Monday, March 10, 2008

They Just Don't Get It

After a humiliating defeat in the hands of the opposition, particularly by DAP for MCA, the President of MCA, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting still doesn't get it.

A page 8 report in the New Straits Times today had the headline "Ong: We'll continue to work for Chinese".

At the rate it is going, MCA will become obsolete possibly within the next decade.

What has "RACE" got to do with it? When we are elected by the people, we serve ALL Malaysians, and not just "one" race. The race-based politics of Barisan Nasional component parties will spell their death knell in the years to come and unless they come out of their shell, DAP can certainly look forward to a better performance in the next General elections.

DAP stands strongly for Malaysians First, and not instead, the divide and rule policies of Barisan Nasional component parties.


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Unknown said...

Well said. To me, MCA is already irrelevant.

michaelscy said...

BN candidates in the politic are not for the benefits of the peoples but for their own pockets. Ong Ka Ting is still being optimistic. MCA will be gone after the 2012/2013 elections. I just wish DAP, PKR and PAS can work together to bring improvement for the 5 states as well as for Malaysia. Please don't disappoint your supporters. We will continuous support you.

Anonymous said...

i think that with the decline of chinese population proportion in this beloved nation,MCA will become obsolete.Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Very well spoken. BN-MCA will die a natural death.
Keep up the good work.

Don't forget the pledges made.

Malaysia for Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Well, you know what they say about nor being able to teach an old dog new tricks.

Slowly and surely MCA, and the rest of BN, is starting to become irrelevant in Malaysia political arena.

With the same faces around waiting for new projects/contracts, they might as well seal the coffin with concrete, instead of nailing it shut.

A new dawn has arrived for Malaysia and i trust those elected will not let the country down.

As for me, I will put my migration plans on hold.

Steven Tan said...

all the best to you, Tony~!

NEO said...

Hi Tony,

I think they "Get It" espeacially the MCA President. In fact they are quite smart by "re-branding" MCA (a chinese NGO) into chinese political party.

In fact they are the only NGO in Malaysia which is being offer ministry post by the BN government.

But being as an NGO, all MCA candidate shall only contest as "Independant candidate" if they are not willing to join UMNO or MIC

Anonymous said...

true true, I agree that as a representation, oblivious to what party you are from, shold deliver the promises and services to ALL PEOPLE, but not just a specific group of community.

Racial diffrentiation should tone down in this matter. and I do believe that tony pua has what it is to bring in more improvements to the nation, to ALL people!

Anonymous said...

from an insider, in fact they are going to scale down all activities and they are not going to serve and put in more efforts in penang, perak and kedah...

is this the idea of 'serving' the people?
my GOD... i'm juz too sad...

Anonymous said...

tell me about it.

Anonymous said...

Yup. That is why they can't talk about crime, about corruption, about, judicial integrity - all not race based. They are all in it together and if UMNO don't change, they can't change either.

BN formula has limited life-span and they know it, they just did not think it would start to end so quickly.

Anonymous said...

I’m totally agreed with you, YB.

Every Malaysian has their own reason why they don’t vote for BN especially MCA, but the reason is not because Chinese or Malay or Indian, this is Malaysian people reason.

We need a 21st century leader and government for Malaysia such that we can be more dynamic and competitive in future especially in globalization world.

Malaysian has a lot great and smart citizen, they not just highly educate but they also a great leader like you YB, but due to BN in control of government for 50 years, only their own colonies has been selected to be leader, this leader don’t have a strong support from Malaysian. They are selected because he is my brother, he is my son-in-law, he is my son, he is my wife brother. As a citizen of Malaysia we want a leader of people, not a leader because he is my son-in-law.

doofus said...

Goody. i get the leave the first commment. Well MCA & MIC are obsolute. Their ego's have clouded their minds. I say let them me. Let Darwin-ism take its course.

Btw, when are the rakyat going to see new job openings within the state govt? You're cleaning hse, and I for one wouldn't mind being a part of it.

The Way I See It said...

Tahniah YB,

Moga YB akan berjaya menjalankan amanah dan tanggungjawab yang telah di beri oleh Rakyat.

Cuma nasihat saya, didalam sebarang perubahan jangan lah kita lupa untuk sentiasa memandang ke bawah dan sentiasa berada di dalam realiti.

Apa saja yang kita ideal kan akan mengambil masa untuk dilaksanakan. Kita haruslah berusaha untuk pembaharuan dan sedar akan apa kah dia 'limitation' yang ada pada kita.

Kita hanya baru menang satu 'battle' tetapi kita masih jauh dari memenangi 'war' ini.

BN akan bangkit semula dan pada masa itulah Barisan Rakyat akan diuji.

Didalam menperjuangkan 'idealisma' kita, kita haruslah bijak mangatur strategi. Jika kita dipandang sebagai terlalu cepat merubah, maka akan ada satu 'push' yang kuat dari rakyat sendiri.

Kemenangan ini bukan lah kemenangan mutlak atau hanya hasil dari ideologi kita sahaja. Kita harus sedar yang sebahagian adalah undi protes yg bersifat 'seasonal'. Sejarah telah menbuktikan ini di masa pemerentahan PAS di Terengganu. PAS hanya menang kerana protes diatas kes Anwar Ibrahim.

Banyak dari kerusi DAP juga adalah kerana sokongan pengundi Melayu yang memprotes...

Segala perubahan mestilah mengambil kira sentimen2 kaum, kerana kita terlalu lama dibentuk begitu!

BN akan memainkan lagu ini untuk 5 tahun yang mendatang... Kita tidak mau kejayaan ini sebagai satu kejayaan sementara.

Tidak semua rakyat bersetuju dengan ideologi yang kita gunakan.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barisan Nasional has problems in accepting the fact that they are facing natural death probably in 2012.

Doesn't matter, just make sure that our political opposition parties do their jobs honestly in the next 4 years and you can bet that BN will die naturally sooner or later.

Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

Anonymous said...

First of all, many congratulations on DAP's victory in this election! The setback of the corrupt and ineffecient BN is a good thing for Malaysians.
However, I have a few worries:
1. Given that DAP denied formal ties with PAS during the election campaign, its alliance with PAS to form the Perak and Selangor state governments will raise questions of political principles.
2. DAP publicly critised Gerakan of bowing down to UMNO's demand of the deputy CM post in Penang in the election campaign. However, now that DAP is the ruling party in Penang, and that PKR is fighting for the deputy CM post, DAP will end up in a very embarrasing situation if it gives the post to PKR.
(Part 1)

Anonymous said...

Ong K.T... Just like Samy Vellu (and any other minister), hv very very thick skin. What happen to the look east concept. In Japan, ministers quit when the fail/unwanted. But not here... THEY WILL STAY ON... AND ON AND ON... Bugger, these fellas last as long as the Duracell bunny.

Last but not least, KUDOS to you and DAP. Sunday's news was the best news ever. Now, The Star are 'force' to feature more opposition stories (as compare to lastweek... BN, BN,BN...) and finally acknowledge the oppositions is a force to be reckon with...


myop101 said...

OKT is hoping to appeal to extreme chinese chauvinists out there. which is sad considering that we should also think about other people from other races, creed and religion which equally shares the same sun shine and rain as any chinese here in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

That was the point of losing.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I talked to one incumbent MCA rep who is obviously still sore about losing his seat, he told me that if by voting for the opposition will bring more benefits for the Chinese, then it is a good thing. I replied, that I voted as a Malaysian first and not as a Chinese and my hope is to see Malaysian as One and not through race. He was stumped.

Work hard Tony.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony

DAP's Malaysians First is good but whether DAP will put they preach is another thing. I agreed OKT still didn't get Malaysian aspiration.

I attended few DAP's ceramah before the election. I observed, the majority of attendees are non Malay. So, I made a conclusion that DAP is still being perceived as a Chinese party. To become a party that uphold the spiritof Malaysians First, DAP have to 'remove' the image of being labelled as Chinese party. It's still a long way to go and I hope DAP will make it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony Congrats I voted for you and DAP . Please dont let us down or else next elections change again!! anyways i am extremely proud of you and BARISAN RAKYATS success it shows that we malaysians
are not racist like everyone says we are. I was proud to be there at the ss2 ceramah!!! RPK and all you guys . Altough raining I still stood there. Makkal Sakthi!!!!!!!!
Take care and may god bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Those none chinese that voted for him should wake up now. Racial politics is so outdated, go DAP!

Anonymous said...

(Part 2)
3. Given that DAP has the most seats in Perak legistative assembly, giving the post of Perak MB to a Malay Muslim from PKR or PAS seems to go against the opposition's stance against race-based politics and pledge for meritocracy.
The following will certainly raise problems of political principles
Before 8/3: 'BN's race-based politics is unacceptable. Why should we discriminate on the basis of race?'
After: 'Owing to the constitutional restrictions in Perak, the MB should be a Malay Muslim'
(by couldn't the BN cite this in defence of their 'race-based politics' much attacked by Anwar himself?)
Appointing the MB on the basis of race and religion also goes against the principle of meritocracy advocated by DAP.
DAP is treading on dangerous waters here. If they back down on the grounds of expediency or to preserve unity within the opposition coalition, I'm afraid MCA and GERAKAN will hurl back those criticisms and stinging attacks (such as 'who is the bodyguard of whom' [MCA the bodyguard of UMNO vs DAP the bodyguard of PKR/PAS]). The latter will say something like this: 'Now that the DAP is in power, they have begun to realise the need to compromise for 'the bigger picture'. And that's precisely what we've been doing, and fiercely attacked on.

Anonymous said...

With this thought in mind, DAP needs to be seen as a multiracial party too. Its image as a *chinese* opposition party has long been enthrenched in ppls minds. It needs to _show_ that is walking the talk and not just talking the talk.

much hope is heaped on you guys now. keeping you all in prayer for the strength, courage and sanity to make our wish come true. Our wish for a UNITED, PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY. thank you. best wishes.

Anonymous said...

It may be too early to say this, for the Barisan Alternative to have a chance to wrest control of the National Government from BN in the next five year, the electoral system must be reviewed and reformed.

