Monday, March 03, 2008

Question time: PJU's Chew vs Pua

Clogged drains and potholes may be the concern of many voters in the mixed Petaling Jaya Utara (PJU) constituency but what are the candidates’ stand on national issues?

As election debates are rare in this country, Malaysiakini pitches 12 questions to opposing candidates to allow readers and voters to gauge their respective stand on several hot button issues.

For this round, we pit Barisan Nasional’s incumbent Chew Mei Fun against DAP’s ‘boy wonder’ Tony Pua Kiam Wee in the ‘battle royale’ for the PJU parliamentary seat in Selangor.

Chew still appeals to many voters based on her two-term service track record but pundits predict Pua will deny her a victory by riding the wave of a discontented lower and middle class.

The diverse PJU constituency has 76,618 voters comprising of 76.60 percent Chinese, 15.20 percent Malay, 7.40 percent Indian and 0.8 percent of others.

Chew Mei Fun vs Tony Pua Kiam Wee

1. Will you support the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)?
Chew (left): Yeah, I do agree with the setting up of the IPCMC.

Pua: Absolutely. The reason is very simple. We need to increase the credibility of the police force, we need to ensure that the police treat all victims as innocent until proven guilty. The police needs to be (subjected ) to laws themselves. There have been too many cases where the police have been abusing the laws in order to extract, say for example, confessions of the victims.

2. Will you support the implementation of local council elections?
Chew: There (are) many ways to make sure that local councils perform and from what I know the government is looking into the method of appointment of councillors.

Pua: Absolutely. That is one of our platform in this campaign. The reason why MPs and state assemblymen in Malaysia are forced to do some of the work of local councils is simply because local councillors are not effective. They are not effective because they are not accountable to the public and (as such) they do things according to their own personal vested interest. So local council elections can be introduced so they will be accountable to the people and if they are not, they can be booted out in the next elections.

3. Will you support that Petronas' accounts be made public?
Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody.

Pua: Absolutely. I think it is important because Petronas controls a huge amount of wealth of the nation. Oil resource of the country belongs to the people and Petronas being the agent that manages the oil wealth of the country must be transparent for the people in order to show that the money has been invested and reinvested and distributed fairly.

4. Will you support the idea of retaining subsidies of oil and other essential items?
Chew: Yes, I think so.

Pua: I think the subsidy system at this point in time needs to be readjusted as such that it benefits the poor and marginalised more and less so the wealthy. So for example the subsidy system in existence benefits more of the wealthy because they use the product more, then it is an unfair allocation of resources.

So we believe in a system whereby grants are given directly to the poor and to the lower middle income to cope with the rising price increases. They are targetted and controlled, you won't find leakages. For example our subsidised diesel being sold by fishermen from Malaysia to Indonesian fishermen. So that is the problem with the existing subsidy system and those need to be resolved.

5. Will you support universities to be autonomous or agree to the abolishing of the University and University Colleges Act (UUCA) 1971?

Chew: I think university students to concentrate in (their) studies is something (that) they should focus on. But if there (are) weaknesses in the Act, then (there is) no harm to review and do some adjustment or some amendment.

Pua: I subscribe to the policy that the UUCA must be abolished. It does not make sense for the university to restrict the thoughts and inquiry of the students. Students must not be taught to think only in a certain way or prevented from being politically active for being politically active actually increases their awareness and critical thinking as well as their analytical skills to enable them to be more adaptable to the global environment when they graduate.

6. Will you support the idea of an Islamic state being established in Malaysia?
Chew: Under the constitution, everybody has freedom of religion. Islam is just the official religion, that's all. But Pak Lah (Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) has already said that we are not an Islamic state and we go according to the constitution. The most important thing is according to the constitution. I think we are a secular state if you ask me.

Pua: Absolutely not. We believe that a multiracial and multicultural country such as Malaysia has to provide protection to all religions such as the freedom of worship. We believe that the best form of government to protect all religions including the official religion is actually a secular state.

