Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Police Should Stop Attending Vigils!

The Royal Malaysian Police to stop attending candlelight vigils and focus on fighting rampant crime!

Last night when 11 persons, including DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary and MP for Serdang, Teo Nie Ching, and state assemblywoman for Teratai, Selangor, Jenice Lee Ying Ha was arrested for holding a candlelight vigil serves only to remind the public how obtuse the Royal Malaysian Police have become.

It was a low-key candlelight vigil mourning the death of democracy in Perak attended by less than 20 party members and supporters on private property below the office of MP for Seputeh, Teresa Kok. And yet in a remarkable show of force, a nearly 100-strong Police team swooped the gathering complete with helicopter support before any speeches were even made!

While we fully appreciate the effort by the Police to grant some of our low profile activities instantaneous nationwide publicity by arresting innocent unarmed and peaceful civilians, we strongly condemn Police intimidation and oppression who acts on behalf of Barisan Nasional to stifle dissent and suppress the truth.

The Royal Malaysian Police should instead focus on its job at hand to fight rampant crime across the country which in the past 3 weeks have reached an incredulous state when victims have included MCA President, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and political secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister himself, Syahrin Jamaluddin. The police force has even suffered its greatest ignominy in recent years when the Johor Bahru OCPD, ACP Zainuddin Yaakob was tied up and robbed at knife point in his very own house in Johore Baru.

We deplore the high-handed and completely unnecessary actions of the police in detaining harmless concerned citizens. We call upon the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan to apologise to the detainees and all Malaysians for wrongful detention and for acting against the Prime Minister's call for "One Malaysia".

In addition, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must carry out his promise of "People First, Performance Now" by finally fulfilling Barisan Nasional's promise to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) as proposed by the Royal Police Commission nearly 4 years ago.


Theodwyn said...

I wonder what the police would do when September comes, and regular households and chinese NGO's start having candlelight and lantern parties for the mid autumn festival. Are they going to arrest children playing with candles and lanterns too? ;)

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


On the question of the abusive "deflect and attack"
We often see the case of "defect failing to attract"
Let those with any conscience "reflect and amend"
Feel sorry and confess for all wrongs done with "regret and amen"

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210509
Thur. 21st May 2009.

Anonymous said...

It is easier to catch unarmed and peaceful people. Catching armed criminals is DANGEROUS - I remember that the press quoted that the "polis" closed down their beat base in Chow Kit because the location was considered unsafe.

I am REALLY peeved to contribute to their salary...

PJU Voter said...

Hi Tony,

Sorry I disagree with what you wrote. I sincerely view CANDLELIGHT VIGILS as STUPID. Infact, it's a waste of time without whatsoever purpose.

As for those people who like participating in CANDLELIGHT VIGILS, they're called "Bunch of NUISANCE!!!". Don't these NUISANCES have better things to do other than holding stupid candles???

They might as well ask TNB to cut-off their electric supply. Thus, these NUISANCES can well hold candles all nite long in their living room, toilet, kitchen, etc.

Ain't what I've said CORRECT??? Pls. kindly advise. Thanks!!!

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi "PJU Voter",

So 20 people decided to do something stupid which harms absolutely nobody, so 100 police officers should come down and arrest them?

You must be kidding me right? I'm sure you've never done anything stupid in your life.


PJU Voter said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for ya reply.

The police arrested that 20 donkeys is not becos they are harming anything.

It's becos' they are behaving like A BUNCH OF NUISANCES giving a bad name to our beloved Malaysia. Do you want Malaysia to be known as a LAND OF CANDLES??? Ain't this stupid???

It's really ironic to see DAP leaders having such shallow mentality. Ain't you proud of it??? I bet you must be, huh???


Anonymous said...

Gosh!!! Not again???

When will the Opposition leaders start bucking-up & quit those idiotic candlelight thingy??? I'm fed-up with the same bladdy things they are doing.

It seems they are still behaving like ambulance chasers. Sad!!!

NEO said...

