Thursday, May 29, 2008

Urgent Motion Denied, Denied, Denied

Victim of police bashing at Bandar Mahkota Cheras (Malaysiakini)

Saudari Teo Nie Ching of SERDANG filed for an urgent motion 2 days ago, due for a hearing by the Speaker today on whether it could be debated in the House. Almost as expected, the motion was denied.

There are probably some 10 or so urgent motions which has been denied the chance to see the light of day in the House. So far the most frequently use reason for rejection is "not urgent" - be it urgent medical treatments on ISA detainees (not urgent), death to National Service detainees (not urgent) or death under police custody (only very few such cases).

So far, the only motion allowed for debate was on the issue of the sharp increase in the price of rice and its possible shortage.

Today, the Deputy Speaker once again rejected SERDANG's motion, that is to debate the police action and inaction over the Bandar Mahkota Cheras - Grand Saga toll controversy, which has resulted in individuals being hurt by thugs in full police presence and another being beaten up by some 20 police officers. This issue has hit the headlines over the past 3 days or so.

The Speaker ruled that the motion is not urgent, and that since the matter is under court action, the House is not permitted to discuss the issue as it would then be sub-judice.

Both SERDANG and myself stood up to point out to the speaker that the issue that is being discussed here in police inaction and brutality and not the case due for hearing in the courts. Hence there is nothing sub judice about the case.

The Speaker would have none of it, despite more members from the opposition bench speaking in support of the motion, of course with the BN backbenchers at the same time vocally opposing our cause for the Malaysian victims.

SHAH ALAM (Khalid Abdul Samad / PAS) stood to ask the speaker to explain to the house, if death and being beaten up by authorities isn't sufficiently "urgent", then what is the criteria the Speaker use to define "urgent"?

Well, obviously the question didn't require an urgent answer, and I don't expect to hear it any time soon.


Anonymous said...

yes, i watched the whole process of which YB Teo as well as the others fought for the right to debate the motion but got rejected. it is not only DISHEARTENING but also DISAPPOINTING to see that those people do not see the matter seriously. oh, come on, it's the matter of life and death, and it involves lives, not to mention the injuries occured so far! yet the Yang Dipertua insisted his stance to disallow the debate to be carried out in the dewan. i really don't know how far they care for the RAKYAT

Meiyen said...

For God's sake take the picture down. What are you attempting to do?

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I totally empathize with your frustration and exasperation!!! Please keep the good fight and don't give up - your/our day will come...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what constitute 'urgent' as i think if the world economy collapses also they will not allow the motion citing non-urgent.


Anonymous said...

Is this democracy? Is this democracy? Is this democracy? Is this democracy?
Is this democracy?

We are no better than those countries that bashed the monks, and soon we will suffer the same karma that befallened the other nations

Anonymous said...

The tsunami on 8th March is not enough to bury the BN. We need WMD to finish them off

Anonymous said...

For those BN goons, raising fund allocation using our tax money for the Monsoon's cup is more urgent that the life and deaths of the citizens! What a shame to the most useless Prime Minister of Malaysia called Pak Lah! Everything under him rots like shit!

Anonymous said...

I'm deeply incensed by the enforcement agency's brutality as well as the inactions by the Speaker. Dear YB Tony, I urge you to move a motion to remove the inapt speaker from the Parliament. If this is not urgent, I don't know what is!

Anonymous said...

People died of constipation and it's not urgent. People being C4 and it's not urgent. So what's so special about being whacked by 20 polis and bleeding. Definitely not urgent.

Anonymous said...

This is very urgent. Boleh-thugs have lost every sense of direction. They even started guarding concrete wall that has got nothing to do with them.

Can start a motion to save boleh-thugs?! The apa-pun-tarak-boleh MPs sure find this urgent.

Anonymous said...

I think there are also some urgent matters out there involving the whoel country like petrol subsidy that we should discuss. I read an idea here which seemed plausible.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

What is urgent or not
Mustn't be tied in a knot
That nobody can knock
Or kick to open the lock

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290508
Thur. 29th May 2008.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, the whole world knows that Pak Lah has been rated as THE WORST PRIME MINISTER IN THE WORLD SINCE 2004.

