabinet, how do you expect to run the state?" The reply was straightforward.
When we talk about experience, I always say that I don't have experience in corruption and misappropriation of funds. So it is with that attitude – that if we are honest and have a sense of integrity, we have the ability and capability to do it.
During the campaign period, Hannah Yeoh who won the Subang Jaya state seat in Selangor by a massive 13,851 votes, admitted "she was young and inexperienced in politics, but she drew cheers when she said she was 'clean'."
"Yes, I do not have experience. I do not have experience in corruption."
So the next time you hear me say the same thing, you know who I "copied" it from. ;-)


ong said...

BN have plenty of experience.....SEE what happen to our country, I do not dare to have a morning walk on my own. Just worry suddenly one van stop & push me in the car.........end of my beautiful life. Really hope in this coming 5 years, give us back our SAFETY & PEACEFUL LIFE.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in experience or theory. In 1957 when we achieve our independent did our leader has the experience rule the country? People gain experience when there is mistake and continue improvement

Anonymous said...

Tony Kor Kor (or should it be Uncle Tony)

To copy truthful phrases or thoughts from other people is ok. However, having heard you speak at ceramahs, I guess it would be many others who will quote what you have said - especially on Education and Economic matters :-)

But, do pick up a few tips in Cantonese from the Beautiful Elephant Cili Padi and Ms Seputeh/Kinrara.


Anonymous said...

True, your heart must be in the right place. Professionals, educated, visionary, etc. We want a fresh start.

Anonymous said...

Talking of experience BN has the most, Lingam have experience fixing judges, Zakaria had experience of running illegal satay house and building istana that put the Sultan to shame. The zealot have 2 Mohamad in his name have experience in bring millions in US dollars to Australia. One of their ex-MB had experience in raping young girls.

Anonymous said...


Please share with us, your experience, growth, and progress as MP. Thanks!

As I Was Saying... said...

Haha. Copycat.

Anonymous said...

Really wish to have a safe, secure, clean/corruption-free, integrity, efficiency and fair Malaysia!!

I believe DAP can do so, please don't disappoint us!

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hope that you will not have experience in CRONYSM as well!

Jeffrey Chew said...

I am glad that someone has said DAP is inexperience. I rather place my bet on inexperience folks that one that continues to rape and plunder the country's wealth. BN - it is time for you to go.

Anonymous said...

The term "experienced" is quite vague. If one corrupts and does a "mediocre" job, is he "experienced" too? I guess the bottom line and the most important thing is attitude. I rather have someone who is willing to learn and "clean" than a politician who is insincere, corrupted but smart. It doesn't take rocket science to decide on that one..:)

Anonymous said...

New broom sweep clean ma. Just wait and see laa

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,do remember to put God first place in your life,we cant hide anything from God Almighty,just like the BN,there were so much of corruption in them,hopefully less now after the lesson they learnt from the recent election to have the right attitude to change.All the best to you and your responsible team to do things very clean and transparent before us who have supported and voted for you,cheers,God bless you and your family abundantly,Man sees the external only BUT GOD sees right into our hearts.................

Anonymous said...

I was at SS3 ceramah when I saw her ( Hannah Yeoh ) standing there ( on stage ) in her high heels and pretty dress and she is ... " just brilliant " and her comment about hers and other people's new marriage sent all of us heartily laughing away =)

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

None of us were born to walk nor run. Experience is debatable; each individual has different journies. Some gain experience in less than 5 years, some 10 years. It's all about exposure. How old did Bill Gates start his company? Think about it. But as a government, like any corporation, it is the collective management that counts. Not just the CEO. Team work is important. The people of PJ should not just dump everything onto the MPs shoulder to carry away. Experience is also about sharing. The more we share, we can only gain more.

However, the issue should be "do we want our country to be driven down the monsoon drain by experienced corrupts?". A line has to be drawn & brakes pulled when things get out of hand. If not wrong, in a famous Japanese car assembly line, when there is a fault detected on any one part is discovered, the entire production line stop immediately without hesitation. This is prevention measures, damage control & having zero-defect mentality to the consumer.