As it is, the discrepancy between number of voters in urban and rural seats is too great. For example, The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency. This is grossly unfair.

Gerrymandering or the delineation of the boundaries of the parliamentary constituencies continued to give an unfair advantage to the ruling BN coalition.

Postal voting must also be reviewed as many an opposition candidate lost their chance when the postal votes are added to the final tally.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

I feel the same way abt BN's post mortem.

Most importantly, while BN sort out their own mess (I dun really care), can you now focus on the future plans for PJ Utara, Selangor and Penang (help them out on the economic bit)?

The longer BN takes to recover, the more time your team will have to build a stronger and efficient team to service the community.

Let's have MORE positivity of a new era spread in your blog abt Selangor from now on.

PJ and Penang used to be nice area to stay...but with the crime rate and indiscriminate developments, it is losing its charm at an alarming rate. I sometimes feel so uneasy each time I leave my house.

Please continue to inform us on your plans for PJ. As a resident, I've decided to get involve and give my views.

Pls do a good job for us so I have an even better reason to vote for you and DAP again the next round.

SS3 resident

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to read views like yours. Frankly I felt sick and disgusted by the race-based campaigns.
Please stick to your peldge to serve all the rakyats.

Anonymous said...


Forget about MCA. Get back to work! ;)

Lembah Pantai

Anonymous said...

So long as they don't get it, BN has lost the multi-ethnic space to DAP-PKR-PAS. So long as they don't get it, they're doomed to extinction.

Technica Systems said...

The institution that OKT is associated has been drunk with power for the past 5 decades. The past 2 days have only been the sobering stage of his mental recovery. So, can't blame him for still being cocooned in a shell. In any event, admitting that MCA is irrelevant to the chinese would be the death knell for him and the party. Denial might keep him and MCA existing for at least another 5 years.

btw, congrats on your victorious debut. I look forward to Parliament sessions that will engage in more intellectual debates and rise above primitive name-calling. With you on board, along with Jeff, Tian Chua and so many others, we can finally see that.

Anonymous said...

I think MCA has no choice but only do that because that's how BN works. Now everyone knows too that BN is basically race based domnitated by UMNO. In other words, BN is UMNO having minority chinese "fighting" for the rights of chinese.

Their policy is UMNO serves the Malays, MCA serves the chinese, MIC serves the Indian, other races they have to pray to God for help! Unless they restructure the entire organization, there's no way BN can serve Malaysians. But because they preserves the Malay's special privileges, a high percentage of Malays will still support BN. We all can understand as far as that aspect is concern, so I hope DAP can help the malays too. When I say malays, I mean not the rich ones, not Zakaria with an Istana of course!

Having said that, what I worried specifically in states with BN majority. They will play the race cards again to discriminate the minorities, this time it will be worse (maybe as a revenge, who knows).

That is what I believe will happen when he (Ong Ka Ting) said the chinese voices will not be heard because now the BN government has less chinese representatives in the cabinet (again race issues).

If now chinese has less representatives in cabinet, I was wondering how about other races? They must be doomed then!

Anyway, I'm really glad to hear from Jeff Ooi's blog that he will show how Penang can be an exemplary showcase of how a nation can thrive without succumbing to the outdated New Economic Policy. Can PKR do that too? I hope so, so that the malays do not ever have to depend on BN's policies.

What I also hope is PKR is also a party that serves all Malaysians, otherwise there would be no difference to BN.

Anyway, all the best and we hope to see you all success including BN. I wish them sucess. Hope they don't get emotional about it and get personal about race issues.

An excerpt from The Edge regarding what the investors think...

"What investors do not want to see is parties fighting each other at the expense of the people and the country. Decisions have to be made as to how development irrespective of their differences. It must not be a stalemate. Now all decisions made have to be truly in the interest of the people regardless of racial and religious lines"

I think this is VERY TOUGH if BN do not change. Good luck!

PabloPabla said...

Congrats Tony!

And yes, they just don't get it and refused to get it.

Anonymous said...

Once the Parliament begin, suggest to bring up this issue to recognize all of us as Bangsa Malaysia instead of Chinese, India, Malay etc.

This will help us, Malaysian to be united!

Anonymous said...

YB Tony Phua,

You are right.
* I heard your interview with radio 988 today.

Meiyen said...

Time to start working and stop being picky. You've won don't have to campaign anymore. Time to walk the talk and tell us what you are up to. Forget BN! You are in management now, so show us!

Anonymous said...

If they choose not to get it Tony, let them be. MCA/BN had misread the will of the people. The silent majority have grown tired of race-based politics, divide & rule practices and being taken for fools.

MCA/BN better take a hard look at themselves if they want to stay relevant. The people has grown matured. We transcend race and creed. Ignore that at your peril. This may just be the beginning of the end ....


Anonymous said...

Come on.. DAP is not race-based? You got to be kidding. Since when DAP won a seat from Malay-dominated constituent? Mind you, Perak state is run by a Malay chief minister eventhough you guys have the biggest numebrs. You call that not racially motivated? DAP is just another mini-MCA - no different. You got the vote today just because people just wanted to voice there anger, not because you or DAP was performing better. I think you are the one who didn't get it, it was Anwar and the Malay who helped you guys onto power. Not even a mention of thanks to the Malay. Shame on you.

Unknown said...

Pleas spend your time in getting down to the more serious daunting task ahead.Be humble in your victory. It's not your business on what other's run their party platform

Anonymous said...

Will the Barisan govt invite PKR to join them? This is a distinct possibility. Just as Anwar has not ruled out accepting BN MPs from joining PKR if they suscribed to their policies.
I think now could be the best time for all junior partners to abandon ship and join the Barisan Alternatif.

Anonymous said...

They will never understand! They only fight for their own interest.

We are all Malaysians.

They are now the opposition in the other 5 states.

We have good faith and trust in you, Tony. We hope to see a better Malaysia and for me who stays in PJU, I hope we will see the changes soon.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Well said! Tony. Our country MUST break free from racial politics and focus on economy/social politics for MALAYSIANS!


Ching said...

BN as a whole will have to make major reform or they will be obsolete in the next few years.

It seems most of BN's support is from the rural people. Generally, easily pleased and more simple minded, like the people from my home state Sarawak. One day, BN may lose their support once they become more 'sophisticated'.

Unless, of course, the oppositions save them by performing poorly (which I hope won't happen).

BTW, who is going to be Perak MB?

Unknown said...










Thai Hau said...

Why they so love race based politic? Ask Ong start to learn read ppl blog in internet.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the opposition won big is due largely to the hatred of the ruling party's arrogance and their excesses. These coupled with other issues like Hindraf, Lingam tape body snatching caused BN to fall.
I don't think this feat can be repeated. However if you prove yourselves to be better than the previous govt in administering the states we may give you that chance again.
But I have no doubt BN in opposition will give you a tough time and at the same time try to regain their support by all sorts of ways. Your people will have to work doubly hard to show us rakyat you are the better choice.

Anonymous said...

I feel that the most important message that the mainstream media must constantly be bombarded with is that aspiration... that DAP is working for all Malaysians and that it is time to move away from race-based politics. I pray that we will be able to realise this hope. Good luck and God watch over you.

mytrainmaster said...

Pls forgive them. They are still in shock from the GE08 results. That's the reason why MCA did not win. "Old kids on the block" mentality. When will they ever change? Wake up and smell the roses.

Good luck YB. I am sure you will go a great job. I will be watching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A piece of advice for DAP...

Anonymous said...

DAP + PKR would be a truly a multi-racial coalition.

Superimpose the ROCKET onto the PKR logo... and you will have a perfect new logo - a ROCKET flanked by two symmetrical crescents.

BN = UMNO + castrated dogs.
With the castrated dogs roasted in the GE 12, the backbone of the UMNO is broken too.

LEt all race based politics PERISH into the deepest pit.

Unknown said...

There's nothing much MCA can do unless UMNO took the lead to breakdown the race barrier. It is difficult for BN component parties to have an agenda to hold its struggle now which partisan politics have serve them well. The underlying problem is that when one serve a particular community, the ugly personality values creep in. Leaders tend to be self centered, selfish and arrogant. One can only learn of unity by watching how DAP top guns cover each other in ceramahs running here and there just like in a football match the striker also plays the role of tackling and defending not normally associated of its role.
This can't be seen from BN leaders. They are too preoccupied with their own position till they leave others to fend on their own. No wonder when they met their waterloo, they were like sore losers. One can only relate this to a MCA leader when asked to comment on his future after losing, he only adds that he will be spending time with his family and concentrating on his business. A true leader which has the community at heart should continue to serve whether he wins or not.
This will serve a timely reminder that to be the people representative is life time profession.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your victory, and the victory of the people against race based politics. Now is the time for DAP, PKR and PAS to put their money where their mouth is and get down to work for the people. The whole country is watching,if you and your fellow MPs and ADUNs can make this work in all the states that you have won, then, next round, you have a big chance to take the country.
If you fail, the people will respond too.
Do not let the print media take away the credit from your team. Develop the alternative media so that we have an avenue to find the truth.
We need not worry too much about those who spew venon and uneducated diatribes against what is right. I always believe that one day, the truth will prevail, as it has, on March 8th 2008.

Good luck and all the best.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, this is the direction we should go. "All men are created equal", Thomas Jefferson wrote it in 1776, it took American almost two hundred years to put it into practice. I hope we all anak bangsa Malaysia can make it a reality in daily life starting now, why wait so long if we know this is the right way to go?
We have changed it, we now live it.

Anonymous said...

What has "RACE" got to do with it?

I 1000% agree.

We are all MALAYSIAN.

If MCA represent us for another five years, we'll lose all our rights for our children and the future generation.

Even some immigrants has more right than us.

We need our voice to be heard and equal right to work in any gov services, equal right for promotions and etc. We didin't elect them to clean drains everytime before election. Our right as MALAYSIAN will go into the drains by then.

We need a fair and clean government. We need a government that will stand for us and provide to the rakyat not swindle the rakyat.

