Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pak Lah At It Again

On the day before elections was held, the honourable Prime Minister threatened the Chinese community that if we voted opposition, Chinese representation will be reduced in the Cabinet and as a result, Chinese interest will not be taken cared of by the Government.
Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded the Chinese community that if they gave the DAP their votes, they will end up not having any representation in the Government.

“You have to decide if you want a louder voice in Parliament or representation in the Cabinet where they can be more effective in representing all communities,” the Barisan Nasional chairman said.

He said if the Chinese did not have representation in the Cabinet, their requests would not be heard.
The statement was deplorable from the fact that some time ago, Pak Lah insisted that he was the Prime Minister of all Malaysians. It appears that he was deceiving Malaysians then for the above statement clearly showed that he's only looking after the interest of a certain race or community for he comes from UMNO.

Malaysians voted with couraged and was certainly not cowed by the threats made by the Pak Lah led government. However, like Ong Ka Ting, Pak Lah hasn't learnt the fact that he is meant to be a prime minister for all Malaysians, instead of just one race.

Today, again in The Star, Pak Lah warned Guan Eng, newly annointed Chief Minister for Penang over his proposed economic policies to take Penang forward.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was warned by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to make statements that could stoke racial tensions.
“The (Penang) state government must not try to create an atmosphere which can cause racial tensions,” warned Abdullah, who is also head of Penang Umno.

He also said that the new state government in Penang should not marginalise the Malays, who are the minority in the state, and other minority groups like the Indians.

“Do not marginalise the Malays. I want to ask Lim Guan Eng what his plans are for the Malays in Penang What are his plans for the Indians in Penang? What are his plans for other minority groups in Penang?”
Should Pak Lah not be asking, what does DAP plan for Malaysians in Penang, instead of "Malays in Penang"?

Here's some excerpts of the speech by Guan Eng in Penang 2 days ago:
...we will run the government administration free from the New Economic Policy (NEP) that breeds cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency. We will implement an open tender system for all government procurement and contracts. We will also practice transparency by uploading information of such tender bids in an internet portal to be set up in future for public access.

Instead, we strongly advocate a stakeholders’ economy for all – irrespective of race and religions – and based on the principle of shared prosperity in an equitable manner.


We subscribe to Integrity and Transparency in our governance. Government procurement will only be awarded through open tender, and priority will be given to Penang-incorporated contractors. An online portal will be set up to publish the list of qualified contractors, and the tendering process and relevant details, for public scrutiny.

Similarly, the Chief Minister, State EXCO members, Speaker and Deputy Speaker together with the respective heads of Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Jaya will be required to publicly declare their personal assets.
Now, which bits of the above policies seek to marginalise any particular community in Penang? PKR, our coalition partner in Penang, has also been calling for NEP to be replaced for the past 2 years or so, are they also marginalising Malays?

Who exactly then, is desperately stoking "racial tensions"?


Anonymous said...

that "declare asset" thing isn't it lauded by AAB years ago, before it unnoticely ignored ...

how to make sure that LGE will not be like AAB....

luxen said...

Tony, do you have a service centre? I would like to volunteer.

Anonymous said...

2 things:

1. Penang government should carry on doing what it has set out to do and ignore this sleepy head. As RPK said in a ceramah, his left brain has does nothing right, his right brain has nothing left!

2. Get the DAP exco members a malay tutor. It's about time.

ps - i think when you find the time, you'll need to change your bio to update your new vocation. Many congrats and look forward to seeing you lock horns in the dewan.

Anonymous said...

Let Liar Lah talk rubbish and dig BN's grave to be buried in the 13th GE.

As if with MCA, Gerakan, and MIC MPs in the BN, Umnoputras showed any respect to Chinese and Indian Malaysians! Well, Umno can rule Malaysia on its own!

Unknown said...

The BN's trump card has always been on racial division, so none of us is surprised by the PM's latest move.

However I must agree with some bloggers' comments that perhaps the new CM had rushed into making the statement on NEP the way he did..

Reality is, even some urban malays are uncertain and anxious about the BR's stand on NEP. Some feel that, the Malays had been accustomed to the priviledges and they cannot compete with the non bumis, particularly the Chinese on equal grounds.

I completely understand that it was never the intention of the CM to marginalise the malays or any monorities or disadvantaged individuals. But still, tread very carefully on this issue.

It is heartening to note though, the calls by PKR and PAS, whose stands on NEP do not deviate from that of DAP. Sad but true however, is that when those kind of calls are made by malays, its more difficult for the BN to exploit as oppose to what the PM is doing now.

I agree with what PAS said that, the NEP has good points which we shld uphold. Discard the bad, and build on the good. Not easy but worth doing!!!

Anonymous said...

Ignore all the white noise.

Start to work for the rakyat now..

Anonymous said...

Malaysians have already lost faith in this hypocrite PM. I really pity him because he still does not realise that his rasict SIL is his biggest enemy.

Now there is a lot of infighting among the component parties of BN asking for the resignation of their respective party leaders. The sad thing is they blame the wrong person.

I believe that Pak Lah is the one to be blamed as he indeed has no sincerity at all in being the PM of all Malaysians. He only wants to use race-based politics to keep him in power so that he can enrish his families and cronises with big government contracts. Pak Lah was and will be a liability to BN. The longer he hangs on the PM post, the more votes BN will lose.

I can predict that BN will lose it's 1/2 majority in the coming GE if Pak Lah still does not change his mindset. He is indeed, HOPELESSLY CORRUPT!

Cube Monkey said...

NEP should be removed to make way for a more effective way to channel the wealth to the poor regardless of race and religion. NEP will only hinder the progress of unity in Malaysia. I strongly agree with DAP to abolish NEP. Start with Penang!

Anonymous said...

UMNO and MCA is the main culprit to play Racist with the help of Local Media. Dont easily fall into the trap after 50 years Rakyat been Bodoh!

inter said...

I guess stroking the racial tensions actually bcoz of the irrespective of race... as we all know, they needs to have their prior Rights.. if all is equality.. they dun see the fairness then...
anyway.. will PJ/Selangor having such policy as well?

Anonymous said...

I like the way you expressed that last question.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is on the road to be the opposition leader in parliment house by 2013, so let it be.

Anonymous said...

I and the rakyat of Malaysia. We are not stupid.. We are watching the big TV. The show is like fighting Kung-fu, you lost the game Pak-Lah, you want a revange. Pak-lah, KToyo and etc are not gentleman. Mr.Koh SK of Penang is a gentleman.

Something is not right with Sultan Perak, Dacingnya berat sebelah. Orang Perak membawa 18kilo beras untuk ditimbang, dacingnya menunjuk 6kilo sahaja. Selebihnya pergi kemana? Adil atau tak adil orang Perak?

From: Youtuber Editor

Anonymous said...

