Monday, April 05, 2010

Koh Tsu Koon Unable To Answer If He's "Malaysian First"

The President of Gerakan, a party known to be the "conscience of Barisan Nasional" was put under severe test in parliament last week. He was asked by DAP Parliamentary Opposition leader if he is a "Malaysian first" or a "Chinese first", in relation to the definition set out in the 1Malaysia Government Transformation Programme Roadmap, a project headed by Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon himself.

Unfortunately, what is seemingly a straightforward question appears to be a most difficult one for Koh Tsu Koon as he was warned by the speaker twice from answering something different from what the previous Umno minister, Datuk Seri Nazri had answered in parliament while defending the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who had declared that he was "Malay first, Malaysian second".

Watch the 5 minutes video to see it for yourself.


homeless said...

he is Chicken first, then Malaysian second.

Anonymous said...

owh... koh tsu koon. pussy.

What A Lulu said...

KTK, in true KTK fashion, has to check with his political masters first

Lee Wee Tak said...

it pains me to see an intelligent professor has to justify the unjustifiable...Speaker to the rescue, what's new?

if i were prof's child, i would look away...."no eye see" as the chinese saying goes

hard to serve your master, hope your remuneration is worth the trouble

Anonymous said...

A warning by the Speaker of the House...????
Isn't that against "their" Rules of Parliment...??

I thought in Parliment the Ministers are allowed to "mud-sling" as they like......!!!!!!!!!

And........ we all know we'll never ever get a "straight & honest" answer from that Koh feller. So WHY waste time on that "boneless" bumb...????

Lim Kit Siang is a smart man.
He just wanna put that Koh feller in a spot....!!!

Don't "we all" know crap when we see ONE...????

Anonymous said...

YB, that is the quality of the Mopiko man from Penang entering parliament through backdoor.... malu lah!!!
No balls... cari makan, self interest and no wonder was kicked out by the people of Penang!!! poraaaah la Koh buah sukun!!!!
hantam dia YB!!!

yeekai5 said...
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yeekai5 said...

old bird ald kena so yum gong,imagine BN new boy go debate,lim kit siang stand up only sure they ald chicken shit..haha

Anonymous said...

At least our MCA CSL have more guts!! Ha Ha

wandererAUS said...

YB Chua,



Anonymous said...

I think KTK is a KTK lover first, UMNO lackey second, Whatever he is told to be third, malaysian fourth, chinese fifth, and a man of principle last.

Anonymous said...

TSK has no b@ll to answer the question. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Quite amusing. LKS is having fun "taunting" the poor chicken.

Words are cheap...let's wait and see whether what have been conveyed in the NEM and 1Malaysia GTP can be translated in actions.

Have serious doubts - if BN can deliver, DAP will have a tough time surviving (don't worry lah - BN/UMNO won't implement the essence of the NEM...why they should break their own rice bowls, eh?)

democrazyman said...

so, if one day M'sia is attacked by another country, we should save our own race first, then (if we have time) we save other M'sians? inilah semangat 1 Malaysia daripada Najib, DPM and of course, UMNO and Perkasa.

SetiaSelalu said...

Malu lah...koh soo Tak Kut simple question cannot answer....minister material eh?
We are Malaysian first then ethnic second stupid !
REFORMASI in Malaysia long overdue.
We must not return to the dark days of Racist Nazi Mahahtir where it was 'Ketuanan of One Race' not Ketuanan Malaysian '

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how Koh can live with peace of mind and sleep peacefully at night!Also to face his family, relatives friends and voters with this act!!

Chinese I am said...


I simply CANNOT understanding why is LIM KIT SIANG harping on this question "You're a MALAY/CHINESE/INDIAN first or MALAYSIAN first?"

Does it really matter?? Why is DAP playing such a RACIST game by asking such OUTDATED QUESTION??

Our DPM is indeed CORRECT to say he is a "MALAY first". The reason being so is that one MUST NEVER ABANDON their race in whatever the circumstances is. What is so WRONG to place our RACE before our NATIONALITY?

Well, would TONY PUA or KIT SIANG say they are MALAYSIAN first & then CHINESE?? For anyone to say they are MALAYSIAN first & then only their race show these people have NO WHATSOEVER respect for their ANCESTORS (let alone their RACE).

