Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perak Uncertainty

Hi all,

The party and myself have received thousands of sms'es, emails and blog comments over the last day or so with regards to the situation in Perak, and in particular over the statement by Sdr Lim Kit Siang on behalf of the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC).

I'm not privy to all the details as I'm not part of the CEC. However, I have faith that circumstances may have dictated the type of response issued. More importantly, I do hope that we do not get so blinded by victory that we are ready to sacrifice everything else just to get rid of Barisan Nasional.

Kit Siang has nothing to benefit from making the statement he did. But I can assure you that should a party decide to implement policies which are detrimental towards a multi-racial and multi-religious society in Perak over the next four years, the DAP will be crucified, often by the same people who are giving Kit Siang hell at the moment.

It should be noted that PAS has only 6 seats in Perak. The DAP has made it known earlier that we were happy to accept PKR nominee for MB. Why is PAS adamant on MB post? Should they be equally gracious in conceding the position to the wishes of the other 2 parties with more seats?

DAP wants to be part of the new government. But we need to do it on the right footing.

It should be noted that the MB holds immense power in the state and if the ground rules aren't cut properly, then we will all suffer for the next four years.

Yes, the entire episode could have been better managed by all parties involved. But for many who placed the entire blame on Kit Siang, I thought it was not only unfair but also misguided.

I have trust and faith the Perak government issues will be resolved in due time. A couple of days delay to ensure a smoother 4-5 years of government would certainly be a worthwhile wait.


Unknown said...


Regardless, the Perak issue is really a catch 20 - 20. YB, i don’t envy Saudara Lim Kit Siang.

In any democracy, the party that gets the most seat, will be the leader. But in Penang case during the dark days of BN’s rule, Umno did gave the CM post to the now demised Gerakan. Off course Sabahans were forced feed the rotation system as well, courtesy of Lord Mahathir.

Perak pose a big headache, as the people voted DAP, while (unlike the Umno + Gerakan gangsters in Penang) PKR + PAS is a distant 2nd + 3rd.

The rakyat + the Sultan (Daulat Tuanku) spoke. More voters wanted the DAP, but the Sultan decide on a PAS MB.

The only way out is to be truly Malaysian Malaysia:
1) Get the color out of the way.
2) As a constitution Monarchy, the rules are for the elected officers to up held.
3) Yet all parties agreed to support His Majesty’s decision + the Raja had already bertitah.

YB, either way it will cost the DAP. The only way out is to have more exco members from the DAP, excecute Social Democratic reforms + policies as best as you can. The Rakyat will know at the end of the day if you had performed well.

YB, doing something good is worth starting it bad. Malaysians who don’t want the agony of having BN rule, must UNITE + Daulat Tuanku.

Anonymous said...

The Sultan is a sanctity, not to be touched, unless he has caused atrocities toward his people. Now, Lim Kit Siang has overstepped the border...and doing it in just one week of power, is showing the true colors of DAP. You all don't cherish the peace. You all want only power. How typical! I am a Chinese, but I deplore such disrespect shown to a Ruler.

Anonymous said...

DAP just dont get it!
Based on merit, PAS rep is the most qualified.
Based on Perak law, PAS and PKR are equally OK.
Based on majority seats, BN is number one - not DAP.
Based on history, people current feeling, PAS & PKR are OK.
DAP just dont get it!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for providing a measured and alternative perspective.

However, it appears that the only reason for the CEC to go public with their concern was to placate the chinese voters that DAP is not back in bed with PAS so much so that despite the majority, PAS gets the MB position. What you say is true, better to iron out the differences first but really, the DAP has to change the mindset of the chinese as much as PAS and PKR will have to try the mindset of the malays. Otherwise, we fall into Ka Chuan's idiotic paradigm - working with PAS is not supporting an islamic state. He works with Hisham, is he saying he wants Hisham's keris to be coated with non-malay blood? That is the logic of fools and the Ongs!

Anyway, let's get this sorted and move on and start showing the country that the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition can work.

Anonymous said...

Tony Phua, can you please tell LKS to shut up and do the things that we elected him for. Stop the publicity stunts, outburst, press conference at police station(Wee-Wangsa Maju) etc. That applies to all the newly elected MPs. Stop the stupid stunts!!

Patriotic1994 said...