When I read Pak Lah statement, I asked the same question. "Who exactly is stroking the racial tensions?" Apparently he doesn't believe that Malaysian is much more mature today and will be even more mature next round when we have our next election. He still insist on playing the racial card. I always have great respect for him until he starts making irresponsible statements as he becomes more desperate.

Mr. Prime Minister, it is OK to loose an election or your position in UMNO but don't loose your dignity. The rakyat gave you their full support the last round and that was because they place their hope in you to fight corruptions brought about by the previous administration. It is not about racial issue. You lost badly this round because you did not deliver your on promise to eradicate corruptions. Again, it is not about racial issue and is about corruptions.

Mr. PM, your irresponsible statements lately, in my assessment will not benefit you much, except for a diminishing group of folks who have yet to wake up to the reality of globalization and our need to be prepared for it. Time is running out fast for Malaysia. Your statements will only further erode the remaining support that you may have from rational Malaysians. I truly believe that your best chance of regaining the rakyat support is to deal with corruptions. As a voter, this is just my humble views and I am confident that most voters in Malaysia share the same views and the same expectations.

Mr. PM, it is time to move away from those older days and obsolete politics of playing up the racial issues. Playing up the racial issues is not going to help Malaysia progress but will only hold us back while the rest of the world move forward. As a Malaysian, I am appealing to both the BN and the oppositions to work together for the common good. We will vote WISELY again in the next election. We Malaysian will no longer be fooled again. I guarantee my vote to the party that is committed to bring progress.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have LGE as CM in Penang.

We need a bold and courageous CM like LGE to stand firm and carry out effective policy for the betterment of ALL Penangites.

We, Penangites have voiced out our disatisfaction and disapproval of the outdated policies adopted by BN.

We are 100% in support of the policy implemented by the new ruling government.

Strength and Honour to LGE and Penang Maju!!!

Anonymous said...

The PM wants to marginalise the minority chinese while he warns Penang MB not to marginalise minority malays?

Have you ever seen a crab who teach his son how to walk straight?

Anonymous said...

Much work and responsibility always comes with doing GOOD.

The world is hungry for Freedom, Opportunity, Growth and FULFILLMENT as our Creator intended.

The future of Malaysia is exciting and full of promise for those who will take "The Road Less Traveled" (Scott Peck's Book)

God bless ALL Malaysian and you.


nizam said...


Now, governs the 5 states successfully. Show the rakyat that you can govern states and then Malaysia nation especially in economy, safety, justice, education, state administration, transparency and many more.

if you excel in the five states, you can convince the rakyat to choose you as a ruling party at federal level; the same manifesto or strength of BN.

in your future manifesto, pay attention to investor/ corporate sectors. Draft the manifestos as if you are going to become the Malaysia ruling party. Alike BN, play with statistics and numbers; say 10 million for education, say millions for safety etc. opposition should have shadow cabinet line-up to prepare these manifesto.

Now, concentrate on Sabah and Sarawak parliamentary and state seats. pkr (or the opposition front) must show that it is a party for all races and ethnics ie bajau, kadazan, dusun etc. most of them vote BN because their mentality (i might be wrong) is BN brings development. if you can develop the 5 states, they can open their eyes and vote opposition in next general election.

Pas, pkr, dap etc must groom leaders or candidates for the 13th general election. Pick candidates with strong education background so that people have faith in them able to govern states (or Malaysia). Starting from today, these candidates must turun padang to list down all the problem faces by rakyat and tackled the problems; win their heart and show them that you do works. if the candidates don't have enough time and energy, seek help from opposition supporters or appoint assistances as many as you need.BN won uncontested in 11 parliamentary seats meaning opposition lacks 11 leaders/ candidates.

Starting today until the next GE, keep record of mismanagements, corruptions (power and money), wrongdoings of BN for your campaigning points.

Most of the main media in Malaysia are controlled by the ruling party. opposition candidates must use alternative medium such as internet or blogs to convey their messages, counter the ruling party allegations, reveals corruptions by BN etc. if the candidates are busy, ask the party supporters to run the blog; maybe can elect media committee. The opposition have won five states and KL; make as many press conference as you can to address your developments, progress etc. each states have its own radio station; use these opportunity to deliver the messages.

Work very hard during this 4 or 5 years!!

If not, rakyat will vote for BN in the next election

if selangor can beat pahang or sabah or sarawak in economy, safety, education etc performances, the sabahan and the sarawakian and pahang people might choose the opposition in 13th GE.

The opposition must pick an outstanding state as a benchmark while governing the 5 states. If say pahang attracted 10 foreign investors, the five states must have more than 10 investors. If sabah crime rate is 10 %( let say it is a state with lowest crime rate), the opposition must have lower than 10% of crime rate. The examples are endless.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, a good portion of Malays think that special treatment is their right, not a privilege. Equality in their minds means special treatment, not equal competition. Abdullah understands this and is scoring some cheap political points by claiming that creating a fair playing field is "marginalising" malays.

On the other hand, Lim Guan Eng is acting like a political novice by making the statement so early in power. Like it or not, abolishing the NEP so quickly does not sit well in Malay stomaches, even if it is logical and fair. Politics is a dirty game and sometimes you have to make dirty deals to consolidate your power. DAP would have done better if it gradually abolished the NEP in stages, rather than to eliminate it completely.

Ultimately, to win the government, you need to win the votes of the Malays. Common sense will tell you that abolishing the NEP so quickly is a bad political move. DAP needs to learn to play dirty.

Unknown said...

YB Tony,
I am a working professional (PEN) who would like to contribute fulltime in the Penang (Barisan Rakyat) State Government.
Is there anyway I can contact you or send you my info?

My email below:

ong said...

Yes, UMNO Penang leader said must stop all the big project at Penang....this is not a mature way of talking. They still not get it WHY THEY FAILED.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Much agreed with you here. We are matured enough to decide what we want, we are clear what we want. We just dun need to be warned or threaten not to do this and not to do that.

I was quite puzzled why ex MP for PJU didn't have such pressure when the people voted her in ? You guys had given 50 years for BN, and now you only give 5 years to DAP. This is unfair at all.

Well Tony, I believe you and the team can make PJU better and make Malaysia a better place to stay. Carry on your good work. All the best to you.

sp lim said...

Please don't waste your time rebutting what Pak Lah says. We don't take him seriously anymore. Stop being Opposition minded. You all are a govt in waiting

Now you have been elected focus your energy on building a better M'sia. Use your brains to help Penang now that someone wants to stop all federal funding for Penang. And don't wasting your time rebutting or cursing him. People with such mentality are already accursed and damned.

Think of how Penang can attract the best talents to make it the most progressive state in the country.

I'm sure if you post something positive, you may get some real good contributions.

