Saturday, March 01, 2008

Youtube Uploads Of The DJ Ceramah

In spite of the rain, the rakyat still came.

if you have taken or seen other ceramah videos, please leave the link on the comments page.



l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

You're one guy I'd love to see representing the people.

So, PLEASE kick ass. Very hard. You have to.

All the best! Gambatte kudasai!


Anonymous said...

Ong Ka Ting holds 2 ministry posts, getting double salary/allowance. Pak Lah holds 3 ministry posts, getting triple salary/allowance.

gozienz said...


I wish you well. Like many Malaysians, we hope to see changes to our political landscape and race based politic. We need to vote in more intelligent people into parliament in order to have a voice for the rakyat and not MPs who dance and sing to the tune.

It is still sad that the fear that is instilled by BN .....fear of stability, fear of race riot, fear of being sideline if votes are cast for the opposition.... seems to be making in roads with the voters.

We are having a serious brain drain problem where the professionals are leaving Malaysia in drove. As a manager of a Global Consultancy Firm, I have interviewed a number of such professionals who have chosen to emigrate citing children's education, security, race politic and islamisation behind their decisions.

I live in SS22/29 and today my neighbour was robbed of her handbag by two armed intruders in broad daylight. This is the second robbery that happened to her within the last 3 months which doesn't say much about the state of security in the middle-class enclave of PJ.

The escalating crime rates are the results of the policies of BN....unemployment, early school leavers, illegal immigrants, inadequate jobs, graduates that are poorly trained and unemployable, low police presence, poor solving of crime cases, country economic and structural problems.

I hope you would be voted into Parliament to raise this issues on behalf of the rakyat. Vote for change!!!

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Tony Pua:

I think you forgot to mention something apart from demanding for local election. I think you have emphasized on the wrong way. You should call for the election of the upper house or senate first. What is the use of electing the lower officials while the highest officials are self-appointed? Thank you.

chanzhe said...

I am currently staying in Diaman Crimson Apartment ara jaya, Jalan PJU 1a/41,Petaling Jaya. For your information, there are 2 high density condominium built next to each other i.e. Diaman Ria and Diaman Crimson.

The residents here are facing public transportation problem if personal vehicles can't be put up for usage.

No bus services available there. The nearest bus station will be at jalan PJU 1a/3(the traffic light junction).

And regarding the taxi services from Kelana Jaya LRT. There has always been a problem that the taxi drivers overcharge the customer by giving a fixed price inspite of using the meter. The sum will be around rm5 when the fare is supposed to be lesser than that. And more shockingly, we, the consumers are charged RM 15 to go from Kelana Jaya LRT to Subang Airport.

To you, our future MP of PJU, can we have the problem solved please?

Thanks for your concern.

Chong Zhemin said...

Anonymous said...

As a young child of 10, my mother spoke of what Lim Kit Siang said at a ceramah 40 years ago. LKS said, the rich is getting richer, and the poor is getting poorer. Maybe we cld not understand that then, but last nite, as Tony shared the statistics, it is all so evident. The NEP did not serve its purpose, but worse, it has destroyed the very people the BN or more aptly, UMNO want to enrich. NEP has made life more challenging for the non-bumis and the non connected. It has also robbed our Malay brothers their right to survive and compete. After 30 years, and our so called Bumi segment of the population remains ill equiped. Why? There is no need to get 10 As and obtain a scholarship. There is no need to excel in your work, in most cases, the right name and pedigree gets you there. In the end, our people become mediocre.... Thinking about NEP reminds me of the book TIME MACHINE. Removing NEP is not just to promote equal opportunity, harness better social relationship amongst the rakyat, improve livelihood of all, but more importantly, it would serve to restore the dignity of the Malay (Bumiputra?) race. Scrapping the NEP may halt the brain drain, brings in FDI, enhance productivity, nurture a society that seeks to excel and improve... all these would result in a bigger cake for all to share. Why hve such a policy, why fight tooth and nail to grab 70% of an egg tart, when even 30% of an EXTRA LARGE pizza with lots of toppings would keep us that much more satisfied....
I want our nation to return to the days, when ppl of all races could look to one another as a partner in nation building....
I am tired of veiled threats of what can happen should the opposition wins it big... Because we love Malaysia, we need to make a responsible stand. Even at the cost of a temporary setback, whatever the sacrifice or inconveniece, we need to act to bring change. We owe it to our children to do what is right. Do not allow fear or intimidation to push back the tide of change. We want a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

