Saturday, July 25, 2009

DAP Abused State Allocations?

As far as I'm concerned, the fact that our enemies in BN and its instruments like the MACC have to resort to poison pen letters and anonymous blog postings to defame DAP, and to accuse it of corruption, cannot be greater proof that the MACC has completely failed in its attempt to find corrupt activities by our MPs and state assemblymen over the past year or so.

MACC, and before that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) has been on our tails for more than a year, under clear directives from their Barisan Nasional paymasters to detect corruption among DAP ADUNs and MPs. Everything we do, they go through with a fine toothcomb. And despite the assistance of many existing civil servants whose loyalties are still with the deposed BN Selangor government by providing countless documents and information, MACC has until today been unable to put up any case against us.

The best evidence of this is the fact that despite the vast powers in the hands of the Menteri Besar to allocate, alienate and approve land and development projects, all the MACC could do was announce with great brouhaha that they found evidence of corruption when a state agency donated cows to the poor, and that he claimed petrol expenses for his car (which he uses as his official car).

It is the sheer exasperation of BN and MACC that Teoh Beng Hock and many others had to endure hours of torturous interrogation to explain simple expenses like spending RM2,400 on flags as part of a Merdeka Day celebration. And for that, Sdr Teoh paid with his life.

And it is of greater proof of their desperation when they now have to concoct outright lies to damage our reputation, lies which could not be substantiated and proven in the court of law. BN believes in the principle that if you lie often enough, then people will take it as the truth, and this is exactly what they are doing now, in order to tarnish the image of the party.

Below is the full statement by Ean Yong Hian Wah and Ronnie Liu, state executive councillors of the Selangor Government on the controversy created by the latest anonymous poison blogpost packed with half-truths and untruths to lie to the public, and defame both of them as well as the party.

Joint Media Statement by DAP Selangor Excos, Ean Yong Hian Wah and Ronnie Liu in Petaling Jaya on 25 July 2009


The outrageous claims made in a blog article alleging misuse of state allocations by two of us is a malicious attempt to defame members of the Selangor state Exco members and to mislead the public and to discredit the state leadership.

It is a fact that all such allocations are approved and paid by the Land Office. These payments are usually approved and signed for by the Assistant District Officer on behalf of the District Officer. Payment is then made to the approved recipients. In the process, all payments must be properly supported by documents. Thus in these cases, all payments are fully supported by vouchers, receipts, invoices and photographic evidence of the programme or the project concerned.

This system has been in place for many years and was handed down from previous Barisan Nasional administrations.

Since early this year, full details of all such payments had been posted on Ronnie Liu's blog with full details such as the programme dates, the amounts and cheque numbers, and the relevant receipts.

The allegations contained in the blog article contain many flaws and mistakes that indicate the article was posted with malicious intent and with no regard for the truth. Chief of these is the allegation that a recipient of the funds, Wong Chuan How is a contractor and reportedly was a major beneficiary of projects and contracts award by Ronnie Liu.

Wong is in fact a special assistant to Liu and also a Sepang councilor.
Some cheques were made out to him as he handled miscellaneous payments in connection with some projects and programmes. These payments are also documented and supported with receipts and vouchers which may be inspected if necessary.

Some of the programmes listed relate to the periods before March 2008, so how can two of us have had access to state allocation funds then when they had not been elected as assemblymen yet?

Some of the programmes and projects listed in the article are fictitious and non-existent. For example, the allegation that funds were disbursed to buy hampers for village chiefs in Seberang Perai is far fetched as the Land Office in Selangor would never approve funds for programmes outside the constituency let alone outside the state.

The allegations that DAP takes a commission from all the payments is also ludicrous as the amounts are paid in full to the recipients and there has been no complaint on this to date. These scurrilous allegations are of course, completely unsubstantiated.

In making payment, the Land Office verifies the expenditures and would only authorise payments when there is proper supporting documentation.

The writer of the article has to date not produced any proof of his allegations.

Why are the DAP Exco members singled out for this allegations? Is there a political ploy afoot to discredit the state government?

We demand that the offending blog article be withdrawn immediately and an apology be tendered to both of us, failing which further action deemed fit should be taken.

Perhaps we should remind the public that the reports and complaints that state allocations to Barisan Nasional assemblymen in 2008 were exhausted within the first two months of the year, including a case where an assemblyman spent RM220,000 in a day!



ttttt said...

Much has been said about the explosive T4TBH website.

Just wanted to say something…

A lot of Pro-PR supporters have been saying that the document is fake because of the date on the document which started sometime before GE12…i.e. Item 1 dated 28/01/08

HOWEVER if these people actually UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, they would have read the following :

” Documents containing 83 projects (item 89 to 172) in Sg Pelek constituency given to one Wong Chuan Chow. The constituency is under the purview of Ronnie Liu. ”

Items 89-172 all started AFTER GE12!!!