If more time is needed to do the right thing, then just say so in the press statement. I think people can wait.

Anonymous said...

Situation in Perak is different form other state.

The party who won more sits in Perak is BN=28

DAP,PKR & PAS each only 18,7 & 6.

To makeup the government again BN government those 3 party must come together. If only DAP+PKR=25 or PKR+PAS=13. Meaning each party equally need each other to form the government. No matter how small number the of seats you won, in this situations it mean a lot and it is important to form government.

In this situation PAS willing to collations with PKR+DAP so new gov can be form. I think so did DAP. If not neither Perak or Selangor oppo gov can be form. If PAS think like DAP, only want to collation with PKR like in Penang then this new gov cannot be form. PAS wont lose anything because they already have Kelantan & Kedah to gov but they open their heart to start the new collation with DAP so that more people can see and have an experience how the opp can form the gov and deliver their promise to Rakyat.

In this situation since they cannot agree among them and with the law that required malay muslim as MB, so they agree to propose 3 name since all parties have equally important (not equally seats)to form the new gov with believe that king will make a wise choice. So in this situation all have equal chances to be selected. Then king choose PAS person. Only God know why, maybe there are some wise reason why sultan do that

But what happen after that is DAP cannot accept that because it is not according to their favor either DAP or PKR only. This show they are not sincere to left the matter to sultan.

Think about that !!!

Anonymous said...

COuld it be Badawi been discussed something with the Perak SUltan? BN can pay RM 1Million for Oposition cross over to BN. Not surprise BN will discuss with SUltan to make the unexpected result so that DAP/Pas and Keadialan fight each other then BN take back control of Perak in return, Sultan of Perak can gain some side income.
*Dont forget, this new govt is from Opposition, maybe many side income to SUltan Perak previously given by BN now no more . To Perak Sultan it's better to let BN rule back and continue earn $$$ given by BN. What you think?

zewt said...

whatever it is... better buck up!

Anonymous said...

Wah!!! It just dawn on me. Of all the time i've known you, I either called you Boss or Young Man. You on the other hand calls me Old Man. And know I even have to address you by Yang Berhormat.....aiyooooooh! (LOL)


Anonymous said...

after the euphoria of the general election and the chanting of bangsa malaysia we are brought crashing down to earth. pas and dap are probably the strangest of partners. one is an avowedly secular party while the other is an hardline islamic party. what i find rather regrettable is that despite claiming to be a multi ethnic party was that dap failed to field even one malay. already many malays on the ground see dap as being an anti islamic party with communitarian chinese agenda. this spat will probably be picked on with glee by the mainstream media and twisted in such a way that would make both dap and pas seem as villains. well 50 years of division cannot be changed overnight, we must persevere and come out of this episode stronger. besides the pas guy seems moderately qualified, at least hes not one of those ulamak types. already my mailbox has been flooded with messages from umno agents containing all sort allegations against dap, how they only care for the chinese community, how they are planning to build a casino in penang, how they are planning to remove every trace of islam and so on. the malays are very emotional bout their religion. dap needs to tread very carefully here. all the hard work must not allowed to go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Tony, sorry YB

I feel that it is all right to show dissent after all we are all different with different views and stands. Many of the people are still in the old mindset of the BN U Must Not Object type of unity to show the people a united front. Democracy means being able to voice differences and being accepted in spite of those differences. The different parties must sincerely work together and make a concerted effort to ensure that everything works out fine for everyone and that no one person or party gets only his own way. Therefore it is good that DAP put their foot down on what they hold true, right from the beginning instead of hiding behind the face of seeming unity.

However I only worried that DAP internally is not working on a common concensus - every potician coming out with his own views on the party's stand. An individual can give his own opinions but the party's decision must be arrived at through concensus behind closed doors. You still need closed doors despite talks on transparency.

Anonymous said...

why submit 3 names and let the Sultan decides and than say I don't agreed with the Sultan's decision? why didn't the 3 parties thrash it out before going to the Sultan?

Anonymous said...


I am not too surprised or shocked with all the 'uncertainties' happening in the past few days. As part of the process of getting started in any new era, I believe this is just a teething problem.

I voted for the opposition and I am still proud of my choice. I have faith that this election result is the turning point for Malaysia.