Be a clean GOVERNMENT and give us the best reason to vote for you again the next election

Michelle Foo said...

You are right! They are still using their decades old philosophy to lead the country. Without changing their mindset, whatever plans and policies that are coming out will not bring any progress to our country and eventually put their party to death. Sad...

Anonymous said...

Please don't comment so much until we see YOUR work is being started/(half)completed as promised.....

Patriotic1994 said...

My wist list after election,

Anonymous said...

Well, don't we know. they are arrogant and corrupted politician!They alway "Kow Tow" and even sell their own people! Now they learn their lesson! Not to be forgiven!

Benkaiser said...

-Restoring the Malaysian in Me-

I've never really felt like a true Malaysian ever since I became conscious about national identity, mainly due to my schooling, upbringing and the existence of foreign blood in me. Malaysia was just a physical place that I grew up. As I attended an international school I never understood what it means to be Malaysian despite holding the nationality.

Identifying with Singapore was natural as there is where half of my blood came from. Second was my identity as a Chinese owing to my strong Chinese cultural upbringing in my family. Third was that I understood more of Europe and the western world because of my education. In a way, I felt like a foreigner and that feeling was amplified by my inability to speak Bahasa Malaysia.

Throughout my years growing up I came to understand that being a Malaysian is not the same as being a citizen treated impartially and fairly by the government like in other countries. We are classified as different races and treated differently based on our skin colour. This is done when we call our country, Home.

I always thought why? Singapore is basically our blood brothers and sisters but they can function where everyone is the same and treated equally. I still remember the Singaporean song, 'One People, One Nation, One Singapore', but I just can't seem to identify Malaysian as 'One People, One Nation, One Malaysia'.

In addition, the superb inefficiency and corruption really turn me off and still do. I am sure many of us feel the same. We question when will the day that everyone can be of One People and become a corrupt-free nation. With the exception of some activists and politicians, many resigned to the fact that is not achievable in our lifetime. Not even in the next 50 years.

At times I would day dream of the perfect Malaysia with equality, justice, freedom, democracy, efficient, corruption-free and a supercharged economy. Why not? It is not rocket science as we have the bedrock of a common law system that can work very well, provided that judges are fair and impartial, abundance of natural resources and a hardworking and intelligent population. If Singapore can do it without any resources why can't Malaysia?

Until 8th March 2008, being a Malaysian means we have to be at the whims and fancy of those in power, the BN and its cronies. But after that date, Malaysia came back into me and the idea of Malaysia for Malaysians suddenty became credible and workable. The key is to join hands, regardless of race, and make Malaysia a better place. We can do it if we believe in it and the fact you have voted for change, something that was almost impossible to dream of before the polls, is our first step towards achieving the goal.

If we don't give up, we can do it and restore the real Malaysian in us.

"We will surely get to our destination if we join hands."

- Aung San Suu Kyi

-One People, One Nation, One Malaysia-

Anonymous said...

Please keep to your word that you will serve ALL Malaysians. Many malays are still sceptical of DAP's political stance (too secular) but voted for DAP nonetheless in the name of Barisan Rakyat.

Let's prove to the Malays and other races that DAP does indeed work for Malaysia and not serve just ANY race!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats the only reason why its called Malaysian Chinese Association. Unless they decide to call it something else, it will forever be the same!

Anonymous said...

MCA just never change isn't it? They still don't realize the mistakes the had.

Congratulation for getting voted into the parliament.. I hope you and your brothers and sisters in DAP will work hard for the people and show to MCA that DAP is capable in making Malaysia a better country!

Ensure no corruption in Malaysia politics (Catch all the politicians involved in corruptions like Chan Kong Choy, Samy Vellu) !

Anonymous said...

Well, time will tell. He is no one to me anymore. I am more interested in seeing the change in Selangor and Penang.

I expect the more transparent state government. I suggest to learn from Dato Ong Tee Keat, to publish the allocated fund on the web.

Arena Green said...

Congratulations Tony! I look forward to DAP leading by example in the coming months ahead.

Anonymous said...

Yes, can't teach an old dog new tricks... MCA still doesn't get that we have rejected racial politics... out with the old, in with the new!!!!

Congratulations YB Tony :)

btw, is lim kit siang's site suspended due to 'spams' from thousands of well wishes?

Anonymous said...

I also dont get it.

You mean they have been working for the Chinese before, and now they will continue? I think they have been working more for themselves!!

What have the done against corruption, crime, injustice, erosion of rights, erosion of religious freedom..etc. These are not "Chinese" by any stretch of imagination.

To OKT, this election result is not a wake up call. This is a kick in the butt... enough is enough. Malaysians have chosen.. Listen.

Anonymous said...

thats the attitude the ppl are sick of being pigeonholed due to heir birth. they have voted in unprecedented numbers to consign racial politics to the dustbin of history. bangsa malaysia is what we all aspire to be. do keep this blog active as its a very powerful avenue for u to listen to the ppl and interact with them. they have voted overwhelmingly for u in the hope that u will be able to institute beneficial changes, if u and the rest of the adminstration bring back the local elections that would be a great step. dont disappoint the ppl. good luck and be vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Tony! I fully agree with you. They still don't get it. We serve all races. MCA is too emphasize on serving the Chinese community. They can serve the non Chinese community too! Why they have to always "fight"? Aren't we Malaysian too? If they want to win the next general election, they must work even harder to earn back the votes from "everyone". But I believe Tony you will do even better than them! Keep up the good works!!! We are waiting for you to serve the country! From Victor Yong

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tony,
I know u from a financial magazine...tat time I was attracted to ur philosophy n thoughts...With ur
determination, belief and hardwork thought out this years, U've made it..V r Malaysians...I know that u r fighting the better future for all the Malaysians....U r my role model....It's our blessings to have such a great YB...Keep it up....

Anonymous said...

This development is good for Malaysia. AAB continue their money politics and MCA still call UMNO as father. So in 4 years I hope we will see DAP & PKR forming the government. A lot of hard work, please count the Johorean, the Dayaks, Kandazans and the Chinese in East Malaysia. They should be the main target for PKR and DAP. If you could find a solution to gain their support you will see bright future for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Tony, You are not "RACIAL". But please watch Bernama News Broadcast especially when some "experts" were invited to talk about the candidates for MB in Perak, Penang, Selangor. Those so-called political analysts asked whether Malays outside Penang can accept DAP or PKR(non Malays) to be the MB. They pointed out that Malays in Penang may have been used to it even before Independence, but not Malays in other states. Furthermore DAP is to abolish NEP which they claimed as part of the Social Contract. Can we allow Bernama to have such press freedom to talk "nonsenses"?

Anonymous said...

MCA = Main Cina Aje

Work must be done to educate the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, etc that although we have different customs, religions, and color of skin, we are all Malaysians. We are all in the same boat. We drink the same water and we breathe the same air. If we poison one, we poison all.

To succeed, we must have access to fair media so that we can reach out to the less informed, those still clinging on to the notion of racial divide. Now that the opposition is in power in states like Penang, Kedah and Selangor, I believe that one of the very first thing to do is to correct the imbalance of the news reporting by the BN controlled media.

How, I am not too sure. Perhaps, the state can grant Malaysiakini a print license for the publication of an alternative newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation over your success and of course DAP success. Rakyat has showed their trust and confidence to DAP who believe strongly in Malaysia for Malaysian. I will like to urge DAP to create value for this new political era in malaysia. An era which goes beyond races and religion. Pls ensure DAP realise the promised manisfesto. Most importantly, make Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor a model state for malaysia. cheers

Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your & all the DAP candidates success. However, please be reminded that power & wealth might change a person mind...hope that all DAP leaders will continue with their vision and promise to serve the country & people.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. This is the new political landscape. If the opposition make good on their promises, there will be no more 2/3 for any ruling parties in future. This is good for check and balance.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your triumph.

I really hope that for the rakyat's sake, Barisan Alternatif will walk the talk and provide more transparency on government business dealings as well as be more accountable on political undertakings.

As we all know, power corrupts. It is our fervent hope that Barisan Alternatif will not abuse their powers now that they have been given a new mandate to serve the people. To be frank, Barisan Alternatif need to prove to the rakyat that they have what it takes to provide effective governance.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

I see that DAP may be “under pressure” as a result of the unexpected control in Penang, Perak and Selangor.

Performance by DAP will closely monitored by the BN. Expectation from Rakyat is extremely high.

DAP has in the past only oppose and criticising role but never in the operations before, more like arm-chair critics without really operating the government. DAP must acknowledge that, the real business environment is not the same in business school.

DAP must be PRAGMATIC in its approach so that it does not stifle the economic activities. Idealism would not work which curtails the growth and attractiveness to investors (local and foreign).

BN will use its machinery to harp any weakness by DAP and destroy the credibility of DAP to win back the support by next election.

DAP MPs need to be careful also not fall trap by “vultures” and “sour grapes” now trying to engage DAP and making use of the MP in the Parliament for their self- interest. DAP can be trapped, embarrassed and its credibility tarnished.

DAP need to get appropriate people with INTEGRITY and EXPERTISE to run the government. But this could be a challenge to DAP – right people with integrity are not easy to find and DAP has very limited time ~ only 5 years.

On the other hand the Keadilan people are savvy in business, Anwar Ibrahim has the control and influence of large of business network (remember before his downfall in 1998). Don’t forget Anwar has been in Government before. How is DAP going to have effective check and balance on your partners?

Remember DAP is now running a “business “now, your machinery is URGENTLY required. Keadilan has been well-prepared.

It will be very difficult to clear the mess created last 50 years, but if the bleeding , abuses, wastages, stealing and raping of country recourses can be minimised substantially, I consider it will be a success in the next 5 years.

ELECTORAL - Gerrymandering
The boss of ACA

Wish DAP all the best!

Most importantly, DAP must “Cakap Mesti Bikin Siap Siap”

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Don't watse your breadth on MCA. They will never grow up or accept why the votes didn't go to them. They can do all the post-mortem analysis but it will just hit bedrock. They are too many jurassic politicians there & yes-mens that just want to make sure their bank accounts are fat enough for few generations. Sad to say, MCA didn't evolve. Most of the MCA leaders are just caretakers of the past regime to safeguard their personal interest.