Stupid PR supporters!

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps we should remind the public that the reports and complaints that state allocations to Barisan Nasional assemblymen in 2008 were exhausted within the first two months of the year, including a case where an assemblyman spent RM220,000 in a day!"

Dear YABs

Malaysians are a very amnesic lot. Pls mention the names of those mentioned above. Even the MACC forgot about it. The black blog mentioned YAB Ronnie & YAB Ean. So, no need to be nice guys anymore. Be nice, but not too nice.

It's good that more & more of these worms in the can show up. Bad publicity is better than no publicity. The bad can then be turned into good.

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

May I suggest, in memory of the late TBH - hero of Malaysian democracy - be immortalised with a sculpture & placed directly in front of the MACC HQ building or MACC Selangor building area to serve as a reminder.

This is if there is no objection by the Teoh family. I am sure this would not be a problem for the Selangor State Gov.

Anonymous said...

one thing i dont understand is -

when a blogger talks about BN corruption or kill people.. no action is taken or the blogger is been "ISA"

now, a blogger talks about DAP corruption... WHY THERE IS no action taken on this BLOGGER??

Old Fart said...

Strange isn't it, MACC is not running wiht these exposes? Strangely too, the Black Blog also carries more or less a similar foot-print as another popular pro-UMNO blog.

Yin said...

Ya I agree - since the blog has brought up this issue, could we please see copies of how state funds were managed under BN and how they have been managed under PR?

Anonymous said...

We know that the blog posted faked documents but the thing is UMNO controlled institutions will use such "evidence" to harass and put away legally elected assemblymen long enough to grab the state!

So everyone must be vigilant and ensure records are meticulously maintained!

Anonymous said...

If your breast is silicone how can I assume the rest of you is real?

Go figure brillant one!


marcus63 said...

dear rz,
you have a right to your opinion. however, if you have any smarts, dont you think the macc or pdrm would have dragged ronnie liu and wong chuan chow in for a marathon questioning session worse than what tbh went through, if these documents were authentic? macc went to town with headline news on the cows and cars issue which until today they have not NFA'd, but has yet to charge the selangor mb. if these were authentic documents, do you think the macc would have released them to a black blog to fan the rumor mill? these would have been prized exhibits a to z in a court of law to nail these pr aduns.
i am an mca member, and i voted for bn in the 308 elections. however, with all the injustice perpetrated by the ruling government, i have made a decision to vote pakatan the next time, not because they are better, but in order to have checks and balance so that there is no excessive abuse on 1 side of the divide.
therefore i would like to appeal to everyone, whether you are bn or pakatan supporter, to be bipartisan and lets unite for a 2-party system. this is the only way we can get justice for the likes of tbh or the pkfz etc, and this also helps check abuses by pakatan if and when they go overboard.

Anonymous said...


thanks for calling me stupid.

it takes more than one to know one.

Anonymous said...

There's simply no level playing field in this bodohland under Umno.

The only alternative is to ensure they and their goons are buried thousand feet down the earth the next GE.

No other way, believe me.

Anonymous said...

This is what BN is good for.Go and investigate Toyol and his mansion or should I say PALACE. Why does MACC wants to KOREK! KOREK! KOREK! DAP AND OPPOSITION. MACC can`t find any fault so they dig on Flag purchase mounting to RM 2,400.00. This is PEANUTS!!!! compared to TOYOL`s palace. This is down right bullying tatics. MACC hopes that DAP or OPPOSITION makes a mistake on any claim, maybe amounting to RM 50.00 or RM 10.00 and make a big case out of it. Stupid MACC!!! Open your eyes and ears. Look around and see who is really corrupted. B.....ds MACC

Tony Wong said...

How many Khil Toyol pulled people teeth to earn the money he needed to built his mighty palace?

MACC acted on this?

It's not hard to find it in Shah Alam. I think MACC can spot it from their building, but yet no action taken!

Anonymous said...

a few dubious printed statements, all the bn supporters jumping like monkeys & jackass calling for the selangor government to be brought down...

just like najis, dumnb assess think alike...

tupingera said...

The black blog T4TBH was item no. 1 on Bulletin Utama TV3 last night.

Not a conspiracy???

Anonymous said...

they are bankrupt of ideas...a sign of desperation...who will believe''''except the rotten ones and we dont need them anyway.

cschoi said...

dear YAB...they are bankrupt of ideas....sign of desperation...who will believe them''''except those rotten ones...and we dont need them anyway. we trust you...keep up the struggle...true malaysians are all with you.

