Monday, July 13, 2009

Gerakan Youth Needs Mental Rewiring

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng has to move out of his state official residence, Seri Teratai due to a termite infestation (actual picture on site shown). Due to the seriousness of the situation, the consultants have declared the building unsafe for occupancy until the infestation is eradicated and the repair works done.

Now, Gerakan Youth is screaming (murder) and jumping up and down because the Chief Minister have moved into a small bungalow in the mean time. They gave an ultimatum that he disclose the amount of rent which he is paying, the cost of renovation of the bungalow etc. etc. They even threatened that he should resign as the Chief Minister otherwise.

Now, if the state is paying for the rental and renovations, Gerakan Youth is well within their rights to scream for transparency, openness etc. However, the problem is, Guan Eng is paying for the rental from his own allowance! Does Guan Eng need to publicly report on how much he spends for his char koay teow for lunch paid for from his own pocket?

He gets a housing allowance of RM4,000 per month as part of his compensation package as the Chief Minister (unchanged from previous administrations). Any rental beyond RM4,000, Guan Eng will have to foot it himself!

This means that the Penang state government is not footing a single cent for the rental or renovation of the premises. What's more, whatever renovations is being done by the house owner and isn't even paid for by Guan Eng! So what's the problem?

Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, since being appointed as a backdoor Minister in the Prime Minister's Department has also rented his house in Kuala Lumpur (or is it owned?). Should he then need to disclose how much he is paying for rental, or how much he bought his house for?

How about if Gerakan start questioning its UMNO masters how much they are paying for their houses? Have they tried paying a visit to Toyoland which is about 10 times the size and 20 times the luxury? What a bunch of sorry losers.


Emily Pratt said...

YB Tony,

If all deals/transactions are done properly and in accordance to law, then there is nothing to worry about. Let the BN Goons shout, curse and scold, while we sit back and sip champagne and dance the waltz.

Emily Pratt

telur dua said...

Someone must have shrunk the brain of the bunch of petty losers.

Gerakan really deserves them. They can only dream, err, fantasise about winning back Penang.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Just ignore this useless mosquito party headed by a political reject.

It's a national shame that such a political reject can be appointed to formulate the KPIs of the entire cabinet - I really wonder how he can improve the effectiveness of the corrupt BN government, just a wayang kulit to con the stupid Rakyat!

Nowadays Gerakan is only good in polishing the shoes of Najis, no more than that.

malayamuda said...

what has happened to brave Gerakan Youth leaders like Paranjothy who also had brains ?

After speaking out against UMNO just before the last GE, Paranchothy seems to have been put in hybernation

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We will bury BN in the next GE.

Odette said...

Really no faith in Bn anymore. Thought there was hope but blown to smithereens...they have no heart for the people...that's all that I can say. People first performance now is mere jargon.

drMpower said...

totally agree on the first commenter. if the deals are valid, then show them all. and then only can sip waltz or anything.

Khir Toyo done his part and good Ng shut up (will he?). now Guan Eng needs to show the same transparency to, once and for all like the first commentor wrote, shut these BN Goons.

but so far none respond from Guan Eng. if Khir Toyo silence last time was 'judged guilty', then we all should judge Guan Eng as 'guilty'. for now. DAP is the champion of fairness and transparency. so walk the talk.

meanwhile move to Kampung Buah Pala, so far the negotiation had broken down because of 1 good reason : GUAN ENG FAILED TO SETTLE IT. blaming previous CM is easy, i should have be made CM last PRU. i can do that.

'Solutions' coming from Guan Eng and his cohorts were: 1) Federal to pay the compensation. 2) Submit MACC report on the deal.

(1) is totally stupid. and (2) is almost stupid. neither (1) or (2) is working now. The only good thing is that the demolish work had successfully been stop. by COURT order.

dont talk about Federal not giving 'goodwill' or anything. its written in the book that land matter is State's responsibility. Spin whatever u like. but its what written there that counts. and ah, tell Ramasamy, being a professor, he should have act faster than yesterday.

Anonymous said...

By raising the standard of transparency, LGE can reveal all and sundry. This is because his lifestyle is dictated by reasonableness and fairness. If he had volunteered that he is actually paying for his own rental above his entitlement, it simply raises the bar of transparency. Thus accept the call by Gerakan as an opportunity to let them learn about transparency and its standards.

Habib RAK

Anonymous said...