Let us NOT forget we CHINESE came from CHINA during our ancestor's days. It's our FOREFATHERS who had abandoned our homeland in CHINA & came running to Malaysia. Thus, as a NEW BREED OF CHINESE living in a new land..."Should we rectify our forefather's mistakes by calling ourselves CHINESE first?"

It's a SHAME for DAP to even ask this kind of STUPID QUESTION.

Remember..."RACE is something we must always give priority to & we must NEVER abandon it for second place"

Anonymous said...

Now I know how the voters of Penang kicked out the Gerakan judging how KTK answered LKS's queries.

Anonymous said...

KTK said:

Malu easy-easy, wang duit susah cari!,
Depan pintu takda jadi, belakang pintu pun Menteri!,
Lawan umno gua mana benari, nanti ikut OTK pergi!,
Orang kata gua kiasu-kiasi, bakar gambar gua pun biar pi!,
Itu pasai gua hidup sampai hari ini!, macam labi-labi!,
Bulan-bulan masuk duit buta punya gaji, lain-lain gua tak mahu peduli!,
Malu easy-easy!, wang duit susah cari!, jadi menteri, gua manyak hua-hi, lain-lain gua tak peduli!, lawan umno gua mana berani, jadi labi-labi susah nak mati....

Anonymous said...


Probably it's better to train your guns on things which are more beneficial to the nation rather than continuing to take shots at Tan Sri Koh and his party. The people already know what Gerakan is capable/incapable of, so that's why they voted them out in Penang with devastating effect.

So let's move on and not harp on things which are unimportant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinese I Am,

Since when asking whether are you a Malaysian a "RACIST game" as you put it?

You asked "What is so WRONG to place our RACE before our NATIONALITY?", how is this different than the apartheid in South Africa?

Even Hong Kong, where majority are chinese, have removed "Race" in most of the personal information form. Why not learn a thing or two from them? Afterall, we're got MACC from them too.

Yes, no doubt race is important but a malaysian's declaration should be Malaysian Malays,Chinese or Indian and NOT Malay,Chinese,Indian Malaysian.

Malaysian Chindian.

Anonymous said...

Tai chi FAIL!

DistressedNyen said...

Koh Tsu Koon is an embarrassment for his total lack of intelligence and guts. Gerakan is so gone under his poor leadership. Gereakan members, pls move on to some parties with better leadership. Its your survival really..

Worse still, an earlier comment posted here that is so pretentious and it contradicts its very own earlier remark. If you are paid to write, you should be a professional. You are not amateur like i am. If you are paid (heftily presumably) and you cant write... you are BN contractor! (we know this for the last 30 years) LOL

Anonymous said...

hi can u show a email-contact on your blog? i cant find it. i've got complaints. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I kno this is a bit unrelated, but whatever happened to the NAZA-Matrade issue? All you guys only jump when there are media around, and once they gone, you let daylite robbery prevail, is it???

Anonymous said...

Chinese I am, why don't you go home to China?

Jeremiah said...

The Bible has an answer to this controversy of 1Msia:

Jesus said we should love our neighbours as we love ourselves. True agape love consists of giving our lives so that our fellow man whose life is at stake can live.

While this standard is truly a tough one unless we have the holy spirit in us, it is a universal prescription. NOWHERE ARE WE TOLD TO LOVE OUR OWN RACE FIRST.

For instance, if we see a road accident and a man is injured with blood on the ground. Do we stop to ask him his race or whether he is Msian or Sporean before helping him?

The parable of the Good Samaritan shows that we are to help those who have fallen victim to others. No matter what race.

Everyman for himself (or his race) and God is against all.

The purpose of 1Malaysia should be to unite the people for the good of the nation and not set Malaysians against other nations like Israel.

Superman said...

Hello Chinese I am,

I think you got it all wrong. You are definitely off-tangent in delivering your points and not to mention the substance of your comment. I'm sorry as I cannot bear reading your comment.

On your point that we shouldn't discard our colours and it should take precedent - It is true that we Malaysians are 'identified' by race/ethnicity as our forefathers came from different parts of the world. However, what we are emphasizing here is not that. We are emphasizing the fact that all of us Malaysians MUST put ourselves first as Malaysians before anything else i.e. among others we shall not have, by law and/or practice, give precedence to factors such as race, religion, custom, etc. We, as Malaysians, shall have equal rights irrespective of those elements. We have had 50 years of having those laws/practice in place but that part of the society advancement is still lacking and way off the original objective. You can read on some articles as to why it happened that way...

Anonymous said...