Did any of the BN leaders actually called up the Oppositions leaders to congratulate them? I wouldn't think so. This is just how mature these politicians are & for some reason, they believe it is their right to be there...hence the privileges. They forgot they were there to serve the people & clearly blinded by the sign of $$$.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that racial politics of BN has no future but what about the reiligious politics of PAS of which most malaysians are quite uncomfortable with. Maybe you could enlighten us what does PAS truly represent?


Grace Tan said...

I am tiring of Chinese, Malay, Indian, etc...
This becomes a barrier for all the races.
We shall work towards one race - Malaysian regardless to the colour of skin.
Keep it on, Tony.

stocktube said...

agreed with you tony ... but you can't blame okt since the concept within bn is very different from the real world ...

and to still listen to the old song of conducting post-mortem to find the reasons on the defeat when the facts are there written on the wall ...

anyway, congrats ...


Anonymous said...

They definite doesn't get it, and refuse to get it.

But I hope you get idea of
resist resist the use of YB title! .

Many new faces from DAP are entering the Parliament and state assembly. Once can easily get lost when they get use to people calling them "YB".

No, even YB alternate meaning "Yang Berkhimat" are not acceptable. The title temptation are great.

Anonymous said...

(1) It is suggested to media the way to sustainable change.

(2) Should police beat be introduced, periodic public assessment and hence reward system can be considered.


Anonymous said...

Only if Umno let its 'machai' freedom to speak and act with 'conscience', the results of 12th General Election will not have the tsunami effect. Even then, the race-based politics of BN will still fail the coalition ultimately.

I see the 12th General Election as the beginning of the 'real sense' multi-racial politics. We can see this from the trend of voting from all races of Malaysia, particularly in the land of 'Tanah Melayu' (Semenanjung Malaysia). Hope to see this trend in East Malaysia.

I hope this trend will be followed with 'fair play and merit base' in states under oppositions.

MCA ia obsolete to me.

Anonymous said...

None of the BN MPs and State Assemblypersons knows (I am not interested if their ordinary members do) this fact up until now.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear.

And I hope the leaders of the Opposition will stop their members from really ugly jostling for recognition and position.

PAS seems already trying to assert their ways on others. I hope PKR and DAP makes PAS more understanding of modern country administration needs and that no religion should feel threatened, no matter Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the real issue is that he cannot see otherwise because, as far as their worldview goes, that is their only reason to exist. To deny one's very reason to exist is a very difficult thing to do.

Anonymous said...

sad news...

TsuChong said...

Hi Tony (now YB! Hooray),

Just a quick question/suggestion.

Is it possible for the state gov of Penang to set up it's own local newspaper?

That would greatly help in providing the people of Penang with unbiased stories.

Or is it beyond the power of the state gov?

Anyway, best wishes and work hard!

Unknown said...

why bothert telling them the obvious. just get down to work, Tony. the burden is now on you to deliver.
best wishes, Tony.

Wah Lau said...

Too True!!!
Malaysians have awaken, why the BN leaders are still sleeping??

Anonymous said...

Yes. You are so right!!
As a malaysian chinese, I do not want a party who cares ONLY for the chinese....
what we need is fairness, & an open mided country...
DO NOT let "racial" issue becomes an obstruct among the citizens...we are all one family...
GO GO GO DAP!!!We will support u!!!

Eric Koh said...

U still don't get it. MCA had a very long history for Chinese in Malaysia. may be u are grown up in s'pore u don't know, how importanta chinese association exist in m'sia, since we are malaysian. if u represent malaysians and not specifically Chinese, wat for we choose u, and wat are u so different than BN. Malay have their own group to protect, and Indian also. Read the history of penang, why was Gerakan so strong in Penang? It's simply because they don't want non chinese to become chief there. If u r not coming out an image to protect chinese right. u will lose in next GE. Sometime to be a politician, u have to be selfish, and u can not say " I am jesus, to save all people" Yes there will be people to hate u very much because t=u protect one race, but there will be people who love u very much because u protect their race. Sorry to say that u bneed to be selfish because people are selfish.

luxen said...

Tony, I believe there is enough opposition parliament members to form a shadow cabinet now. Only then can specific issues with each ministry can be addressed as the shadow minister would have been following it. This would be good governance training for the opposition.

Show the people that the barisan rakyat can share power and manage the economy by forming an effective shadow cabinet.

WY said...

let them be obselete. i hope samy vellu and okt and paklah will still be around next GE

jwhx said...

Malaysia for Malaysians! Thanks and please work hard, good luck!

Anonymous said...

What has "RACE" got to do with it? You tell me. RACE is why PAS member declared himself Perak MB inspite of the number of seats won by DAP, PAS and PKR there. Apparently with the agreement of DAP. Unless all that is printed is not true.

Anonymous said...

Since has MCA ever got it right, anyway?

whitebutt said...

well, OKT's brother didnt get it too. Todays paper have him demonising PAS, calling DAP liars for working with PAS. I am actually quite happy with DAP working with PAS, and vice versa. It shows political maturity, erosion of racial/religion politics, and a very promising step towards TRUE NATIONAL UNITY, unlike the hypocrites in BN, who claims to be "for all", but mindset and actions are still very divided along race and religion. They dont get it. Malaysian are feeling lost and hopeless, because we still dont see true unity after 50 years. In fact it seems to have deteriorated. THAT IS WHY WE VOTED LIKE THIS. Not rising roti canai prices. We want a better home. We can live poor, but not live with hate. We must learn to have respect for each other, and this includes religion, culture and anything that is alien to us. We are ALL MALAYSIANS.

Again i applaud DAP and PAS for all their openness, putting aside their past differences and willingness to work together for a united malaysia. PAS's graciousness in according DAP's sole rep in Kedah an EXCO position is exemplary.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I am hoping that Najib will not take over as Prime Minister. He has shown certain strong characteristics you highlighted in Ong Ka Ting. He also said Malaysia is an Islamic State before.

His economic policies are untested, and I do not trust his capabilities in resolving the fractional UMNO issues. If my suspicions are right, then it only means that he will screw up worse than Abdullah.

What next? We have seen all these before in Mahathir's time. Blame Singapore. Nitpick every damn thing we can and pick arguments to distract citizens from our own deficiencies. Do we really need another cold front with Singapore, when we can tap on their experience to leapfrog and develop our own country, and they gain business opportunities from us? I am hoping that I am all wrong. But the signs are heavy and worrying.

Anonymous said...

Ya, i agree with what you said. As Malaysian, I hope you (DAP) can do well and serve to the public in the future.

Khairul Nizar said...

That is my wish also that all parties will work for all Malaysian.

No one ... irrespective of race gets left behind.

BTW ... Congrats Tony.

(your constituent)

Anonymous said...

Not only does the MCA ministers don't get it, even the UMNO ministers themselves thinks they have loads of supporters.

Unknown said...

Congrats. Mission accomplished. Now that you have picked up 4 nails, make sure you sharpen and galvanize them to nail their coffin when next election comes.

Now that the euphoria dissipates and reality sinks in, its time to get serious and fulfill the promises.

P/s: please learn from the mistake of DPP of taiwan.

Anonymous said...

While it may still be some way to go, but what happened on 838 could well mark the beginning of the end of racial/communal based politics in Malaysia.
If he is still unable to shake off the effects of being continually drunk on UMNO cheap wine, he will soon be destined to the history books. DINOSAUR-ONG has no more place. I hope he does not need a push. What a disgrace! It is insulting the Chinese for him to make that claim.

Richard Lee said...

Agreed. Race based politics is coming to an end. More so the needs for DAP to actively engage in policy to recruit more calibre Malays into the ranks. Look at Perak, DAP captured the most seats but couldn't even name a malay nominee for MB post. With this change of political landscape, DAP is capable to bring in more Malays members. JUST CHANGE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony, MCA has never understood it. Never get it. MCA party is for dumb ass or people who prefer to be fooled for the longest time.

Since MCA is on the subject of "Chinese". And since you have studied in Singapore, you should know how big of a difference the education is in Singapore compared to our home Malaysia. What have MCA done to promote Chinese language?

In Singapore, Indians & Malays are embracing Chinese language because they know they will be trading more with China in future. More business, more opportunities and more career prospect related to China.

In one China university debates aired by ChannelNewsAsia before, undergraduates of universities from the world over debated in Chinese. Indians, Europeans, Middle Easterns, etc. speak fluent chinese language. They are embracing this language for a long time now.

What did MCA do to promote this language? where? when? How?

Promoting Chinese Language is not about race. People must realize this. It is about for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they still don't get it. Very stubborn. The rakyat has spoken through the ballot box, but these morons still closed their ears.
I'm a Buddhist and I believe in "karma". Today's news said that Zakaria Mat Deros has died of heart attack. This is karma. And, the whole lot of BN leaders who did a lot of bad things will be punished by their own actions. It's the working of "karma". You better believe it.

sitting duck said...

strategically and politically, its better that BN parties do not merge into one multiracial party and continue to play the race based politics. this will help barisan rakyat get a simple majority, if not 2/3 in the next election.

hope you'll be able to fulfil our manifesto.


Anonymous said...

Yes Ong Ka Ting still doesn't get it

Hishamuddin still doesn't get it

Khairy still doesn't get it

Rustam still doesn't get it

Noh Omar's blame on chinese disloyalty disgusts me.

So-called political analysts interviewed on mainstrem media apparently still don't get it

Race-based party is no longer relevant. Hopefully DAP will be as 'physically' colourful as PKR in multiracial terms.

Unknown said...

Let them meet their own deaths whichever way they want, we rakyat cannot wait for them to change. The new wave of change will sweep aside those who still cocoon themselves in the old racial political mentality.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Very True, but one could not immediately move towards Malaysian Malaysia. Maybe GE13, possibly (condition a real NEP come into being, in its real spirit!)

The whole population would be seeing what BR could do in the next 4-5 years.