7. Will you support the setting-up of the Inter-faith Council or a Non-Muslim Affairs Department?
Chew: The (BN) manifesto already answers your question.

Pua: Yes, certainly. I think the more we understand each other's culture, religion and practices, the more we are able to live in harmonious terms with one another. When there is a lack of understanding, chances of conflict and misunderstanding would be a lot higher.

8. Will you support the call that the Anti-Corruption Agency be placed under Parliament?
Chew: I think we need to make sure the ACA carry out their work fairly and (transparently) and make sure that they actually take action to investigate whatever, whoever (that are) involved with corruption. If you ask me, in my own opinion, yeah, I agree but this depends. Any how the government still needs to study and many of the issues (are) not that straightforward.

Pua: Yes. I think it is silly for the ACA to be placed under the Prime Minister's office because then it is subjected to tampering, instructions and lobbying by the PM's office. So under the Parliament which is elected by the people, it should have greater independence.

9. Will you support the idea of abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA)?
Chew: I think the ISA somehow on some occasions does work like what happened in America. Before that they didn't have ISA and after the 9/11 (attacks), they now have their own. That's why this all depends and (it's) very subjective.

Pua: Yes. It is a draconian law for the simple fact that you are detaining people for months and years without access to fair trial. I think that breaches the natural laws of justice founded since ages ago. Everybody should be given a fair day in court if they are charged as terrorist, then they must be proven to be terrorists before they are jailed for a long time.

10. Will you support public assemblies being held without needing to apply for police permits?
Chew: I think police permits is a must in order to make the situation under control and everybody must be responsible.

Pua: Yes I do but on condition. I accept that no permit needs to be required but in the interest of public safety the police needs to be informed and it should be given sufficient time for preparation to ensure that traffic is orderly, the crowd is well controlled and well behaved but they are there to see through a peaceful assembly rather than to prevent a peaceful assembly from happening.

11. Will you support the idea of fixing a minimum wage for workers?
Chew: Yeah, why not? I mean there are so many levels [...] that it is not so straightforward to fix a minimum wage. But for those lower income (groups), I think we should, just to draw them (out) from poverty.

Pua: I think we support an idea whereby there must be a fair wage for workers and I think in order to not place a higher burden on employers it is important for the government to step in to ensure that these workers who are having wages below that of a reasonable level are subsidiesed additionally to make sure that they make sufficient monthly income to make ends meet.

12. Will you support the idea of abolishing the New Economic Policy (NEP)?
Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended. The most important thing is that we must make sure that [...] you can actually help one particular race but in the expense of the other race. Everybody must be given a chance to have their own business and work together to create a win-win situation.

Pua: Absolutely. We believe that the NEP as it stands today favours the rich, wealthy and influential particularly from the bumiputra community. It does not benefit the bulk majority of the bumiputras as well as the non-bumiputras in this country. So inequality in the country has been increasing rapidly and only with opposition and it's replacement with a policy that focuses on merit and needs, will the equality be reduced.


l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

Q12 - Chew's reply..."NEP has already ended"???. Is the MCA rep in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...


"Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended."


Is Mdm Chew naive? Or pretending to be naive? Or was she mis-quoted?


Anonymous said...

OMG? Are 'chow mei fun' responses real or faked? I'm beginning to doubt her ethnicity. She sounds american. specifically she sounds blonde.

tony pua must win PJ-UTARA. then we can all celebrate his victory with a nice plate of 'chow mei fun'.

Unknown said...

The comments from CMF looks pale shadow to TP. Her response seems vague and lack confident like the one line answer....Yeah...I think so...I thought etc. Even in other longer replies, she looks contradictory, trying to agree with the government policy but at the same time trying to be conciliatory to appease the public.In comparison TP's reply was more firm with added substance.TP has proved that he certainly is hands on for issues like economic, laws, constitution, education and local council matters.

Anonymous said...

