Saturday, March 30, 2013

Catch Ubah.TV 24 General Election Coverage!


Anonymous said...

come electricity....... lai tian !

Frankie Fook-lun Leung said...

I support you.

jamesthong said...

Dear fellow Malaysians, If, on polling day, you don't see DAP symbol on the ballot paper please mark the 'X' on the PKR or PAS symbol to ensure victory for PAKATAN RAKYAT so as to BURY Be-END FOREVER! UBAH! UBAH! UBAH!!!

Yeoh said...

Ini kalilah! We must all rise to bangkit and runtuhkan kezaliman BN.

5th May, Change government!

Unknown said...

Congatulations for your other leaders and your sterling Perfromance in the just completed GE13, 50513! We thank you for duly being able to shore up Pakatan Rakyat Parliamentary Seats tally and hang on to Penang, Selangor and Kelantan!
I am 65 years old and although I will not see the CHANGE OF GUARDS the next five yearss, let us all foge a new trust to ensure that without its 2/3rds majority, the incoming GOM will be kept on their toes inkeeping with the democratic principle of Democracy - Government OF the Rakyat BY the Rakyat and FOR the Takyat!
Arrest the fishhead rot and check them at all turns!
The Pakatan Rakyat must also have a clearer and define direction of policies! DAP has to answer the ROS problem before the 16ht! They inBN have a lot to grind with DAP's whooping success, both on State and Parliament levels!
We made many pledges and DAp msut try to get Perak and PAS, Trengganu for the oil royalties to get the pledges going! There will no be any excuse that there were no allocations channeled for projects and developments in Pakatan controlled tates and seats! Please
convey my pride for all your wins and in the cases of near misses, better luck next GE!
Carry on the Good Work, for Country the People and our next, and next Generations!
HIDUP Pakatan Rakyat!