Thursday, April 03, 2008

Parliament Commences Soon...

Yes, the newly elected Parliament will finally be starting soon.

There are now 82 opposition parliamentarians as opposed to 140 from Barisan Nasional. What is more interesting however, is that there are 67 front benchers (i.e., Ministers & Deputy Ministers), which leaves 73 backbenchers for the Government. That means that excluding the Ministers, who are often absent from Parliament, you may end up with opposition parliamentarians outnumbers those from Barisan Nasional. That should certainly be interesting ;-)

The first session of the 12th Parliament will officially commence on the 28th April (Monday) with the swearing in of the new MPs. The session will last for a month til 27th May.

The second session will be held over 23 Jun to 15 July, while the 3rd and last session for the year will be held between 18th August til 11 December.

My first task at hand is to submit 15 questions (10 for oral replies and 5 for written) to the Parliament secretary for replies by the relevant ministries by the 8th April (next Tuesday).

So for those with key questions of national interest which you'd like me to bring up in Parliament during the question and answer sessions. (Note that the questions should be fairly specific and directed at a particular ministry) ;-)


Anonymous said...

Why would replacing the NEP with a need-based welfare system that benefit largely bumiputra so repugnant to the government?

Anonymous said...

Bring up the issue on Lina Joy. There are quite a few of us are exactly in her situation and we want to know whether there is a place for us under the Malaysian sun.

Thank you.

barry said...

Don't forget also the issue of the latest proposals by IKIM to punish the non-Muslim partners caught by the religious zealots in khalwat cases.

Also, don't take too lightly the expectation by RPK to see an Ombudsman tribunal soon - trust me, you'll not be happy earning to ire of RPK who was one of the main reasons people flocked to your ceramahs.

May God give you wisdom and strength.

Anonymous said...

We want an higher education opportunity based on merit, abolish racial quota system in education, increase medical education facilities to increase medical students intake, transparency in university intake selection criteria, no more 'special tuition' classes for UMNOputra students, allocation of funding to malay, chinese, indian schools according on student population ratio in constituencies. PJ-DAP-SUPPORTERS-UNITED.

Karen Lee Huey Shyan said...

Yes, Tony, congrats on being new MP. Have written on your education blog before and that is definite on the foremost of my mind

Please stress upon the new Parliament that we citizens of Malaysia need two MEGA IMPORTANT things.

EDUCATION and HEALTH. Only with these two things safely addressed and adequately provided for can fellow Malaysians rise above the bread and butter issues and prepare themselves for any global onslaught.

The Education system in our country need major revamps and it should be done across the board not just to government schools but also the vernacular schools.

Our children need to think out of the box, be creative and strong willed. The normal route learning in our schools has to be changed.

Plase ask to look back the system in missionary schools 20 years ago and see how it was done then......

I was from Malacca and fellow malaccans from missionary schools are very patriotic about Malacca and are proud to be malaccans.

We are definitely very vocal and outspoken and in fact, if you look at current officials in the NGOs or even outspoken officials in the government, chances are they are products of missionary schools many many years ago.

Another things please put the concern of air pollution our number one priority...... especially in bigger cities.

As it is in Shah Alam, Klang, KL etc, the air quality is so bad that every month, many children suffered from respiratory related illness like bronchilitis, asthma , coughing etc.

In Klang alone, open burning is blatantly conducted in Johan Setia and it affects the entire area from Shah Alam all the way to Klang. In Balakang and Shah Alam, toxic fumes have been polluting the residential areas so much so we had to sleep with our windows and doors closed.

Set up a commitee to look into air pollution problems across the nation and do not wait till the haze is upon us before we do something.

Also, make health care as easily available and as cheap as possible to Malaysians, prevent abuse by foreigners who taxed our health sytem currently. We are paying for our health treatment but the foreigners are using it at our expense.

If we can pay RM 350 million for monsoon cup and so much more for putrajaya, why don't we use the money for our education and health system for the country.

CUBANS, though they are not not wealthy, though they are third world citizens, but their health and education system are first class. Get our government to emulate cuba's Education and health system.

Incorporate the best from other nations and do away with the rotten ones.

Anonymous said...

Ask about SPECIFIC and TRANSPARENT guidelines for securing a place in the Universities. It seems the admission is up to the mood of the officer. Some have good results but admitted to do forestry or zoology. The guide should have self assessed. Eg points and with certain amount of points achieved, then they should be able to enter certain course. Also the admission points for bumi students even though they can be slightly lower.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Can u kindly ask y Maybank had to pay so much for the Indonesian bank. Pls go deep who were behind the deal. Was it part of the exit plan for PL and KJ?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,
We wish you all the BEST and be patient to face all the BN moron! if possible upload the parliment session to youtube to let all Rakyat view what been happen in parliment! we love our country and concern about it.

NEO said...

Dear YB

You'll get your 1st pay cheque soon!

Are YB planning to hire one or two political secretary?

Steven said...

On the issue of Federalism, with the opposition now controlling 5 states as well as the Federal Territory, would the Federal government be willing to secede certain rights such as education, transportation etc to empower those states? Would the government agree that giving more responsibility to individual state governments would furthur promote both democracy and economic developments?

zackdanial said...

Dear YB Tony ,
This time no Parliment Secretary . U have to direct ur question to the menteri .

Anonymous said...

I would like to initiate a debate on social housing, but am reluctant to spend time drafting my ideas until there is a shadow housing minister, as the housing minister might very well ignore it. Can you kindly comment?

WY said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for offering the opportunity to us, commoner Malaysians to voice our thoughts and fear.

I have few specific queries, perhaps a little too specific.I want to know, as a Malaysian citizen, the following:

1)from the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Prime Minister, in conjuction with Bank Negara:

"What are the data used for inflation calculation? Why official data doesn't seem to tally with the street prices? Along that same line of question, can various statistics and its methodology and the internal reports on the economics health of the nation be made public? You may suggest the Ministries' officials to refer to other "developed" countries such as or Singapore's"

2) Ministry of Education

Q: What is the statistics of enrolment of students in chinese,indian,national schools, both elementary and secondary? More importantly, what are the numbers of enrolment in the MARA-funded schools and special boarding schools and religious schools? Corollary to that, perhaps, with a tongue on the cheek, ask, how does the minister intend to unify a population that is so disintegrated in terms of education? or perhaps suggest that vernacular language to be made compulsory in national schools, such that, a third language requirement is made compulsory.

Not sure how parliamentary questions are asked, but hope you can get some REAL answers, rather than some useless bickering from BN politicians.