Your current posts about OKT & Pak Lah are passe

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah not only threatens Chinese community but also Malaysian in his campaign manifesto if we don’t vote for BN, we will not vote for BN we will not able to enjoy peace, security and prosperity. This trigger a lot doubt of the BN government competency, Malaysia city crime rate is getting worry by people in city, every day we heard more criminal case happen in city compare to 5 years before.

Foreign student especially from Africa coming to ours country not to study but doing illegal business, cheating the public, fight on street, driving without any driving license (I heard they can but a stolen car only RM 10K), drunk and disturb ours community. From a mouth of an Africa student, they need to paid USD 5000 to get student VISA to Malaysia from their local Malaysia embassy, subsequently they can apply for social visit VISA for family member (not really family member). How we can have peace, security and prosperity if BN government allows more and more foreigner coming to Malaysia? And every day we leaving in fear and worries in city.

About prosperity, if toll, petro, daily consume items increase price every month. I’m don’t think we can become more prosper, furthermore rich-poor gap widen and those is rich become richer and those is poor become poorer. Furthermore only a small group of people especially with connect with BN government enjoy wealth and prosper and didn’t paid tax to government and those who work in the factory and office, we need to paid ours tax every month with any deduction to ours daily consumable items. A classic example in Selangor, a state representative in my home town able to build a big bungalow inside a kampong only become state representative for one term (2004-2008), his son and wife driving S-class and all his family member given plantation land range from 5 – 10 ekar. This so call the NPE but Rich-Poor gap is widen.

Ours MCA, so called representative of Chinese in BN government will not raise their voice in parliament and begging for school, better facilities in Chinese communities, and better education funding for Chinese student. Which leader in MCA will make voice and fight for Chinese benefits from the BN government, if the enjoy the benefits given by BN, such as land and contract. Worst if any MCA leader comments on the BN policies will be ask to apologies and move to cool storage in next election.

New Opposition Supporter

Anonymous said...

Dear YB, it's their usual underhand tactics. We need to be careful not to let them have the opportunity to cause instability in the country.

While we are definitely moving towards a true Malaysian community, ethnicity/religion is still a strong word. It will need time and careful implementation for its realization.

A Perakian.

Anonymous said...

Help all poor Malaysians be them Malay, Chinese Indian or "lain lain". I still do not undertsand why govt under BN wants to use "lain lain". Yes I agree that people like OKT (some people denotes OKT as Oo Kooi Tou i.e. pimp) and PM still do not get it. All policies should be for M'sians. Some people use racial issue for self enrichment.

As Mr A said it to Mr B, a BN man: "You have been telling how sad you are because of setback in your 'perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara'. But in reality, the real reason you are sad is because your sources of patronage, rent seeking, contracts, easy money, stealing and abuse of power is curbed, not because you are genuinely care for the better future of Malaysia". The BN man was stunned, realising this is the true facts.

The above conservation is a real conversation between two Malay Bumiputras, after GE12.

I hope BN federal govt can take some cue from the above conversation.

Anonymous said...

My exact opinion - a 2 face statement !!

Zero sincerity - what else to be expected but a BN politician.

Tony - this road to full democracy is long and tedious, no easy road especially when burden with 50 year's of baggage.

Please yell for help as I am sure there are many who will come forward to help as this is a one in 50 year's golden opportunity which should not be wasted.

Stay strong , stay on path.

Anonymous said...

About one week B4 the general election, BN coming out with a very special billboard advertisement as well as full page advertisement in all major newspaper "ONLY ONE CHOICE"

I really cannot understand what is mean by the BN! If there is only "One Choice" which is BN, than what is the point to conduct a general election every 5 years?

If what BN claimed is true, than all these years, the general election is an exercise to waste the tax payer money.

Please remember, the SPR claimed that 200 millions is spent for this 12th general election.

I hope Pak Lah not to create any problem. Just concentrate to deliver his duties as a PM for Malaysia and not a PM for UMNO-Putra or A PM for his son-in-law.

Most importantly, stop using his agent to taking out money through EXIM Bank of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

All this while, i have trust in BN to lead all malaysians irrespective of race or gender to greater achievements. But due to recent developments, many malaysians including myself have started to doubt whether BN can really deliver fairness to all races and provide assistance to the people who really needs them instead of focusing on certain parties or groups.

Even quite a number malays themselves are starting to questions these fairness issues.

I strongly believe in order to have a peaceful and prosperous country, NEP is still relevant to assist our malay friends BUT nevertheless the implementation must be more fair and transparent to provide opportunites to all malaysians irrespective of race.

Also certain racial issues MUST NOT be bought up to prevent other communities dissatisfactions.

Any racial issues MUST be handled very carefully and after deep thoughts.

Whether we like it or not, all of us have to accept the facts that we as malaysians need to work together as one. Whether malays, chinese or indians, we are still malaysians.

Therefore, it is sad to have read that UMNO is asking PM not to appoint chinese to cabinet due to their components weak performance, etc.

If this happens then what will the people think. Is it revenge ? This is not the way to go if BN sincerely wants to win the hearts of all malaysians in the future.

Same goes for the opposition too.

In the recent general election, i believe the people voted for the opposition NOT because they like the opposition or are unhappy about the BN candidates BUT mostly because they are UNHAPPY about certain issues in the government and BN.

It's sad to see that even BN candidates who perform very well to serve their constituents also gets kick-out. Why ? i believe they got kicked-out just because the are BN. It's that simple.

They just want to punish BN.

Hopefully, BN can think of better ways to capture back the hearts of all malaysians and rakyat and move us forward otherwise i think the opposition will progress even more if they can show to the people that they can work well and serve the rakyat even better than BN.

This is how democracy works!

Anonymous said...

NEP is not a part of social contract. The policy is not acceptable, and therefore do not blame on the administrative diviation. DAP is right to abolish the NEP and change it to MNP (Merit and Need Policy).

Please porpose that residents in PJ to be the councillor of MDPJ. Outsiders (even though they have commercial business at PJ), should not be appointed.

We are disappointed when outsiders were appointed as MDPJ councillors.
Let the residents (be they MCA members) who know the needs of PJ people to serve us.

Anonymous said...

Weakened by the election, the PM cannot be seen to be weak when DAP makes what is a revolutionary policy change even if the effect may not be damaging to the bumis. Even conceeding a need-based affirmative action will be seen as weak by right-wingers in UMNO.

This PM, as Koh Tsu Koon said before the election, is under 'immense pressure'.

Its the end of the road for him soon.

As I Was Saying... said...

I remember Penang UMNO secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim is the one who started making the seditious remarks of if Penang State government were to do away the NEP policies, the Malays will be marginalized and there's going to be racial tension and unrest. Then follow by Pak Lah, who merely regurgitated what his subordinate crook has said.

What about making a police report and charging both of them for making seditious statements under the Sedition Act?

Anonymous said...

BN will bear the consequences on what they said and done. It is no time to teach them what to do and make them more clever and smarter.
Now Malaysian has gave the support to BA, what is the next step that BA will going to do is more important in order to realize all the promises.
Everyone is waiting...