I have faith that together, we the Malaysian will make Malaysia a better place for our children.

paolo said...

It is easy to put the blame on uncle Kit, we have to understand uncle Lim's predicament, He and few others DAP canditate were shown the exit in 1999 GE. He also needs to take into consideration the sentiments of chinese Voter, for once please show some respect to uncle KIT, stop the used of abusive and vulgar words.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony, (oppss YB)

In any case, such statement by Uncle Kit shouldn't be out in the first place. Anything among the coalition members should be kept within, or it will give BN the opportunity to launch their attacks, like they do now.

The balance has been disturbed, and the damage has been done. It is going to take some time to clean up and reinstate people's faith in the People's Front.

Be careful with what you say. If the cyberspace can cause the demise to BN, it can to you people as well.

Anonymous said...

i forgive you and DAP, becoz you're cute

NEO said...

Who to be MB is not an issue at all. The Perak Sultan is doing the right thing to ensure a proper government to carry out thier duties for the next 5 years.

Remember great power come with great responsibility.

The choice of MB is secondary, the most important factor is to remain united and start a good governance in the day to day administration of the state.

I hope the new Perak state government could working hand in hand with the Kedah, Penang and Selangor state government.

Stop corruption, stop all mis-appropriation of state funds, and stop all mis-management!

Let work hard to build a model state and working toward to captured the whole Malaysia from BN in 2012.

malayamuda said...

YB Tony,

whyis it that the Sultans are getting so involved in ceratin states.

when the BN government put an Indonesian as Menteri Besar in a state before this, the royalty just accepted it. Now when new leaders have ben elected and probably a little inexperienced the royalty seems to be exerting pressure never seen before.

when corrupt malay leaders were appointed mentris besar before their swearing in ceremony was quick and smooth. Now we hearing of swearing in ceremonies being cancelled after the guests have arrived .

the royalty must be reminded of their constitutional role

Unknown said...

Hi Tony, firstly congrats.I have been following your blog, ceramah and view s on education which at time seems to be condescending towards non-Oxbridge/Ivy leagued educated readers.I am sure u read the blog comments on LKS and other sites.Many Malays who have voted for DAP because they trusted DAP to be a partner of the elusive Barisan Rakyat may have felt slighted as DAP would not have managed to win that many seats without their votes.So for DAP to say that they should have the MB seat because they have majority of the seats or that the majority of voters wants DAP to rule in Perak may not be exactly true.I had been monitoring all the sites I could find on news of what was developing, and except for a few bloggers, MalaysiaKini,Malaysia Today and Harakah, there was little coming from DAP-linked sites. I was impress that PAS had try to portray a very moderate view for an Islamic Party and seemed to be trying very hard to pass an olive branch to DAP by offering an exco seat in Kedah, etc. At least they were updating their site so the rakyat knows what was going on. From their site, I found out that their proposed MB is not only the most qualified of all three candidates but can also speak Tamil and Chinese. Sure a normal MB holds 'immense' power but with DAP in the majority, I am sure that can be checked. If DAP can't do it, I am sure the rakyat will do it for them.The risk in short can be mitigated. The risk of squabbling in the open is high and may result in UMNO coming back with a vengeance then all the effort would have been naught.
I met LKS and his wife in Australia a number of years ago when he was at the crossroads on his political career.I am glad he chose to fight on for his belief and mission which he finally seemed to have accomplished last Saturday. I admire his persistence and dedication rather than take the easy way out. I was so moved by the rakyat's solidarity in getting the opposition in that I was contemplating on answering your call for people to assist in the new government and moving back to Malaysia. However, I was extremely dismayed with LKS boycott post which seems to be myopic and against the solidarity stand that was impressed upon the people before the election. I hope the elusive Barisan Rakyat will materialize and as Russell Peters, my favorite comedian said, 'Be a man, do the right thing!'. Good luck, be tolerant, be humble.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I think the whole episode is handle badly. If DAP feel strongly on not having a PAS MB, then they should have sorted out the issue internally first before submitting the name to Sultan.

Just submit 1 name, then you show that you are united. If u submit 3 names to Sultan, he is bounded by constitution to select a Malay MB which leave only PAS and PKR. Based on resume, the PAS candidate wins hands down. So to the Sultan, there is only 1 candidate he can choose.