He only knows how to make use of his stupid son-out-law, the sinfully corrupted Khairy Jamaludin to squeeze his balls.

Pakatan Rakyat better SACK this old
sinful, KICK him out and CRUSH him FLAT!

Anonymous said...


*We need to join member in Pakatan Rakyat for fight with BN

Wong Ho Leng said...

We saw blood, didn't we? We saw brutality too. Yet, it was ruled that there was no urgency. What else can be urgent? Parliament has become irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Speaker & Deputy Speaker always rejected urgent motions because they are afraid to handle them. They are lack of experience and afraid "malu" if the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker FAILED to handle the issues appropriately. So, the best way out is to REJECT and only deal with the SIMPLE & SENANG motions. Another reason is because the Speaker & Deputy Speaker are from BN. So, have to take care the top BN guys' face. A real democratic parliament is to have INDEPENDENT SPEAKER WHO DOES NOT BELONG TO ANY POLITIC PARTY to prevent any bias decisions in the Dewan Rakyat! Then only we can have a fair and effective parliament that works 100% for the RAKYAT'S INTEREST.

Unknown said...

I read about the poor guy being bashed by the brutal cops. I couldn't believe my eyes until I saw the picture.
In this civilised society I can't dread that our law enforcer was supposed to protect the people but end up tormentor.

Anonymous said...

maybe next time lks raise a motion that umno be parti tunggal malaysia, the speaker will sure approve. or maybe motion to allow pm to give 10mil to umno constituent, or motion to ban pork in malaysia......

this is getting crazy, we got fru acting as thug beating ppl and this was not urgent. we got sabah as most poverty state and illegals reaching alarming rate and that was not urgent. we got oil price double every 2 yrs (borrom moore's law theory) and also is not urgent. so what is urgent - nori bersalin or jeanne hurt her heel ?

maybe YB can do us favor of compiling how many motions have been rejected (esp by oppos), how many motions have been passed ans is it really urgent,or petty......

Anonymous said...

he could avoid this if he stay at home..sigh..

Anonymous said...

In a way, BMC saga epitomises what is wrong with our country today. When leaders won't lead and institutions fail, its the ordinary and innocent that gets hurt worst and badly.

The problem could have been solved if someone from BN govt or Grand Saga company stepping up as leaders OR institutions play the role they are suppose to play but both did not happen. Note just NOT doing enough can hurt people

lzblue said...

I feel that the incident depicts an emerging force of the masses, which has been long suppressed. And the force is facing slight friction now in the process of growing. These hard times will be historical moments when we look back in years to come. Dear Sir, I'm proud of what you are doing. Do not give up.

Anonymous said...

what the Selangor gov is doing???? out of sudden they claim that they own some share in grandsaga. Don't they suppose to know about this since they so "concern" about the case since 2-3 weeks ago.

no matter how, according news, the working minister will made some announcement today. Hopefully somethings is good for both party.

Anonymous said...

my: There is nothing wrong with the picture. It's evidence of the police's unfairness. And you're not the editor here. Don't you know the first rule of the blogosphere is, as long as it doesn't involve race or religion, you don't patronize and tell the blogger what to do. Otherwise, start your own damn blog and don't read stuff you don't want to see.

Anonymous said...

police acted like this the people we rely on to keep peace in the country? it's a shame...

Anonymous said...

[Kajang police chief Shakaruddin Che Mood, however, said they were only traffic policemen whom he had sent to the area for traffic control.
"They were too busy controlling traffic and could not do anything",” he told reporters, adding that five police reports have been lodged on the assault.]

That's the comment of a high ranking officer on the fracas between BMC residents and the thugs. What do you think about it?

Anonymous said...

The truth has came out :
1) Umno=BN=federal government has no principle, no leadership, paklah has no leadership, all the umno, cabinet only corrupt, arrogant, greedy,=CAG.