Anonymous said...

We still wants Sleepy Badawi to remain as PM.
So that BN will become weak and we will have a new federal Goverment.
We support Badawi as PM.
If you MCA,MIC,UMNO not happy, come join DAP,PAS,PKR.

Anonymous said...

seriously, BN are the one who are trying to stoke up racial tension!! today's new nazri aziz said it's the end of NEP.. wtf.. a lame attempt at trying to raise racial issues..

perhaps tony you should go into the media and warn pak lah and company not to stoke up racial tensions.

leornardo de caprio said...

If your ceramahs prior to the election has abolish the NEP included then PLS GO AHEAD as rakyat who attended your talks would expect that and dont worry but go ahead. DOnt care what PM said cos, I think PM forgotten 5 states has gone to Oppositon and PM is the Oppostion now!
On the other hand, if those states without NEP, and yet all races could perform well, let BN eat thier own shit!

Anonymous said...

DAP state government should do something and make result in order to shut their mouth!! Please don't play fire with PM, I know CM is a intelligence leader. Do more talk less!!!Don't let the people who supported DAP down.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony Pua,

I liked to remain anonymous


Dear Fellow Malaysian,

I liked to refer to the warning issued by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on the 12th March to Lim Guan Eng. Abdullah warned Guan Eng not to cause racial tension by playing up the NEP issue.

NEP was incepted in 1970 when I was just 9 years old. It was supposedly to balance the wealth amongst the different races. It was said to be the stroke of genius in this country. During my younger days, I don't know much about NEP. There is no information about NEP except that this policy cannot be questioned. It cannot be challenged. Not even in Parliament. We just have to follow the law.

Today, I'm 47 years old, and 38 good years has passed. The NEP is still very much alive and has taken away the best years of my life. It took away my freedom. It suppressed my potential. I suffered silently my whole life.

As I grew older and entered the society, I became a salesman then a businessman. The years whilst I was running my own business I faced challenges everyday because the bulk of the lucrative business was given to Bumi Putra companies. Here, I am left to faced the dogs at the lower end of the business world. There is no level playing field at all, because my company is not a Bumi Putra company. Then later, I was left with no choice but to take in Malay partners, but only to find more problems. There is this continuation of suffering one after another. It doesn't seem to stop.

I liked to cut the story short. I've suffered my whole life under this absurd NEP policy imposed by the BN government. Today, I like to say ENOUGH. I do not need to take anymore of such pain. I've suffered enough. The BN government has robbed my life. I'm not happy at all.

Guan Eng is doing the right thing by dropping the NEP policy in Penang. I also hope the other states will follow suit, drop the NEP policy.

Yours faithfully,
Malaysian in Pain for 38 years

P/s: To know more about the NEP policy, please go to

Anonymous said...

I still think that the BN need to stop giving PR status to snatch thiefs and robbers, instead to the people(no matter what religion) who can contribute the country's economy

Anonymous said...

Those who touch on racial remarks still don't get it in their head. They sound like desperate drowning people clinging to a straw. Trying to throw a cheap punch below the belt. The local media is a crying shame to journalism. To all leaders of coalition party,next time in making speeches, repeat or emphasis the important points of the sentences so that those idiots cannot twist or distort the issues at hand into their advantage.
Maybe quote speeches in simple elementary English in case the language is too difficult for them to understand.

myop101 said...

Dear luxen,

I think Tony's service centre is at Damansara Uptown, the one facing the road heading to Sprint highway.

You should be able to see it as there is a nice looking rocket stuck to the sign board above a restaurant and a barber shop...:)

Dear Tony,

We all know who is the real racists. But thus far, DAP has been cast in the bad limelight because of Guan Eng's frankness, honesty and sincerity being spun by BN machinery.

It will take time to change the perception that some rakyat still have but with good results from DAP-PKR-PAS governments, this will prove BN wrong.

I recommend that added efforts be made towards taking care of the welfare of the weak and poor as well.

Anonymous said...

BN and UNMO love singing the ABBA song..." Money! Money! Money!"

Anonymous said...

Be PATIENT. Don't ROCK "the boat"/establishment too hard or the whole thing will topple. We all know that the NEP has been abused. Get back to the essence of why NEP was implemented in the first place - to reduce inequality (FAIRNESS)and marginalisation. Like Rocky's Bru said, make "baby steps".

Kwong said...

I think it would be wise when the Opposition take over office, do some auditing on the state government accounts first. So that you guys won't face any problem later on being accused by others that the opposition party has 'bankrupt' the state government. Also, please relook at the existing so called "panels" and "suppliers" of the government, they might be cronies or members of the political related.

-Oracl3-© said...

Erm i thuoght that i would just share some of my views of why i voted :)

Good going Tony Pua!!

but i really think the govt shld stop threatening the ppl n stoking racial tension.. sigh.. they are acting like sore losers...

anyway i raised them in the post w the link. i guess the bottom part is more relevant for our new MP :)

Hope to see the change you can bring for us malaysians :)

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please detain PM & Co. under ISA for attempts to destroy the Security, Peace and Prosperity that belong to all Rakyat Malaysia?

Anonymous said...


Will it be possible to put a timeline to the asset declaration? I hope to see them published in the dailies (ideally).

In 2-3 months time, the rakyat will start to feel impatience. Malaysians are a impatient lot. I'd suggest to keep the momentum going. Will the new state government organise monthly meet the people? We can do it like the DAP ceramahs :)

It'll take some time before local election is possible. I look forward to that day. Till then, please abandon previous policies of alienating the rakyat. Establish more avenues for rakyat to participate.

Good day.


Anonymous said...

Paklah warned guan eng?

that bloody senile old man need to look at his own backyard first before passing on such a comment

useless bugger!!

Julian said...

Sore losers in my opinion. I welcome the newadmin of the state and please, look out for the environment. The previous fellas shaved the hills and turn Gurney into mudflats in the name of development.
Prove with results. 5 years isn't a very long time.
Congrats again. And Tony, good lyrics for the election vid. Cheers.

tc said...

This is a good time to enroll as many members as possible in DAP,PKR or PAS.
Also if need be,these parties can easily get volunteers to do community work or anything requiring manpower.Show them we are united for a better Malaysia.Just post in your blogs for assistance.I will be there.

Anonymous said...

It has always been BN's despicable tendencies to instill fear and intimidation in order to cow voters into submission. You can't expect a leopard schooled in the old ways to change its spots let alone one who has no original ideas.

I pray that LGE leads Penang to greater peace and prosperity for ALL Penangites irrespective of race of religion and show these racist,corrupt and inept buffoons what it means to govern a Malaysia for all Malysians.