It is time locals should consider changing of government as for many years other parties tend to lose.
Will this year be a better year? It should be fair votes and hopefully DAP,Keadillan and PAS will win the seats to build a new government for unity and harmony no racialist

l藍海 said...
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l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

I went to this rally- went off when you spoke cause I thought it was over(heard u from afar but din't want to walk back). Ur campaign manager should not have told the crowd where the next rallies are. A lot of ppl went off during your speech.

If you haven't mention any economics issues u shd emphasise on these issues. U must differentiate yourself from chew mei fun (No matter how bad she is, she is still very good at taking care of our longkangs) by now. Since you are an "economic genius" you must remind people that you have something up there. Remind the people about inflationary pressures, petrol price etc. After that you could end it by mentioning about PKFZ etc. Put out some facts, figures to back your point. Keep it simple. Another one can be the budget, is it balanced etc. Thing is, PJ folk are well educated, they care about larger issues such as democracy, human rights etc. But they still need to live.

Dr Mahendran was a good speech giver, very articulate, but his joke at the end was horrible, ruined the whole speech. It was too long and made it very flat. Please don't use it anymore.

Dr Wong? (dind't get his name right,before Mahendran) talked too much about how bumi were being given fish by the govt. It was an easy point to rebut 'cause there are many many talented professional malays due to the govt sponsorships. Who is to say that it is bad( it is def. not bad for the people who are on the receiving end who also are ur voters.)

Dr Cheah was not too bad, he is quite a good speech giver, he managed to speak to the crowd, ie. changing his tone, body language according to crowd sentiment. In terms of points maybe he could raise more issues about MPPJ. MPPJ has soo much bad news since the past year (PJ folks know about it) He should back it up by some facts and figures.

One thing u cld do: challenge BN leaders to sign a pledge to not raise petrol prices for three years and the opp will be the "heroes" if the BN actually sign it. It is a lose-lose situation for BN. They also cannot sign it, cause they cannot keep the prices so low anymore.Since BN did not keep much of its promises why don't u force their hand? (of course ask Lim guan eng and gang firstlah.)

Another thing is that: u can use this phrase: the opposition is there to make enough noise to wake Pak Lah in parliament, followed by the infamous photo u used in ur song! It is personal but it could raise the crowd. People know about it.

PS. A rally is not a really good measure for votes. People that go to rallies are usually supporters of the speaker. Plus u got the crowd sentiment. It is whether individuals will remember you after the rally.

PPS.Remember to shake as many hands as you can. Groundwork is really important. Question: does the candidate with the most handshakes always win?

Hope you do well!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,
Last night, was the first time I attended a political ceramah and I'm impressed with work of DAP candidates and workers who sacrifice their time, energy and money to fight for a cause that they believe in, passionately. Most of the issues raised by the speakers are were more or less reported in the newspaper but in very general terms. The details given were something that we can read about in the newspaper. Good work.

I'm 45 years old this year and I had voted in few elections in the past years. Sad to say, I had voted BN, in the past.

However, after attended the ceramah in Damasara Jaya, despite the rain, I think I wil go for a change this round. The reason for pretty simple as I thought to myself.....assuming I can live upto 70 years old (like most people) which means,... I should be able to vote 6 times (including this 2008 Election)....why not try out DAP / Opposition one time!

Come 8 March, I will give it a try for change....and if after 5 years, it turns out to be bad move....I can always change back..........right,ya? So, all the best to you and your team. can count my wife's vote, too, for DAP.

霓彩纷飞 said...

tony pua~we love you !!!加油!!!继续为民主奋斗!我们永远支持你!

Anonymous said...

Mr tony pua,
i was so surprised and excited to meet u at section 17 just now. You were having your supper at mamak. Thanks a lot because u agreed to take a photo with me. i was so excited not because Manchester United won just now but because i met you. Actually i am not a resident there. I am a student but i do care about politics. I support you and DAP. I believe you can do better than what BN can do! I pray that you will win the parliament seat. All the best and good luck.