Thanks again!

Bunda said...

Dear Mr Pua,

Perhaps you could ask the BN government, specifically the Ministry of Domestic Trade, on what measures are being implemented to lessen the burden of the rakyat due to unprecedented inflation? Also, where are they getting their obviously inaccurate inflation figures from?

Secondly, a question to the Finance Ministry on what measures are being taken to put more money into the hands (and pockets and wallets) of the common rakyat?

Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

Cheers, and bon chance in your first session as our MP!!


Bunda said...

One more question, if you don't mind. When are we obliged to open our services market according to our WTO and Asean FTA committments?

I work in the financial industry, and we seem so backward compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, and even Thailand and Indonesia. When are we going to buck up and focus more in this sector, besides all the rhetoric of being an Islamic finance centre (which we are not).

Thank you again for you time and consideration.


Anonymous said...

Tony, I reproduce my comment in Dr. Hsu Forum titled 'Barisan vs Pakatan'.

"The ideal situation is to leave religion out of politics. But, are the Malays willing to do that?

To me, religion is a very personal matter and should not be involved in our day to day functions, be it in office, making friends and so on. For example, if a Christian doctor has a patient who is a Muslim, this doctor will still treat the Muslim patient the best he / she can. He / She doesn’t even ask what is the patient religion.

In many countries, religion is out of the politics and administration of the country. I hope Malaysian politicians have the same thinking of the doctor example that I mentioned above."

I hope you can speak up my view in the coming Parliament session. See you in action soon.

Anonymous said...

Questions to Pak Liar:

"Will you make ACA totally indepentent by putting it under the parliment? If not please explain your sincerity in fighting corruption and how effective can ACA carry out the work without fear and favour under your office. No hypocrisy in your answer please."

"In order to prove that the federal government is transparent, would you disclose Petronas's accounts to the public. No hypocrisy in your answer please."

Anonymous said...

There was a statement made by the new Ministry of International Trade that the AP import system for the auto industry will continue. I remember a promise made during the AP furore that it will be fully dismantled by 2011 which is too long in the first place. So, what gives? Definitely something to raise as it affects the majority of rakyat who have to buy cars at exhorbitant prices (relative to national income levels) as they cannot depend on the hopeless public transport system. Lets not even talk of the cronyism that pervades the Msian auto industry.

Unknown said...

This is totally unheard of during BN MP time. We feel good you are encouraging participation from all of us as stakeholders.

Lets hope you can maximise your question time and try to grill the Ministers for any wrongdoings.

Anonymous said...

Please ask whether the ACA can be make an independent body answerable only to the Parliament. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please update us soonest possible what happen at Parlimen, we really need all this information, newspaper have very little about it and remember fight... fight....and fight. Brave up yourself, show us the real Tony Pua. GOOD LUCK

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Zack,

Questions are forwarded to the Parliament secretary (as opposed to parliamentary secretary of respective ministries) for her to co-ordinate with all the relevant ministries to submit questions to.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tony, I am a government doctor. You probably realise that medicine is ever-changing and in order to practice evidence-based medicine, doctors need access to medical journals. Unfortunately, most hospital libraries subscribe to a limited, if any, number of general-interest journals (with no standardisation). The MOH has set up several IT-enabled hospitals at great cost. However, not even these institutions provide access to online databases of medical e-journals. Several years ago, the much-harped-upon Telehealth initiative provided all MOH doctors access to the Ovid database.This access was somehow halted abruptly without warning. (I wrote to the then Minister Chia Jui Meng at the time and was told they were 'working on it' - it has now been 5 years with no solution) It is beyond our means, making what the MOH pays us, to subscribe to the huge numbers of journals that we may need to access at various times. Can you ask the Minister/DG of Health what he is doing to provide MOH doctors access to current medical literature in order to improve their practice? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I heard from the TV stating that all Parliament proceedings would be telecast live for 30 minutes and that is real interesting.I hope Pakatan Rakyat would show them what people's power means!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Pua

Following are my questions:

(1) Is the govt prepared to disband the NEAC (National Economic Action Council) and replace it with a bipartisan (i.e. govt & opposition) council to address the key issue of Malaysia's competitiveness and implement radical measures to improve it?

(2) As a corollary to (1), will the govt set up an International Advisory Council on Competitiveness and Future Directions for the Malaysian Economy?

(3) Does the govt have concrete plans and a defined timeframe to correct the budget deficit and strengthen the ringgit to combat imported inflation and make the manufacturing sector internationally competitive instead of labour-intensive?

(4) Will the govt change the national education policy to introduce the teaching of English as a mandatory subject from pre-school and kindergarten through primary school to secondary school?

(5)Will the govt alter the national education curriculum to emphasise the teaching of maths and science in consonance with international standards?

(6) Will the govt consider dual citizenships for the Malaysian diaspora who live and work overseas and who could be key sources of talent and investment for the country?

(7) Will the govt set up an Overseas Malaysians Unit in the Prime Minister's Dept, to be headed by a Minister, with the role of reaching out to the Malaysian diaspora overseas in a systematic and efficient manner?

(8) Will the govt reduce corporate and personal income tax rates in Malaysia to better compete with the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and other low-tax regimes? Say a corporate tax rate of 18% and a top personal income tax rate of 18% also?

(9) What concrete steps can the govt take, and what incentives can it put in place, to make the country more attractive to MNCs and foreign banks and service companies to set up their regional HQs or operations centres here?

(10) How does the govt plan to transform KL into a "global city" in all aspects, so that the country can attract top-level foreign talent to live and work here?

(11) Will the govt get serious about the "brain drain" from Malaysia and implement a system to keep track of Malaysians studying in overseas schools and universities and keeping in regular contact with them such that they give serious consideration to returning to Malaysia after graduation?

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that Tony, as a cyber personality, is also the representation of our voices in parliament. This is fantastic, are we the first in the world to have cyber policy making? Kudos to all! PJ-DAP-SUPPORTER

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Please raise the question either in Parliament or directly to whichever harebrain ministry regarding WASTING Malaysian taxpayer money to rescue this ex-Oxford girl who is NOT a Malaysian. There are thousands of true blue Malaysia women who are either orphaned or widowed and some have to turn to the flesh trade to fend for their living. This harebrain scheme is along the lines of the Space Tourist programme - all junkets must be challenged and stopped. Many thanks. Vincent K

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Please bring up a suggestion to charge some kind of fuel levy for every foreign vehicle entering our country. Probably a charges of around RM5 or RM10 per vehicle (except motorcycle) This is to offset on the cheap subsidized petrol they are pumping which is not meant for them.