I still think that if DAP feels strongly then it should just put their candidate as the MB, then put in the exco line-up which is more representative of all the parties involved. This is truly based on merit of the election as shared by your vision.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and congratulation to you on winning a seat in paliament.

I wish to seek your comment and view on this:

"In the past, people are saying that if you put anybody (so long not criminal lah..)under BN banner, the person will win because of BN".

Now, the same happen to opposition in this election i.e. the young guy who are away from country for so long and back only to tesify in Lingham case stood as candidate under PHR and don't know why he won the election. I am quite sure that many opposition candidates dont know why they won and many are not very qualified for the job.

Your view on the above.

Now that the people had spoken and we are having high expectation from opposition MP and state government governed by them to perform what they preached, failing which, the same voter will vote them out.

We do hope DAP should revamp its party image i.e. not a family part run by Lim Kit Siang but by a group of professionals who really have a heart to correct all the wrong doings by BN before and make malaysia a better place to live and also to attract investors to come to Malaysia.

Opposition MP must come up with different policies than BN and debate them in Paliament..Let the best policies be implemented..

We had high expectation from DAP MP and also, PAS/PKR MP to really change Malaysia for good...Good Luck and God bless Malaysia

Michael Angelo

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang is right to show disappointment as the issue in Perak clearly shows that there are people who can simply ignore the majority opinion. DAP has to stand firm on their policy that no Islamic Law in Malaysia. Malaysia is a secular society. This is a message to PAS that we reject Islamic state. This is also the way to stop MCA (such as Ong TK) and Gerakan from attacking DAP is suppoting PAS.
Even though in reality and the political environment, we are very frustrated and forced to accept such undesireable outcomes. Clear message is that non-Malays reject Islamic state, reject Hudud Law, Khalwat Law.........

Anonymous said...


What happen in Perak is quite a sad thing. Though I admit that the coalition is new and takes time to blend as one powerful force, im afraid what LKS did was not wise at all. He should have consider the fact the the rakyat (malays paricularly) and BN are watching our everymove. LKS statements have given them a good reason to go against DAP.

LKS should not only apologize to the Regent of Perak, but also to all the Malays who pro-DAP during the 12th GE and Malays of BN. DAP must remind themselves its the unity of 3 races that brought DAP to where it is today, not one or 2.
If the Malay vote swings again, it will not be a good thing for the BR. LKS must make sure the apology he made must reach the ears and eyes of the Malays, cause as far as I know, the utusan and malay media are not reporting true facts and are pressing down on LKS and DAP base on the statement made he made.

Also, as for Penang, I think Lim Guan Eng should not have made the statement to end NEP at all. I think he should consult with other parties first(PAS and PKR), and together they should come up with a new policy(one which will protect some of the Malays right and at the same time of other races), and it should be implemented in all 5 states together at same time. Please consult with Anwar Ibrahim before making and statements or move, as he is the most experienced among all.

Alot chinese an indians are quite open to PAS recently, and it seems PAS are more tolerant than DAP this time. I hope DAP can quickly patch things up and win back the hearts of Malay and other races. Let the next 5 years be a good testimony. It doesn't matter who be the MB, be it PAS or PKR, as long as he/she is a good MB and care for all, then the BR will get the mandate of all Malaysians.


a PJ Utara Malaysian Chinese, who voted for DAP in GE12, and currently working in a foreign country.

Unknown said...


Thousands of comments was left at LKS's blog since yesterday. Yes, he apologized but the comments seem to represent a sufficient sample to indicate that the damage was done. The road towards non racial based country is suddenly full of potholes bcos of one stupid statement.

Unlike you, LKS has overstayed his time. Mahathir and Lim Keng Yaik overstayed and left. Samy Vellu overstayed, refused to leave and got kicked out. I think it is time he steps down gracefully before he gets the boot. Let the younger generation like you and your comrades take over.

Not asking anybody to stage a coup here like how some UMNO idiots are doing to the sleepy head. Knock some sense in LKS and tell him nobody will benefit if he overstays, not even him if he gets the boot.

He has done a lot for the party and the country. Step down gracefully in dignity.

Ponder over it.

Augustinian Successor said...