"Will you support the idea of fixing a minimum wage for workers?
Chew: Yeah, why not? I mean there are so many levels [...] that it is not so straightforward to fix a minimum wage. But for those lower income (groups), I think we should, just to draw them (out) from poverty."

huh?? what's that supposed to mean? I have no idea what she is trying to say.

and tony, your thoughts on grants and things like "malaysia bonus" seem a bit fantasy-land-ish to many voters... which is a shame because I do think they may actually be practical - maybe the trick is to provide a bit more detail?

E.g. maybe you can mention that the delivery means could be via refundable tax credits which are used by some western governments to provide child care support payments to single parents?

Anonymous said...

it just shows how shallow CMF is and her lack of substance and stand from the way she answered. how can a candidate with such 'quality' represent the residents of PJU in the parliament? no way!

Anonymous said...

"I think" means not sure, is it?

How can a Member of Parliament answered the questions with so many "I think" and / or "I thought"?

Dan-yel said...

Dear Mr Pua, congratulation on your nomination and for the way things are looking.

The debate above doesn't seem that both you and Chew are really engaged much in terms of argument. Maybe it's because Malaysiakini emailed to each you separately the questions and then it compiled together.

Some of your answers like regarding the accountability of ACA to Parliament clearly weighs against the current status quo. However for some like what Chew said about ISA does has its apparent merits. Perhaps for the benefit of other readers and constituents you set out as to the relevance of ISA vis-a-vis the its benefits for national security.

Anonymous said...

Her answer to question #12 pertaining to wherther they support the abolishment of the NEP and she stated, 'I thought the NEp had been abolished....!!!'.

Is she bullshitting us? or is she screwing with us?

gozienz said...


Based on CMF's comments, she is definitely out of her depth. Like all MCA's politician she is subservient to her political masters and she is singing and dancing along to the tune.

It will be interesting to see whether CMF as an MP has ever raised any issues in Parliament that infringed into the Rakyat rights.

Tony I had attended one of your Ceramah recently and you do have the youthfulness and the smiles that captured the hearts and minds of the rakyat. You should make yourself more accessibleand approachable by shaking hands with as many people as possible. Politics sometimes I feel is like an IDOL contest.


W Goh

Anonymous said...

CMF's answers are all so inadequate and just shows how little she knows about the country and its policies despite being an MP for 2 terms!!!

being future MCA wanita president... she doesn't even stand up for the women when they were discrimiated against... and now with the posters in Seputeh about Teresa Kok... that is just low... shameful... very disappointing...

PJU voters... we deserve much much better than what CMF is offering

Tony Pua for PJU!!!

Anonymous said...

hey tony, i think you butchered her on this one. you were very clear, precise and resolute when answering, but however your opponent wavered on a few questions and wasnt giving a clear and firm stand on a few of the questions.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add one question to both PJU candidates:

Do you agree that in just 4 years under Pak Lah, the following is true: more rampant corruption, more unplanned spending, less transparency in the administration, collapse of the integiry of the judicairy, rising costs of living, sluggish economy and dismal international competetiveness, more racial tension and the list goes on.

My answer is: Correct! Correct! Correct! Correct!

I would like to hear yours.


Anonymous said...

Will you support the idea of abolishing the New Economic Policy (NEP)?
Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended.

Another blatant lie from a sleeping beauty! The sleeping habit of Pak Lah has spread to all BN candidates.

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua 10
Mei fun:0

time for chew mei fun to leave politics.....

Anonymous said...

As a resident of PJ Utara, I have had conversations with Chew Mei Fun. She is smart and very dedicated to what she does.
But unfortunately her chosen political environment does not provide her opportunities to be groomed for bigger things or support her to bloom. Her lacklustre answers in this case shows that she has to toe the party and coalition lines, she is also marginalised(race,sex perhaps)...not given equal opportunities to grow and learn to be an MP after 2 terms.
Like all marginalised people she has sacrificed more and gotten so little for her best efforts.

WY said...

