Sunday, March 02, 2008

Urgent - Polling Agents and Counting Agents Required

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we received news over the weekend that the counting for both parliament and state will be done at the same time.
In the past, the counting would be done one after another, and the counting agents would be availabe to watch the process. But now, with this change, we are trying to figure out how to manage it, especially when we're so short of people.

so, once again, this is an urgent plea for more volunteers.

We've put up two additional training sessions, and we hope to get more volunteers to help us with this process.

The DAP team for PJ will be conducting training these next two days.
Mon 8:30pm
Tue 8:30pm
DAP Damansara office @ 55-M, SS21/1A

read Lulu's entry for further information


l藍海 said...
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l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

Tony Pua,

Best of luck! I've got a gut feeling you'll win PJU.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

i really dun understand why chew was won in last election ?

from the past few years , what she did to us ? anything is redure in our daily day ? oh... I forgot 1 thing is drop : saham !!

We need the right person do to the right thing in parlimen !!! it cant denied that TONY PUA .. u are the person !!!