Anonymous said...

Question on why AP are still being issued, despite the fact that it enriched the AP holders at the expensed of the poor rakyat, despite the fact that TDM has expressed the unfairness of it in the past and the minister in charged abused it to give a major portion to her crony. Is the BN government not sensitive to poor rakyat on this issue keeping a selected few hundreds rich, at the expenses of the poor rakyat? If the Ap are sold directly by the government this would have helped a long way in providing free uni education to all malysian? Tks Tony if u could asked this question in parliament. Ask also why should this policy be continue to 2010 when it unfairly distributed wealth to the rich auto dealers? It should be stopped now, demand it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
We met in Yat Yeh Hing restaurent recently at breakfast.
Please continue to bring up the lop sided LDP concessionaire agreement until it is reversed. Get the details all public. Many of us are willing to come forward to provide professional opinion on the so-called highway.


Anonymous said...

The Penang Acting Police Chief says that CM Lim Guan Eng may be called up for questioning regarding his statement on the NEP. Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Bernama issue an apology to LGE for misquoting what LGE said about NEP? Then why is the Police pursuing this matter. They should instead throw the book at Utusan Malaysia and TV3 for spreading malicious news.

I find it strange that this is the first time a duly elected CM is probably going to be questioned by the Police. This will never be the case if a BN chap is the CM. You know what I'm praying for to happen? By some Divine intervention, Pakatan Rakyat comes to power and Bukit Aman is turned upside down and have all the scum flushed out for the people to see the true face of the Polis DiRaja Malaysia. I want people like Musa Hassan, his predecessor's and the entire rank and file of PDRM, past and present to be thoroughly investigated. Whoever is found guilty of unethical and unprofessional conduct must be severely punished!

If the Police want to do something positive, it should start by initiating criminal proceedings against the Syariah Court Judge who has the audacity to recommend that non-muslims be charged in the Syariah Court if they are found to have committed 'Khalwat' (close proximity) with a muslim. To me, this recommendation is utterly irresponsible and seditious. Such statements if left unchecked, may create instability in the country. The Police must do their job and put this Little Mullah in his place.

Somehow I feel this Little Mullah made his recommendation to drive a wedge into Pakatan Rakyat especially between DAP and PAS. I smell an UMNO rat here.

Anonymous said...

The Companies Commission of Malaysia
increased the penalty per year for not or late filing of annual accounts from RM150 to RM1000. This presents an awkward dilemma for small limited companies which are not doing so well and cannot afford the expenditure of preparing the accounts and submitting them on time. On top of that, all companies filing the annual return last year were requested to declare how many years their accounts were not filed. If they complied, then the CCM would immediately impose the penalty. If they did not file the annual return, an ultimatum would be sent to wind the company within one month.

Anonymous said...

Education is the utmost critical issue you should bring up to the Parliament. We need educated people to run the country and look at our education system, I don't think we are capable of nurturing good students if our education system sucks and our teachers are not capable and qualified. thanks

Anonymous said...


GOOD LUCK in Parliament!!
Know Kian Ming from scholar days in Singapore - now like u am back in KL.
Husband and I would appreciate if you could get information about the following directed to the Minister of Higher Education.

1. Detailed statistics on foreign scholarships : Total number of students per year, breakdown by field of study, universities attended, racial and gender profile, annual cost of scholarships.

2. Detailed statistics on scholarship holders who have "broken their bond" i.e not returned ; again according to area of study, race, gender and cost incurred by taxpayer.

3. Detailed statistics on scholars who have returned home but have gone MIA. In the line of my work I have recieved CV's from government scholars who return to Malaysia and just never turn up for work in the civil service and have not been tracked down or asked to repay their bonds.


Anonymous said...

hi tony,
I care for human capital development in malaysia. Question to education minister....
Why the world ranking for Malaysia's university is dropping yearly? This is impacting investors confidence level to Malaysian's capability.

Victor said...

Question for Education Ministry

Ask the statistics of students sent overseas each year. What are their grades in A levels or SAT?

Are they being sent overseas although their grades are very poor or even if the get a string of B and Cs? Does the ministry only send students to Ivy League?

Specifically, MARA sends 1200 students overseas yearly with a budget of 1 billion ringgit, or nearly a million per student. How many of them scored straight As in A levels, or could by themselves get admitted into top university?

Ask why Malaysia government does not send students to Singapore universities.

Thank you Tony!!

Anonymous said...

Hi tony,

Please do ask MOHE to stop selling university Malaya land at all cost. Today they will sell a piece of it, tomorrow who knows..

ardey said...

great! I will publish here real soon!

l藍海 said...


ardey said...


Questions to the Ministry of Health Malaysia

1)Public hospitals are the most basic health care services for all RAKYAT, and usually rakyat of lowest – middle income will mostly depend on these public hospitals. WHY now the parking spaces in public hospitals are chargeable to the RAKYAT that visits these hospitals to get treatment? The Parking Rate paid is by hours and the rate is depending on the “outsourced parking manager” (most likely direct tender parking contract). Now, the question is:

•Given an Out-Patient scenario: When the rakyat have to pay by hourly rate parking at the hospital, the total parking cost is determined on how long they have to be in the hospital until they are fully diagnosed/treated and get the medicines. The hospital cannot guarantee how long the overall process will take so the poor rakyat have to bear parking cost, on top of waiting for their turn to get treatment. THESE parking charges at public hospitals are unnecessary burden to the RAKYAT!!!!

•If you are just want to enter HKL only to drop any patient inside the hospital to the nearest ward possible (so that weak/sick/old/senior veteran patients do not have to suffer walking so far inside), you still have to take parking tickets and even though you do not park, you are charged already by the parking manager to passing through the hospital area!!! Such a-bloody profitable parking business at public hospitals! The poor sick RAKYAT that go to public hospitals are now additionally burdened with this ridiculous parking cost. Parking at all PUBLIC HOSPITALS should be made FREE or at most, with the lowest per-entry rate IF the patients use the parking space. Passing through to drop-off patient should not be charged at all!!!

2)If we analyze properly, will all govt public hospitals in Malaysia major towns go bankrupt if the parking spaces in hospitals are made FREE?!!!

ryansoh said...

For the Finance/Deputy Finance Minister:

The opposition parties have delivered a shocking blow to the ruling coalition in these latest rounds of elections. Despite this, will the minister declare before the house and agree to provide an undertaking that the planned investment and government spending that is to be made throughout the country is done in a transparent and even handed manner with regards to all states, whether or not they are BN or Opposition controlled?