LoL. Quite witty. :)

Tony, while making stands on national issues, make sure you have the time and effort to handle complaints of the people, and the tiny winny matters of local councils too. get them sacked and exposed if necessary!

Steven Sim said...

Chew Mei Fun got go to school one ah?

We need someone smarter and more intelligent in the State Assembly and Parliament, not some highly paid penjaga longkang.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! By comparing it this way I am so sure Tony will definitely be a far better MP!! By looking at Chew's answers I know she will do nothing much in parliament for us.
Will definitely vote for Tony!!! Hurray!! Vote Tony for a better Malaysia!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Read theSun pg 15 March 2 2008 on the contrasting statements by Gobind Singh (DAP) vs incumbent MP for Puchong, Lau Yeng Peng (Gerakan)

Gobind: "As an opposition MP, I have the ability to voice the needs of the community without fear or favour, because a government MP is bound by party conventions and restrictions and stands to lose out politically when championing certain issues."

However one term MP Lau disputes this claim.

Lau: "There is no gag order as such - we can speak on anything as long as it does NOT TOUCH ON RACE OR RELIGION." (Capitals mine for emphasis)

Nothing can be more damaging and CLEAR than a government MP from a non-UMNO faction (MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc) telling you that due to party constraints, he/she will not bring up issues that infringe on your basic fundamental rights of religion or race SO IF YOU CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR A BN COMPONENT PARTY TO PARLIMENT, YOUR RIGHTS AS A MINORITY WILL FURTHER ERODE AS THEY WILL NEVER FIGHT FOR YOU.

They are only good at widening roads and cuci longkang.



Anonymous said...

Look at the the potential MP have answer.

Clearly the 2 incumbent MP is just a Govt tool.When she spoke on national issue..she dont stand on malaysia way..which needed broad view..for equally right and share of country revenue....Dont calim all these if u cant walk the talk...malaysian know who u care for...Your own pocket right...then shame on you...better step aside if u cant do wth integrity and base on malaysian malaysia..

For the PJU folks...make a change!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Chew,

What a load of craps? After 2 terms and your answers definitely showed you are either a great pretender or you are simply ignorant!

Whadda you mean by your answering on petronas accounts:

"Chew: I thought they already have their annual report. I thought the annual report is actually the accounts for (listed) companies to disclose to everybody."

Btw - after reading a few interviews (from malaysiakini) ...... there is clearly a trend that those BN fellas are vague and evasive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony.

I am all out to support you... even though I am not under your PJ Utara.

Because I know who you are, what you have done... you are a deserved person to be elected as an MP.

All the best to you.. I am very confident that you can win the voters heart.

Anantha J
Director of Operations

Unknown said...

Chew : I think, I think & I think.

Walau eh, PJU, don't you THINK it's high time you need a better MP?

I think I think I think, go think again Chew, think about your retirement.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like she's very uncertain about many issues. Her answers arent firm and she tends to say alot of 'i think'. *shakes head*

p/s : Tony, will pray for you to win.

NEO said...

Ah yoh! Why stop at 12 questions?

Our Pak Lah like number 13!

Should include one (1)final question, 13th question - Will you support the people declaration?

Let see how she respond.

Hi&Lo said...

CMF was interviewed by Star few years ago regarding sexist remarks by MPs.

She said Fong Po Kuan took it too seriously. As for herself, she just brushed it off instead of capitalising on the issue.

CMF sounds like a dropout girl from some remote kampong. But she had been MP for two terms of PJU constituents of Malaysian middle-class.

She might be a nice person. Is that good enough to be lawmaker? What we want is an effective voice.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, I think (if based on answers given by Chew and Pua alone ) Pua is the clear cut winner.

Chew was answering like a typical MCA "yes Pak Lah" kind of tone and she sounded like she was trying not to speak much so as not to reveal the problems with BN.

Pua on the other hand knew what we want. He was using the "yes rakyat" kind of tone and "I'll fight for what you want."