Please do not fail us LGE or else come next GE UMNO will gain control of Penang and that will mean the end of the Chinese there. Already they're organising mass protests and asking the Federal Govt to withold Federal funds in order to punish the voters. This is the kind of "democracy" that BN ie UMNO practices and the PM as always would be too weak to say no.

Anonymous said...

(1) DAP, PKR, and PAS coalition, please prove to all Malaysians that you are capable of working together for the benefits of all Malaysians. In the next few years, convince Malaysians that you are a worthy government-in-waiting to replace the BN.

(2) DAP, PKR, and PAS: Work harder in East Malaysia and cooperate to win federal and state seats there in the 13th GE.

(3) Let AAB remain as the great liar and sleepy PM; we need AAB to head the BN during the 13th GE - so that the DAP, PKR, and PAS coalition can win >50% of federal seats to form the next Malaysian government.

This is the challenge and it begins now!

Anonymous said...

Salaam, Mr Pua

Congrats on your election victory. I hope that you will be able to conttribute some rational thinking in Parliament about the Malaysian economy and Malaysia's international competitiveness.

Simply put, where are the thousands of well-paying new jobs coming from that will accomodate the thousands of young Malaysians graduating from local and overseas universities and polytechnics?

How will the Malaysian economy re-make itself from labour-intensive and depending on a cheap ringgit to one that is high-productivity and capital-intensive?

How can Malaysia's tax regime be reformed to attract foreign investments and global talent to the country, and also to provide incentives to local investors and Malaysians to strive to better themselves?

Can the corporate tax rate and top personal income tax rate be reduced to, say, 20 percent, and at a later stage, to 18 percent? How will the revenue shortfall be made up? By doing away with the RM35 billion+ the Federal govt pays out in subsidies annually? By introducing a Goods & Services Tax a la Singapore? By introducing means testing to ensure that well-off Malaysians and foreigners don't benefit from subsidies for healthcare and education?

And how about a deliberate policy to strengthen the ringgit? It's already touched 3.1585 against the US dollar, a 10.1% strengthening since Jan 2007. Why not let the ringgit appreciate all the way to 2.50 against the dollar, and then to 2.00? Think of how it will reduce imported inflation. Of course, it will make Malaysia's exports more expensive, but manufacturers cannot depend forever on the comfort zone of a weak ringgit.

Let's get some rational economic policy-making in place.

Anonymous said...

"CM Lim stated that - we will run the government administration free from the New Economic Policy (NEP) that breeds cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency."

Hi fren to those who does not understand the statement clearly. Please refer down here.

1st - CM Lim said those NEP with cronyism, corruption and systemic inefficiency will NOT b practised. CM Lim did NOT say he will abolish EVERYTHING.

Example - 13 billions project. 40% must be a malaysian malay. So tell me do you have the money to be part of the 40% from 13 billions? Dream on. Who benefits from these? Abang abang adik adik la. Richer will get richer , poorer will get poorer. :) I think you will know who i meant.

Above is strictly just an example which is NOT as precise as what NEP states now. I brief it up just to made thing easier to understand. Please do not comment on my example. - "Mr Tony, u can edit my post away if you think i'm wrong. "

2nd - CM Lim said he will have open tender for this policy with more transparency. This proved that DAP is sharing the same IDEA as PKR and PAS.

From which statement or where did you ppl say that CM Lim wants to abolish the policy. He may changed the NEP to something better and call it a different name maybe Investory Friendly Policy or Malaysia New Business Policy. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT AND AT THE END OF THE STORY IS THE BONE of the NEP's structure is STILL REMAINS.

I guess mayb government-led papers are the ones that confuse some of you here. ^_^

" PM Pak Lah stated - Do not marginalise the Malays. I want to ask Lim Guan Eng what his plans are for the Malays in Penang What are his plans for the Indians in Penang? What are his plans for other minority groups in Penang"

And hello again, why must the racial issues be brought up again.

1st - Penang is owned by malaysian NOT CM Lim. CM Lim was chosed by the owner Malaysian to represent them to manage the Penang. Now tell me, if say really CM Lim marginalised the Malaysian malays in penang, what will be the outcome of Penang next election??? I guess you know the answer.
WE MALAYSIAN just proved to the BN that MALAYSIAN OWNS MALAYSIA and WE ARE THE ONE CHOOSING OUR REPRESENTATIVE TO MANAGE THE COUNTRY. IF wrong we chose again. How can PM pak lah say that the person we chosed will marginalised Malaysian malays? Is he trying to create chaos? I wonder.

2nd - why must the word malays , indians or even chinese being mentioned here? I seriously don't understand. WE ARE MALAYSIAN. WHy are PM Pak Lah still differentiate us. What a waste that we have such a person as our PM. I think we should NOT only eye on CM Lim BUT also our PM.

If you want me to sincerely compare CM Lim and PM Pak Lah, CM Lim is more matured in politics.

Oh ya, my advise, don't read the papers. Crap. Goodies go to ruling government while bad things go to Barisan Rakyat DAP-PKR-PAS. Media is also never learn.

谢增英 said...

This is a malay forum, take a look, form here u can know what our malay friend think.

Anonymous said..., Ikhwanul Muslimun

Okay setelah BA menang lebeh dari yang dijangkakan ramai orang yang benci kepada BN merasa happy tetapi untuk beberapa lama??? Banyak sebab mereka benci. Ada yang kait dengan menantu pak lah kerana terlalu ego. Ada juga yang rasa BN terlalu lemah didalam membuat keputusan. Ada yang benci kerana pemimpin mereka sudah angkuh dan sibuk buat duit lupa kepada tuntutan akhirat. Pemimpin parti mana yang tak nak duit? DAP? PKR? PAS ? Exception Tok guru Nik Aziz kerana sudah boleh disahkan dengan panca indera kita sendiri.

Tetapi soalan yang perlu dijawab oleh penyokong BA
1. Macam mana ekonomi negara dipandang oleh investor luar setelah DAP menang dibanyak kawasan orang Cina? Will the country undergo recession and stock tumbling down ( enam bulan dulu saya beli stock $1.10 sekarang dan semalam $0.20)
2. Adakah DAP lagi bagus dari MCA bagi kepentingan orang Melayu dan Negara.
3. Setakat mana PKR atau PAS boleh kawal DAP didalam menjayakan cita-cita meeka yang mungkin terlalu berat untuk orang melayu menerimanya.
4. Munkinkah PKR atau PAS meneraju negara dan komponen parti lain lebeh dari UMNO?
5. Ada peluang kah DSAI jadi PM? How many % chance. Do some risk assessment. Will he perform better than what he did during his 15 years in UMNO?
6. BA boleh menjana ekonomi lagi baik untuk negeri yang mereka menang sekarang?
7. Munkinkah peratus jenayah (mencuri, dadah, seks muda mudi dikampung) akan berkurangan dinegeri yang diperintah PAS?
8. Adakah kita akan melihat lebeh banyak saf sembahyang jemaah dimasjid dinegeri yang diperintah oleh PAS meningkat?
9. Di peringkat micro.. adakah pergaduhan keluarga pasal tanah, harta, dengki akan berkurangan dikampung keran mereka akan lebeh faham Islam.
10. Adakah Bank Islam tidak lagi menghadapi masaalah kerugian kerana peminjam akan lebeh Islam....pernah dengar tak, pakai serban, pergi surau tapi tak nak bayar hutang.
9. Adakah kita boleh mengharap professional seperti jurutera, lawyer, akauntan dimasa hadapan juga boleh hafal Al-Quran,, hadis dan fasih bahasa Arab dinegeri yang diperintah oleh PAS. Negara Arab banyak yang dalam kucar kacir walaupun mereka pandai bahasa Arab (itu misti), pandai baca Al-Quran dan pandai bercakap, tetapi kurang pandai bekerja didalam bidang teknologi tinggi dan terlalu pandang mudah tentang agama.