For the Justice Minister:

It has now been several generations since the communist era. Given that the Internal Security Act which was established during this period and the original reasons for having the Act then now no longer apply, will the Minister agree that it needs to be *urgently reviewed and updated*, to be subject to scrutiny by the relevant Standing Committees (or was it Select Committees, do they even use them, sorry if I can't remember right now) in order to take into account the rule of law as applicable in normal times, where the country is not in a state of emergency?

For the Education Minister:

Will the Education Minister confirm that Malaysian students in local institutions are not allowed to participate in political activities but Malaysian students studying abroad in foreign institutions are not prohibited from doing so? If so, will he acknowledge this inconsistency, and either act to remove this restriction, or explain why Malaysian students studying overseas, who are either privileged, under scholarship, middle-class (and largely relatively fortunate) should be allowed this privilege to the exclusion of others in the country?
Will he further explain why the apparently popularly given reason, which is that students should concentrate on their studies first, has to be addressed by way of the UUCA and not the normal academic disciplinary procedures that exist if a student were to be accused of neglecting his studies?

(ok, finally, and probably the most relevant for PJ Utara, and a shout out to all you people out there that are from Taman Bahagia, yo) For the Transport Minister:

Will the Transport Minister acknowledge that the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system that services the Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya areas is now so overcrowded during the peak periods that an inquiry has to be made on how the rakyat that use it can get to work on time efficiently and in a presentable manner? Will he undertake to study and disclose his findings as to how the continued urbanisation and increased population density in Kuala Lumpur in the next five years will affect traffic flow and the resultant measures in transport planning that are being made in anticipation of this.

Go get 'em, chief.

Watching from London,
Ryan Soh

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
My concern is with the National Service. Please work towards taking away national service for our children. Bring in the intergration in school level. We don't want our children to waste time and risk thier lives for it. "LET THEM LIVE "


Anonymous said...

We feel that official retirement age should be raised from 55 to 60. Even if after 60, retiree should serve as mentors on part time basis, in ensuring knowledge and experience are imparted to the younger generations. In the same line also, I think the number of years in secondary school should be reduced to that comparable to Singapore's, do away with secondary 'remove classes' for chinese school students.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, Believe d most concern among d citizens today is d inflation. D govt figure of about 3% is grossly inaccurate. It shd now be 6% at least.Pls get d govt to come up with a true figure n how to overcome it. Thks

Anonymous said...

hi tony, my main concern would be the security and safety issues. we need to have a safe shelther before we can do anything. if you live in fears everyday, how are you going to work, live, learn, spend and play? the police force needs to play its part on ensuring our safety. it not only means more petrols, but be firm and efficient in solving problems. just my two cents worth of comment, thanks

Anonymous said...

Tks for the opportunity for us to voice our concern.
Environment issues, illegal logging, proaching, poor management of our National Park by Forestry and Wildlife dept, housing on hillslopes are some of the problems that we should look into. April 22, 2008 is Earth Day. Are we doing anything? Check
Thank you

NEO said...

Dear YB

When will be the cut-off time to submit the questions to YB?

How to submit the questions to YB?

Anonymous said...

Today ( 4 April ) ... NST headlines reads " Parliament Q & A session to be broadcast live for the first time "

I am happy that I am one of the many who voted for change .

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

Congratulations! We look forward to the coming Parliament seating.

A group of mothers and their children would like to attend Parliament in the Public Gallery. How and where do we get permission to do that?


Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua, MP

Please ask the Ministry of Health what they are doing about hefty bills that the private hospitals and private medical centres present to patients and their families after admission and treatment.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Could Pakatan Rakyat combine these similar issues raised so that it saves time to voice out issues? Like the recent khalwat ruling against non-Muslims. It's really offensive and will divide Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,
Good on you. Now I know why I am not dissappointed in voting for you as the MP for PJ Utara. The questions you should ask the Minister of Finance II are as follows: (I think some of the readers have already mentioned in the previous comments)I think these are important to stress again.
1. How does the Finance Ministry come up with an inflation figure of 2% - 3%? Why use controlled prices to measure inflation? Can the Ministry come up with a measurement of inflation in cities?
2. How does the Ministry of Finance justify paying such a high price for Maybank to purchase the shares in Bank Industri Indonesia? Who or which agency is involved as adviser to this deal? How much fees were paid to them? How is Maybank going to raise the rest of the cash to purchase the balance of the shares(general offer).

Anonymous said...

To the Ministry of Youth & Sports: What is the status of the investigations into the inflated prices of items purchased by the Ministry as discovered and disclosed in the recent Audit General's Report? When can the public know of the outcome of the investigation and the accountable parties?

Anonymous said...

Is there any other country in the world that forces its newborn babies to embrace a particular religion?

Anonymous said...

Since we are a developing country,economic issues will outweight social issues.However,i'm worried that DAP as a socialist party will highlight too many social issues and neglect economic issues such as rise of inflation and our nation's competitiveness in this region.

tim wong said...

Congratulations on being elected a lawmaker for the country. I am not too well versed with our country's laws so I am unsure if I am capable of providing questions that are specific enough for parliament.

I would like you to pose questions towards the Higher Education Ministy concerning the Universities and Unversity Colleges Act. Is a repeal or review of the act on the table? Will we allow greater freedom of speech and expression in our universities?

A question of less legal background is the implementation of the dual entry system to universities. Will this be reviewed to make admission into universities more fair and transparent. Can we have students sit for a single exam instead of the current STPM-Matriculation situation where GPAs for Matriculation seem to be easier to obtain and count for more?

Finally, looking further ahead, does the ministry have plans to reduce its emphasis of admission on exams. The current 90% academics-10% cocurricular activities system is too rigil, technical and number based. We cannot be reducing individuals who are creative and innovative in nature to mere numbers and statistics for admission purposes. Is a more wholistic approach being drawn up for the limited spaces in our public universities (admission essays/interviews)

dolphintales said...

Question to Ministry of Tourism

1) What is the true rationale behind the Minister of Tourism's move to terminante Tourism MoUs with non-BN led states? Is the move justified - meaning, is it profitable/productive for the Opposition states AND the rakyat? OR is it more clearly - a move to shut out Opposition states in general?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I’m believe that most people concern is price of control good, if there is proposal Datuk Shahrir Samad to abolish price control, what are the actions government taken to ensure the public able to benefits from the abolish price control? How government to ensure free market and sufficient supply? How to ensure poor not suffer from the abolishment?

