Thursday, March 20, 2008


Can't get enough of coffee shop political discussions?

Well, my ex-journalist friend, Oon Yeoh and fellow co-blogger on Education in Malaysia, Ong Kian Ming (PhD student on political science at Duke University) have started the "RealPolitik" podcast series to discuss various issues in Malaysian politics.

The 3rd and latest instalment deals with the ascent of Royal activism in Malaysian politics.

The royalty has been asserting itself in four states - two controlled by the BN and two controlled by the Opposition. Why is this happening and is it a good thing?

Oon has a trans-pacific discussion with Kian Ming about this very intriguing topic - check it out here or Oon's blog here. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Tony, I'm a republican; my dream is one day to see a truly democratic, equal and just Malaysia. After all, just because someone is born with a gold, or is it silver, whatever, spoon, does not give him/her the right to impose their injustice and inequality on us. For too long the ordinary Malays have been brainwashed like cows with rusty rings around their nose; by their supreme Malay elite class, whether from the royals or Umnojsllo! I remembered as a child visiting my grandparents in the kampung, how I used to hate seeing that and thinking how the cows might have suffered being pulled through those rings through their nose! Many ordinary Malays don't think for themselves what's best and what's just. Those Malay leaders are not GOD; let's start with that kind of thinking. Only then the ordinary brainwashed Malays might move forward into a truly modern century! I did; and now feel completely liberated as a human being, inner-self especially. And it's never too late. One last thing, I admired the bravery, resistance spirit and rebelliousness of Hang Jebat!

Noor Aza Othman.

Anonymous said...

Did u read my suggestion?

On Traffic Jam:

1)Analyze which industry or company can have different office hours than the mainstream.

2)Have staggered/flexible working office hours.

Mundell to Tony

Starmandala said...

Bouquets to you, Noor Aza, for your feisty stance! It warms my heart to see the younger generation so wide awake. The Divine Right of Monarchs is a subject I have investigated for many decades. The tradition goes all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia (and beyond really) "when the gods walked the earth" - which is what "Enuma Elish" means. The Enuma Elish is the creation epic of Sumeria and every chapter begins with the phrase: "When the gods walked the earth..." Well, these ancient records deserve to be taken seriously as hitorical documents. I recommend reading a few books by Zecharia Sitchin, a maverick historian and paleoanthropologist who authored the controversial 'Earth Chronicles.' Then you'll understand better how royalty and religious doctrine are interlocked systems of mass control.

Anonymous said...

dear noor aza othman,

i think distinctions should be made between democracy, republic, absolute monarchy, and constitutional monarchy.

hang tuah and the malaccans of his time served an absolute monarch, which, was the norm in most of europe. at this age, where the crowned heads of europe are all but constitutional monarchies, their right to inherit the throne to be the head of state, is of profound importance in the check and balance mechanism of the fuctioning democracies there.

party elected presidents, are a horrifying thing. imagine spore and the check and balance role of her head of state, one can certainly doubt the need for such luxury. imagine BN nominating ppl such as khairy or muhammed taib as presidents, and as head of states, has reserve powers that our current impartial sultans and the DYMM agong has.

i can tell you a lot of examples in which republics and presidents rule, and have easily become failed states due to unchecked powers, military control and the like, dictatorships in the making, actually.

there can be democracy in a constitutional monarchical system, and there can also be NO democracy in a republic system. why trade a perfectly fine system away for some uncharted method of governance, especially for such a young and immature country as msia? the brits would nvr trade her majesty the queen for a tony blair or gordon brown nominated president of great britain.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia seriously needs a big change in momentum towards an improved education system. A majority of Malaysians still have a vague perception on what is right and what is wrong. The ability to distinguish between right and wrong can only improve with proper education. We cannot respect Royalties unless they gain our respect first. And remember how much of our country's income goes to them.

Member of the Royalties like Raja Nazrin will certainly gain my respect by doing away with luxurious wedding and preaching Malaysians for Malaysia concept.

But obviously, its still comes down to our Education System. I believe that is the most important thing to improve and that is why we put people like TP in parliament to fight for a more improved system.

Mundell, good suggestion but that is not the main focus towards improving the traffic in the city. Number one should be a more improved public transport. No hesitation at all on this. The BN rule have been to NOT IMPROVE public transport so we can buy Protons or imported cars hence contributing to the AP coffers and also of course, make toll operators rich rich rich. Malaysians depends too much on cars which is very very inefficiency way of using fuel.

Places like Puchong, Cheras, Subang, Klang with high density of population seriously needs MRT, not even LRTs!! Implement that and you will see a drastic change in our traffic. BN's short term solution all this while is to make roads and charge tolls. All this solutions only bring richness to them and their cronies while the Rakyat bleeds. We demand a more efficient Public Transport System and this in turn will reduce our dependency on petrol.

Another solution is better control of our traffic light system. Our traffic light systems needs better management. Many times we find ourselves stuck in front of a red light with no movement of traffic on other ends. A traffic light system with proper sensors and varying time control can solve this. Remember, and idle car means wastage of petrol and time, even wear and tear of engines. And when you reduce that wastage, you can potentially save millions.

Sorry, TP for the off topic, just hope we put you in Parliament to fight for better efficiency in the system. We seriously need a big improvement so that this country will start moving forward again.

Laurence S

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Maybe the history of Hang Jebat & Hang Tuah need to be studied in detail again. Perhaps the so called rebellion of Hang Jebat was for a more meaningful cause. You can tell I am a Hang Jebat fan...even in primary school I was in the Rumah Hang Jebat!

Anyway, not here to tell my history. Just want to voice out that there seems some disrespect to the Terengganu royal family on the apparent disagreement to the appointment of new MB by the none other than BN-UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Sorry off topic, I fully agree Laurence, especially on the viewpoint of having efficient public transport systems like.

If we have truly efficient public transport systems like MRT, this will be a great relief for millions of workers everyday financially, physically, and mentally. The benefits are tremendous - less air pollution, less jam, stress and accidents, better life quality, more money and time to spend, etc.

I really hope that the DAP-PKR-PAS state goverment can look and work on this seriously. We are too disappointed with the empty promises given by Pak Lah.

Thank you.
Puchong resident
(a victim of traffic jam everyday)

Anonymous said...




现在,巫统重复同样的"杯葛"事件,更不将登州苏丹放在眼里!首相阿都拉已经放话表示,除了获得最多登州议员支持的原任州务大臣依德里斯(Idris Jusoh)之外,任何人出任登州大臣都属委反宪法。





Anonymous said...



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