Anonymous said...

Awas provokasi hasut Melayu Pulau Pinang demonstrasi Annuar Ismail
Fri | Mar 14, 08 | 10:59:53 am MYT

Parti KeADILan Rakyat Bahagian Bayan Baru pada 13 Mac 2008 telah menerima laporan umum berhubung satu hebahan secara sulit menghasut orang Melayu/Islam berdemonstrasi menentang kerajaan baru Pulau Pinang di Komtar, Pulau Pinang pada 14 Mac 2008.

Pihak KeADILan dan gabungannya bertegas tidak akan terlibat perhimpunan ini dan ia dipercayai didalangi oleh pihak-pihak pembangkang untuk negeri ini.

Pihak parti bahagian ini dimaklumkan juga kehilangan bendera-bendara KeADILan yang diletakan di beberapa tempat dan jalan-jalan sekitar bahagian ini.

Sehubungan itu, kami bimbang bendera-bendera kami akan disalah gunakan untuk tujuan yang dimaksudkan.

Suatu laporan polis berkenaannya telah dibuat di Balai Polis Sungai Nibong, Bayan Baru pada 11.00 malam, 13 Mac 2008 oleh Ketua Penerangan KeADILan Bayan Baru, Annuar Ismail bersama-sama jawatankuasa bahagian. Turut hadir adalah ADUN Pantai Jerejak, Sim Tze Tzin.

KeADILan meminta semua pihak tidak terlibat usaha jahat yang telah dilakukan dengan menimbulkan ketegangan kaum dengan tujuan menimbulan keadaan cemas dalam negara akibat dihimpit kekalahan teruk parti-parti pembangkang negeri ini.

Anonymous said...

What was amazing about last night television forecast was that it was unprecedented but the problem was he kept repeating the same thing he has been saying for the longest time.

1) Main issue is price hike due to oil
2) Non Malays are not happy about implementation NOT the policy or projects.
etc. etc.

You can tell that the whole thing was a 4th Floor boys idea. They keep trying to change the packaging but not the package itself.

Anonymous said...

DAP-PKR-PAS, we need you in malacca.

prove yourself in the 5 states and you have my vote in the next GE. FYI-i've never voted before.

penangites, i salute you

Anonymous said...

Please give the chance for the DAP and opposition to prove their worth.
Ini blum apa2 dah serang mereka. Typical BN attitude of being sore losers!

The money used to run the country are not from BN coffers but from the rakyaat taxes and country's assets. Let give DAP the chance to run our assets before kutoking

You just look at BN track record from Mahathir era onward before you talk!

Anonymous said...

I referred to your blog entry "Pak Lah at it again". I have to say that Pak Lah have said one of dumbest shits ever. Is this the kind of ill-intelligent statement that we like to hear from our politicians?

What type of Chinese representation is he kidding? Our parents, our friends' parents donated money from our salary/income and built/extend blocks of Chinese school buildings to house growing demand for Chinese language learnings. In the 80s, we have minimum 50students+++ per class compared to Singapore's 30students per class during the same period 80s.

How is the teacher going to teach a very clustered group of students? how does a student going to get the attention he or she needs in that clustered classroom?

Did the Ministry of Education back in 80s granted us any funds to build NEW schools?


Is this the kind of sub-prime intelligent PM we want in the country?

YES!!! We want Pak Lah to continue to rule the land. Why?

So Malaysia can rot faster and further behind. (Strong sarcasm).

That kind brain drain Malaysia suffers is unimaginable. When people leave the country, you risk people shifting their hearts & roots to foreign land. One popular saying "Home is where the heart is."

So many converted Singaporeans from Malaysia citizenship. So many recited in foreign lands and decided to give up the country all together.

Choose Pak Lah, support Pak Lah, let Pak Lah rule the damn land. And see how fast & how far Malaysia will fall behind other Asean countries. (strong sarcasm)

Vote BN, Vote UMNO so we can progress faster. (strong sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

I would suggest the new gov concentrate on doing jobs and avoid talking negative or reply to accusation in media like last time as opposition. Stay focus on positive implantations you guys will carry out. Let's results speak for itself. Beware anything you said will be enlarged and twisted for your enemy's own sake.Btw, you guys need to know u cant change things over night, please do not too aggressive.

Lastly, all the best.

Anonymous said...

When does DEB become a sensitive issue? DEB is NOT a social contract. Prof Khoo Kay Kim talked nonsense. Umnoputras talked nonsense. Uncle Lim is very brave to reject PAS, DAP CEC has also made the right decision. DAP Perak should not form coalition govenrment with PAS. Let BN to form a minority government. Why must DAP Perak greedy for the power? Could you please forward this to Lim Guan Ying, Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok?

Anonymous said...

If DAP chooses to say as what others said, then why should we vote for you? Do not simply follow what UMNOputras, MCA running dogs said. I am not Chinese MCA bodoh. Enough is enough. DEB has been here about 40 years (since 1971). Why must we suffer for so long? Why should my grandchildren become 2nd class citizens and be bullied as I have been? For the past 50 years we are ruled by UMNO putras. Kami dipinggirkan begitu lama, UMNOPutras awak masih tak puas? Tamak sangat. Cakap mansuhkan DEB pun tak bolehkah? Kami tak mau Malaysia menjadi negara Islam, we want a secular country.

Anonymous said...

Ecclesiastes 7:18-25

It is good to grasp the one

and not let go of the other.

The man who fears God will avoid all extremes.

Wisdom makes one wise man more powerful than ten rulers in a city.

There is not a righteous man on earth who does what is right and never sins.

Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you— for you know in your heart that many times you yourself have cursed others.

All this I tested by wisdom and I said, “I am determined to be wise”—
but this was beyond me.

Whatever wisdom may be, it is far off and most profound—
who can discover it?

So I turned my mind to understand,
to investigate and to search out wisdom and the scheme of things
and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the madness of folly.

