Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chew denies smearing Pua's rep

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Sunday March 2, 2008


PETALING JAYA: PJ Utara parliamentary seat (P106) incumbent Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has denied smearing the reputation of opposition candidate Tony Pua (DAP).

“I did not mention any names in my speech so why should he (Tony) feel slighted?” Chew said at a press conference.

Barisan's Chew had allegedly labelled Pua a "self-claimed economist" and that his decision to sell his Singapore-listed IT company was that of a "bubble economist" during a campaign speech in Kampung Chempaka recently.

In response, Pua had written a statement demanding an apology from Chew, saying the allegations were defamatory and inaccurate.

“I deserve the right to pursue legal action for what she has said. She should apologise,” he said. “We will wait for her response.”


Anonymous said...

陆庭谕先生在古来演说--- 79岁獨自搭巴士到沙威拋出3問題,黄家定你怎么说?

Anonymous said...

She know who is her opponent, what's background of tony.She just try playing with language and trap you all if the team react fiery. You guys have done right and enough. IMO just let it be as long as you have countered the accusation.Focus on your manifesto. Draw out a vivid picture of future PJ.

Anonymous said...

she has the ball to bitch around, but never brave enough to admit it....what a let down and that show her personality.

She doesn't deserve a vote at all.

Anonymous said...


at least, you are conversant with IT. she? great at looking after drains and street lights. didnt she move into aman suria because of high crime rate in her old place. gee, cant even improve the security which is more important than drains and street lights, aint it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua,
Initially I had some reservations about you being a flash in the pan economic success story, one of those who public list a company and then leaves the shit to others.

Now that Chew Mei Fun has explained that you were forced to sell your company, I am now more comfortable with voting for you.
I can feel the pain of being a marginalised underdog being born in a country after 5 generations of the wrong race, sex and religion.
Please dont sue Chew Mei Fun. She is only following her elders using dirty tactics.
A vote for DAP in Parliment and DAP in the Damansara Utama.

Anonymous said...

"It sounds like I smeared your reputation, it looks like I smeared your reputation... but did I?"
We voters are aware who is unethical, who can voice out for rakyat, this is the time we decide who can represent us better, with integrity, with passion and determination to save our country!!!
Tony Pua, you have all our votes!!!!!

Tan family PJU.

Anonymous said...


Just goes to show the desperation of MCA right now, using personal attacks when they are grabbing at straws. I feel for you and also for your colleague, Teresa Kok. She's under sexist attacks right now from her MCA opponent which I find despicable. Show your class and don't let yourself go down to their level.

My vote is for you all the way!!!!

Anonymous said...


Finish the race. Beat her where it matters the most. The people of PJU are ready for change.

Take it to the finish line.

Anonymous said...

ya no point to sue her, just do your best
u have our votes

Pak Pandil said...


Pls carry on your campaign. You will win on 8/3. Ong Ka Ting will appoint CMF as a Senator looking after the ‘longkang’ (drain) in PJ

Anonymous said...

Why can't she focus on the issues faced by the residents and the solutions and instead resort to personal attack using lies?

Sad to see that denial syndrome is a common disease of BN candidates.

Anonymous said...

I have seen so many good people turning into bad ones after joining MCA. Is CMF one of them?

Anonymous said...

I say that she is bankrupt of ideas and resort to character assasination. She is just 'parotung' what is written in the MCA website. No point to sue her lah! Only show how dirty MCA is. Wish you success!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I'm a Rafflesian and I have been following your election campaign.

Sorry to be blunt, but I feel you have wasted your talent by choosing to return to Malaysia. What can you achieve even if you manage to get into Parliament ?

Had you stayed in Singapore, your prospects are much better. There are many Malaysians in Singapore's Parliament now like our Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan was previously from Penang.

It's a real pity. Stop wasting your time and energy on racist Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

she's sounding more desperate (shade of hilary?). great going Tony!!

Anonymous said...

teach them a lesson!!
just finished DAP melaka ceramah !!

they are too dirty !! use too many dirty tricks !
they have imported 1000 army votes to KOTA MELAKA !!!!

teach them a lesson !!

Anonymous said...

It's an act of a desperate person who does not stand for truth, honesty & integrity. Sue-ing her is a waste of your time & resources tony. Better to decimate her totally in the elections & have the last laugh.

WHEN you win, be sure to send her a packet of 'chow mei fun'. I'm sure she'll appreciate the sentiment.

p/s- the ppl of pj-utara would be more than happy to sponsor you 'chow mei fun'.

NEO said...

Oh No! She click the "undo" icon again!

Not long ago, she made a statement on "May 13" to threaten the PJU voters but when she was under fire from communitypublic, she click the "undo" icon and claimed press mis-interpret her statement.

Let us, the silent majorities also click our "undo" icon to rectify our error by voting for change in the coming election

Anonymous said...

sue her~ she make herself disgrace~!~!~!

chew mui fen only know how to pak toh with Mr. Gu~!~! sucks...
perhaps she learns from edison wanna take the first page of every newspapers and magazines...


Unknown said...

Let this be a democratic process. Your candidate can say what she wants to discredit you but end of of the day its the electorates who can see the truth in you. With CMF denying mentioning your name can only concludes she has withdraw from her comment that are without basis since she can't support it facts.

Unlike others, most of your speeches made are after careful studies of facts and figures. This will set you apart from others without needing to resort to character assasination.

In your initial ceramah, you have cleverly differentiated the roles between MP and ADUN. Now there's a long standing issue with regards to dirty water in Selangor. This was pursued a few years back by Fong Po Kuan in a press statement but without any result. The CEO of PUAS has even claimed those murky water are safe to consume in the press. Since this issue has been negotiated under Federal level, I think you should make a challenge to the PUAS CEO and LKY (lucky for him to have retired early) or his successor to drink the water.

Wizzerd said...

From the feedback that i get..I think your team stand a great chance of wresting PJU back from the longkang crusader.

Let's all have Char Bee Hoon for breakfast on 9 March 2007

Anonymous said...

No need to sue the poor lady. We all know who is telling the truth. We believe in you and you will have our votes!

" And thou shall deny me three times before the cock crows"

She has denied once...hehe

Anonymous said...

Tony, no worries.

There is NOTHING that will change my mind NOT to vote Umno groups (MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the likes). Decision is final long ago.

sp lim said...

Anon 11.44pm

'S'pore is nothing without Malaysians' Lim Kit Siang

I hope Tony will make a great example to those Malaysians in S'pore to come back and fight to reclaim our beloved country from people who are raping and plundering it.

So PJU voters, can you see how important your vote for Tony is? It goes beyond just putting him into Parliament. After all he is only one person. But by voting him into Parliament, you may be able to bring back 10 or even 100 Tony Puas from across the globe.

We have a choice not to be branded as 'racist Malaysia'

Unknown said...

I was astonished with your speech that the best brains in UM law faculty is in Singapore. I happened to know too there's Malaysian serving as a Judge in Singapore. How many times have we call the government to address this issue as we are losing our talents abroad. The attraction across the causeway has certainly divided many Malaysian families. Soon to come we will have siblings and childrens as extended families in Singapore.Is this what the government wants to break up the entire population?

Anonymous said...

Lot of friend want to vote for DAP but they are not a registed voter yet. How about you all?

Anonymous said...

To all PJ Utara voters, lead the country by voting in Tony Pua to be the people's voice of truth and integrity in Parliament. We need more Malaysians like Tony to lead us in the future.

Anonymous said...

Of course we would want some one like you tony with substance and not like CMF who is clueless and brainless!

a very concern PJU resident!