Anonymous said...

the problem is many people are lazy to read the whole story or go find out the real facts. this is well known to the MSM editors or MSM TV news. that's why the headlines are very important impact to the rest of the reporting - even if it is full of s**t. it is purely to serve BN. otherwise the MSM editors will have to go sell newspapers like our friendly neighbourhood newspaperman.

on the other hand, someone wrote in quite rightly. when someone like RPK write something allegedly wrong-doings about the ruling gov, the whole police force goes after him. now someone has wrote allegedly wrong-doings about opposition gets prime time news & the blogger is we know what kind of ruling gov we have.

c'mon people - wake up !!!

Razali said...

Events since 08 March 08, show that the UMNO-led government show absolutely no consideration to morality in its actions. I am not speaking as a holier-than-thou moralist. Just think what the government can and will do to us and our families when it has completed its plan to grab back all the state governments, including even Kelantan. Just keep in mind that we are faced with people without conscience.

Anonymous said...

Oi MACC investigate this or shut up forever about being apolitical

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Anonymous said...

UMNO's modus operandi is to get someone to start, create or cause an issue or raise some flimsy issues and then blows it up to unimaginable proportions and then, get all the government apparatus stuck into it to discredit the opposition or targets using the police, macc, threats, ISA, etc, etc.

The fortunate thing is they are not smart enough to execute/carry out such operations without showing off their stupidity!

As for rz, need I say more????
You can communicate with stupid people, idiots are also sometimes redeemable, but........rz ?????.....well, that's another story altogether!

fylam said...

I do not understand English but " fasih " dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

The doctored documents in T4TBH showed that only UMNO and its associated organisations know how to spin in English on the commissions received by DAP.

Is the people so illiterate and stupid that they should believe DAP itemise the commissions received ?.

Do not take the people for granted. This is not 1957 anymore !

I was a Gerakan member but with this type of absurdity spinned by BN component parties, I am quitting the party by protesting against the top Gerakan leadership for keeping quiet and do not have any conscience left in them to tell the truth to UMNO leaders.

Unknown said...

1) Tony is "broad-minded" to allow an flaming comment by a NUT such as RZ.

2) Anyone with a LITTLE sense will have the logic to know the Black blog is out to confuse the public. It is rather fishy that the mainstream media will broadcast/disseminate information from an ANONYMOUS blog (rather unprofessional for them to do so). If the documents are REAL, I am all for MACC and AG to take action against the accused parties.

Anonymous said...

The goons of BN are fighting back which include pro-BN bloggers and news portal like Mirror jacking up the image of Superman against DVD actor.

A little birdie called up and spilled the truth that Mirror is connected to Star. Someone controlling the Star is also controlling the Mirror and the cable leads to Superman.

Perhaps, viewing the Mirror's news on Superman can tell some weak spots. News item can be changed or amendments made because of complaints from Superman's goons. The Editor is probably dancing to the tune of Superman's music. It's obvious.

Not that many give a shit about Superman or his news portal vehicle, but it's part of the Internet game now. So readers just got to watch out.

elizabeth said...

T4TBH was on front page of STAR yesterday. Imagine, an unverified report with controversial allegations appearing on the front page. Since when has STAR becomes like news of the world?

T4TBH was obviously gunning for DAP, as it alleges that only DAP and not PKR or PAS are guilty of corruption. Maybe I am sensitive, but after TDM's rantings, and recent calls of certain royalty for malays to unite, I am wondering if the blogger in question is applying hitler's tactics. For STAR, a MCA paper to be playing along with them, shows that MCA has no backbone, nor any principles to speak off.

GE13, Malaysians should bury MCA.

Anonymous said...


12 billion and 24 million bungalow no case.

RM2,400 got case.

Are you blind? or stupid?

i think you are both.

Unknown said...

Can somebody start another blogs about the Selangor assembly mens from BN that finished all the allocations in the beginning of 2008.We need to put in all their names and funds that they use and we will see what will the MACC responds.The MACC is bunch of dogs that only insult the intelligent of the rakyat.And the blogger that put up the blogs to tarnish DAP,I think he no speak inglish..and the date also wrong when Liu is not appointed as a councillor yet.So ass hole go back and look at your blogs cos your boss is going to do a syaiful thing to you.....

Anonymous said...


We in PJ are ready. Just lead us in the next GE and we will send UMNO-BN to hell.

CYC said...

Sorry, a little issue out of the topic i wish to direct to DAP especially yourself.

Can u enlighten me on the DAP Johor controversy where Dr Boo seemed to be marginalized by its other state leaders backed by LGE ? See, LGE has time again forcing those not in his good book out and replace with his own choice selection. Do u condone such leadership that akin to dictatorship. It only invite trouble. Perhaps he think he is the king after assuming the Penang CM post. Do as u preach, that is the mantra to survive. Otherwise, he will be vanished even before the next GE.

A DAP supporter who cherish fair play.