Well, we all know that some other car makers, will continue with defective parts...the consequences are obvious if a car is sold with defective parts. It will cause bad reputation, cost a lot more to fix the damage later & having to face heavy claims. This is basically what has happened to our country. Thus, I hope to share this simple philosophy with you.

So, even the most experienced government will & always face new challenges. Look at USA. The most experienced democratic government having trouble to fix their own economy. Does experience count? It's more than that.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

It's true that with or without experience, anyone will serve the people better than BN, but BN have also set a very low standard.

I hope this clever way of deflecting the question does not stop you from realising that you need to actually perform much better than the BN people.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


I think the question is not so much of what experience you guys have, but rather what people really want to know is, now that you have won, what is the plan?

How do you intend to develop and implement ideas? Can we see something on the table?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "no experience"? We have successful CEOs, IT professionals, lawyers, doctors, legislators in the BR-that is the kind of professional experience we need in the government, not just speech makers and wheeler dealers. Singapore prides itself in selecting professiuonals to run as politicians and they do a pretty good job. So why the question whether they can manage state governments? Good decision makers and people of integrity will make good policies. Anyway they can always recruit professionals and experts to assist them-many in the previous government did not even had the benefit of tertiary education.

Anonymous said...

More important to be humble and be teacheable.

Experience helps only if it is of the "right" kind

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,
I attended the forum "New Politics in Post-Election Malaysia" this morning but have no opportunity to speak as I was not in the auditorium.
Heard your views/responses and would like to say that the elected representatives should find ways and means to make us less anxious, less stressed, less worried. In short we look for PEACE OF MIND (POM)and we expect POM,POM,POM.
Basically, how can our 'trustees'ensure our POM?
ALL - esp the poor. Today
everyone wants a bigger piece of
the cake. Let us outperform
other countries.
How can this be done?
don't by-pass the unfortunate.
Stop the
migration of our children and
our children's children.In fact,
reverse the trend.
Human is our irreplaceable
assets. They are so valuable.
Made more valuable overseas,
why don't we get them to come
3. MALAYSIA FOR ALL - give them no
doubts in their minds. Malaysia
is our only home.
How to go about this?
Give us value for money!
Maintenance and improvement of
our cities and towns are
expected without having to be
Go public the maintenance
schedules/SOP/service level etc
and the people will assist to
monitor their performance.
We got no time to lose.
Let us look and move forward together!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally agree with Ong and the rest of you saying the BN experience running ours country, but who running it. Are they qualified senator who have PhD in politic and management?

Most of us know, BN senator just only Form 5 graduate, who have opportunities to know some big guy in BN and manage to climb their political ladder and become senator. Do they really have experience??? Or they have experience in corruption and cheating public money.

Strong DAP supporter

Anonymous said...

Well YB, there is definitely some truth in that expression. When you are young, you know nothing and you are clean. So i hope that when you mature, you know more and yet stay clean. That will do and nothing else.

Given the downfall of most BN component parties, i believe there are plenty of lessons to be learn from them. Please make sure that you will not follow their footsteps, now and forever.

All the best in your role as an MP! Hope to see a Malaysia that can rival Singapore before the term ends.

Anonymous said...


i think the question is just irrelevant, BN has ministers which knows nuts abt their responsibilities, example Pak Lah, Finance Minister!! does he understand Economics? Finance?.

we need a clean up of our govt to ensure our country goes on the right track, and we believe Barisan Rakyat can do it.

Anonymous said...

Most people don't understand how government work. You see, a minister is advised by well, advisors and consultants. The minister doesn't need to have deep knowledge of subjects e.g. President Bush can't possibly know everything in the US and the world. A good analogy is the business world - a CEO is advised by the management/advisors/consultants. For example, Genting's founder, Lim Goh Tong is gone;however, Genting highlands is still running. His son need not have the experience; he'd have to rely on the management to have the final say on business affairs. Get it you people?