Careful on your coalition (enemies within), ensure all are looking at the betterment of Malaysian and not moving towards racial or religion again.

It would be unsettling if any curb on non-Islamic activities even it Kedah, Perak & Selangor

Also BR should forget in forming Federal Government, prove to all that you could govern the state first, even without full Federal coorperation. Be innovative!

Forming Federal under BR now, is going to give red alerts to investors!

Crawl then walk then run

But remember you are suppose to be warmed up by now, as the game is starting!! :)

Anonymous said...

What amazes is the reaction of the BN leaders (both at the national and state level)! They pronounced they have to hold post-mortems to find what went wrong for them. Clearly shows how out of touch they are from the people they profess they want to serve.

MCA, MIC – the people you profess you are representing are telling you that they don’t see you standing up for their basic rights and that they don't see any future staying with you because you don’t exhibit the courage necessary to take such a stand.

UMNO – the Indians and the Chinese, as well as an increasing number of Malays, are fed-up with the arrogant and overbearing attitude of your elected representatives at all levels. They are also telling you they are suffering under the abuses of the bureaucrats who implement your policies.

Of course, Hishamuddin, Nazsri, Ali Rustam, Mohd. Khir Toyo, Khairy and the comedians in the parliament did great harm your cause. They are the straws that ‘broke the camel's back'. They delivered the votes to the opposition!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken. We have given you the chance to be different. the people have given you the power to change.

We're watching and listening everyday. .. hoping we are not wrong. Show us.

Shopaholicfern said...

Hi Tony...i came across your blog 2 days before the election. Didn't get to make a donation ;-)
however, i'm quite happy with the results of the election.

Although the opposition has won many seats, but this coming years is crucial to determine the result of the next Election.
If the oppositions (DAP, PKR, PAS) can work together, be harmonised, and give good performance, then there will be more winnings to come in future and vice versa.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to you and to DAP!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope my comments get accross the board.

Pls acknowledge the ppl who have helped you.

1) Give acknowledgement to Raja Petra & Haris Ibrahim. If they didn't take the step forward & speak out, i doubt the ceramahs you had will be successful.

Pls don't give them titles or awards. What you can reward them is bandwith. Malaysia Today is really experiencing a crawl. I'm sure raja petra would appreciate it. If UK govt can sponsor BBC & all bbc does is ketuk tony blair, bandwith should be no problem.

2) ISA. As soon, as govt is formed, we need to get our ISA detainees out. They've been tortured enough in there.

3) Grant malaysiakini it's newspaper license. They've been asking for it for ages but still not getting it.

4) Keep up your blogs. Some of us are afraid, you'll no longer be accessible now that you're all YB's. We all love leaving those pro & con comments to you guys.

5) Give more press freedom. Let papers like the rocket & harakahdaily be sold every where.

Joyce said...

Its obvious that they have skin thicker than elephants on their faces. We will continue to support you!

Anonymous said...

Congrate, Weng San and Tony. Most of people I know of are very happy with the poll result, despite with great surprise.

I stay at Seapark. Whenever I go for lunch at Seapark, Chau Yang or SS2, I put 60 cents for 1 hour parking, the minimum time. But I am so sure that I can finish my meal in half an hour time. My meal is only around RM 4.00, so you can count the percentage for cost spent on lunch. Also all the workers have only 1 hour for lunch, so that mean
by the time they park their car till they get back to their car after finish their lunch, they MUST spent less than 1 hour. So I suggest MPPJ should have allow us to park for minimum of half an hour (30 cents) and in increment of 10 minutes according to individual's need (10 cents per every 10 minutes). For example, pay 40 cents for 40 minutes parking. I believe this implementation will excite all PJ ppl. At same time, everyone know that got many ppl dun pay parking. This is because we don't always see MPPJ ppl do their job by patrolling and checking every car. Local council MUST make sure every area is covered and staffs do patrolling more often especially during lunch time. By enforcing these, ppl here will pay happily and MPPJ can earn more because ppl must discipline up themselves to pay. Also patrol more frequent mean can earn more through summons. Workers also will not spent longer than 1 hour on lunch after aware local council is strict on this matter. Indirectly, this will boost companys' productivity. Parking is everyday matter and it's fall under local council jurisdiction which can be solved easily compare to reduce petrol or toll price, which is national matter. Hope you can do something for ppl in PJ immediately. I also suggest to have a dedicated column for ppl to raise issues and suggestions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My friend met UMNO people today. Those people told him that 'UMNO has freezed the payment for all Penang Federal Fund'. Not sure how true it is but I hope DAP will overcome it.

dragonzone said...

Be HUMBLE and fight for all Malaysians. Never forget your vision!

dragonzone said...

Be Humble and fight for the rights of all Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

I want to know why PKR rush to become the chief of Perak state?
Regardless of race, we voted you in, YOU ALL OWE US AN EXPLANATION!

To us rakyats, both PRK and DAP represents multi racial. DAP have more seats, according to FAIR democracy process, it should be the chief of the state.

Who suggested PKR be the MB of the state when the Sultan have not made any comment?

Anonymous said...

Too bad , BN still haven't wake up.
And the formulate that bn use is too old and outdate just like windows 95. No one want to use already.

I hope we can see toll will be abolish (runtuhkan) in the future

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tony,hope you will not fail us after we have supported you and your party.God bless you and your family and remember to apply God's wisdom to serve the people.PTL from steven ckng.

Anonymous said...

MCA having internal fight instead of solving their external problem "why election loss?"

Funny oh !?

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Tony has a very huge task ahead. With his expertise and circle of friends, he has the capability to help transform the state institutions of higher learning in BA states like Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan into world class universities. Perhaps in the next 5-10 years, we would be able to see institutions like UNISEL, KISDAR, Penang Medical College and etc. among the THES top 100 universities.

Anonymous said...

Race and religion are and will be two issues for the human being. Please note that many years ago, Maldives was not an Islamic country, people there were Budhist.

Anonymous said...

To people in Kedah, do you wish your life style will be as restrictive as people in Kelantan? YOu did not realise this when you casted your vote.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

It's disturbing to hear the Fed-Gov will stop $$$ going to non-BN states for development. Do they have the right to abuse that??? Whose $$$ is it in the first place??? Isn't it every single Malaysian taxpayers $$$??? Incl. corporate tax.

Isn't this a breach of social contract if BN-gov do this on purpose to supress non-BN states??? They have already wasted 50 years of taxpayers $$$. Don't the King have any say/power in this for the sake of the Rakyat??? Forgive my ignorance. Many of us are just plain citizens which the BN-gov taken advantage of.

If so, let's call on all Malaysians to vote-BN out in the next GE so that we (the BOSS) surpress BN-states of the tax $$$ that we, our father/mother & grandparents entrusted BN for the past 50 years.

If PAS did it for 18years in Kelantan to survive without Fed-Gov $$$, why can't the other states? In fact, now that the 5 states are under the umbrella of BA or BR, the 5 states should work together economically with all the available resources - we shall have the Barisan Alternative/Rakyat Corridor !!! Perlis can join if they want...

Anonymous said...

Hey mr.tony, any chance you'll be visiting my blog? ;D fat chance -.- i know.

Anonymous said...

I'm Malaysian educated abroad and while I can't claimed I know a lot about politics, I truly appreciate diversity and democracy. The recent elections have somewhat gave the signal that Malaysia is indeed democratic. As for DAP/PKR/PAS controlling many of the states, please do your job and don't disappoint us. These 3 parties have to work together to ensure the country remained GLOBALLY competitive, united, peaceful and progressive. And, Tony, I agree with you, even being a Malaysian Chinese that race shouldn't be barrier and I dream of a time where DAP welcome the Malays/Indians and PAS/PKR openly welcome and open to all races. Of course, it's also a great achievement if one day there will be ONE party for all (period) - minus the corruption, inefficiency, backwardness and inequality. It's not too late, the time is NOW..

Anonymous said...

MCA did a favour of giving the seats to DAP. These are chinese seats anyway. Since the pattern shows Malays did not support DAP there is no reason to bother these Malays. As LGE announced today the first step is to abolish NEP, at state level first and we'll prove evreybody benefits, including Malays if they kowtow

Anonymous said...

The only reason anybody would want to join the MCA is to be able to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gains, via Ali Baba deals, etc. They are the ones who have corrupted the bumiputras and sold out their own race. That means only one thing: race-based politics DON'T work.

We need to stick together on this one and strive towards a Bangsa Malaysia - it is worth fighting for. We don't want the MCA back, they can go back to China; we are here to stay!

Be wary, those connected to MCA will now feel threatened, like a cornered animal, because their wallets are at stake. Be prepared for dirty tricks these next 5 years.

Long live Malaysia!

The Watchman said...

Tony ... CONGRATULATIONS! The work starts now. Hope you can make Malaysia a better place for ALL Malaysians. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Agree with previous blog to hold a webportal forum for PJ-ians. Of course not everyone may be using the internet but it's a start. Imagine the next few years how many more ppl will be logging on...anyway, what i would like to say is to me, what did not appeal to me about the previous YB was that too much was said about track records. The former Lembah Pantai YB also followed the same argument. Fair enough, past records are commendable but it doesn't reflect the true needs of the ppl for the future or next 4-5 years before next GE again. When you get re-elected, that will be the answer whether ppl appreciate or repay you for your services. But it goes beyond what you do for current times, it is also for future generations. That is what is close to most ppls heart & mind. I would only tell ppl what i have done if ppl ask for it, but not harp about it non-stop. Ppl don't need to be reminded constantly. Ppl want to hear new things...that's what it's all about. At the end of the day, that's what we "the Boss" pay tax for & MPs are paid by taxpayers, isn't it? So, past records are rewarded in kind from taxpayers. Unless MPs work for free...then I don't think there would be so many MPs in Parliament today.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to be Malaysian today I have tears in my eyes

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tony Pua. I am very excited in awaiting for the new changes to be seen in PJU, Selangor and especially for Malaysia. PJU is certainly glad to have DAP back and yourself representing it. Keep up your good work.

Anonymous said...