Jarod said...

Below are the link for the speech at DJ on 29 Feb/USJ 12-1st March. Readers' may download it for the entire speech. Please take note that it's in WAV format. You may require Winamp if you are using Microsoft Windows Player. (Tony Pua-29 Feb)wav (Haris Ibrahim-29 Feb)wav (Dap Guest-Doctor 29 Feb)wav (Hannah Yeoh-1st Mar Usj12)mp3

Anonymous said...

watch azmi sharom talk on the 2008 G.E.

Anonymous said...

Are we still expecting a debate between CMF and TP?

Forget it lah!

"There is no place for American style debate in this country, said Wanita Umno leader Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz." - the Star, 2.3.08

The AP-enriched lady knows best - sure, no place, because BN candidates cannot debate (English tak jalan; leadership skill pun tak jalan: "Barisan Nasional candidates contesting in the five state seats under the Kangar parliamentary constituencies will go back to “class” to brush up on their English language and leadership skills after the polls" - the Star, 2.3.08), especially MCA, MIC, and Gerakan candidates - only know how to sing and dance, 'cos they have been performing for Umnoputras.

谢增英 said...

hi, Tony:
your opponent is woman, so she will get a lot of woman vote, i think that at your ceramah, you should touch waht your will do for woman when you are a MP. ALl the best!

Anonymous said...


I hope you will be voted in.You will have my fullest suppport. Keep up your work and you are our hope for a better Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work. We need people like you for a better Malaysia..I was at USJ12 last night..I am proud of you and really hope you will be voted in!!! You are one of hope... Keep going!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I really agree with the shake-hand comment made by anonymous at 1.12am. I used to observe beggars' tactics - those who shake hands with people before asking for money always end up getting their money! (I'm not insinuating that running for MP is like begging for money).

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Tony,

I was at DJ last night for the entire ceramah. I would say the pulling factor that attracted me there was you. I am really impressed that given your impressive track record in academics and career, you have chosen to serve the ppl by joining the opposition party.

I am an undergraduate and I wish to let you know that some of us students do care about politics. Though I am not voting in PJU constituency, DAP has my family and my full support ^_^

p/s: Perhaps in the coming ceramahs you all can talk about other issues instead of harping on the 'longkang' one. We already got the point and it would be better if we can be enlightened to other issues. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

We do not need MCA MP who only know how to take care of drains and garbage disposal.

We need visionary, brave DAP people like Teresa Kok and Tony Pua to go into parliament to champion the rights of Malaysians, redress unfair practices and push for impartial policies which enable the country to achieve breakthroughs in national development (like what we see in S'pore, Taiwan and South Korea.)

We want to be a nation of excellence.

Anonymous said...


Would you call for universal suffrage if you are elected as MP? I think you should before demanding for local election. Local election is useless unless the top posts (upper house members) are elected. If not all officials will not be held accountable for their misdeeds espcially corruption.

Anonymous said...

Tony, first of all I wish you all the best next Saturday.Next week is an important for you to wrap up your campaign. I would suggest that you grab a copy of cmf achievements booklet and study them and draw out a master plan on how those problems can be avoided and what's your team approach towards fixing those "technical problems" like longkang tersumbat. You know those things cant be avoided.

Do emphasize you are a proactive leader and can lead the citizens of PJU to an era they never think of they cold have.I'm tired of people being part of the problems and call fixing them as achievements.Do citizen of PJU deserve living backwardly?

Differentiate yourself from others. Let's voters do our job. Please do not waste time argue with cmf.

Anonymous said...

Forget about CMF, who cannot speak and dare not speak in the parliament, and who only knows how to sing karaoke and jaga longkang.

CMF - why be an MP? You ahh, just fit to hold a singing and sweeping position. The parliament is just too good for you.

CMF's time is up. Time to be eliminated - vote DAP!

Anonymous said...


congrats! I am confident you will be a good MP.

Dr. Annie Lim said...

Hi Tony,

Congratulations on your win!
You are definitely the right candidate for you care about the Malaysian ppl.

Always supporting you!!!
Annie and Zach