Sdr. Ngeh should have taken the initiative to explain to the Sultan that the DAP wishes to take up the post of MB, with DMB (I) given to a Malay Muslim candidate AND DMB (II) given to an Indian candidate (preferably DAP). The Pas candidate can be appointed as an Exco member in charge of religious affairs.

People must understand that the post of MB is part of the demcoratic system unlike the head of state. There is a distinction between head of state and head of government. In a democracy of first past the post system, the party that wins the most *seats* should be given the *priority* of leading the formation of the government in question.

How can the constitutional status of Islam and Malay character of Perak be compromised when the Sultan is not asked to step down following the GE???

That position is not subject to change. But the position of the MB is, as it is subject to popular vote.

Special position of the Malays and the other Natives is NOT equivalent to ketuanan melayu. The NEP is NOT identical to the special of the Malays and the Other Natives. The special position of the Malays have even been abused by Umno and Pas to mean special position of the Malays only. That's not true.

The special position is there to *protect* the Malays and other Natives from being left out. It is for protection.

The NEP is for expansion, or at least been abused for expansion. It's about grabbing the share of other people, motivated by greed and perverse logic.

We want the Malays, the poor, disenfranchised, disadvantaged Malays to be protected but we do not want, no way, powerful political Malays to consolidate ketuanan melayu all these at the expense of the other races.

Angler said...

The situation has apparently taken a twist for the worse? LKS has apologized, and I believe most DAP members have their wits about them and will not boycot the swearing in. But now the whole shebang has been called off, I guess principally because PKR is now throwing a tantrum against provisional plans for DAP's 8 exco positions versus only 1 for them (& i for PAS). This is crazy, and so predictable. Once they got rid of a common enemy i.e. BN, they start turning on each other. We see this in companies, societies and even among friends. But the way LKS and PKR have done it seems so childish. Couldn't they negotiate behind closed doors instead of issuing all these press statements? The public's recently hightened morale will drop, and racial feeling will definitely be aroused again. I don't blame them, after more than 50 years of race based policies, the issue of race is firly ingrained in all of us. I guess this is especially true for the bumiputera's who have been favored all this while, it is not easy to suddenly see a resurgence of non-malay dominated parties like DAP. In anycase, change takes time, it takes a lot of time. DAP needs to prove that it is not a pro-Chinese party so that the other races will slowly but surely grow to accept it, and vote for it again in the next election!!! Perhaps one day a non malay can become a MB or even a PM....but it takes time, tolerence and an evolutionary change of mindset.

As I Was Saying... said...

DAP and PKR should have stop PAS from issuing a candidate for Perak MB post in the first place before the Sultan. By submitting the 3 names and by declaring all 3 parties will abide by the decision of the Sultan, have resulted in a messy situation right now after the Sultan opted for PAS candidate.

Well we have no other choice but to accept the decision of the Sultan as DAP and PKR have themselves to blame for allowing PAS to submit its own candidate.

This also speak in clear terms that DAP should start recruits more Malays and putting more Malay candidates in future GE to avoid this messy situation.

Now it's not the time to play the blame game. Now it's the time for unity. Govern Perak good, who knows, Perak people migh give you another mandate the next GE. Cause without the support of the non-Malays, PAS wouldn't have a candidate for MB.

And also please amend the Perak State Constitution that provides Perak MB must be a Malay Muslim unless the Sultan waived it. It's a racist clause.

Anonymous said...

Cmon YB, the difference between PKR and PAS is only 7 seats and 6 seats. PKR have no problem on accepting PAS candidate as of MB. Since DAP has no problem on accepting PKR as MB, why is it diference with PAS MB?

What if PAS got 7 seats and PKR got 6 seats? Anyway DAP still hold the majority exco numbers, why so scared?

Anonymous said...

But then, who is to say that opposition-led state governments would allow the powers of the MB to be all powerful to the point of abuse?

If anything, this recent election should already have demonstrated that even an MB cannot be a force unto himself and neglect the will of the people, whom are by and large, represented by the elected exco.