I think it's time for her to pack her bags.

Anonymous said...

chow mee hoon........anyone?

Shame to hear this kind of answers from a people's representative.

DOn't know say don't know lah...why still want to pretend if she knows it.

Guess its time to Tony to come out to lead the PJU people.

Anonymous said...

i am not voting for this longkang Mp because all her answers are like the dirt in the longkang

Anonymous said...

CMF sounds like clown, looks like a clown, but not necessarily a clown....she everything also donno wan la....stop voting unqualified people into your parliament. We must be kiasu...our MP must be si beh kiang! VOTE TONY!! he will be the benchmark of future MPs!


Anonymous said...

she tried to sound to be a person with ideals. whateevr, when UMNO comes a calling, she will just toe the line. CHew, wanna be like your previous comrade LOh?

Anonymous said...

"the accident puncture one of my brain vessel" chew mei fun.

I want to believe that she isnt articulate because of her accident...or maybe she is like that all the while...

watch the to speak up for you like that?


Anonymous said...


we should not subsidise petrol/diesel instead we should direct the value of the subsidy directly to tax collection and reduce income tax. Thus it will directly benefit Malaysian only and not smugglers and outsiders. I am sure consumption will reduce as less illegal export of petrol/diesel.

Anonymous said...

I used to respect Ms Chew for her being rather hardworking and I must say, she has helped with maintaining the general cleanliness of the area where i live.

However this simple debate has shown her glaring shortcomings in national issues that is simple not acceptable for an MP. Mr Pua's degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics has clearly given him the knowledge and competence in governing. After all, PPE is known as "the Prime Minister's course" in the UK.

If only I were 21, my vote is for Mr Pua!

Anonymous said...

go listen from
.. in fact, Chew's reply in this transcript was written in a better way than what she actually spoke..:)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are some voters in PJ are selfish eventhough there are highly educated. I received comment that "CMF ok what, she take care the street lights near my house, etc all these matters by right should be handle by MPPJ and NOT by Member of Parliment.

Only upon explaining them the role of MP then they realise, that policy, rules and laws are made in Parliment, then they knnow how short sighted are these voters.

If the polices and laws are not properly created, we will all suffer. And ONLY DAP can dare voice out their concern and protest without fear or favour in the Parliament, of unreasonable proposal. CMF, can you let us know what have you done as MP for 2 terms to voice out the real concern for citizen as MP?

When Kinabatangan MP made sexist remarks again a lady MP, where was CMF mouth?

CMF perhaps is most suitable as General Manager or CEO of Alam Flora.

MCA MPs are ALL lapdog!!! That is certain.

Think and vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

To all wise voters, please watch this important video!!!!!

Manifesti BN

Vote for your future, vote wisely

Anonymous said...

Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended.

Wah, no wonder CMF and MCA kaki stuck to singing Tian Mi Mi, rather than answering questions.

When they kept their mouths shut, they might fool people in not thinking them as fools.

Once they opened their mouths, they confirmed that they are fools and empty between their two ears.

So pathetic, they have been brain dead and accepted that the NEP has already ended!

And OKT asked Chinese to entrust MCA the role to look after the interests of Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, we need a 1st class MP for a better future. Based on the track record, CMF can well get a job at the local council after getting voted out of parliament!!! Our people still need calibre of professional 'longkang caretakers', but with a deserving position - 'drainage officer' in the drainage department in MPPJ.

While for Tony Pua, he is eagerly required to lead fellow Malaysians towards the next level......1st class MP for a 1st class Malaysia!!!!

Anonymous said...

Think you should print this out and paste it all over PJ Utara.

I'm sure CMF will be quite embarassed.. and rightly so.

霓彩纷飞 said...

我对国阵候选人十分失望。那个周美芬真的一个安娣样,竟然不知道马来西亚还在施行新经济政策!有没有搞错!一个中学生都懂事过她啦!瓦捞!再投她我真的是没有话讲。。。毕竟PJ U是一个知识分子的区域...唉~~~无论如何!Tony !加油!我们一定支持你!虽然有时候你很累了,不过呢,请你继续加油吧!毕竟有我们这些支持者在背后默默支持你!你一定行的!