2) the definition of the privatization projects is to have a project that benefit the people,(save money) that bring down the traffic jam, that will benefit the govenment, save time, and petrol this privatize project is definitely not doing that job, as such, it should be revoke, by the federal gov, by virtual of it's wrongly advise the gov,

3) instead of saving money for the rakyat, it actually burden the rakyat, extra 7km, travel, burn and wasted extra petrol of rm$1.40 everyday, waste the petrol subsidy and waste our tax money, polluting the air, need to pay extra toll

4) further more, they are suppose to have alternate route, so, the actual alternate route is 1.2km only, which is against all logic, and against all common sense,

5) even if law is on the side of the GrandSaga highway authority, the federal gov, on the moral ground, should get the barricade down, so that the rakyat dont suffer, this is very obvious the privatize project is out to make
people suffer, make people miserable, make money and corrupt out of rakyat this Grand Saga need to go to jail and go to hell

6) Government, Najis, Paklah, should be champion of rakyat ? take care of rakyat, very clearly, they and the police take care of the cronies, take care of pocket, take care of their own, never take care of rakyat,

7) where is the justice to the Bandar Mahkota Cheras ? federal did not give a shit about the rakyat, you know how to vote in the general election? only the residents, the selangor Pakatan rakyat MP and MB, come out to defend the residents, they got conscience

9) umno = BN = CAG = go to hell
greedy corrupt, no leader ship, please go to hell

vote for change, vote for pakatan rakyat, get the MPs to cross over to pakatan rakyats, change the federal gov!!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

See how the Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN-Alor Star) lied to the public:

Anonymous said...

Who needs thugs when you have well organised public servants?

123 said...

- What is wrong with the bloody speaker!? ARGH./

- Is BN acting with the intention to lose SOMEMORE seats??

happy said...

Dear tony can i know why is the national flag draping the top part of the parliament house? it looks pathetic to have the flag draping the roof far as i'm concern, how are we going to show our respect and the patriotism towards the country when the flag is treated like any other piece of cloth to cover something else.please take note on this matter,as i've never seen anywhere else in other parts of the world to treat their own national flag the way we do.

Poh Soon said...


I'm wondering, if this "Not Urgent" is such incompetent and obviously one sided, is there anyway or rule allow for the MP to call anti trust vote against the speaker and thus have him replace?

If this can't be done by MP, can the rakyat file a petition to have such tak apa speaker being removed and replace with one who are more credible?


Anonymous said...

PLS POST the incident to CNN/AFP/Al Jeeraza and let whole world know what been happen. Where is Human Right?

Lee Young, 李阳 said...

Well well well. Let's see how long can Grand Saga last. Ha.

Tuckster said...


I wanted to write this in Teo Nie Ching's blog for her to follow up, but her blog is mostly in Chinese and I can't read Chinese.

So, I will write here since you're my MP, and hopefully you can take it up and help push for a Right To Information Act, with regards to revealing the details of the Toll Concessions Agreements.

You guys to slice and dice India's Highways Authority's website and see how forthcoming they are with information. Totally transparent!

Here's the link :

And hopefully, with Uncle Lim and Uncle Karpal guidance, you guys can take up the challenge to repeal the OSA and instead pass this RTI Act.

Choong TM

Anonymous said...

Grand Saga is a subsidary of Taliworks, and behind the scene this company is control and owned by member of a Malaysian Royal Family.

This is all involved dirty money and dirty Malaysian politics!

Pakatan Rakyat government must spend more time and effort to change the corrupted BN led govt and must act fast to destroy the unjustified Royal exploitation to the Rakyat before it is too late.

Hidup Pakatan Rakyat!

Anonymous said...

what is there to debate? the spineless deputy minister with midget brain from MCA has sanctioned the police action. what else to talk but to remember what MCA stands for in the next election.

Aizat said...

cherasguy...police men are people who deserved respect.they are way better than us when they decide to risks their lives when they joined the force. Malaysia is a country of law and order.police are authorized to combat crime and hooligans. they have suffered so much for the past 50 years or even during the british era.but not a squeak made when policemen died in the line of duty against criminals and hooligans.
my point is we must investigate what happens in the incidents at cheras. not blindingly attack the police. the people who are hurt may refuse order from police who are ENTITLED to give order.imagine a society where people can defy law and order as they like.