In these opposition-led states, we the voters, voted for change. And that means decisions by concensus, not the traditional-legacy-BN leader-dictates-all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony -

Excellent post - prob your best one to date as you have now had to take a (non-populist) stand on a controversial issue. I agree with all that is said in it. People seem to be bending over backwards to accomodate PAS in their desire to get rid of the BN. LKS himself was pilloried and branded a racist because of his now infamous statement. People need to realise that LKS' statement was based on ideological differences with PAS, not racial differences. Race was not a factor at all. Like LKS and I believe, yourself, Tony, I am also of the opinion that the MB post should have gone to the PKR. This would have taken care of the needs of all races, Malays, Chinese and Indian. But it hasn't and the DAP is finding itself in a real bind. My 2 cents worth? Stay true to your principles and your real supporters will stay true to you. I served as your polling/counting agent and will continue to do so in 2012 / 2013.

Good luck and God Bless!

Augustinian Successor said...

Pas has no right to the post of MB of Perak. Pas has crossed the line! In the spirit of democracy, fairness, justice and equality, the post should have gone to the DAP. Period.

leornardo de caprio said...

Dear Tony,

I have sent an email to Uncle Lim and also tried to post in his blog but unable, so I coming to you to convey this message to him, DAP and all supporters of the current outcome of the Election. PAS/DAP/PKR are coliation now and as a citizen and due respect I trust what is DAP doing, and no matter the MB came from which parties, we as a rakyat should support him to work for us and change for the betterment.

PLS PLS do wait till now that you guys are quarelling amongst each other...pls straighthen out and give us your confidence.

As for Perak MB, I have very high repect to the Sultan and the Regent of Perak, and if they have dicided on PAS, let it be because I m sure they have a reason to that..which i think i know.
Not even a week after election, and you guys already disagreed on the candidate, IF I M THE SULTAN and the REGENT, do you think I could trust the coliation? AND to the PPL of all Oppostion rule states, if you gave your vote to them, TRUST THEM to run the states and not by demanding a race you like! PLS, we dont want to be a laughing stock of BN!!!!!

I shouldnt be writng this but i just cant control ....and pls settle your disagreement behind doors!!!!

leornardo de caprio said...

To add why dont the coalition come up with th eelection of MB, the community head of the state or the mayor BY THE RAKYAT TOO!

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,
Please ask LKS stop playing fire!!His stupid action will delay the process of forming Perak State govt, now Royal Family is very upset about DAP!! They want all 31 DUN men to sign on the agreement before the ceremony on is try to delay it, what happen that 31 DUN not all sign?? Some missing??Then no need to form govt?? Pls ask the old man talk less!!!!We are truly DAP supporters!! We really want to see DAP perform...time to do something not just talk rubbish!! Ceramah time has over!! Nobody bother about the old man personal principles!!

myop101 said...

Dear YB Tony,

Finally reading some updates. I noticed Jeff's, Teresa's and Po Kuan's blogs are not updated. Would you know what is happening?

Somehow, I am not used to silence...hahaha....

Anyway, thank goodness I read today Malaysiakini has reported the new coalition has resolved the issue.

Pls advise your colleagues to keep the focus on the rakyat. Whatever position they are jockeying for is not worth it if they fail to serve the rakyat. DAP-PKR-PAS will need to work hard and prove to the rest of the country they can manage as an alliance to run the state governments well. Only then will they be ready to once again cast their lots with DAP-PKR-PAS.

B....23 said...

I personally think Lim Kit Siang is wise enough to do this. Perhaps he has offended Sultan but he has apologized and eventually things sorted out.

Lim Kit Siang has somehow ease the fear of people of perak towards islamic law if the MB is PAS. He has also shown the people of Perak about his stand on this MB issue.
Look at what happened after he has apologized? PKR then shown their unhappiness towards SUltan's decision appointing PAS as MB.
Oh come on people, see things clearly and you will know Lim Kit Siang is still a wise man who should be respected. : )

Do have faith in him.

Anonymous said...

I urge all of you MPs and ADUNs in PJ to be careful, be VERY CAREFUL. This is a marathon and not a short sprint. Everyone is watching especially you YB and one small wrong move...

Fadhil said...

Dear Mr. Pua,

I have sent an email to your colleague, Jeff Ooi on this same subject. I would like to repeat what I have written but suffice for me to say that the new leaders in DAP (like you and Jeff) need to impress on your senior party colleagues the need to strive for the long term goals. You all now know that the mindset of the electorate has changed, so DAP need to adapt to these changes as well, otherwise you could become irrelevant just like the UMNO guys.