Anonymous said...

Mr Pua, you got my support 100% all the way!

Wizzerd said...

Oh my god? YB Chew Mei Fun.
Never have i seen such an out-of-depth MP answering questions. We can judge for ourselves how she answered those questions.
A lot of I think sos..sounds like some inexperienced first timer being interviewed for a first job. Such a naive and childish answers.
The greatest joke is she thought NEP has ended!!! Even a secondary school student can tell you a NEP means??? Maybe she thinks that's something to do with longkang issues.
What a disgrace!!!Dear PJU voters, do you want this HP6 auntie to be y our MP??
HELL no!!!!

Anonymous said...

chow mai fun doesnt seems to know anything... things that she suppose to be aware of most importantly... but sadly... her answers are alwiz.... i think so i think so... i thought this i thought that... pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Wah! Confirmed after the accident she had,the Anaesthetist must have accidently injected in excess the anaesthetic to her brain for her to give such answers!

Anonymous said...

There are pros and cons of minimum wage. As practised in the US, its not that harmful where minimum wage is quite low. But in Europe minimum wage is employment destructive.

A more rational idea is proper temporary worker permit. We don't have a proper migrant labour visa program. Its corrupted and its rule not well done. This is the main problem.

Anonymous said...

It this really an answer from her?
If yes,:<.

WY said...

re-reading the post, i just realised it wasn't a sarcastic satire about ms chew. lol. did she really answer those questions??

NI bukan lawak la? huhuh.

she is hopeless.,

Anonymous said...

only one winner!

this interview really showed YB Chew Mei Fun up.

myop101 said...

Previously commented in The People's Parliament, under the article,"Why You Must Vote Tony Pua for PJ Utara":

Chew Mei Fun, a so called 2 term elected representative of PJ Utara, talks a lot but delivers little when it comes to doing something in relation to national issues. I have neither heard nor seen her moving a motion to get IPCMC put into action.

As for NEP and Petronas annual reports, her lack of understanding on what is dear to the interests of the rakyat is quite telling. To pretend one is abolished (yet very much alive and permeating in all the national policymakers agendas) and the other, publicly available (but forgotten to add that the annual report ends at page 80, where glossary of terms is, while the financial statements conspicuously missing) tells us how much she cares for the rakyat.


So people of PJ Utara, please remember to vote with your conscience who really cares for you? I may not be registered to vote in PJ Utara but where I am registered, PAS and PKR will be getting my votes.

Anonymous said...

Well done, I like the way you tackle the questions. That is the quality we want for an MP, not the Chow mei fun so low standard. Go for it, with luck and support from the rakyat, you will win.How stupid can she be, Petronas is not a listed entity, how the annual report is made availble to public???? NEP has ended, then we non bumi parents don't have to work so hard and to finance our child education????? I can't believe it happened right in front of us, our MP?????? Get her out!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at her body language she is a scared lady and wont put herself in any controversy
You will win against her!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in PJU area and have been in the area for more than 30 years. In 2004 I believed CMF can do a good job (which I think she did if she was the local council and yes I agree she is hardworking) but today being a little smarter and not believing in everything the NST, Star (almost puked everyday seeing the BN ads) etc says... I think Tony IS a better candidate for PJU. And we do need more capable people with intellect and not be "scared of UMNO in case they chop me off their peer list" type of people to fight for the people.

My suggestion is that to vote (ok, it's an appointment for now) CMF into local council and keep up the good work while we send Tony as the MP to do what a MP should be doing.

1) Tony for PJU MP
2) CMF for PJU Local Council

Don't get me wrong CMF, you are still a nice and hard working person. But I would still use a qualified surgeon to operate me rather than a nice and hardworking person. Same principle goes to who we send to the parliment. I would rather send someone who knows the issues at large and fight for the rights of the people than sending a nice and hard working person to the parliment.


