Monday, September 06, 2010

Forum: What Does It Mean to be Malaysian?

Photo courtesy of TV Smith

The office of Kg Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San will be organising a public forum entitled "What Does It Mean To Be Malaysian? - Thoughts & Reflections Menjelang Malaysia Day".
Venue: Crystal Crown Hotel, Off Jalan Utara, Petaling Jaya
Date: 8 Sept 2010
Time: 8pm

  • Hannah Yeoh - State Assemblyperson for Subang Jaya
  • Rafizi Ramli - Chief Executive of Selangor Economic Advisory Office
  • V Ganabathirao - Former ISA detainee
  • Azmi Sharom - UM law professor
  • Leon Donald - DAP Sarawak Asst Publicity Secretary
  • Tony Pua - MP for Petaling Jaya Utara

All are welcome. Enquiries: 019-2865858.


Anonymous said...

Given Mahathir mutation, the original hope of the founding of this country has been dashed or rather defaced and will never recover fully.

The issue is what Malaysia can be. In the globalised world today, the idea of absolutely unique nation no longer exist or possible. We are ruled by global values everywhere.

What we can be is unique in that we sits at the cross road of key influence of the future - East West Muslim-Non-Muslim, developing, non-developing, oil producer and non-producers. We have no choice but to determine our future or we will find ourselves being batted about by opposing forces.

If we chose not to take our future in our hand but rather give and look for excuses, we will suffer the fate when the conflicting forces collide.

We are suffering one of that fate now - legal racial discrimination and the corruption that followed with it. We avoided the issues for 40 years and the problem has come to roost.

Either we choose to confront it now or bury our heads in the ground that will come back to haunt us eventually.

There are many more challenges to face for our nation - religion being the big one. But also about trade, energy etc. If we can sort out simple ones like corruption and race, we will fail much bigger ones in the future.

Anonymous said...

its very good forum to discuss how we can contribute to the country and what the country was contributed to serve the people and we know who's contribute more for the country either chinese, malay or indians.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news. Najib is going after Nurual next. The hawks have broke his back. He is done maybe even before the next GE.

Looks like you are on your way to Putrajaya.

Anonymous said...

tony - to me, being malaysian is just an accident of birth.....

we are three different people with religions and customs and attitudes that will serve to differentiate rather than bind.

our founding fathers should have been more forward looking and have realized that unity in diversity could never be achieved.

they should have put into place measures to force this unity.

your forum will be yet another barisan nasional bashing forum unless you can talk about what the chinese especially, have to give up before they can be true malaysians.

will you do that for all our sakes?


SetiaSelalu said...

Congrats on such forum as we need to get more malaysians young and old to engage and participate in a national debate on the direction Malaysia is taking to achieve sucess on a global scale and to weed out corruption and to lay foundation for a racism free and democratic country.

Anonymous said...

To me, being Malaysian is just an accident of birth. We do not have a choice on where we are born. I have no feeling for this land anymore. As long as I am left alone, I do not give a damn.

TWC said...


chinese have to give up something before they can be true malaysians.

we start with education first. will chinese give up the SJKC?

how come DAP talk about equal right where chinese fight their own interest, malay fight for their own and indian too. where is the blending process?

middle malaysian concept is ridiculous where chinese are strengthening their position as they aware the of rising of malay.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of talking, how about a little bit of action. Can you bring up awareness on rubbish collection in P.J. areas, in particularly Jalan Masjid PJU6A in front of the shops,near Pelangi Utama1, there are a lot of rubbish dumped there for many months and nobody collect those rubbish.Talk so much about dengue,malaria but this very spot is the breeder of dengue and people turned a blind eye.Malaysian's typical attitude- no problem no action.It would be too late after tragic happened.Nowadays, I notice roads and public areas are so filthy,even in upmarket areas like in TTDI Mohd Fuad 2 shop areas. We need more rubbish collectors in P.J.Action, pls.TQ

theprofessor said...

There will be no true unity in Malaysia as long people still act selfish or kiasu.

Anonymous said...

I will consider myself truly Msian the day I am treated as an equal to every other Msian citizen.
Why is it we are traeted more equally in our adopted land eg Oz when we are not even born here, wheras there are many of us 5th generation Chonese Msians treated as 2nd class citizens with less rights than naturalised Indos???

Ans: Bcos Msia is a Racist Country