Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Question time: PJ Utara's Tony Pua vs Chew Mei Fun

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the Malaysiakini interview in video format


Anonymous said...


This is the first time i watch and hear CMF. I am shocked how she answer the question on the need for Petronas to publish it accounts. Wishy washy on the question ACA place under PM. And " i thot the NEP has ended" hahahahahaha

What kind of quality does MCA candidate for MP?

No wonder people keep saying her as MP for longkangs and potholes?

Definitely not competence to be MP for a progressive and dynamic country! I am very sad how elite people in Petaling Jaya have voted here for the last 2 terms. I am shocked!!!

Please ask Fong Po Kuan give her tuition!

Anonymous said...

Here's a google video version of the interview which is definitely streams fster than malaysiakini tv. Check it out.

Jagjit Singh said...

i don't believe over 30,000 people were fooled into voting her to be our elected representative in the parliament!

Its time Tony takes over.. you have my vote tony.. im living in your place

Anonymous said...

"I thoit that NEP has ended" Tidur Kah? When you wake up you better apologize.

Anonymous said...

GREAT short speech BY Chili Padi

DAP SS2 PJ - Fong Po Kuan - Is time to change
3 March 2008

Chew Mei Fun, can you dare to emulate Fong Po Kuan?

Anonymous said...

PJU deserves someone better, like Tony.

CMF? She knows nothing! She is being remote controlled by the BN machinery, as if she has no mind of her own. She is not serving the interest of the people, just BN. And we all know BN is corrupt.

Tony is the best man to represent our interest. Two terms of CMF's incompetence are more than enough.

Anonymous said...

This should be publicised nationwide during ceramahs.

This not only shows clearly Chew being unfit to represent the people of PJU, it also shows the quality of MCA candidates as a whole (because she is considered an MCA national leader and has represented the MCA in forums). If she doesn't even know the NEP has been extended, it is likely that other MCA MPs are equally ignorant. This is perhaps the results of "fighting for the people's rights from within the BN..."

Just ask the people how is MCA going to fight for the people if they don't even know that the NEP is still very much alive!!!!!

Anonymous said...

pengsan! ambulance please! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done to Tony for his in depth and informed answers. Chew Mei Fun is lack lustre and seems out of date with the issues that she was questioned. She seems uninterested and looks like she can't wait to have a nap. I see no credibility in her and if she is trying to fight for her seat, perhaps she should try to appear better informed. She appears bored and I find her boring. It beggars belief that she is meant to be a more seasoned politician. She is just appaling. Yes, someone please call the ambulance!

Anonymous said...

She doesn’t have her own stand on the issues and doesn’t know the facts. How is she going to voice up for RAKYAT in parliment. Reject this type of MP. Let her contest as local council candidate when the local council election is implemented. She is better in looking after drainage.
We see future in this country with MP like Tony Pua. PJU voters, vote and support for Tony Pua

Anonymous said...

Tony, I hope you can bring change to our community and make Malaysia fair, progressive and peaceful.

NEP is here to stay but let it be implemented based on microeconomic status and not along racial lines. We also need a change in our police force - better transparency and not make the fool out of the public by hiding in obscure places to catch us crossing a line by 2cm! We need progressive schools not just measured by the number of distinctions they get in school but the positive contribution they bring to the society. We also need a workforce that is educated, skilled and engaged by providing ample career opportunities for all. regardless of race, gender or background.

Enough said. Time for action..

Anonymous said...

She dun even know that we are now an islamic state. still in the longkang CMF?
and MPs roles are not just looking after the longkang but fight for the right in the parliament. She dun even know what is her roles.
Vote her out!