Anonymous said...

honest is everything. if you aren't honest to ppl who going to listen from you ?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

I guess this is a common line adopted by the Opposition. I heard exactly the same answer from Nurul Izzah.


Anonymous said...

I still keep Hanna yeoh's poster picture under my bantal every night when I sleep....

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...


During your ceremahs, you have been talking on the Petronas money, how the funds should be use. We were impressed.

There is a great opportunity now. I would like to see you to pursue the following Trengganu's Wang Ehsan (Petronas royalty) issue vigourously during the Parliamnent get the bottom of the allegation of the RM3 billion to RM 4 billions as stated in all the links below

1) MUST READ ARTICLE ! UMNO-Led Federal Government's Fiduciary Irresponsibility for Trengganu's Oil-Money
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2) Palace, Pat Lah and the Petroringgit.......
24 March 2008

3) Trengganu MB crisis: Follow the money trail
Monday, 24 March 2008 - Posted by anilnetto

4) Monsoon (Cup) winds of change
Posted by Raja Petra
Monday, 24 March 2008

5) The Sultan of Terengganu, Our King
23 March 2008 | 11,738 Views

You have ask us to send you to Parliament at your ceremahs, we have done that. Now, we want to see you in action. The above links have sufficient information to work on it from now till the next election. We remember very well of you letting us know that you will act WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR. This case involve very high profile people but we believe you when we voted you as you ask for.

The Rakyat will judge your credibility by the actions you would take and hope you can do something that we have expection from you as MP. You have assured us that you will not fail us.

The above is a VERY serious matter, not the longkangs and potholes stuff. So I hope as YB MP, we hope to see your utmost ATTENTION on it.

This is a very heavy task, but worth the sweat to show you BOLEH!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

I think the most important question is not what kind experience you have, but is the "heart", passion - listen to the people and do the right things for Malaysian is more important.

I also believe that qualification is not a main issue whether you can become a MP, Senator, CM or PM.
Sometimes, a PhD holders didn't mean that you can manage a country well. (For Strong DAP supporter)

Be a good decision maker or policies maker is good enough. Even you don't have experince, you can seek advice or recruit professionals and experts to help you.

I also understand that, Tony, you also fail to manage a company well due to unforeseen reason. However, this din't mean you not capable to become MP for PJU.

Again, we PJU will judge your credibility by the actions you would take and hope can do something that we have expection from you.

Last, i hope you are not using "Short of Experience" as an excuse when you facing any problem. :)

Good luck

PJU young man

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

I am not so clear what was the true agenda of the forum held at Star HQ recently. Not being biased but at least you made 3 very clear points for the future & stuck to 80% of the forum's main topic...however, there were scenes that were almost ceramah like...ha ha. Anyhow, I wasn't very impressed with the rest of the speakers as they went on highlighting more about what happened, blah blah blah rather than talk about politics as a subject. Instead, it became more of an MCA, UMNO affair.

Anonymous said...

"New broom sweep clean"...true. If new broom well kept & don't have a lot of "dirt" to sweep, will always sweep clean. But when new broom has too mush "dirt" to sweep daily, then of course koyak-lah (become old very fast) & will never sweep clean.

When new broom become old, then buy new one lor (replace with new one). Simple as that. So, what this "new broom" statement implies is that there is a lot of old broom not replaced (still hiding in the cabinet). That's why can never sweep clean at all.

What a load of moo-moo-poo. Who used that idiotic analogy? Can only come from a jurassic politician.

Anonymous said...

Did Lee Kuan Yew and gang have any experience in governing when S'pore was expelled from M'sia? What they had was an overding vision of a clean, honest and transparent government. They were adamant that S'pore would be governed with the highest possible standards of excellence and they have kept to that manifesto till this day. If Lim Guan Eng and Co keeps to the same manifesto then they can't go far wrong because M'sians have seen what can be achieved through such a vision. If the Penang Govt sticks to their cause then the voters will keep them in power come the next GE.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that a lot of people in DAP did not obtained thirtery education, is that true Tony? I hope the party is careful on the education requirement because to a lot of people have lots of hope in DAP.