We should STOP buying The Star newspaper. We should kick the arse of those journalist! what kind of journalism are they writting! We should subscribe malaysiakini only RM15 a month!

Anonymous said...


All the best and let's make our beloved country Malaysia as the best country in World that make foreigners envy of our achievement in making Malaysia as one nation to all races.

Syabas YB.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I have been none stop reading news of developments after the elections. No doubt they are all very exciting because our country will never be the same again from now on.

All the blogs and media is covering all and every aspects of developments, and in this case, including MCA.

I would like to suggest that comments about developments in the new opposition, BN, be left to the third parties; ie. media, supporters and critics. Yourself as the first party, would be of a wiser choice to focus your attention on your own developments. Furthermore, the third parties will be commenting on your developments as well for it is their privilege and pleasure to comment both sides. Not yours.

By the way, with the way things are moving forward, I feel we shouldn't be sitting down and watching only...

TO ALL who visits this blog, if we all believe in the vision of Barisan Rakyat, then we the Rakyat, should play a part in ensuring that this vision becomes a reality.

Tony, please write in more specific terms what kind of help you need, if any, for now or for later.

Anonymous said...

Must advise Lim -CM not to say negative thing publicly which may be negative to investor...Like canceling Equine Project.

It may send negative feeling among corporate and investors..

Revenge need not rush.

Anonymous said...

*ATTENTION ALL MALAYSIAN. My Colleagues Bro is an Army, they voted two days early and he told us that the Army leader will 'Cross' all the voting slip on behalf their Army junior. If the Army want it privacy also, the senior will be in front of you to see who you vote. This source is true. No Transparency ! If we dont solve it now.. coming election Opposition will lost again to BN if they put more army vote in all the area!

*I really hope all PAS/Keadilan and DAP check on this!

Anonymous said...

I know DAP and the opposition win a great victory. But we must nor be impultous and take hasty actions which might backfire. The BN and UNMO are very experienced players and are waiting for the opposition to make mistakes so they can turn the popularity of opposition. Let us not be hasty, let us be cool headed and let Tony and gang make the changes slowly but surely.We cannot make sudden drastic and draconian changes. Let the head rule and dont get too emotional. We sure do not want DAP and the opposition power visctory be a flash in the pan! Give Tony and gang a break and let the old and wiseones do the thinking! Be cool everyone

Anonymous said...

time to get to the serious work. let's unite and stand togehter to prove that the people's choice is right. Let's give our supports and help the candidates that we have elected to succeed in their jobs. by helping them, we are helping ourselves, for a better malaysia for all malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Traffic conditions in KL&PJneed a total overhaul. Please make this the top agenda for you and your winning party. Congrats for your success in recent GE. Keep up the good work!

Concerned citizen

KEMO SABE said...

Race should not matter but unfortunately in Perak it looks like the people are slipping back to their old ways over the issue of the new Mentri Besar.

Pink Leo said...

Obviously Ong is still in the darkness... sigh... luckily the people didn't vote for him.

Anonymous said...

that is great.... DAP serve all malaysians not only 1 race....

Anonymous said...

MCA is so screwed up that they even got the results for their candidate wrong! Not as if they have a lot of elected MPs/ADUNs *lol*

See their website:

where they reported that DAP's Chang Teck Chee won the Bekok State Seat (Johor)when in actual fact Tan Kok Hong (MCA) won.

see :

Anonymous said...

Just heard news that PAS rep would be the Menteri Besar for Perak instead of candidate from DAP - doesn't make sense. I thought politics based on Race is gone. Don't disappoint us. Once again, democracy failed in Malaysia. What can we do DAP?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Tony. Glad to know you think this way. As have been commented, please do push through with the Bangsa Malasysia concept. Yes, it is the old mentally MP that still think they represent one group people only. These MP forgot that they are voted by the people of Malaysia.

50 years have lapsed since Malaysia became independent. Many of the new generation are not able to speak our mother tongue. if we are send back to where are forefathers came from, that country will also reject us lah. We are born here, have grow up here, (where else to go lah) we will very definately die here and be buried here too. Stop the segregation of races . Make all Malaysian (born in Malaysia) bumiputra.. isn't that the original meaning . 'Prince of the Land'. Citizen of the country.

Yes,.. please fight for this in the Parliament. Change all the legistation that has the word Malay, Chinese, Indian .... etc to Malaysian

DAP must now champion the cry of the people.

That is the reason we supported you..

Go For it ... and we give you our support.

Crankster said...

No, Ong Ka Ting doesn't get it because a lot of other people don't, either.

This 3rd world mentality of race-based politics never seems to end.

For all that voting against racism, which is the backbone of Barisan Nasional's divide and conquer policy, we still embrace it and are determined to implement it.

I feel ashamed, sometimes. We seem to have improved considerably within the last 2 years, but I hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

Titus 3:1

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good,

Titus 3:2

to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.

Titus 3:3

At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another.

Titus 3:4

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared,

Titus 3:5

he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,

Titus 3:6

whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior,

Titus 3:7

so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life.

Titus 3:8

This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.

Titus 3:9

But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless.

Titus 3:10

Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him.

Titus 3:11

You may be sure that such a man is warped and sinful; he is self‑condemned.

Titus 3:12

As soon as I send Artemas or Tychicus to you, do your best to come to me at Nicopolis, because I have decided to winter there.

Titus 3:13

Do everything you can to help Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their way and see that they have everything they need.

Titus 3:14

Our people must learn to devote themselves to doing what is good, in order that they may provide for daily necessities and not live unproductive lives.

Titus 3:15

Everyone with me sends you greetings. Greet those who love us in the faith.

Grace be with you all.

Anonymous said...

You said:

"DAP stands strongly for Malaysians First, and not instead, the divide and rule policies of Barisan Nasional component parties."

You boss Lim Kit Siang said this on Perak MB:

"...The decision to appoint a PAS Assemblyman Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar has caused shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters..."

Full of contradiction. I am ashamed voting for DAP and attending your ceremahs. DAP don't dream to get my vote anymore, I can't face my Malay friends whom RPK, Harris Ibrahim and ourselves have converted the Malay voters this time.

All the euphoria last few days just gone down the drain!

BN and DAP sama sama jenis!

Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin

Anonymous said...


You claimed that MCA don't get it but today DAP CEC rejected PAS Perak MB. Why?

Don't the DAP CEC get it?

Anonymous said...

DAP is really killing itself now... hardly 4 days from the election victory, Kit Siang is asking to boycott the Perak MB swearing-in. This is IDIOTIC!!! I can hear BN laughing its head off now!!!! at this rate, you guys will never make it to the next GE

Anonymous said...

Extremely disappointed in DAP statement for Perak MB. Pls look beyond race AND party-based politics for a better Malaysian Malaysia. Isnt this playing right into BN's hands and against your posting about DAP stands strongly for Malaysians first. Hope you can feedback to DAP leaders and do something about it, otherwise all the goodwill will start going.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the declaration by DAP to boycott Perak MB's inauguration is not a wise move.

1. It just showed that Alternative Front cannot cooperate and work together.
2. It is going to give BN more topics to further tarnish DAP and others' image.
3. Malays will no longer trust DAP as a multiracial party.
4. Boycotting the inauguration means not respecting Sultan of Perak!

While i understand that the move probably is to cool down Perak Chinese's, but let me tell you it is definitely a suicide.

There is another approach to the issue, such as explaining that Perak state constitution enshrined the necessity of a Malay/Muslim MB, which cannot be changed immediately. DAP can go further by assuring that DAP will basically be incharge of the state EXCO by having 2/3 of them, meaning DAP is basically the one governing Perak.

Please please Tony, no more problems okay, or else the Alternative Front, which is supposed to be a government-in-the-making is going to lost people's support in the next GE. Now is not the time for internal fight and destroy your image, and the states' economy and unity.

Anonymous said...

Yes....Thank you Tony...Thank you DAP..And Thank you All Malaysian!
It's the victory for the nation!
We are living in Malaysia since we were small, we live happily together...
Ahman, Mh Meng and Mutu living well together..we love each other..
We PRUOD to be Malaysian!
Since dunno when, we no longer happy as yesterday anymore,
the living expenses raised, the racial issue provoke by BN, our relative and friends start migrating to oversea...
and asking myself is Malaysia that i love? yes, i Love malaysia..
I proud to be Malaysian...
But this time i felt that this is not the Malaysia which i like anymore, our leaders that lead our nation into the stage where we can read the crime and corruption everyday on newspaper...It's sad...
Untill now, our leader, had been changed..Thanks for the power of the Malaysian...
Really hope that the new leader in our nation will lead all of us to a peaceful,harmony and prosperuos nation.
Don't let us down..
This is the Malaysia we love, where we got Ahmand, Ah Meng and Mutu...and our beloved friends and family here..Let's move to the better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Really, Tony? Your leader just called for the boycotting of the Perak MB swearing-in ceremony, on the grounds that the Perak MB is from PAS.

I'm disappointed -- incredibly, incredibly disappointed.

(I still think you'll make a good representative of PJU though)

Anonymous said...

Judging from Mr Lim Kit Siang's stand on the Perak MB issue, he doesn't get it either. He should just retire along with the old guard in the other parties.
What does he hope to achieve with this childish reaction? In one stroke, he has dashed our hopes of a new dawn in the M'sian political scene, jeopardised DAP's credibility, threatened the viability of the Opposition Coalition, and brought scorn on himself. If DAP messes this one up, you probably will not get another chance to show that you can do better than BN. I will also not vote for DAP again. Do the right thing tomorrow or lose our support.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

I read with sadness that for whatever reasons, YB LKS is calling a boycott at tomorrow swearing in of new Perak CM (from PAS). What is the real problem? Is it pressure from DAP-Perak or from the people or from OKC's bullshit??? This has given the best opportunity for BN to make a laughing stock out of the BR in Perak.

It is still not too late to retract the decision - believe all Malaysians who voted regardless DAP-PKR-PAS candidates wouldn't fuss over it & will understand - so why the reaction from YB LKS? DAP has already achieved the main goals. Perak & Selangor were unexpected, right? Or is the "victory" euphoria has gone to the head...this is no different to BN big-headed macho-ism...which the Rakyat has voted out. So, why create such a disaster after such a triumphant thumping?