Dear YB,

You should draft a "Re-admission of Police Officer Bill" and table in the Parliament when PR capture the Federal government. Hope this bill will finally become an Act of Parliament!

Re-Admission Police Officer Act, 2012 - For the treatment of The Royal Malaysian Puppy[Police recruited prior to New Police Training School]

When PR take over the federal gov, PR will set up new Police Training School for recruitment and training of new polioce office.

This new training school will be headed by foreign expatriate such as UK, US, Scotland & etc. An independent panel which reporting to Parliament will be set up to monitor the training school.

The new program will be specificly design to take over the administration of existing Royal Malaysain Puppy.

The existing Royal Malaysian Puppy will still have the opportunity to join this new training school if they "pass" a custom design evaluation test! Then, they're required to "sign" a "re-admission" agreement with PR.

Those existing "Puppy" which not part of the "re-admission" police forse will be retained by PR for a special assignment. They "rice bow" will be taken care by PR. They will entitle for salary increament according to the GDP growth rate. They will get a special allowance for the special assignment.

The 1st special assignment will be "based at Pulau Layang-Layang" to protect Malaysian government claims on the Layang-Laynag Island against China

Emily Pratt said...


I think civil societies need new strategies. Lighting up candles and what's not is just too.... docile/low impact.

We should learn from our neighbour, "Land of Smiles". (Wink wink nudge nudge)

Emily Pratt

Anonymous said...

That's why must do the necessary in GE13 and implement KPI to PDRM !!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if Singapore got Mat rempit problem? If not why?
And those buses keep on crashing...I wonder why?

NEO said...

長江一號: 我国步入国家元首可以革除首相的时代。









sktan8888 said...

Today, before the appeal on menteri besar announce.... i already know the zambry going to win..

Cause the appealling court is their people.

I had bought in a lot UMNO share, AND it proven i RIGHT.. i win over RM30K with the investment on 80K.

Why i know it? Cause i know that not longer LAWS in court... ONLY UMNO laws...

even i doubt how BN people and appealling court can said the HIGH COURT made the wrong decision?
((Dalam penghakimannya, ketiga-tiga mereka berhujah bahawa hakim mahkamah tinggi Datuk Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim membuat kesilapan dalam keputusannya dan Sultan Perak layak melantik Zambry apabila Mohamad Nizar hilang majoriti dalam DUN.))
1) That mean High Court judge are wrong? then why we need HIGH court judge?

2) Why high court take so long to study the case - about 3months; on the other hand, the appealling court only take 1 WEEK!!!!

3)So CAN HIGH COURT said the appealling COURT made the wrong decision also?????????


Anonymous said...

WHAT HAPPEN TO THE TWO "ex-pakatan" which jump to side BN in PErak CASE???

I thought they should be in RASUAH case????

WHY no more news on them????

Ching said...

With the police busy breaking candle vigils and blowing candles (come in full force complete with helicopter some more), no wonder crime is so rampant.

Haii, guess the police is gone case already.

BTW, did any of the police abseil down the helicopter ala swat team to blow the candles?

True Fiction said...

I hope you will be raising this strategic issue of what is the police actually doing, what they are not supposed to do, their budget spend and how are they being measured (for performance and efficiency) at parliament.

Anonymous said...


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

The police fail to make good rapport with the public . In the world of crime fighting any police will need the public's help.
More people are shunning to provide vital info to the police these days as the police are also part of the crooks.

Candlelight vigils are peaceful gathering and normally from within the community or resident and the police failed to make full use of it for fighting crime and crime prevention.

i wonder if it is possible for individual states to have their own police force just like in the USA

Anonymous said...

'You should ask PJU voter as to where his hard earned taxes gone? Thousands of ringgit for SWAT come down in hellcopter to blow the candle out? PJU Voter feels okay to spend that amount but no money to ronda2 and catch money snatcher. Where did our PJU educated?

Anonymous said...

Dear PJU Voter,

Lighting candles is a physically and symbolically peaceful form of expression. (Another way would be not to pepper your online posting with multiple exclamation points or words in all-caps, which are considered as shouting and uncouth).