"Does it really matter?? Why is DAP playing such a RACIST game by asking such OUTDATED QUESTION??"

This is stupid. I don't support the abovementioned.

Aren't we Chinese in Malaysia want to have the same level of privilege as Malay?

What so call 1 Malaysia? Buying houses still have Bumiputra's lot. How to judge?

Amount of ringgit to schools are different. (Sek. Kebangsaan will get more) WHY? 1 Malaysia?

Can anyone define 1 Malaysia more?

shawn abdullah said...

hello yb,

i m a bn supporter but i want to salute you for the job well done. i am referring to your speech in parliament the other day about the contracts published on myprocument web site.

i am absolutely disgusted with the sloppiness of those who worked on the site. And i am more disturbed to know that those were not mistakes but actual contracts. like you, i totally agree they should build a bungalow for each student instead of building a 200 room hostel with a cost of 78 million. that is 389,000rm per room!!!!!

i think the bn is stupid. najib wants to be more transparent. instead he just showed us how corrupt his government is.

thank you for you expose. malaysia needs a pembangkang like you.

Anonymous said...

running dog,

you just live up to your running dog status. well done, running dog KTK,

what will you sell next?

Anonymous said...

*市政局重新检讨和衡量签批准证给住宅区熟食小贩/商家在某些地方/ 五角基摆放桌椅,过多桌椅摆放在路边除了导致交通出现问题以外还会导致住客没有车位泊车造成不便。

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

KTK gives geek a bad name. He is worst kind of geek - those that live up to the their stereotype of not being weak, cowardly. So many geeks in the world has brought great changes through their brians and tenacity. KTK acts like the whiny kid that deserved to be bullied.

Someone, do everyone a favour, and give him a wedgie and stuff his head in the school toilet...

Anonymous said...

Lets not kid ourselves why KTK is still worthwhile to attack. Its no so much KTK means anything anymore but rather symbolically if Gerakan breaks from BN or break apart, it will officially mean the end of 'the conscience of BN'. Its important.

KTK is not important, Gerakan is a spent force but in political warfare, even if the dessimated enemy surrender, you may not even let them live, much less the fact that this one has not surrender at all.

Sad to say, the value of KTK, if any, is that he stubbornly still take resources from the opposition. KTK value is his negativity - his value is taking value from others for his one master rather than being worth anything to anyone else. In other words, he is the wimpy whiny kid that should stop but won't.

People want PR to stop attacking KTK? What have YOU done about that whiny kid who refuse to listen to anyone and bothers everyone anyway?

Marduk said...

Dear Tony,

You're doing very well especially on the ladies' shoes purchases. Many thanks for exposing it. Am sure not all are angels in your party but if you continue to upkeep your principle, you'll die a happy man.
May the Force be with You! Always!

furious_mark said...

"Uncle KTK, what is your first name?"
"Tok Kok."
"Uncle KTK, what are you talking?"
"Tok Kok."
"Uncle KTK, what is your hobby?"
"Tok Kok."
"Uncle KTK, what actually is your role?"
"Tok Kok."

Anonymous said...

dear YB

how do we contact you with regards to dodgy information on the myprocurement portal?


Takut tapi Berani said...

Koh Tsu Koon,

If our DPM idea is right. You just say "I am chinese first".

Nothing wrong. This our DPM idea. Dear all my government staff friends, next time at official letter beside put "Berkhidmat Untuk Negara", you can also put "1Malay/India/Chinese, People(Race) First, Performance Now"!!! *the race, depend on what race are you!!!

I just know that such a long time I misunderstand 1Malaysia meaning. What I know previously is, we don't talk about race, we talk about Malaysia, and we are Malaysian.

PM, DPM, Menteri-menteri please let us know what is the definition of 1Malaysia clearly.... We don't want guess anymore. I know it fellow the constitution of Malaysia, law of Malaysia, Principal of Malaysia and etc. But I still can't get the meaning.

KTK, if I get people said "chicken" I will make my stand clear, but you seem don't much bother how people view on you. You out as MP really not disappoint Penang's rakyat.

Unknown said...

YB Tony, let's up the ante. Can you get all PR MPs to declare whether they define themselves by race or nationality first?

OTL said...

Zhong Chuen, Tony should be Malaysian first... the race didn't come their mind... As Zaid Ibrahim also well respect by me, he mentioned that he is ready to serve not matter what race.

We fight not for our own benefits nor our race, we want all Malaysian live peace and prosperity!