You expect Gerakan to attack LGE left and right. The problem is they are grabbing at flimsy things and its ALL flimsy. They have NOTHING ELSE..

LGE is no genius and he could have done Kampung Buah Pala a bit better and yet Gerakan does not know what to do with it, instead attacking him as if he was up to no good like they are.

These guys are not happy unless someone sink to the same crap they live in. They are insecure if people are better than them..

Anonymous said...


With all these bickering, I'm thinking twice about PKR & gang's attitude...!!!

How are they really, really gonna lead our country if we vote them in power..??????

Everyone of them seem to want to be in the news.
Can't they have a close door meeting instead "before" spilling their guts...?????????

Anonymous said...

They want CM Lim GE to move into a pondok in Kg Buah Pala. But the former Selangor MB can stay in a palace.

kopitelp16 said...

They're basically bankrupt of ideas. So, they'll bark at every opportunity; hoping to strike gold in one of their futile attempts! What a winner, Gerakan! You'll sure get back Penang,.... next Millennium!

HBK said...

Those goons obviously don't know what the difference is between transparency and privacy!

If LGE is using the state money, then sure he should disclose it. Crystal clear, no doubt about it.

However, if it's using his own money, his savings, nothing to do with the State Government fundings, I don't see why he should disclose it? It's a matter of privacy.

They can audit on the State Government accounts if they want but no rights to ask LGE to disclose his personal spending!

Those sour losers! Get a life!

purple said...

Just disclose it if it is done in accordance to law. sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice a bit of his privacy(with no life threathening matter) so as to set up a role model for this stupid goons to follow. someone must do it first.

SK said...

That's why they're all in Gerakan. Great mind like them must stay together in the best party. :)

Lee Wee Tak said...

tell the G people to state openly what they think of the millions of ringgit the tax payers have to pay for the official residents of PM and DPM to a certain company.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Dear Tony,

Lim G.E renting a bungalow is not an issue . Only gerakan will use it as an issue. Gerakan don't even throws questions when it come to zakaria's palace , pkfz , monsoon cup , khir toyo resort like bungalow and his Disneyland trip.

But regarding the DNA piece of law .
Let your readers know who were missing from the Parliament on that crucial day.

P130 voter said...

Pakatan Leaders take heed. Your honeymoon period is over, YOur goodwill amassed since Mar'08 will not last forever.

Manik Urai is a lesson to be learnt.

P130 voter

Anonymous said...


Take a look at MU results.

In your PJ area, come the next GE you guys in the DAP are going to lose big if you guys in DAP PJ dont get your house in order. The in-fighting, back stabbing, appointing the wrong and unqualified people into certain positions and etc etc will come back and hit you smack across the face come the next GE.

Please be noted.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat ... do what is right. Do not quarrel amongst yourselves. Stand united. Together, the Rakyat will bury BN/Umno once and for all in the next GE.

Admin said...

MACC being misused to harass Pakatan's ADUN. Why is there no outrage?

RPK revealed some very unsavory facts about MAS (the untold story). Why is there no outrage?

What is wrong with us Malaysians that such diabolic things can happen without the Malaysian public expressing their outrage in the strongest possible manner?

And are these things raised in Parliament?

Are we helpless?

Admin said...

Muhiddin using public money to threaten and buy votes. Should we be at his office demonstrating our strongest protest? Keep quite and let such things continue?

What can we do Tony?

Selangor voters said...

The keyword here is arrogance.

We voted out BN in Mar 2008 because of their arrogance.

PR has been arrogant ever since the tsunami Mar 2008. Please take a look on this, if no change, we will do the same like what we did to BN.

We want a better government not empty talk and self-aggrandizement which we seeing in PR now. If that is the case we stick with the old devil , which seems to take action to change now.

Zhengdong said...

YB Tony,
The opposition(Gerakan) always want to find an issue to shout about, since Lim Guan Eng is doing well as CM of Penang and nothing to criticize him. They decided to come out with this minor issue of Lim moving away from a termite infested house. Tony the last sentence of 'what a bunch of sorry losers' is great. haha continue the good work

Frustrated Rakyat said...

YB Tony,

Gerakan is as good as history and they are only making a fool of themselves by continuing to make foolish statements. However, I am not concern with what Gerakan is saying or doing but I am more concern with the what PR is doing and not doing.

Instead of focusing on criticizing your oposition, I would rather see you focusing on correcting the weaknesses of PR. If PR does not show improvements, you can bet that PR will loose the next by election.

