Thursday, January 10, 2013

UBAH Rocket Style - The Official Music Video

For those who haven't yet seen it, here's the full-HD version of the UBAH Rocket Style videos in four languages. Watch them here! ;-) Enjoy!

English Version:

The English version had the original lyrics, which was subsequently
translated and adapted to the other languages.

Malay Version:

Tamil Version (my personal favourite as we spent hours adapting the music!):

Chinese Version:

We had "fun" shooting the video, but more importantly we hope you guys enjoyed it! ;-)


Anonymous said...

The malay version is missing...pls upload....thanks

KY said...

I trust DAP to UBAH,
I trust DAP to UBAH Kerajaan,
I trust DAP to UBAH segalanya.

Why am I so sure DAP are capable to "UBAH"???

ANSWER: DAP had proven it. If they can even UBAH their own Election results, then, I'm confident they have the capabilities to UBAH segalanya. Whether UBAH uisng the correct way or not....this one I cannot guarantee.

Just Change said...

Yes!!! UBAH is what we want!!!

When DAP reigns...

1) Christianity will UBAH to be the No.1 religion in the country.

2) Chinese will UBAH to be the superior race in the country.

3) Bumiputera quota will be UBAH to become Chinese quota.

4) The word 'Allah' will UBAH to Tuhan so that everyone can use it.

5) Hukum Hudud will UBAH to be known as Hukum Kanasai.


B@nanaPig said...

Malaysian want to see all government officials who are corrupted trialed in the court if PKR take over Putrajaya and I believe you will in this coming GE.

Good luck to DAP and I hope to see effective government administration when I come back to Malaysia for good.