Aikzhou Tan said...

Dear Tony,

DAP point-in-case have been proven. Can you please convey a message to YB LKS to stop harping on this? Also, yourself is an Oxford Uni graduate. Can you please advice your comrades to stop walking out of the Parliment when there are bills to debate and to block? These are the more important measures and responsibilities the people have put forth to DAP and PR for that matter.

PR cannot keep staging walkouts and let the bill passes without a fight. Be mindful, you are our weapon in the Parliment. Where the bill serves more harm than good to the people, you guys must be there to fight tooth and nail with them. Make sure you exhaust every resources you guys have in hand to stop them.

The people is standing behind PR now as you guys have tasted victories in 5 states (ok, count Perak out cuz those MFK's sold out the party) but isn't this the best time to prove your worthiness as champion for the people!?

I am a Selangor-ian and I love my country and king as well. I like how Khalid is running Selangor like a big corporate company. You guys need more candidates of this caliber in PR. Those branches that has been disillusioned with PR and decided to have mass resignation is nothing to worried about. From their looks, they are not leaders in the first place.

It is with my sincere wish that PENANG and SELANGOR be develop to a stage where BN will be embrassed automatically without the need of you guys to voice out any of their rubbish.

Move on, time is short. The next GE is coming and there is still alot of work cut out for the entire PR.

My prayers are with DAP.

Anonymous said...

If we really look at ourselves as 1Malaysian, then we should get rid of the quota system that we have now and work on a new playing field - equal to all. No more special discounts or privilleges for certain race(s). No more mentioning of race when we are asked about our nationality.

Unknown said...

KTK is an out dated politician, if he is smart as he thinks of himself, he won't accept the recommendation of being senator to get to the seat of KPI minister. As DPM said he was a small man. A chinless and boneless political creature.
He should apologize to Penang people. During his tenure of MB in Penang state, he had sold out the benefits of people there who gave him the mandate to rule. But he blindly kowtowed to Umno guys who had always bullied him and taken him as nothing.

Anonymous said...

if not wrong, don't lose sight that BN has 142 seats, PR 80 seats. BN need 147 seats to 2/3 majority & will give BN total power !!! pls take note & don't overlook this.

Anonymous said...


Do you seriously expect the eunuch KTK to take a stand of this issue?

We, Penangites, know him only too well. He is treated with total contempt by all and sundry in his own home state.

He doesn't even have the balls to show up in Tanjung Bungah where he was the assemblyman for umpteen years having totally screwed up the area.

You should have heard the contempt heaped on this eunuch at the recent public forum organised by the Tanjung Bungah Residents Association.


Anonymous said...

Tony, this would be one of your key points of campaign. I wonder why nobody picks this up. If the production sharing contract (PSC) was terminated, that would implied that Malaysia has given our sovereignity right to Brunei!!! Both blocks have about 700 million barrels of oil underneath it or equivalent to USD70 BILLION!!!

UPDATE 1-Murphy Oil Malaysia contracts canceled
Wed, Apr 21 2010
HOUSTON, April 21 (Reuters) - Murphy Oil Corp said on Wednesday that its interest in two blocks offshore Malaysia has been terminated after a dispute over control over the assets.
The offshore exploration areas designated as Block L and Block M are no longer a part of Malaysia, the country's state oil company told Murphy after Malaysia and the Sultanate of Brunei determined the designated offshore areas are no longer a part of Malaysia.
Murphy's potential participation in replacement production sharing contracts covering these areas is under discussion, the El Dorado, Ark., company said.
Shares of Murphy were flat in after-hours trading. (Reporting by Anna Driver in Houston; editing by Carol Bishopric)

Anonymous said...

Where is the explanation Koh said? He's answering a question with another question and ended the question with a "bailout." What a shame.

FYI, being a student in US. We refer ourselves as Malaysian all the time. We seldom called ourselves Chinese or anything else. Why is it so hard to say it?

Nehemiah said...

YBH Tony, when are you going to analyse the HS election results with a microscope?

My view: PKR is lucky to have minimised the loss to 1,725 votes, which represents only 3.6% of the total votes. Apart from the monetary handouts that were conditional on voters voting for BN, which could have swung 1,000 votes or 2% to BN, I can find some solid reasons why PKR and Zaid could not convincingly swing the voters in their favour:

1. Constant harping on the APCO issue by Anwar Ibrahim. It is not relevant to Hulu Selangor and also the nation although a case can be made that the US$23m is tax payers money. It is as if Anwar and the PR coaltion were waiting for a big fish issue to drop from the sky for them to raise up as an election issue.