Anonymous said...

We need DAP-PKR-PAS in malacca.

Ali Gostan mentioned that he is considering not to develop the areas won by DAP in Malacca. Wonder if he knows what he is talking about. WE STILL PAY TAX NO MATTER WHO IS THE GOVERNMENT. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO GET BACK WHAT WE HAVE PID FOR. Please wake him up.

Anonymous said...

To all DAP candidate who had won in the last general election in Selangor, STOP FIGHTING for the Deputy Menteri Besar post! We voted you guys to work, NOT TO FIGHT for that position!!! Read RPK site on this :

Teng Chang Khim not only refuse to a wear songkok to meet the Sultan of Selangor, he even organized demonstrations in the last couple of days to pressure his own party into proposing his name for Deputy Menteri Besar. WHO THE HELL HE THINK HE IS!!! Ask him, is he the boss or we, THE RAKYAT? Only less then 1 week and you guys have shown us your true color??

Is wearing a songkok will make you a Muslim? God damn it stop playing that kind of stuff and get down to work! The longer you guys drag the sworn ceremonial, the more chances Khir Toyo's guys get to destroy even more documents. Do you want to see that happen??!! Now SMACK all those power hunger asshole and tell them their boss, THE RAKYAT is watching. Behave or get ready to be kick out of office. Yellow card to DAP!

Anonymous said...

We should not allow double citizenship ie no second-class citizen. Those who think they are second-class pl revoke your citizenship. Bonus is no need to be concerned with NEP.

Anonymous said...

Quite obvious Pak Lah want to stir something up to remain "relevant" & want to creat an image of hero-BN. He is an embarassment to the country as well as to the majority of Penang people.

It's also obvious that BN, having been in power for 50years has forgotten that they were elected by the Rakyat. Thus, it has become an automatic mind that Malaysia, belongs to BN & they decide that they are true rulers of Malaysia & not the Sultanate nor its constitutions/law.

After raping the country for 50years, they (BN) are now angry at those who did not vote for them this time round. Eh, sudah makan 50 tahun tak cukup ke? Perut pun sudah boncet lah.

All the issues or protest coming up & will continue to come up will be racial issues. Isn't anyone who incites racial issues are subjected to ISA? Pak Lah should be sent to Kamunting. Maybe after 6 years there he will see the light. Let's not allow all the little disturbances by the new "opposition" under self-elect leader Khir Toyo hinder the good work that needs to be done.

I don't think all the Rakyat, like myself, would expect the BR/BA to perform miracles in less than 5 years. After all, we are talking about repairing the damage done over 50 long years. The wounds will not heal less than 5 years. What is important is that the direction or focus must be there. This will be learning curve I believe for many new faces in parliament / state exco: learn from the old foxes that are still around. Make sure the plan to win the next GE begins today. The only way to win this race is to be ahead, there is no other way.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

The ISA act is still in place while the BR try to abolish in the coming months or years.

Why were the UMNO members who incited racial tension at Penang & Selangor recently were not locked up under the ISA? Yes, they were peaceful - so were Bersih & Hindraf rallies. On top of that, the police threwn in bonus: water cannon & tear gas. I also think these guys who were protesting are linked to terrorist groups, although I have no proof...but no proof also can go ISA right?

These protesters have obviously lost a huge chunk of the $$$ that they will benefit personally from the NEP via contracts...that's why they protest so hard. They are not protesting for the rights of the Malays, they are there for themselves, using racial issue to justify their protest or as the excuse.

Since they have challenged YB LGE & also told AAB & Co not to send funds to Penang, then UMNO-Penang should not get even 1cent as well. That would be fair, right? If UMNO-Penang get $$$ from BN-gov, then BN-gov is marginalising the rest of Penang-Rakyat. Marginalising the Penang-Rakyat is as good as marginalising the rest in Kedah-Kelantan-Perak-Selangor. That's almost 40% of country population it not wrong.

Someone pls show these the right path & stop being cows to the UMNO heads who treat them like cows. We need to convert them to being decent human beings again. Don't lock them up in ISA, the BR is not like BN. BR is here to help everyone...including lost sheeps.

I pity these UMNO members as they seem to have no brain of their own. They will remain so for the next 50 years. When other ordinary Malays move forward & they get left behind (coz all they do is protest as full time job), who will they blame next? The Chinese again?

Malaysia Boleh...Double atau Triple Standard by AAB & Co. Korek Korek Korek...lagi.

Anonymous said...

Tony, why are you still crying over what the opposition says? We already do not believe what they say. Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

Just prove to us that the 'Barisan Rakyat' can deliver what they had promised during all those enthusiastic ceramahs! Stop internal's not helping the current situation.

Anonymous said...

read this piece of history.
What they said, promise as they plan to steal and siphone, no watchful eyes and no one to stop them on their private Jet...Boxes and boxes of unknown wealth ship out of the country...
We could be poorer as every1 know Economic Tsunami is on the way to our door.
This review tells us, Power on top is the power to rob and be wealthy...

Anonymous said...

纳吉的阴谋 (The conspiracy of Najib)















Anonymous said...

Off topic but I just want to point out that Rockybru has been hinting that bloggers seemed to have been forgotten and that DAP, PKR prefer to go mainstream. Isn't it the right thing to pay honour to the bloggers first? MSM was all out to kill the Opposition, remember???Looks like very poor public relations strategy.

Unknown said...

To Kean, get your facts right...... Teng Chang Khim was not even asked to represent DAP for the MB swearing in. In fact it was Teresa Kok whom asked Lau Weng San to come along as DAP representative.So there were no issue of songkok in the first place. You fella don't just read blindly what's in the press or the website. Seek clarification from various parties if you have any doubt.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Pls convey to YB KI (our new dear CM who has a much more friendly / honest face then the previous evil-snake): Just Do It ! Start Kicking some Ass from tomorrow. Go for the HEAD-hunt, the soldiers were just doing what the HEAD told them to do. We still need the 10,000 ( many ah...) state employees to make things work for the BR. This is where the HR-skills of KI will help.

I also have a strong feeling the Sultan Selangor was waiting for this opportunity to kick KT ass out of Shah Alam. He didn't need to coz his Rakyat did it for HE.

There were only a couple of hundred unhappy UMNO-BN cronies (who lost their extra2 income now that KToyo no longer has an open cheque book to Selangor State Bank) against the rest of Selangorians. Believe the rakyat will be behind YB KI & Team all the way. We must lead the way together with Penang. There's a lot of damage done to Selangor state for the past years under UMNO-BN hands...all these will be interesting to the rest of Malaysians if revealed one at a time.

Kelantan-Kedah may be independent from help as they already got 18years experience in turning around Rm700million debt (from UMNO-BN) to RM11million (interest only) during that tenure. This is also without any $$$ from BN-Fed-Gov (who holds the mighty right to decide the RAKYAT's $$$ goes where => CBT). It's time the RAKYAT decide where the $$$-train goes to.