The damage to BN was done, move on to BIGGER issues & begin to EARN the GOODWILL of the Rakyat, esp the Malay bros, that DAP is for ALL. Take credit or glory for being the nucleus of future politics of Malaysia - that would be more rewarding than having DAP member as a CM-post of Perak. Moreover, going against the decision of the Sultan is by all means going against what the Sultan believes & beholds.

What kind of image does DAP want to paint to our Perak-bros? Can DAP-Perak really say that they won simply from just Chinese votes? I am Chinese, but I do believe there were many Malay voters who voted DAP for a reason. For that reason, it's also a test of DAP that they have entrusted. Making such a move to boycott would lead to losing the trust of the Malay votes in the next GE & will only make good publicity material for OKC of MCA in the next GE, just as much as the BR has made good publicity of the Keris issue. Don't fall into OKC's bullshit. Is PKR making an issue out of this? I don't think so. So why DAP?

You see what I am getting at? The race issue MUST not arise anymore. Isn't that what DAP ceramah was singing to everyone out there? OKC is just speaking for MCA & it's members only. Remember the voters, they are BIGGER in numbers.

Working together in UNITY is more stronger. Can DAP survive on it's own in Perak? The CM post will not be an issue if there was no opposition coalition agreement. BN will have their CM. So, don't get carried away. DAP alone did not win total majority to stake the claim. It was the total seat won by the BR.

Pls, I urge you to calm YB LKS over such impulsiveness but it is also the nature of a true-figther which we all respect. But pls urge YB LKS to think of the implications to DAP to the NATION on the whole, & not Perak alone. People (Chinese, if true) will come to terms to accept whoever the CM regardless of race. Just give a chance! DAP has called for CHANGE, now I call for CHANCE. Tell the people of Perak to give the new CM a CHANCE. Morever, the D-CM will be a Chinese & Indian. This is already a very goodwill from the regent himself who has for sure considered over this very throughly (which btw, he is also a Dr in Law!) for the Perak people.

This is also the case of Penang & Selangor. So, why make it an issue in Perak. Is it really what the people want? or is it what DAP wants? It was loose agreement I believe with the other parties, loose agreement, is a loose agreement. Play by ear, & consider the feelings of the Rakyat. GOODWILL is something that can't be bought. Burn this opportunity, the next GE will see BN wrestling back Perak, as the Malay-bros will have no other choice if they feel betrayed by DAP. This will lose the confidence of the Malay-votes forever! They will never come back to DAP regardless, I can assure you. DAP will have to struggle another 50 years!? Is that the consequence DAP is willing to pay for one state?

Just a very concerned democrat.

Anonymous said...

Tony - The DAP promised CHANGE, I voted for CHANGE... yet the same OLD politics is being played out in Perak. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get LKS to withdraw his statement on the Perak MB. We made a lot of progress on 8 March and we should not be regressing into racial politics. I am a 30-something Malaysian Chinese who thought he was voting for a new non-racial Malaysia. If DAP betrays the rakyat like this, you are no better than BN!

Anonymous said...

DAP stands strongly for Malaysians First, you say.
So explain to us LKS position vis a vis perak mb.
I'm afraid it's politics as usual folks.
I am already suffering from buyer's remorse.
Thanks, uncle LKS.

Anonymous said...

first they say respect sultan choice for mb. now thar sultan of perak has chosen pas, dap say no. what is this? apparantly lim kit siang oso dont get it. sad. sad indeed.

Sagaladoola said...

Tony Pua,

I suggest you consider not posting anything said by this person called KataNothing .... Day and night, say work for chinese, all that crap about so-called chinese reprensentation.

I have had enough of all that. He can go back to sleep. He did nothing significant as an MP for anybody. Period.


Anonymous said...

Disappointed in LKS statement on MB Perak. Certainly seems in conflict with your post on being a Malaysians First party. Check out Nizar statement in Harakah: Beliau (Nizar) berjanji kerajaan baru yang dibentuk nanti adalah sebuah kerajaan yang mengutamakan kepentingan rakyat tanpa mengira kaum atau agama. Sehubungan dengan itu beliau bercadang untuk melantik dua orang Timbalan Menteri Besar dari kaum Cina dan India.

PAS is looking like a viable and moderate alternative for ALL Malaysians including the Chinese than DAP....

Arena Green said...

The latest fiasco in Perak over Lim Kit Siang's outburst must have caused many a red face. What's going on?

michaelscy said...

This comment might not be relevant to the topic but as a DAP cum Tony Pua's supporter i would like to have a few words on Uncle Kit's comment on the Perak's MB. I think DAP has to accept the Sultan's decision for the Perak's MB. YB Ngeh has mentioned to the media that the people should accept and support the new MB. It shouldn't be a flip flop statement. By being too extreme, it will worsen the situation (BN will take opportunity). Just be steady and accept the decision. I believe we are on the journey to eliminate race base politics, but unfortunately we are still in the middle of the journey, we have some distance to go. I dont think its a big deal whether the MB is from PKR or PAS, as far as the rakyat's concern, the MB shall be able to lead the entire team towards a better Perak or towards a better Malaysia. Please don't fight among each other, PAS is not our enemy, please be focus, work as a team, gather the power to attack our big boy enemy UMNO. I still remember Uncle Kit's ceramah in SS2 "We need to smash UMNO political hegemony". Tony, perhaps you can share this to our beloved yet a little bit conservative - Uncle Kit.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony, i hope you have a free hand to help solve Perak's MB problem. Give and take, after all you have already Penang and Selangor. Why create unnecessary problems for all to see. Remember you all have 4 years to show how you can do better than BN. LKS is stubborn and never seem to learn from the past!

Anonymous said...

Jeff, well said. Are you going to do anything about Kit Siang's statement to boycott the Perak's MB swearing in?

Anonymous said...

Obviously we are not in the know with regard to the backroom dynamics in Perak, but on face of it, it appears that Lim Kit Siang doesn't get it either.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking I don’t how many ‘experts’ from BN to spread rumour…How many BN supporters and PAS supporters.

Many love to blame but not using brain to analyze whole situation especially reason behind: Let spend some valuable time on my note:

Actually not so many people think in the broad mindset and from the reason behind…no matter chinese, malays or indians on the protest.

The fact is: On Sunday, DAP AGM(majority seat) want to pick from only 2 candidate which are from DAP or PKR…but Sultan intention is 3….Then Nga simply tell the media, that he will agreed on sultan decision(which is not the voting tells only 2 candidates)….Then PAS of course will submit their candidate on sultan request(but not under majority DAP and PKR agreement on first stage).

Then, suddenly drama begins: when Sultan decide PAS ability is higher than PKR…so conflict comeout…

Every experts above only think of the promise made by Nga but ignore the top commitee decision on Sunday. Then start blaming LKS for not keeping his word, but actually is spoken by Nga(different person).

Well! I knew u all are not non-muslim from perak….no one know why perakians non-muslim so scared about.
Tell u all the voice of non-muslim from perak(many friends in perakians).

From DAP politicians point of view:
a)The reason is simple: DAP can accept PKR muslim, why? because is nothing to do with Malays and sunday meeting actually pick DAP / PKR as a choice.
b)Scared of 1999 result…why? because PAS islamic nation ideology can’t comfort non-muslim as they need to change business style, life-style, man-woman life-style. Only that religious is protected by PAS. This cause all the non-muslim vote go back to BN on 1999.

From perakians non-muslim voters point of view:
a)Same as politicans aspect, changing of life style. PAS really need to do a lot work to proof he is not building islamic nation to force other religion to changing life style. But what happen in Kedah on this new election. Despite transparency contract and anti-currupt policy announced in Penang and Selangor, Kedah immediately implement Hudud that is nothing benefit but only create fear on non-muslim people. So, can PAS supporter know why non-muslim perakians is so fear on this? Nothing to do with muslim or malays (PKR can accepted by DAP and perakians)…

*Islamic Ideology sounds good, but can’t force others to obey, just like suddenly Penang implment buddhist ideology nation, do u think muslim will agreed on? not even chinese will support because it is religious based on nation.

Even u all no support my point, just think vise versa and not emotional. Tell u the truth of perakians voters, if any islamic idelogy implement in Perak, DAP supporters all gone from BR, PAS/PKR/DAP all lost in next state election after 5 years.

**Forcing on other people religion is only way to death, Kedah should be a stepping stone if PAS really want to conquer more state….Sometimes u must make all races happy with ur policy**

Lastly: highly educated person won’t believe what written in BN control media like utusan malaysia, that nothing talk for anti-currupt policy and transparency upload of YB, MP asset and contractor on internet…but just emphasize on demolish DEB that only benefir cronism UMNO minister and friends not the true poor Malays.

*Think LKS decision from many aspects, not one way thinking: If non-muslims espeically perakians not support, they will go back BN anytime….then Malaysians wait another 50 years for cooperation. Do doubt I am still curious on real reason of Regent of Sultan Perak decision. His honour should open a media conference to explain all the reason of decision to comfort and convince all population, this is wiser that cause conflict in BR cooperation.

Don’t blame LKS anymore(their agreement on sunday already stated clearly either DAP / PKR) . Only Nga (DAP) said different story…just blame Nga and those PKR/PAS that fight for power.

Please proof PAS islamic ideology works well in multi-racial in Kedah first, until All non-muslims comfort, then u will automatic get attention and support from non-muslim on other state.

**Ideology needs evident to proof, not forcing people to believe ur ideology without right to quetion of***

Pitty Lim Kit Siang, suddenly become Abdullah Batawi.

I have to emphasis on one wrong statements by experts above…

Can u answer why PKR Malay Muslim is selected and accepted 1 of the candidate of DAP during meeting?

Hey friends, don’t think in racist…if u always think that way, no doubt all senario is racist decision. PKR is accept that means no races issues here…Don’t simply talk rubbish, the main reason is only because of PAS ideology is conflict with DAP ideology. DAP not supporting PAS candidate to be submit on sunday, only request from sultan and Nga simply say words, nothing related to LKS.