Anonymous said...


While many will shake their heads in disbelief after reading the transcript or viewing the video, many others don't have access to the internet or may be equally "ignorant" as CMF. So may I suggest that you capitalize on this Q&A heavily by:

1) Print out selected Q&A in English & Chinese for distribution

2) Add a comment under each question to provide background information to readers in case they are as ignorant as CMF (so that they will shake their heads too after reading!)

3) Use a title that will attract attention immediately (e.g. your ex-MP doesn't even know the NEP is still alive!!!)

4) Show the url to the video "" as proof of authenticity.

All voters of PJU need to know this!

Geronimo said...

Aiyoh yoh, what is this "I think, I think" thingy? Either you know or you don't know and in the case of Chew Mei Fun, she doesn't know anything that is macro. God, and she is representing us in Parliament? She is a joke. Well I guess if questions are related to drains and potholes, she would probably end up tops.

Anonymous said...

Is this really CMF replying?

Cuz she sounds really stupid man.. and she served 2 terms.. I cant imagine what other morons are representing us in parliment

Anonymous said...

It's FUNny to hear C Mei Fun said "I thought the NEP has already ended."

Even her Umnoputra bosses would crucify her for this statement. How dare she terminate NEP!

Please do C May Fun a big favour - save her skin by ensuring that she does NOT return to the parliament to be insulted and bashed up by Umnoputras! She will thank PJU voters for this kind gesture.

Anonymous said...

Chew Mei Fun, which planet are you on?

NEO said...

Dear all

Chew: I thought the NEP has already ended.

I really hope when I wake-up on March 9, Chew will no longer the MP for PJU.

If she wanted to continue her political life, she could go to Johor and request OKT to split Senai to Senai Utara and Senai Selatan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Please consider showing the video during or before your ceramah. It will speak for itself!

Anonymous said...

Here's a google video version of the interview which definitely streams fster than malaysiakini tv. Check it out.

Lameman said...

Hi PJU Folks....Mdm. Chew Ai Think will still win this time no matter how many of you are gonna vote for the Opposition, BN will make sure a big win at all cost. You guys WILL NEVER get a fair election change at all.

Anonymous said...

wiiyoh....CMF..your answers like a better surrender on this election and go back to study more...i think you can start from SEKOLAH RENDAH...BN dog!

Luke Lim said...

CMF's answers show her for what she really is, an MP that places the BN and her party policies before the people who elected her. As for Tony Pua, it is obvious that he is not afraid to speak up or raise issues for the people. HE is the kind of MP that we need in PJ Utara.

I'm also from the PJ Utara constituency but sadly I am underaged and will not be able to vote in the coming elections. But I will be rooting for Tony Pua all the way!


Anonymous said...

I concur with luke, Ms. Chew had to put her party before the people. The "NEP had ended" quote really puzzles me. Anyhow, Ms. Chew is chinese educated from Taiwan Uni, I know that cause she was my chinese teacher in KL Chong Hwa, if the interview was conducted in english, it might have hindered his really messages.

Don't get me wrong, I am pro Tony

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony

I am a lapsed human rights activist and a lawyer. I say lapsed because I left for overseas (UK; Durham to be precise) to continue my studies and I have just returned home. Sivarasa, Wee Choo Keong, M.Manogaran are friends and colleagues (so are Maniam Kayveas and Azalina Othman,but that is another story altogether).

I love your answers especially on UUCA and ISA as we (the lawyers) have been fighting for this for a veryyyyyyy long time. Don't forget the PPA, OSA and Sedition Act - these have to go as well.

A very good friend of mine told me about the salami principle, slice by we have enough people in Parliament to cut slices.

Congratulations - please make our hopes and dreams come true. Truly, my heart expands everytime I think of March the 8th. Now, it is not just International Women's Day, it is the day Malaysians spoke resoundingly.