I can feel that the Rakyat is starting to get restless with PR. The euphoria is over, time for PR to shape up.

Let me tell you a secret. Please understand that the Rakyat is not interested in the childish exchange of accusations between BN and PR.

Anonymous said...

These people never think before they say...

Anonymous said...

Also, if he pays using his pocket money, it could be "mysterious" money..that could be the reason why they make a lot of noise...

Anonymous said...

I agreed with Zhengdong comment. LGE shall focus on doing on important task instead of wasting precious time in countering trivial matters raised by Gerakan. If LGE keep replying to each and every one issue raised by Gerakan, how is he going to perform his duty efficiently?

richard said...

They do not have the guts to utter a single word on Toyoland cos their leader, KTK is now under the mercy of their taiko, UMNO.

Marsha Maung said...

trying to divert attention and shift blame. toyoland is protected - #@#&&*^%$@ baffoons.

Anonymous said...

Dont talk about PR as a whole. Even DAP PJ is not talking amongst themselves!

My message to all DAP PJ leaders : As leaders, please take up the LEADERSHIP role and close ranks amongst yourselves! All the bickering between yourselves and your fellow supporters are not helping the cause. See the bigger picture - to change our government so that our children can have a better future. Dont let your little egos prevent you from seeing the big picture.

You lot are gonna be voted out come the next GE if you dont change amongst yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

They are just trying to "Swiftboat"
the DAP-led state govt of Penang.

("Swiftboat" as in the US presidential election tactics of the Republicans against Democratic candidate John Kerry i.e. manufacturing stuff to discredit the otehr side)

It's all part of the important battle for public perception and support. So, all smears should be responded to (if you repeat a lie long enough, some of the public may begin to believe it), but at the appropriate level i.e. LGE should not waste his time responding to smears but his public relations staffers should.

Keep up the good work!

Phua Kai Lit

Brian nG said...

pathetic youth... gerakan sedang bergerak belakang. Action without substance. Show us the luxury then we talk. Toyoland is the greatest example and benchmark.

Anonymous said...

That's why Gerakan kaput in the last election cos' they have small brain, can only think of small and petty things. If Gerakan continue with this kind of mindset, then KTK will be the last of Gerakan president.
Seem there is a systematic and concerted effort to discredit LGE.

sktan8888 said...

pity 赵明福.....

police said check... and today i read the news wrote the MACC people arrange room for him to sleep...

I just want to know had 赵明福 call back his family? or sms anything?

if nothing? then that is a big problem....

if that is me, even after investigate... sure i made a call back to my family or go back direct... what u think?

the MACC, i believe now they act like they are above the laws..

Emily Pratt said...

Dear YB Tony,

It is time for PR to play harder ball.

Do not cooperate with MACC. If they want to investigate; if they want to question any of PR people, then let them apply a court injunction, or arrest the person in question.

An arrested person is allowed legal counsel and has the right to remain silent until a attorney is present. This way, I hope with a third party witness, there will not be a repeat of Kuganicide aka TeohBengHocknicide.

RIP Mr Teoh, you are a martyr/saheed.

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

as saying goes - "empty vessels make the most noise". gerakan is obviously becoming an obsolete gang of idiots & barking dogs for BN-UMNO. How else they give ex-Penang CM a job? He was fired by the Penang people but got a job & became Senator...this is boleh-land.

bokjae said...

What Gerakan Youth did was an indication of shallowness of mind, immature as well as nothing else better to do. Their intelligence is suspect and God Bless those who consider them future leaders!!!! sigh!

Anonymous said...

why gerakan became a mute dog on bn's toyoland resort in shah alam? did they also become blind dog? even tun dr.m in his 80s can see & hear something not right...but gerakan youth in their prime is both blind & mute on this issue but humping on the pinang tree instead.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

MT website exposed a blog saying that Mr. Teoh used to be your secretary before being Hian Wah secretary.

Mind to comment on this.

Anonymous said...

thanks for being transparent.

Anonymous said...

Gerakan Youth has full confidence in MACC!

eh, psuedo educationist, where's the KPI for MACC? 1 death ok or not? Passed eh?

Unknown said...

The Gerakan youth is a group of wankers that got nothing to do but just bark and bark.They think that if they bark louder they can take back Penang.You bunch of wankers what about the time you guys were seen in Burma road looking for good time,do you need to disclose how much you spend.We know what you did you Burma road.......