Government said increase of petrol price in 2005 is to provide more fund to improve public transport and road condition in city, but public transport service is getting worst and road in city getting congested. I don’t mind to paid market price petrol as long as I can get public transport conveniently and able the public transport is on schedule. And I don’t need to spend 1 hour to travel for 20 km distance.

I also want to mention, education should be equal for all races, unless Chinese and Indian paid less tax compare to Malay. We paid a lot tax to government but our children need to squeeze in small class room with 60 students in Chinese school. Ours Chinese SPM student with 8A unable to get medical courses in UM, but Malay with 4A been offer a medical courses. That why ours UM standard drop so badly and the din in UM want to help the Malay student, they allow lower their standard and passing grade.

Strong DAP Supporter

Anonymous said...

Dear YB, i believe in the mind of Malaysians, there is only one thing - EQUALITY. This will the single and only word needed to be directed at all ministries. End of story.

If they can't do it. The people will vote them out in another 4/5 years. However, the current opposition of course must live up to our expectations before that can happen.

Always keep in mind that MPs serve the people. The people pay your salary and can sack you every 4/5 years. If BN has kept that in mind over the years, whatever happened today will not have happened in the first place.

And by the way, i am not a supporter of any particular political party. I am a supporter of the people's better future.

Looking forward to your performance.


Anonymous said...

It is refreshing what you are doing, getting the people's voices heard via you. I wish you luck with the journey ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tony
Congratulations BA.

Please ask why did the Ministry of Human Resource under Dr. Fong Chan Onn aproved the exemption of SLO (Sarawak Labor Ordinance) which jeopardise the standard of living of Forestry Workers in Sarawak. The amendment of SLO was the first after Colonial time and was approved few years back by approved.

After the approval by the Parliment, Sarawak Timber Association (consists of timber tycoons ) with the help of MEF (Malaysian Employees Federation) appeal to Dr. Fong for exemption. The approval of exemption was approved and gazetted last week.

Where is the caring Malaysia employees/ Government claimed to be caring if the livelihood of the workers living in the forest were being manipulated and the tycoons just enjoy themselves.

Please BA help these workers.

Hjh Fatimah Mohammad
Vice President of Sarawak Forestry Department Employees Union (UFES)
cum Chair, Women Committee Asia Pacific Region,
Building & Wood Workers International.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Sweet music to my ear when you mention there are only 73 backbenchers.

I remember prior GE12, these backbenchers aka (hooligans) used to drum the tables loudly to drown the Opposition's voices. Simply primitive !!

Now - the Opposition's voice shall be heard and not be intimidated !!

I have 1 question:
When and how is the Government going to reform the Judiciary to restore the rakyats' faith and respect in the Judiciary?

Anonymous said...

Please ask the PM what does he mean from his expression that he heard the voters loud and clear. We the rakyat do not know what is in his mind. What are the issues which he taught he need to address?

Ambigous comment deserves further elaboration.

Anonymous said...

hi tony pua, firstly congratulations..point for you to highlight

1. firstly can you tell all the parti rakyat ahli parliaament to update their portfolio on the parliment website ( including yours)...the photo plus ctc the one of the barisan least we know how our ahli parliament looks like how to ctc them..

2. can some one look into the matter of illegal immigrants especially in selangor...and their numbers are rising....plse also look into their big hide out in bukit cherakah the so called forest reserve of selangor...their numbers are growing by days...they are illegals without any documents..they are very dangerous to the country.. and plse tell SUARAM we are talking about "illegal immigrants".. those who can do any crime in this country and the enforcement cannot catch them cos they have no identification on them no finger prints to refer to...they can even become hired killers and walk . off scot free... plse free selangor from illegals immigrants and give jobs to the ever increasing jobless malaysian.

Anonymous said...

"PETRONAS, the acronym for Petroliam Nasional Berhad, was incorporated on 17 August 1974 under the Companies Act 1965. It is wholly-owned by the Malaysian government and is vested with the entire ownership and control of the petroleum resources in Malaysia through the Petroleum Development Act 1974, an Act of Parliament."

What is the structure of Petronas and how are all its profits utilized since its incorporation in 1974?

Anonymous said...

Issue 1: Local Council Elections
Issue 2: Local Council Elections
Issue 3: Local Council Elections

Others issues:
1. Open & transparent tenders for all government projects.

To give bumi companies assistance in developing their abilities, some allocation must be made, but please please please, not 100% allocation for class F like what Penang is doing. My suggestion:
75% of jobs below RM50,000
50% of jobs below RM250,000
25% of jobs below RM500,000
10% of jobs below RM1,000,000

But even then, there must be openess and transparency in these bumi quota projects. Don't let politically connected companies win but we must ensure that only the truly deserving and genuine bumi companies win contracts. And impose strict quality guidelines. I hate to see the quality of projects carried out by the government because of the low quality i.e. landscaping, road works etc.

To ensure that bumi companies become independent and not reliant on quotas, set a time frame for these quotas and also do not allow a company to bid for bumi quota projects more than say 5 years, as they should be independent and well established by then.

All jobs must be posted on an internet portal, with clear criteria and the names of the bidders, the winners and why they were chosen.

2. Education
Please bring back English medium schools. While there is now a choice of Malay, Chinese and Tamil medium schools, there are a significant number of Malaysians, especially in urban areas, who wish English medium schools to be re-established. There was even some debate in UMNO last year about this so this idea is not completely unfeasible.

3. Environment
More state parks created within urban boundaries to protect green lungs from greedy developers.

New and stringent environmental protection rules and regulations must be introduced to prevent wholesale land clearing. It is time Malaysian developers practise methods that are more sensitive to the environment such as leaving more mature trees intact and developments to be higher density so as to avoid urban sprawl like what is happening to Los Angeles.

Thank you very much for fighting for the rakyat and for PJ folk, Looking forward to seeing you in action in parliament and good luck!


Anonymous said...

One of the key points is Safety. Yes, we have seen changes in the Police force lately but, what are the actionable steps that we expect to see and the timeline etc? It's crucial that we have good safety standards otherwise our Economic growth would also suffer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua,

I want you to know that I blogged about you. Not attacking you in any way, just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Congrats again once more for leading the charge for PJU. Let's hope the 1st parliamentary session will not be like zoo negara as usual. Tell the speaker that it is aneh to use the word aneh...unless he is speaking tamil which means friend. Then again, as YB Wan Azizah put it rightly, it is also aneh to see father-in-law & son-in-law...already show how narrow-minded is the speaker...which is obviously a BN man.

