Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ceramah Thurday - SS2 Chow Yang Pasar Malam

6.03.08 (Thurs)
Ceramah SS2, Restoran OK (the other end from Kayu Nasi Kandar)

Tony Pua
Lau Weng San
Dr Cheah Wing Yin
Teng Chang Khim [blogs here]
Yap Swee Seng (Executive Director, Suaram)


Anonymous said...

A vote for the opposition is a vote for BN to buck-up and improve! :)

Anonymous said...

will try to attend~
coz perhaps going to anwar's ceramah~

Anonymous said...

deargod where is anwar's ceramah?? I also want to go. Where to check his itenary?

Anonymous said...

People, 08.03.08 is the day you decide the fate and destiny of your future generations. Let's not let the loved ones we leave behind in years to come suffer in the hands of corrupt governments all because "I don't want to rock the boat". The power is in our hands on 08.03.08. Forget about the petty corruption that you face for traffic violations. These are matters that we are in control of - there is no bribing if we don't offer any. There is no violation if you don't violate. So don't blame the policeman or the enforcer entirely for it. It is the $$MILLIONS that goes into the pockets of a few cronies in the form of "commissions" that we are powerless to do anything. Now is the time that we have the power to stop all these abuses. Vote for a CHANGE. JUST DO IT.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps try to get more guest speakers. Have been notice that Raja Petra, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang appeared only once in PJ. The crowd is simply not enough to support. You need a bigger crowd support. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Anonymous said...



Tony Phua 跟我无亲无戚,没见过面。


女人要哭不如回家睡觉,不要无赖空讲.dotCom 空壳公司没有用。



巴生Y。B Teng 的 supporter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will be there!

I finally got to shake hands with Tony Pua last night, after days of trailing him and attending all the ceramahs.

God Bless You, Tony! You are a credit to your family and to society at large. You are a candidate after our own hearts. We will never let you down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony and three other DAP candidates,

Keep it up.... only two days to go...

The rakyat will be with PJU F4 to create a history in Malaysia, deny 2/3!

Anonymous said...

Yes..yes.. yes...Vote for DAP, Vote for change. Vote for Tony Pua to be PJU's MP, Low Weng San and Dr. Cheah for DUN. Tony & Weng San, you definitely get a total of 6 votes from my family members. Keep it up. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

since i study in Independent high school, i dun know why we need to go for donation to cover our expenses fees. why we need to walk door by door, shop by shop to ask public donate for us ?
Did goverment gives us any help ? why until now our university dun want to recognise our UEC ?

WE need to vote for DAP ! WHAT mca unable to do for us, i believe dap will stand on our site !

Anonymous said...

Vote people with integrity, who uphold righteousness.

U guys have my vote.

Anonymous said...

Tony & DAP leaders

You have got to address the issue that DAP win shall be at the expense of other chinese component parties like MCA and Gerakan. This to many chinese voters (especially those that have yet to decide)is not quite equal to a nett gain against the UMNO dominance. How do you pacify these voters in view of the recent comment by Dato Wong Mook Leong in yesterday (05.03.08)NST?? IMHO, your ability to address this concern shall influence your success greatly.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4.26pm

That Latuk Wong Mook Leong is a clown and desperate now.

In a zero sum game, we would rather replace the deadwood MCA/Gerakan from the DAP.

You have seen for many years the performance of these MCA/Gerakan has terribly deteriorated and marginalised by UMNO.

These MCA/Gerakan MPs are mute and dumb. A complete liabilty and nuisance to the community.

So isn't a blessing to chase them out from Parliament and replace by DAP.

luxen said...

haiyoh, tonight rained so heavily Tony. I turned up to see you speak but then the rain stopped you. Too bad. Good of you to provide information of when your ceramah is. BN's candidate don't even update her website. Don't even know when is her ceramah... and don't care lar actually.

Anonymous said...

I was there to listen to the ceramah... but didn't stay for too long as it began to pour. Lots of people came prepared with umbrella but not me. Too bad had to leave early.

Tomorrow, will post up on my blog a couple of pics I took. :)

Anonymous said...

Tony, we were waiting for you in the rain. We were so worried for you. We didn't want you to fall sick. I've caught a cold standing in the rain. I pray and hope you are well. How we wish we could do something for you in return.