NEP, or whatever plans or even corridors of paper are meaningless (just another abbreviation for marketing purposes) if it does not benefit all +20Million people of Malaysia. Petronas profit of RM 80B, if divided to 20Million is RM 4000-each. Did all Malaysians get the RM 4000-each? I am not saying in cash but in other value or kind.

It's the BR-way or the PLUS-way to them from now.

For Unity & Integrity !

Anonymous said...

Ya Tony, you and your team got to move on. I have been following the news in those states after the GE. The situation becomes more and more chaotic after emotion stirring by some parties.

The recent "demonstration" in Penang has disappointing me further towards ABB's administration and as double standard leader, who used to instructed police forces to violently "control" the situation and commented that it's not our Malaysia culture. Then what is it now? When he becomes opposition and does that, it's our culture??!!
In addition, who and who (I don't even bother about his name) keep pressuring PM to stop the big projects including the 2nd Penang Bridge and said that if new government want to continue, they shall use their own money. Hey, this fella really thought those projects are funded by UMNO all the while? really stupid and how childish they are. Are they politicians?!!!

I am not sure how long these people are going to create the troubles but I believe it's tough for the new government.

I really hope the new government is able to govern smoothly.

Best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony
Is there any way you can ask DAP not to appear in TV3 everyday? Can't understand what is going to be achieved by LGE announcing over TV3 that he support Anwar as PM in waiting, etc, etc. I cringe each time i see the father and son go to MSM. Be smart like Anwar, Nik Aziz, Husam Musa etc. Keep a low profile for a while. We all know that you guys are working - no need to appear lah every day on TV!

Anonymous said...

Isaiah 2:3

Many peoples will come and say,

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob.

He will teach us his ways,
so that we may walk in his paths.”
The law will go out from Zion,
the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

Isa 2:4

He will judge between the nations
and will settle disputes for many peoples.

They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.

Nation will not take up sword against nation,
nor will they train for war anymore.

Isa 2:5

Come, O house of Jacob,
let us walk in the light of the Lord.

Isa 2:6

You have abandoned your people,
the house of Jacob.

They are full of superstitions from the East;
they practice divination like the Philistines
and clasp hands with pagans.

Isa 2:7

Their land is full of silver and gold; there is no end to their treasures.

Their land is full of horses;
there is no end to their chariots.

Isa 2:8

Their land is full of idols;
they bow down to the work of their hands,to what their fingers have made.

Isa 2:9

So man will be brought low
and mankind humbled—
do not forgive them.

Isa 2:10

Go into the rocks,hide in the ground from dread of the Lord
and the splendor of his majesty!

Isa 2:11

The eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled and the pride of men brought low;
the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.

Isa 2:12

The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty,
for all that is exalted
(and they will be humbled)

Isa 2:17

The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day,

Isa 2:18

and the idols will totally disappear.

Isa 2:19

Men will flee to caves in the rocks
and to holes in the ground
from dread of the Lord
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.

Isa 2:20

In that day men will throw away
to the rodents and bats
their idols of silver and idols of gold, which they made to worship.

Isa 2:21

They will flee to caverns in the rocks and to the overhanging crags
from dread of the Lord
and the splendor of his majesty,
when he rises to shake the earth.

Isa 2:22

Stop trusting in man,

who has but a breath in his nostrils.

Of what account is he?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Today we read that DSAI invited the sour-grapes to discuss openly about the NEP issue instead of holding protests. That's a good move & very pro-active of DSAI. I think the experience of DSAI, now that he has redeemed himself, should be seeked & discussed collectively.

Before the GE, most of the BN politicians avoided open debates giving all king of excuses...wonder what excuses they have now if the invitation is open again. They talk so much over the MSM, why not talk it out in the open & over National TV - live telecast. If recorded, for sure, they will edit or even put words in the what they did on YB LGE (Penang-CM) & YB Husam Musa. As a Rakyat, pls demand an full page apology to both YBs for such a STUPID mistake. They should not be editors if they can make such a mistake. It was done deliberately. The apology statements were also hidden away in a small corner of the papers...if not full page, at least half-page in the first 4-5 pages. If it were other way round, the editors would have been sacked or licence gantung.

Those guys protesting had been brainwashed for over 50 years, can't blame them.

Kedah MB already alleged all important state-gov documents missing...what about Selangor state-gov? There should be a record in the archives for filing right? If even the archives are missing, surely, & obviously, something fishy going on. The former MB should be arrested! This is against the OSA, which is still in power of the law. Correct???

Also, let's bring back the live or recorded telecast of the parliamentary sessions. Previously it was too ugly & horrific to be shown to the public...esp when someone falls asleep or known to ponteng the most. Keep them on their toes dude.

The cops today said they excercise the power of discretion to allow those protesting 30 minutes to have their say...did they give the Bersih / Hindraf 30 minutes & used the power of discretion? To me it was power of discrimination & downright double-standards.

Anonymous said...

mr tonypua,

there is one thing i dont understand with DAP

what we know DAP is promoting malaysian malaysia concept.

which indian , malay and chinese must stand as one race (malaysian)

but y DAP is playing with chinese school issue

where DAP should promote malaysian school which is more better concept .(like british school and so on)

can u answer me?


Anonymous said...

As we confront each other, we may be crushed by the forthcoming global Economic Tsunami.

For DAP in Penang and all the BA conrol states, Be ready to face the crisis, as next few years, we may be in hardship and people may be restless.

What alternate plan would you define in the crisis his us.?

Anonymous said...

Please do not rush in to do hasty announcement in your pursuit to make changes. Do with extra care.

Announcement by MB of Selangor on the water thingy may throw mud to himself. Ronnie is also hasty in making the police report without knowing head or tail.

Promise of that free 20 cubic meter will back fire if you cant deliver to Rakyat. Have you all work out where the money will come from to sponsor the free water?

We don't want to see BN use this as next election issue against DAP/PKR/PAS.

Please be constantly reminded, DAP/PKR/PAS is now no longer OPPOSITION, you are GOVERNMENT now. YOu must demonstrate you are better than BN.

WJ said...

well, people giving DAP and other oppositions an opportunity to prove you are better. Prove it to us, that you people walk the talk.

Michelle Foo said...

I'm really ashame of this government. Since when have the Chinese's voice been heard in the government? Since when have the NEP benefited all Malaysians? I really can't remember any policies being drawn specially in favor of Chinese. I'm not racist but just don't like the idea of UMNO for Malay, MCA for Chinese & MIC for Indians when it comes to major policies making. Government policies should be based on the needs of different social groups on races or ethnics. Of cause, the needs to take care of different races is still be there but it would be more of cultural and religious matters.

All I want to say to DAP now is don't let the threat hold you back. Just do the right things and fulfill your promises.