Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday Night - Back at MJ Cafe SS2!

Donate to DAP for PJ here.

3.03.08 (Mon)
Ceramah SS2 (MJ Cafe, SS2/63)* Near the morning market location, behind Hong Leong Bank

Tony Pua
Dr Cheah Wing Yin
Lau Weng San
Fong Po Kuan
Raja Petra Kamarudin


Pak Pandil said...

Don't forget the voters in DJ, DU and Damansara Kim. They are pro Barisan Neraka. We need to win them over!

Anonymous said...

華人有句老話,再窮也不能窮教育,有了知識就有了力量.馬華民政的各位部長們能否用你頭上的烏紗帽去換取教育平等?我們不要你們去乞討!中國有位飛彈之父錢學森讓美國五角大樓海軍部副部長金貝爾害怕的曾說過:無論如何都不要錢學森回國,他太有價值了,在任何情況下都抵得上5個師的兵力. 只要我們獲得公平的教育機會,我們就能夠向上提昇,這樣我們就有機會生產几個錢學森!

Anonymous said...

for sure i will attend tonight!

vote for TONY PUA!
support TONY PUA~

Darren said...

please have someone tape your rallies and upload to YouTube. I cant attend your talks but I hope to hear you out online.

Hope you can post the links in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Great! Fong Po Kuan will help you to get the ladies Vote!!!

I am outstantion today,no chance to attend the Ceramah in SS2.

Can someone record it down and post it here!!! I wish to see Fong Po Kuan!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

My friends and I are still in singapore at the moment, unable to attend this awesome ceramah of yours and the rest of the speakers. Please do upload the video of tonight if possible, so that most of us here and everwhere in Malaysia can witness this event.
We'll come back to vote for you...

TONY for PJU !!!!

Anonymous said...


Last night, i went for the ceramah at ttdi, the crowd started to pour in even though the location was rather difficult to find.

There must have been more than 1500 people there to hear theresa kok, raja petra, and others talk.

The thing is, when it started to rain just when it was almost the turn of Raja Petra to speak. Most of the crowd went to the nearby shops (within hearing distance) to listen. But a core crowd of about 100 to 200 of the crowd stood in the pouring rain with umbrellas.

We could see that the speakers were at a loss as to whether to continue or stop. However nobody moved. So in the heavy downpour RPK spoke.

Theresa Kok mentioned in her speech that she has not seen this sort of mobilisation of voters, not even during the 1999 elections.

Being there I can say that I was deeply moved.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

yoh yoh yoh...even if one hand with a packet of bob's chicken, the other an umbrella, i will be there....

but please lar...start punctual lar...if you guys scared on not enough people initially, then get someone to speak at around 7.30 so as to pull in the crown lar...otherwise, many will be at the hawker center waiting for some indication on when this will start...keke...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
I was at the TTDI ceramah too and goodness, it has been quite some time since traffic was that bad on a Sunday night! I got wet, I am not the only one but no complaints at all. The speakers have, all touched on what's on our mind - belonging to OUR country. I look forward to the day when I do not need to fill up the section on "Kaum" in the forms, just Malaysian.

All the best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

The only reason Abdullah Badawi called dissolution of Parliament one year earlier is because the situation of his leadership will not get any better. Just look what he did to this country in just 4 years: rampant corruption, unplanned spending, and lack of transparency in the administration, collapse of the integiry of the judicairy, rising cost of living, sluggish economy and dismal international competetiveness, constituted and unconstituted racialisme and the list goes on. They will keep telling us to give them a new mandate, excuse me Mr. Hadhari I am a Muslim and according to Islamic teaching we have to fight and oppose sinful doings and all that is wrong. And you government is full of sinful and wrong doings.

And please do not tell us being anti-government and not voting BN is a western doing that is not of our culuture. Hello Pak Lah, it is Mahatma Ghandi whom thaught us of peaceful and non-violent resistance. And the (rigged and unfair election) is an example.

Barisan Nasional's logo is a scale that tips to the side of the elites and their cronies

Anonymous said...

I will attend this ceramah tonite, I missed the one last week. glad to see po kuan is here as well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
I read the questions and answers posed by Malaysiakini and was shocked to read Ms Chew's answer below:

"3. Will you support that Petronas' accounts be made public?
Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody."

My god, she does not even know that Petronas is not a listed company and therefore does not publish annual accounts for the public to see and scurutinize.
With her lack of economic and business knowledge, she does not deserve to represent PJ Utara residents.
PJU residents deserve better than this. Lets vote a Real MP Tony Pua into Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I'm a ttdi boy. I'm so glad you manage to come last minute. pity you got no chance to speak. TTDI folks would love the intellectual views you can offer.

but dap, pas & pkr really need to do more to attract volunteers. alot of ppl just went home after ceramah. hardly anyone want to volunteer.

p/s- i've already registered as polling agent. so should everyone else.

Pema said...

I will be there, Tony. Gambatte! You have all my full support!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony, I agree with you the fuel subsidy system needs to be adjusted but I don't actually agree that we should lower fuel price as some opposition loudly claim. Reason being is clear with the high oil prices these days. It may go higher in the days to come.

What I find missing from most party manifestos are committment to use revenues from oil to develope renewable energy sources that will make us less dependant on it. The other thing is public transportation. This is vital as we get closer to become net oil importer in a decade's time because our budget will be drastically affected.

I hope DAP will pursue this in a more aggresive manner because subsidies should really be reserved for the poor and portion additional profits from oil to be used to develop future fuel/public transportation. Otherwise, you can say we are really burning away our future ...!

Anonymous said...

To all wise voters, please watch this important video!!!!!

Manifesti BN

Vote for your future, vote wisely

Anonymous said...


I just came back from attending the ceramah at MJ Cafe, SS2 and I'm soaked to my skin.

Last friday at Damansara Jaya , it's the same weather pattern that you gave us.

But I think you are only testing us.

Our determination and perseverence shows that we all wanted 'CHANGE'.

So, Dear RAINGOD, I'm not afraid of the rain anymore.

Because the WInd of Change is approacing the horizon.

For a new dawn for all my beloved Malaysian.


Golf Afflicted said...

Fei Yau,

I agree in most part with your comments.

Please however note that, DAP does NOT have a policy on reducing fuel prices.

For those interested in details of our economic plans, please feel free to download a copy of our 50+ page 2008 budget at or

Tony ;-)