2. When you want to win rural votes, be careful to select someone they can identify with. Zaid is more of an urban success story. If he was a kampung boy to riches story, there was little meat to chew on.

3. PKR did not respond strongly to the character assasination of drinking alcohol. So what if Hishmamuddin or other members of cabinet drank in the past? They are not standing for election in Hulu Selangorlah.

3. The New Economic Model, even if it is a PR ploy, was good PR for BN. The Opposition could not counter with a simple counter punch but instead responded with several disagreements with the thick report. Fence sitters throughout the nation are still waiting for the NEM Part II and may be willing to give the benefit of the doubt until then.

4. As far as the Indian voters were concerned, Kamalanathan was the underdog (overlooked by Samy, mocked by the Opposition for kissing hands, etc). The truth about his university degree is also contentious and inconclusive

5. Is the name of the game among Islamic conservatives still: who is a better Jew basher? Anwar seemed to have gone overboard by calling the head of APCO a Jew. Wonder what the Christian Malaysians thought about that when majority of them love the Jewish people. We know that God hates and judges countries that condemn the nation/people He loves.

So my conclusion is: the long-term strategy of Pakatan Rakyat may be commendable but the tactics displayed in this by-election are just too weak and sometimes irrelevant to certain quarters of Msians.

You guys need a big rebranding push.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

You are sharp, analytical and no-nonsense Senator when it comes to details, speech and facts of say contract. Probably that assisted you so well as a successful (retired) businessman.

However, voters in Hulu Selangor has delivered a verdict. We don't want hot air, talk only. To have a nobody to defeat the highly esteemed Zaid is serious.

PKR has control of 4 richest states, where is the economic development? FYI: one mid size chinese city near Beijing, called Tianjin has more FDI that whole of Malaysia combined.

I understand that Chief Minister Senator Penang Lim G.E. tried hard to build her economy. Why have a surplus budget in recessionary weak employment season of 79million? Economic disaster.

Selangor: where is the new dev on Klang River, making it the venice and envy of Asia? Smart idea, but no action ler, Senator.

Continue to criticise your foes you may be just as what PKR cmponents parties be good at - Crtique. Next GE, don't be suprised by the results.


Awang Senior said...

DAPs are very analytical but cannot deliver. Talk talk only. Complaining. There is nothing that you dont complain, but nothing is done in PR states, in fact those rich states are getting worse. What shit are u talking about. No need to talk about or ask which is first la. Race or nationality? We all know whether you are malay, chinese or indian. It is so stupid to answer that i'm chinese first, Malaysian second or vice versa. Hey better talk about how to make more moneylah

Anonymous said...

I must say that Awang is somewhat rough on the edges speech wise, but he is SPOT ON! Ditto!

Well said, Awang.

As late President Ronald Reagan once said, "Its the economy, stupid!"


Anonymous said...

So what Penang going to do with its surplus budget of 79million ?
If you save 79 million not for development , later go back to develeopment , isn't wasting time . Why not use it to pay staff salary in advance eg May and June 2010 , since it finally still has to paid . Then balance for welfare !

Melaka Sentral Bus RM 61 mil sell to Melaka Historic City Council ( MBMB ) for RM 78 mil .
Bus services still so poor and bus fair is still expensive . Want to build something like KL Sentral ( own by MRCB Bhd ) , need at least RM 1 billion , but still no bus to Hulu Selangor . Mostly the bus to One Utama . Sometimes , we ask successful development is actually done by government or private company when we compared IGB Corp Bhd own Mid valley megamall and Sunway City Berhad own Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall compared with RM12.5 bil PKFZ .
After all , people vote for PR is for development ( more bus sentral ) or welfare / green ( better bus services / lower assessment rate ) ?

Up to date how Msia people have stay Four Season Hotel , Impiana KLCC , Grand Millennium Hotel . It look just underdevelopment is still overdevelopment for Msia people .

If no good welfare given to rakyat , the next election is just like hope for a big fish issue to drop from the sky .
I agree constant harping on the APCO issue by Anwar not relevant to Hulu Selangor and also the nation although a case can be made that the US$23m is tax payers money ( have fish to sell , but poor peole dont have money to buy )

Anonymous said...

on a more serious note.. he really sounds like a pussy.