The people have elected you because they want change. Don't spoil it just because of a hasty remark of who is supposed to be MB! At the end of the day, it is the Sultan who decides.

And do I detect a hint of suspicion on your side in saying that PAS is adamant on the MB post?
I know it is a difficult time for all but I hope you guys take some time to cool off and let the reality sink in. Let's all work for a better Malaysia, not only for the next 4/5 years but beyond.

Looking forward to your good showing in Parliament Mr. Pua. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I've wrote before the election all over that PAS is double-face. It is only interested in gaining as much ruling power as it can and will say anything to gain that power. It's a party that is based on racial, religious and ultra-nationalism (of a supreme Islamic nation-state) politics and hence will forever stands in contradiction to a mature and progressive of truly democratic Malaysia in the future that promotes true equality and liberation for all. I don't think it's too late to rectify this grave mistake of having Pas in the Opposition coalition in the first place as I believe if Anwar & Keadilan plus DAP stands firm with their conviction (I applauded Anwar's and DAP brave stand against NEP); there is great potential for Anwar to intensify the effort of changing the mindset of brainwashed Malays. Especially from the ordinary population; who are still brainwashing into supporting the undemocratic and unjust NEP and "Ketuanan Melayu" ideology. For many educated Malays NEP is no more relevant since many have been exposed to liberal and progressive democracy system and human rights in the west. And they are the ones who might be able to influence their parents from the rural Malay population particularly.

And to also have in mind that UMNO is going to play more dirty in the next election by having "indigenous/bumiputera/Malay" identity as constructed from religion rather than race. This's the reason for Chandra Muzaffar's dirty and deceitful outburst against Anwar; in order to prepare the groundwork for enabling Indian Muslims to gain such "indigenous" identity in exchange for loyalty and support for Umno. Whilst enriching themselves of course with all the privileges. This is also very dangerous for the opposition as this will enable UMNO to buy increase voting support for UMNO in the next election. Besides granting citizenship to Muslim migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia and Filipino, Burmese and Southern Thai Muslim refugees including in Sarawak and Sabah in order for that increase votes and loyalty to Umno (why also the big winning in Sabah and Sarawak for BN). So I fully support the bravest and wisest opposition leader of all, Lim Kit Siang for taking such a firm stand against Pas on the issue of MB Perak's position. Besides, there you can see how greedy for power and double-face Pas is; they already gain two states of Kedah and Kelantan. Why can't they back-off and compromise from the Perak MB issue if they're genuinely co-operating with the coalition partners especially since DAP won the most seats anyway? I never trust Pas and never will; because I've grown up and realize true democracy and universal human rights that cuts across race, religion and ultra-nationalism are the greatest rewards for humanity. Particularly in a world dominated by greed, arrogance and selfishness. And as long as the capitalist system and class rules the world and humanity! And male politicians including from the opposition; please do listen and take advise from the women sometimes!

Noor Aza Othman

ee chia said...

"It should be noted that PAS has only 6 seats in Perak. The DAP has made it known earlier that we were happy to accept PKR nominee for MB. Why is PAS adamant on MB post? Should they be equally gracious in conceding the position to the wishes of the other 2 parties with more seats?"

Tony, I'm so dissapointed over your statements. I believe that Regent and the Sultan of Perak put the people above everything in the selection criteria. I'm a Chinese who's from Perak, I trust the choice of my Sultan and will support it. Perhaps Malaysia is not ready for such drastic change, as to have a non Malay MB in the 9 states. We need to take things slower, one step at a time.

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Hi YB,

I find it amusing that during the protest at Komtar today, some UMNO supporter uttered this:


My eyes are wide open when i saw this on

Isn't that just proved that all Malaysian have been cheated for the past 50 years, and they are now trying to cause chaos so that their bowl of rice from corruptions can be reinstated? It's really amusing to see that they admit about unfair policies being practice so far.

We have sit back, relax and watch what else they will said.

Anonymous said...

I am a Chinese from Perak,

Please stop the conspiracy thing. Its obvious that he would chose a Malays to be MB. PKR's candidate worked with the postal service and PAS's candidate is an Engineer with Fabermedic (The engineering department of our local hospital). It does not take rocket science to know who he would choose as MB.