Looks like a lot of request & hope BN will not play the drag-delay-tactic (chow-kah in hokkien i think) at the expense of taxpayers by putting the PR MPs through a marathon of twisting & spinning (hypocrisy in short).

From the above, you can be sure that your job will last at least 10-20 years!

My only question is: why only 30 min live telecast of parliament? What about recorded telecast of entire session & repeated, over a special program or channel? Surely, RTM can create one what...otherwise, PR should post it under Malaysia Kini or YouTube. Forget Malaysian Insider...heard it belongs to 2 of the people in the "4th Floor".

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Let's hope PR will form the next gov & form a special investigation team of legislators or legal-committee to charge those responsible for all the major misdeeds in abusing tax payers $$$ since 1970.

Imagine the trillions or billions of RM/Assets that can be recovered from those responsible. These criminals are more damaging to the nation than those currently locked in ISA detention camp. Yet, they sing about patriotism. Why wasn't kerismudin not locked up in Kamunting when he wielded the keris, & why Najib got scott-free by saying that "...bath the keris in Chinese-blood...". What did the Chinese people do to him??? Yet, he is enjoying the tax-$$$ from Chinese & all Malaysians? Also, why did his brother join the Hong Leong Group (now in CIMB)? So, Najib would like to bath the keris in Chinese blood, but spent on Chinese-$. He should be locked up in Kamunting as well. People like that have no place in Malaysia. They should be cast away.

Coming back to initial topic...Just like what happened to Suharto @Indonesia & Marcos @Philippines. All our grandparent's, parent's & now our's tax-$$$ (incl. oil-$$$) siphoned over a period of 38 years, which should have created a far better Malaysia, for Malaysians.

Anyway, looking forward to see what are the 15 questions you will be raising in parliament soon. Appreciate you can't reveal your battle plan...element of surprise is always an advanatge ;-).

May God give you the strength & courage when you enter the "zoo". Justice will only be served when the true criminals are punished.

Anonymous said...

I am a retiree staying in SS2. The bulk of my annual income is derived from investing in shares with good dividen yield. When I filed my income tax return last week to get a refund of tax deduction as stated in the dividen vouchers, I was told that in future, I would not be able to do so. If this is true, then thousands of retirees like me would loose millions of Ringgit just because the 2008 Budget prevented us from doing so. Is this fair to retirees like us when the cost of living is going higher and higher?

NEO said...

Dear Tony.

Please direct the question to the Minister of Housing and Local Government whether he would like this type of social problem to be happen every day?

欠阿窿 夫婦上吊死

Please help us to voice out in Parliament.

Thank you

Karen Lee Huey Shyan said...

Hi Tony,

Batu Gajah MP, Fong Poh Kuan, has her 15 questions readied on her website...... I believe you are preparing yours too.

Can i suggest that some if not all MPs from PR compiled your submitted questions together on a blog or website for the public to read??

At least we know what has been submitted and what was rejected by the Parliamentary Sec and we can raise further queries?? Also, we can prevent redundancy and some members of the public might have suggestions on how best to rephrase the rejected ones.....

Anonymous said...

Ask them how much many more years they need to feel mature enough to telecast live the parliment debate on TV?

Anonymous said...

When I filed my income tax return last week to get a refund of tax deduction as stated in the dividen vouchers, I was told that in future, I would not be able to do so. If this is true, then thousands of retirees like me would loose millions of Ringgit just because the 2008 Budget prevented us from doing so. Is this fair to retirees like us when the cost of

I understand- future Dividend from PLCs will be tax exempted, more over the holding tax and vouchers create massive works for IRB as well as documentation, delay and reimbursement of refund issues.

say companies issue dividend RM100/= they will send u RM100/= and not 28RM to IRB for you to claim back.

better isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I support Karen Lee's suggestion to post all PR questions on a common PR website or blog.

Has a common PR blog set up yet? Please tell us.

Anonymous said...

Ask for the past 5 years, the racial breakdown of students undergoing matriculation in medicine provided by the government.

WY said...

my goodness. so many good questions from all walks of life! hope tony can get our answers from the govt. yes, MP means get our questiosn and message through to the parliament!

ps: as per karen lee's suggestion, would you be able to list down the questions, and the answers received from the govt? more so, it ll allow us to see how dumb is the govt (if they can't answer properly).

ps: tony, do you have parliamentary research staff yet?

Anonymous said...


Frist and foremost, i suggest we tackle the police adn security issue first. This issue is very important to all M'sians.

We do not want to live in fear and worry everyday.

1) lets find out why the pay scale for police is below market average ?
2) how to tackle the unattractiveness of the job to msian ?
3) check corruption level of police and it's link to cronies
4) Abuse of power in the public.


Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

I would like you to address our problem to PM. Why there is no Bidayuh to be appointed in the Parliament though they have supported Barisan Nasional by winning every constituencies to Barisan Nasional? Has Barisan Nasional forget the Sarawak aborigine in politic and economy?

Anonymous said...

How is the government preparing for the economic/social effects when the country becomes a net oil importer in 2010? This scenario was reported by Jeff Ooi in the Petronas revenue link in his blog:

"Petronas and CEO Hassan Merican was quoted as saying in Business Times Singapore (June 19, 2007): “If our appetite for refined petroleum products continues to grow by, say, at least 4 per cent a year, we will be a net importer by 2010.”"

"Worse! What is getting increasingly clear is the disproportionate importance Petronas is beginning to bear on Malaysian government revenues and the economy at large."

FDI is bypassing Malaysia for China, India, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and Indonesia etc.

Except for palm oil, rubber and tin production is virtually nil. In fact, we have to import tin for our domestic needs! The irony is that these commodities are at all time highs. As for
palm oil, Indonesia is now the leading producer

Malaysia has no homegrown world class companies with commercial, industrial/high tech products for export.

How will Malaysia become a developed country in

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony

Please aks the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs :-
What are his plans to reduce crime ?
What are his plan to project a more visible police force presence ?

If crime is reduce more business activities will naturally occur and my school going chilren can walk to school like what I use to do from sea park to SMKSP.

Voter from sea park !

And all the best to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Fight for the revision of passport fees for senior citizens. Not fair to levy RM300 for us in our twilight years. A nominal fee of RM50 is reasonable.

Furthermore, concessions ought to be extended and to benefit all retirees for their direct & indirect taxes they had paid for over half a century.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Now PR is have my vote as Shadow Finance Minister. No need FM1 & FM2 lah. One Shadow for 2-BN Finance Ministers (or is it 3 FMs, including Deputy-FM...what a waste of resources). Is the PM drawing tax-salary for being FM1??? He is already PRIME Minister...what is the purpose of having a post of FM1? No meaning.