I am not a politicians, but just analyze things fairly and fighting for equality.

**Equality not slogan but should be a action and promise **

Anonymous said...

LOL your head honcho felled into the longkang whilst eye-ing the prize...maybe the trophy was too big.. and hence you tripped.

wht an own goal.

Anonymous said...

"DAP stands strongly for Malaysians First.."

on perak MB > walk the talk!

Anonymous said...

- IMPORTANT message for the attention of Tuan Lim K.S. and Tuan Lim G.E.
Regarding the Perak MB boycott.

Please be advise that life have never been fair , even when DAP managed to get the majority of support , the journey is still unfair. All because of certain race protocols to be a menteri besar.
But at least it is the starting of something.

We as Malaysian have and waited till this day, lets be as real MALAYSIAN and accept the position for the MB by a PAS people with grace and with full honour.

Supporters of DAP and as well as future Malaysian will be able to judge DAP as a fair and progressive party even when the rules are unfair.
"Life is never fair".
Sometimes we have to give the cake to somebody else because of some technicality.
But, the real true is that DAP already won the war!
Issue like this MB is just a small battle.

The real picture is that DAP won the war.
So please do not be bogged down just by a small battle.
I believe my message simple and precise.
We are not barisan nasional, we dont behaves and think like a child.
Please support the MB installation ceremony and sent a sorry note to the sultan for misunderstanding.
Although its not the fault of DAP.
This means we are gentleman to grace wars and battles.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As people had voted, confrontation should be minimized, it is no easy to run a admin, there are system, law and procedures; u all had won the battle, Just keep cool, silence and do the job ; any agitative issue leave it for them to find out. No need for publicity. I only worry Lim Jr style may pull wind and eventually battling counter attack will waste more time rather than sit down and work for the benefit of people.
Day 4, as people look up to DAP for work progress.

Must always, it is not easy to run a state Govt. A smart leader are silence planner and strategist. He employ smart people to do the job. A smiling, open door and diplomatic way to handle case by case, never forget there are 50% people from the other side may vote against DAP next round.

Anonymous said...

While everybody is happy with the took over of the 5 state governments from the BN and the policies announced by the new Penang state government, we are sadden by the 2 facts that :-

i) Pas representative becomes the MB of Perak;
ii) the Secretary of Sultan of Selangor announced that the Deputy MB of Selangor should be a bumiputra.

I personally feel that the Penang new state government had made a mistake in their newly annouced policies. They are too hastily in abolishing the New Economic Policy which caused the anxiety of the Bumiputra. Abolishing of the NEP should be done in a step by step manner. As a result, the Sultans are worried to appoint the non Bumiputra MB due to this sensitive issue. DAP should consider the consequences and be more fore sighted in their future policies in handling the national sensitive issues. Issues should be tackle diplomatically to avoid any misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

LKS has gone overboard is asking the DAP members to boycott the swearing in of the Menteri Besar of Perak.

Is it a mistake to support DAP? That is the question of many fence sitters like me.

Unknown said...

Dear Tony,
Please convey this piece to Uncle Kit 'They Just Don't Get It'

Anonymous said...

DAP's stand in Perak

It took us 50 years to mature and pluck up courage to take the first bold step last Saturday. We finally voyed out the racist and divisive BN politicians.

DAP's stand on this issue shows us that DAP reps. are of the same mould to that of the BN reps.

Please let us move away from racial politics. Help us to build a peaceful and united nation.

Please help us strengthen the baby step we have made. Do not bring our country backward!

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed with Lim Kit Siang comment on 12th March on the boycott of swearing of MB of Perak. DAP as you put in now should not be race base. Try to change the mental approach of PAS THRU negotiation and discussions for the improvement of MALAYSIAN.

clk said...

Did Uncle Lim get it when he protested against the PAS-MB in Perak? Going back to the old days?

Last weekend must be the catalyst in which when the People have a problem, they should approach their elected representative to voice their problems; unlike now where a ChinaMan will approach MCA, IndianGuy approach MIC etc. This is unacceptable!

If I got an issue, regardless of the ethnic origin of my elected rep, he/she should be my spokesperson!

Let the next 4-5 be the first step to eradicate this mentality.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all opposing candidates who kicked the collective butts of the BN. I am one very happy Malaysian! Yes I can call myself a Malaysian now and not be ashamed. At last we have hope that a truly just, rational and humane government is in power albeit in a few states. But it is a start and I surely hope that it will not be the end. The real work begins now for the opposition. Please do not fail us. Please show all Malaysians that your manifesto can work to the betterment of ALL Malaysians regardless of ethnicity or religion.Show us what it really means to be Malaysian under the same Malaysian sun. Please don't allow yourself to be swept away by the same tsunami in 4 years time.
The voters have taken a giant leap into the unknown to vote for change.Its time to get to work!
A Malaysia for all Malaysians!

Anonymous said...

This is just the very beginning of everything and hopefully it will be a good start for all.

Please raise the poor, be it malay, chinese or indian or even aborigins.

It takes opposition 50 years to come to this stage, we cannot afford even on single mistake.

Badawi has come out to ask PG CM's plan for the poor Malays. Sure they will use this as the bullet to gain more support if it is not taken care of.

All the best to all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...


Beside the parties, we also need to look at the State's Ruler on how they look at race...

The state's Ruler should be opened to all races; i.e they should not be racist. After all, we all are the RAKYAT to the Ruler, isn't it?

What the RAKYAT want is a highly effective and efficient state government. Hope the Ruler will get the message well.

Srikanth Siva said...

and tony pua....ur comments on DAP's stand on a PAS MB?

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it...

What happen for those who already paid their summons prior to GE?

Will they get a refund? How about 10 years ago's summons? Will they get refund as well?

I just don't get it...

Deng-ded! said...

Congrats Tony!

A reminder to winners:

Racial politics is dead. To prevent itself becoming another MCA, DAP would need to start recruiting more non-Chinese leaders. Current situation in Perak is a clear and obvious example of lack of Malay leadership within DAP.

DAP would need to earn the trust of Malays and shed its "for non-Malays" reputation. Recruitment of Malays is essential to DAP's future survival. Or is it planning to "merge" with PKR in the long run?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's easy to criticise and point a finger at your enemy. Don't forget, there are three fingers pointing at you!

DAP is now not an opposition in a number of states and FT(KL).

DAP is well known or infamous for its in-fighting and culling of capable members deemed to be threats to its leaders. DAP has its own patronage system and cronies.

Has DAP changed? Just look at what is going on in Selangor. Who will be appointed as Selangor Ex Co Members?

What about TP? You are a rising star now. Will you be culled later?

We will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

i am having doubts now whether you guys got it too??

Anonymous said...

I wish you could do well for this coming 5 years to show ur the candidates of DAP are capable to rule and will not disappoint us.

I have had enough from BN, MCA, UMNO...and whatever, they are irrelevant by now on.

Anonymous said...

CM got site like yours?

Better Tell CM to talk less work more. Every statement stir another criticism. After casting out votes, everyday every time on news, the mouth battle keep on.

Media also add salt and pepper.

Better CM issue statement, screen and verify sensitivity.

As days pass by, the pressure of works will come, i hope every1 cope well.

Wonder how Koh Tsu Koon lasted so long. He writes and read read read.

Another Global economic Tsunami is coming to us, not handle carefully, everyone can blame on recession, The sun may not shine. DAP must have many alternative plans, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

DAP cannot accept PAS candidate to be the Perak MB. Are you with the Advisor LIM? Have you learned a lesson from the Perak MB's issue? Reality is the existence of Malay rulers is to protect the Malays' interest. Do you know the history of Malayan Union? If LIM is right, please stand firm, speak up to back him.

Anonymous said...

ha? MCA irrelevant? Better than DAP being arrogant, only 3 days into power and getting all the Chinese into hot soup for disrespecting the Sultan of Perak. Talk about foolish old hags. You can tell your Uncle Lim that he's lost 90% of support in one day!

Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest that the DAP and her leaders refrain from making too many statements to the press regarding any policy changes etc etc. The country has yet to come to grips with the new changes. Racial leanings and posturing is not so easy to dismantle right away. Take it slow, stay cool, get organized, plan, discuss , brainstorm whatever and go down and start working first and then the results will speak for themselves. Send non Malays into Malay kampungs, and vice versa in Chinese/Indian areas. Listen to the folks, look into their problem and do things to improve their lives. Show them that Bangsa Malaysia can work well . Malaysians are waking up
to the futility of racial politics and we must do our part to spread this new message. Enough of rhetoric. Good governance is what we want. You are not the opposition now but the government of the respective states.

Do remember that support were given by Malaysians of all races for the Barisan Rakyat. There were only 2 choices on the ballot paper so do not misconstrue that support is only given to your party alone.

This is our first and last chance to impact the nation. You guys blow it like what LKS nearly did 2 days ago everything will revert to pre March 8 in the next election. Thats the reality of our racial politics.

Wish you all the best.

Patrick Wee said...

I hope that Malaysians will be mature enough to discard race based politics. But is also a time for DAP to present itself as a multi racial party rather than be identified as a bastion of chinese.

As you will agree, what is on paper is different from what is perceived from the outside. DAP also needs to reinvent itself and make it truly a multi racial party.

Perhaps then the dream of a truly Malaysia for Malaysians will take a step closer to reality.

I hope for the day soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Think all opposition CM should start the following:

1. create on-line newsletters (state matters, etc); this will be somewhat like a state newsletter & platform the CM to be connected with the people, vice versa.

2. those without internet...state excos find a way! brainstorm.

3. create opposition TV ! we got 5 states to fund it ! don't let it go to waste. this is one way to reach out to the rural areas.

4. get the mykads approved for the 600,000 odd red i/c holders mainly indian & chinese. aren't they malaysians by now !!! even khir toyo, whom i understand not born in malaysia (thanks to rpk revelation), got mykad !!! did he pay his taxes while operating his dental clinic ??? maybe file shredded already.

anything else to suggest?

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