I don't really mind who the MB is. As long as we all uphold a Malaysian's Malaysia. Thats what we want. We voted against racial politics so please stick to it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

What is the problem with having PAS as MB? If you always talk about Malaysia for Malaysian, he is Malaysian too, right? Or is Malaysian only applies to non-PAS member?

A Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB

Think what needs to be said has been said. Let's hope this is a good move forward by DAP & Co (Perak). We understand that YB LKS - as ultimate leader - must voice the disagreement due to the pact with PKR prior to elections; nothing wrong with that, at least it is made known. The turnaround was a good move & forward thinking. What is important now is that Perak will be able to carry out the daunting task ahead.

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Can you tell that Teng fella in Klang to take down that banner of his as it is very embarrassing to lobby for support.

Tell Teng that if he is good enough, he will be made the Deputy MB automatically. No need to lobby like some dog.

Tell him to show some class.

Vineeth said...

DAP got more seats.. correct.

DAP win = PAS+PKR support
PAS win = DAP+PKR support
PKR win = DAP+PAS support

Supporters = Malays+Chinese+Indians

So, why are you guys talking of DAP only, whats wrong with PAS. Is DAP trying to be Chinese only party..

Ant what the hell is DAP people fighting each other for the Dy.MB post.

IS DAP working for personal power for their benifit or for the good of people..


. said...

YB Tony,

..Small things please small minds..

Most leaders new & old in BR suffer
'Divine shock'.

Many nominees do not expect to win & form New State Government.

So they experienced, Future shock, culture shock, election victory shock.. etc.

But I call it " mental shock ".... Mandate of heaven this nation awaits.

In 'IT' term it is called 'PC hanged, server down, virus detected need innoculation',..etc .

Look like , all new leaders need to learn to " Unblock, unlock , overhaul" ,
and adopt a new paradigm shift , read new rules, consult the 'Wise' for guidance.

RPK did an excellent exposition on this topic,..
"You are now the government, so please get down to acting like a government".

Think positive, be pro-active, re adapt , move ahead .

One Unity, One Voice, One common aim .

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...


The issue is Perak has been resolved. In fact, the majority of ppl in Perak agree to the appointment of the new MB from PAS. Seriously, he is more qualified, considering his professional backgroud and ability to speak Mandarin and Tamil besides Malay & English. Im sure he will blend well with the locals if we give him a chance.

Furthermore, there are 6 excos from DAP, which I seriously think its quite a fair deal, considering the fact that we have a chinese DAP as the deputy (which never happen before in Perak history). So Lim Keng Yaik can shut his mouth saying DAP betraying the chinese. I don't remember seeing a chinese Deputy MB in perak or elsewhere during MCA/Gerakan time.

Most importantly, Lim Kit Siang has apologized and the Perak issue is resolved. But now seems the issue in Perlis and Terengganu is still on-going. Apparently, the Sultan of Terengganu (Our King) Sultan Mizan decided to elect another DUN to become MB instead of the one selected by PM. On perlis side, Shahidan vows to fight for the post to defy the King of Perlis. Sorry but I have to say this ....

" UMNO BIADAP !!!! Siapa lebih biadap sekarang ??? Cina DAP yg sudah mohon maaf atau Melayu UMNO yg semaking angkuh dan biadab !!!!

If they try to make perak issue in the parliment, pls do rakyat the favour to bring up the perlis and terengganu's case.

- signing off ..

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. said...

To, YB Tony Pua,

Why PKR,DAP,PAS & West Malaysians are still dreaming ? ….Lost focus ?

Why MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, PBB,PRS still hiding the ‘Truth’ ?

Look like Sabahans know what is the ” Truth”.

> Someone from Sabah talk sense….. Repeat for reference only.

1)…Sabah Progressive Party president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said he was puzzled why the NEP was still an issue when it had been replaced by the

>’National Development Policy’(NDP)…

> TUN DR M launched the “NDP” which year ? I forgot the year ,do you remember ?

2)…“so called cancellation of the NEP” was completely redundant because it no longer existed and it was equally disappointing that Penang Umno was still harping on a non-existent policy.

3)…no wonder that some politicians both from ruling and opposition have lost focus on which policy to talk about,”

Bravo, Sabahans dare to speak out.

Syabas. Barisan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

I wish to read Utusan headline UMNO BIADAP.