If BN is truly TRANSPARENT, then the Parliament Sessions should be live-telecast totally & uncensored, not only 30min. What are they ashamed of? Language problem or unable to hold back the animal-within...or both? Haha, every dog has its day.

Here's other options to MP: Messenger of Peace, Messenger of People, Member of Public...

Agree that PR should have a unified site or blog so that related issues can be chanelled to the right MP. e.g. Financial/Economic issues related to Shadow Finance Minister, Health/Medical issues to Shadow Health Minister...etc. Surely, there is ample qualified & talent within PR to fill up all these Shadows. Look forward to seeing that, a two-party government in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Hindraf speaker ceramah release video in Brickfields.
Last strong Ceramah in Bricfields. Tony was there too, will release soon.
The crowd is too huge in limited area, most are from KL area.
Must watch..
volunteer youtuber editor.

Hindraf out to fight vote

Anonymous said...

YB Pua,

First of all, congratulations.

There are two or three specific acts that are important and perhaps "winnable" if brought up. The first is the Printing Presses and Publication Acts 1984, the second is the University and University Colleges Act 1971.

BN is still reeling from the defeat and is on survival mode. Everyone in BN is asking why didn't they see it coming, and how can they be more responsive to the populace in future. Interesting to note that an article in the Economist ( back in 30th August 2007 has already correctly diagnosed many of the social ills and in someway, perhaps predicted the current Tsunami. If BN has not closed its' own eyes by this Act on these writings on the wall, they would have the answer of their defeat from old magazines! And if BN wants to know the grassroot feeling in future, the best way forward is to have a free press.

So we see the problem, so what are the solutions? Instead of relying on people within the party with vested interests coming up with amateur solutions, the institutions of higher learning should be freed to investigate and propose solutions. Racial disintegration in the country? The sociology department could come up with numbers and answer on the trends and severity. But sadly, the learned experts in these institutions have their hands bound. If BN is serious about finding solutions, they would have to be honest to get to the diagnosis and consider proposals from true experts; and you can't have any of these unless the universities are unshackled.

Therefore, abolish these two Acts; the BN is doing herself, as well as Malaysia, a favour.

Sean E said...

Dear Tony,

Can you raise the issue of daily leakage of our subsidised petrol and disesel to southern Thailand. Can Malaysia imposed 3/4 tank rule for Thai vehicle coming into Malaysia?

Sean E said...

Dear Tony,

Suggest to the Minister of Home Affairs that there are many ways to project a more visible police force:

1) Have a team of say 4 policeman working from a petrol car. Two will cover the area on foot (at sub-urban areas). The two team will take turn to patrol on foot. The two in the patrol car will cover other nearby area (housing estates)using the patrol car. In time of incidence, the two on foot can summon the two in the patrol car for back-up.

2) Patrol in team of two on bicycles. This is highly visible to the public and can cover more ground.

3) Have plain cloth policemen riding in crowded LRT, KTM train to nab pick pockets and other petty criminal.

4) For repeat offender, banish them to penal settlements on islands to learn to be farmers and help pay for their upkeep.

Anonymous said...

Many students will continue to obtain excellent results in the STPM examinations in the next sitting and the sittings to come. Some of the students will be from financially deprived background. And they will be from all races and religions. Does the Higher Education ministry have plans to help all the financially-deprived students or will there still be selective selections?

Anonymous said...

DAP is a socialist party, so can we have tougher law on whorehouse oprators,kongsi gelap and illegal loggers, the should be stripped of citizenship

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

So, when can we see PR-TV 24hours?

If not, catalog it in cyberspace, like YouTube, if it is not against the law (if there is, in this jungle of ours).

Limiting to 30min live is nothing. What if the speaker ramble on & on for 30min...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
another suggestion if I may:
- bring up the issue of the BTN or Biro TataNegara. Many non-Malays are not aware of this sinister organization which serves to indoctrinate racial superiority attitudes among Malay civil servants and Malay government sponsored students.

Only recently when a few non-Malay students were sent on government scholarship has this organization come to the knowledge of non-Malays when they posted information on BTN on websites like Malaysia Today. I don't personally know anyone whose been thru BTN but I suppose you could find them readily enough.

Please bring up the issue of BTN and whether they transform themselves to be used to spread national unity, failing which this propaganda unit must be abolished.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

Pls ask the new Minister of Tourism what is the reason for terminating the financial MoUs with the 5-PR states, maybe FT as well - not sure about this. Are the 5-PR held states not part of Malaysia? Is her decision for the national interest to the rakyat?

The action taken by her is against what our PM promised not to alienate the 5-PR states. Unless our PM lied to us again.

Pls separate politics & rakyat. Fed Gov-$ is tax-$ from rakyat, incl. the 5-PR states + FT.

If Malaysia tourism decline, we expect her resignation...& she can retire to her retreat in Desaru. Probably built with rakyat-$ (remember the mark-up of tools reported in papers sometime last year?)...Rumour have it that, along the road from Kota Tinggi-Desaru, got a mega bungalow built with basketball court, swimming pool, only God knows what else.

2. Any chance that tax-payers only pay to state & not to fed gov? What YAB Azalina is suggesting is the 5-PR states + FT should become independant states.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...



I posted this to you before in an earlier thread.

This Wang Ehsan is very SIGNIFICANT, we are talking about RM800 to RM1 billion ANNUALLY.

This is even bigger than the PKFZ, much bigger than Perwaja and BMF.

This is a major test for call of TRANSPARENCY, GOOD GOVERNANCE and INTEGRITY which Pakatan Rakyat has been singing.

You should ask since the introduction of Wang Ehsan in Tregganu till 8 March 2008 :-

1) Government provide information on all the major expenditure (say any single item exceeding RM10million or those items of same nature but in aggregate exceeding RM10 million)

2) Name the suppliers/contractors and their respective shareholders and beneficial owners in the above 1).

The following links would provide you adequate information.

1) MUST READ ARTICLE ! UMNO-Led Federal Government's Fiduciary Irresponsibility for Trengganu's Oil-Money
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2) Palace, Pat Lah and the Petroringgit.......
24 March 2008

3) Trengganu MB crisis: Follow the money trail
Monday, 24 March 2008 - Posted by anilnetto

4) Monsoon (Cup) winds of change
Posted by Raja Petra
Monday, 24 March 2008

5) The Sultan of Terengganu, Our King
23 March 2008 | 11,738 Views

Anonymous said...