If there's something wrong you see around you that you think should not be allowed to go on, do you keep quiet or try to tell others about it so that something can be done to correct the situation?

Keeping quiet was precisely the state of Malaysia for so long under Mahathir. He was so good at clamping down dissent that people learnt to keep quiet; don't make trouble for themselves.

Happily, however, after zaman pemerintahan kuku besi Mahathir was over, people grew braver and dared to voice their concerns even when the authorities, including the government controlled media, have a different take from theirs.

I feel sorry for you that you only see the vigilers as a nuisance and as people with nothing better to do. You will never know the humanity-expanding feeling of being supported by people you don't even know, but who are united with you in a cause all believe is important.

Yes, we light candles. We are wearing black every day, too. It may be hot, but it's the very least we can do to show disgust at the BN's abuse of state machinery, and the dismantling of independent institutions and separation of powers in Perak.

And the arrogant police are arresting vigilers and people in black because they cannot bear to be defied even in such a harmless way and peaceful way. Easy targets compared to the real criminals out there, who are targeting even the cops!

So who's been made to look stupid here? (I won't use donkeys for comparison because I think they're much cuter and smarter than the police).

Siew Eng

Liverpool said...

Dear PJUVoter,

Make your algorithm right. 100 policemen against 20 harmless civilians and activists? Aren't you have enough of all the crime stories around Malaysia every morning in your news paper?

Donkeys? such words only used by uncivilized individual living in a country where democracy no longer exist. Who's more shallow minded now? LOL





May be he just at the "perigi of Malaysia" and had not visit any country before..

Tommorow when u go any government department and then you complain something... then you go back to complain with someone... Are you also the "BUNCH OF NUISANCE" WHICH detroy our belove MALAYSIA???

Are you MALAYSIAN? OR BN Laws Malaysian?

If you are BN clony.. what you write here is useless....

AGAIN Rakyat Are Not Stupid (RANS)

Anonymous said...

my comment....

is no comment...

see what happen to most chinese...

MIGRATION!!!! some singapore, some australia,, some US...

save some money, send your children to oversea.... stay there...


Richie Oon said...

Hi PJU Voter,

You must be a perfect person. You must also be someone who doesn't go out to vote.

Let me ask you, do you have any children/grandchildren? If yes, then these "NUISANCE people" as what you like calling them are people who are trying to do something "they don't need to(in immediate benefits terms)". It's just a push in the direction of showing their displeasure and no-confidence to our ruling government.

Democracy means the basic rights to speak your opinion to your ruling political leaders. What's the point of being recognised by the world as a democratic country, but 100 policemen arresting 20 peaceful in a small, peaceful vigil like this in Seputeh?

You can think twice this time, as I guessed you haven't do much thinking before your posting above.

By the way We donkeys hope to see how your "human" face looks like :-)

Cheers? Not yet.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Will it be possible to hold the candle lights vigil nationwide?
I know the DAP can organize it and most bloggers are supportive of it , we need the participation and support from PKR and PAS too.

A national candle light vigil that can be attended by various groups.
The Anti ISA , BERSIH , pro Democracy , Human Rights activist we can even invites Suhakam , furry friends and PAWs.
All constituency held by PAS , KeAdilan and DAP doing it simultaneously.

i do hope this will be possible.
If they dont let the people do it in a small private group might as well make this a Mega affair.
We will be news on BBC and CNN.

Anonymous said...

Candle light vigils are everywhere in the world. It is a show of support to a common cause, towards peace, love & harmony. It's a humanitarian symbolic gesture. It's a choice. If it is not your choice, referring to PJU Voter, you have no right to calling names & all that. Is calling names a civilised act by you? It's your choice. The point here is 100 police team in full force coming down on 20 peace gatherers. Does is not remind us of all the tyranny under Tun Dr.M? Do we want this sort of un-democratic act to continue out of hand? Why can't this 100 police come down hard on mat-rempits? Perhaps if the mat rempits hold a candle light vigil, only then they will be caught. Otherwise, it is banyak susah for the PDRM. And PDRM wonder why their popularity rating is all time low....