Anonymous said...

FY 8.17pm: Gerakan became extinct since last GE. That's why 'no sound'. But is it not silence is golden they say.

Kenny 1.30am: totally agree. Publish facts on the a website for all to see & we will see if The Star / NST / UM / BH will run it on front page. All the editors are good for garbage news paper but they won't even qualify for the UK's The Sun. Publish facts & not garbage like that done by the black blog pls. In a civilised nation, the press would have to print a public apology for the defamation as well. Newspapers are suppose to report facts & truth - not rumours, speculation & garbage. I expected more of Datuk Wong Choon Wai, but this is really low for The Star to even put in on front page.

Anonymous said...

not sure to laugh or cry. just read in m-t that umno youth lodge police report to investigate the truths in the black blog...what's wrong with these guys? has someone sucked their brains out or replaced it with *******?

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, Star online is still ranking number 14 in Malaysia and ahead even of Malaysiakini. Have a look at "Alexa rating" (yahoo search engine) and you can see Star online is influential even lies and distortions. Never mind the orinted version.

So you have to tell people not to go online to reduce Star's hits just as thousands boycott Star print.

Anonymous said...


Dont worry, we are not stupid and there is GOD. They are desperate... we will support you!

Anonymous said...

enough said...

Anonymous said...

and here we have an ex-MACC that has full of s**t coming from his mouth...or was it his ass.

Anonymous said...

what subsidy? price of diesel at pump & industry the same. in fact there is a 10% tax ie. rakyat is subsidising the govt rm 0.17/ltr.

check out also this article.

Anonymous said...

Surely with today's info technology, the origins of the black blog can be traced if the investigations were serious by the respective enforcement agencies - or they don't wish to investigate due to 'order from the top'. interpol can be called in to look for RPK, why can't interpol be called in to look for the origin of the black blog. all blogs are created. every creation has a mark or registry. find the registry, you find the origin. if the trace goes into the internet cafe, then let's hope the internet cafe is fully licenced & recorded the user's details. this is not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Why is it the black blog does not allow comments from the readers? It looks more like a site with the primary focus on propaganda and does not wish for people to question its intent or legitimacy.
By the way, where is Teoh's computer? Is it in the hands of the authorities? If it is, wouldn't it be wrong to have such things leaked (if at all true) to the public before the investigations are completed? If we do regard this as a leak, shouldnt they investigate the source of the leak, which is the right thing to do? If MCMC could authorise malaysiakini to be blocked, i thought it could do the same with this. hmmm .... a lot of loose ends.

Anonymous said...

ben said,

pr supporter overreacted, when DAP did bad, dont compare wt what BN people did. If u people said that manner, it means you're not better than BN, so be professional la.


Anonymous said...


I don't agree with BN and its spin.

1) But can you guarantee Ronnie Liu has nothing to do with it ???

2) If yes. So is Wee CK lying to us on secret society ???

3) How long have you been working with him ? Can he not cheating on DAP ?

Anonymous said...

the over-reaction here is that a suspicious black blog gets front page news with a supporting headline. if it was a black blog against BN...& gets front page in all the MSM, the editor will be sent to Tg.Rambutan.

Unknown said...

Hi Anon 5.49

I don't claim to know Ronnie for very long, only since 2006.

But let me ask the following simple question - if he is guilty of all the crimes above as accused, don't you think MACC, the Police etc would have been all over him already, if anything just to discredit the Pakatan government?

WCK brags of having evidence. Has he shown us the evidence yet? The police has already interviewed him and if he does indeed have evidence to show, I'm more than certain, Ronnie would have been arrested.

I'm not saying Ronnie's an angel. None of us are. But if he's even guilty of 10% of what he has been accused of, I'm dead certain, he would have been found guilty in the courts already by BN.


Anonymous said...

someone should start a counter to the black blog ie. white blog. put up all those disneyland & botox jab bills the rakyat footed for the dentist that is lying through his teeth!

Anonymous said...


Evidence already death and buried.

Anonymous said...

CYC 4:36
YES, i totally agree with you.
To DAP, for goodness sake, pls stop all these "internal war" and unite together for the good of our nation. dont forget your mission.

Anonymous said...

You have no 'enemiess' in BN. They may have had a hand in painting DAP as a corrupted entity, they are not your enemies. Remember that these folks were voted in to parliment just like you by the people of Malaysia. To call their elected representatives as your enemy is to mark their supporters as enemies as well. I did not realize you became a representative of the people just so that you can make enemies with other Malaysians. Perhaps they don't share your opinion but you should be wiser then to insult them. Do not go down the route of us versus them politics. LKS and his fav son went down this route for the last 30 years. What did it get them? What did they achieve? it is only by BN's own failure that they won the last election. Never forget that.