If I were prime minister of Malaysia…………I will make:

1. Abolish malay special rights
2. Abolish racial quotas in the country
3. Abolish the ISA
4. Bring back power to the people
5. Downsize the civil service
6. Establish a true meritocracy system for education
7. Heavier punishment for corruption, drug, rape
8. Revive English as the medium of administration and education
9. Revive true freedom of speech
10. Sack all the brainless officers and politicians

Anonymous said...

The illegal foreign immigrants.

What coordinated efforts do the Home Ministry, the Immigration Department, the Police Force and the Army have to tackle this issue? Do they intend to have a website for the public to convey their compliants and views?

Anonymous said...

I echo another Anonymous's comment.
What is so wrong with welfare based on income level of the family? Why should a Bumi below a certain income level get more welfare than an Indian who has the same pay?

NEP or its successor NDP supposedly wanted to empower the "disadvantaged race". But how disadvantaged is a race that holds all key government positions ( ministries, civil service officials) and C-level of government linked companies? The truly disadvantaged are still disadvantaged (Bumi or not) and race is no longer relevant, if it was relevant in the first place.

What is the BN's plan to do away with race as a prerequisite to receive welfare, contracts, etc?

The BN government complains racial disunity. How can racial unity be achieved if the current government consists of race-based component parties and there is an entrenched systematic racial discrimination?

What is the BN government's plan in the next 10 years to alleviate racial disunity?

We should have a Parliament website that permanently stores and allow public access the full footage of what happens in Dewan Rakyat (and possible Dewan Negara). If the politicians (both government and opposition) claim to be doing so much for the people, then let us see what you fight for in the parliament.

Anonymous said...

Tony, thank you for your time on this. Could we ask the Transport Ministry:
1) How much is being allocated to improve the public transportation in the Klang Valley?
2) Do we have concrete plans in place to improve the links between buses, trains and the likes?
3) Has the minister tried taking trains and changing trains? Try Masjid Jamek or Brickfields/Sentral -- one could get knocked down by cars crossing the road WHILE changing train lines. Who dispensed licenses or approvals that allowed for this mess? The now-pro-NGO Samy Vellu?

I drive to work and intensely dislike the idea of driving 1,200 kg of steel to work everyday, especially when I'm the only passenger. But I have little option, when trains don't connect and parking lots for cars at train stations aren't safe enough for my car or for me to walk into at 7+ pm. Thank you for your time.

Unknown said...

today whilst reading the star. yes i know .... the star.... i read a story about some rela member entering a woman's house... apparently without warrant or anything.
i think rela should be abolished if anything. the country hav police and other uniformed bodies tat i reckon is adequate. beside, the jurisdictions of rela is still ambiguous! we don't even know how to react to them! do they have the same power as a policemen? no. so should we open our door like what the lady did? no. i think rela members are over zealous about their job. and i think it is time to put an end to this ambiguity. we do not need another para militia unit in this country!

Anonymous said...

I do have a question for PR in Parliament.

Has PR organised a shadow Cabinet as yet?

I believe the job of a shadow Cabinet is so that selected MPs could be assigned to undertake and specialise in the work of various Ministries. To ask relevant questions and produce credible reports and documentary proof on matters they wish to bring up. To propose new Bills if need be.

The PR state governments have formed their various portfolios to run the government.

I think it is time that the Parliamentary MPs do the same well before the first Paliament sitting. Announce who is in charge of which Ministry so that pertinent questions and issues may be address to the correct MP to bring up in Parliament.

YB Tony Pua cannot be expected to bring up all kinds of matters alone without due research and study of the issue at hand.

Come on, MPs, get your act together well before Parliament sits end-April.

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

BN-UMNO arrogance still ripe. From the report today in MalaysiaKini, Minister of Tourism claim the rights (for BN) to signing the cheques. No big a deal why terminate the MoUs to PR-states & instead funds now go to BN-elected committee??? Why do people vote for people like that. Shall we post her to zimbabwe to promote tourism to Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

DAP should put rakyat interest as top priority, not by favourism ... many ppl are mad becoz of wat heppened in selangor ...

Yow said...

yeah, you guys(pakatan rakyat)should ask the government as many critical issues as possible.and we need to see the debate on the dewan rakyat live..we should have the rights to view the show..

Anonymous said...

tony please read and help us, resitters exam fee is rm1000 per head, u know there is more than a thousands candidates each yr, over a million profits gained but like the exams, not transparent where fund received gone

if country is serious abt human capital development, should waive this fee or reduce to very minimal fee as those examiners.

all in all, clp is unfair. hope you raise in parliament.

Karen Lee Huey Shyan said...



TONY, please kindly ask BN why can't Rm 5.8 billion be used for our nation's education and health programs..... why don't our government think for chrissake!!!!!! Why can't money be used for all instead for selected few......

WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To make malaysia a beautiful place to live in, the government must provide better quality water to all households, better qualiy electricity ie reduce power surge, clean environment especially around residential area, to reduce spread of diseases like dengue fever and we must have vigilant police force to reduce crime rates.....God Bless Malaysia!

marychuah said...

I would like to respond to one of the comments posted by "anonymous" at 4.27 a.m. The so called illegal immigrants are quite likely refugees from Myanmar. They are Refugees and as refugees, they can't get permission to enter a country to seek asylum. Therefore, they are considered as Illegal migrants due the fact that Malaysia is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. People who have to flee from their country in order to save their lives (for instance, from Myanmar) are actually refugees. Status wise, yes you can consider them as illegals.

As refugees, they are unlikely to commit crimes here as they are more afraid than anyone else being in this country. Ideally,they do not wish to be here but this is a choice for temporary stay while waiting for resettlement. They are always afraid to be arrested and that's why they are hiding in the jungle! They are VICTIMS of injustice and torture and they are harmless people.

I hope that YB can raise the concerns of the growing numbers of "refugees" by addressing the issue on a humanitarian basis. In addition, it seems that there are many cases of abuse and misuse of power by authorities in the process of arresting these "refugees" during raids. May I ask then, who is responsible for such "illegal, corrupted act" on these so called "illegals"?

Sally Ong said...

Hi Tony,

Today, April 13, is Global Day for Darfur. I hope you can raise the question of why Malaysia is providing economic investment, military assistance and political protection to the Government of Sudan, which has been systematically killing hundreds of thousands and displacing millions of people from their homes in Darfur.

The issues are underlined in this online petition.

I hope others can also sign the online petition. It will only take you 2 minutes!

Anonymous said...