Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mahkota Cheras - Selangor Government Must Act

The state of Mahkota Cheras controversy has deteriorated into a farce when the Federal Reserve Units (FRU), equipped with water cannons and all, were deployed by the Grand Saga Highway concessionaire to construct a barricade across a road which has been proven by the Hulu Langat Land Office in a letter dated April 22, 2008 as belonging to the state.

While it is comforting to note that the Menteri Besar, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has acknowledged, as per the Star report yesterday that “the residents had the right to use the access road without having to pay toll”, it is disappointing that he had not taken a stronger stand on the issue, and in fact had not dealt with it much earlier when the FRU was first deployed, or even before that.

This has resulted in the situation clearly getting out of control, with a fracas between the residents and the FRU units in the wee hours of the morning 2 days ago (see video here), and a Member of Parliament lying in the hospital at this point of time, having been assaulted by the police.

It is critical that the new state government demonstrate political will and determination to stand for what is right and just, without fear or favour, instead of wavering in uncertainty or adopting a “we will look into it” or “we will have to discuss further” culture which is reminiscent of the previous Barisan Nasional government. It is of great concern that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had qualified his statement on the “right of use” by saying that the state government must also take into consideration that the toll is the source of revenue for the company.

With the state ownership of the land no longer in dispute, the local government, in this case the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj), must take all necessary actions to prevent illegal structures from being constructed on state land.

If an enforcement officer does not hesitate to compound a car parked temporarily but illegally on a state road, why should MPKj decline to take action, via compounds and summons, against the parties who are erecting a permanent structure in the middle of the road? In fact, any party who persist in constructing illegal barriers, in the face of compounds issued, must be charged in the court of law.

As the old adage that we members of the opposition is so fond of using, “justice must not only be done, but seen to be done”. The rakyat will be understandably discontented if the government enforces the law against the man on the street, while allows room for negotiation and delay when commercial interests are involved.

It is hence critical that the Menteri Besar of Selangor demonstrate much greater urgency in the matter, without letting the situation deteriorate further than it already has via inertia. If the first night's deployment of the FRU against residents who wanted the law upheld has not injected such urgency, then we certainly hope that the second night's deployment would have.

The new state government is being given certain leeway to perform by the people of Selangor. However, it will quickly lose its goodwill if the people's interest are not given priority.


Anonymous said...

I wonder:

1) who are the eventual owners and beneficiaries of Grand Sage Sdn Bhd?

2) how come the PDRM are so firm and efficient in backing up a wrong deal? Who gave the order in the police?

- I mean look at'em; full riot gear against citizens affirming their rights (rather than breaking any law); no bars hold application of anti-riot procedures (when there is no riot); proactive aggressive action against a MP.

If only the PDRM shows similiar level of diligence against rapists, robbers, thieves, murders, smugglers, corrupt politicians, illegal imigrants, gangsters etc. They would be the best polic force in the world and maybe the solar system

Are they channelling resources from crime fighting initiatives?

Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

I reserve my comment until next week, where MB Khalid has said, he will have discussion on the matter and the outcome.

I have always suspicion of this MB from all his "expertise" from the days he was in PNB and then in Guthrie, people in the circle would know his "forte".

But i gave benefit of a doubt since he join PKR and the PM-in-waiting.

My greatest worry is "leopard never change its spot.

Anonymous said...

I hope the PR govt walks the talk, and not be another BN, where promises are supposedly meant to be broken. The rakyat will be very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Since it is proven the road belongs to the state, all the resident is eligible to file for claims over the period of the barricade is built and they were forced to use the highway.

This kind of situation must not be let free. With the many lawyers from the PR, this should not be any problem.

OMG. Is absolute bright day light robbing. Now it is not even save to go out on day time...

Anonymous said...

First off. I would like to congradulate Tony on your 'no fear or favour' stand against the incident and uphold what is right is right, what is wrong is wrong, even to the extend of criticising your own allies in Pakatan. This is the type of character that we as your supporter or voter hope to see more from you in the future. Secondly, I feel that Grand Saga has been made a pawn in the greater game of political tussle. Whoever can manage to get FRU support is definitely not operating only at the business level but at a much higher federal level. They are setting a trap so that more of you all Pakatan MP and activists for people's right will get arrested and silenced in jail. It is good to have 'street fighter' MP to represent the people's right, but I feel that you all are risking too much of your career for too little a gain. We as voter don't want our elected representative spent time in jail as we have greater agenda for you all to fight for us for. Have you all not know that the pen is mightier than the sword? Organise public debates, have press conferences, write to newspapers, write ferociously on blogs and public voting on internet......etc. I think these will have more effect than doing a see saw with Grand Saga who may not even be the ultimate entity responsible for this totally despicable act. Remember the rakyat's vote is the ultimate potent weapon, try to organise and harness this energy to this end, even the invincible BN will need to bow to people's will. Lastly, my vote to MP Lim for his willingness to sacrifice for the rakyat sake. The time when he pull the plug on the welding machine, we know we have a MP that is going to stay with us for many years to come. ----your friendly neighbourhood advisor.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, there should not be double standards when it comes to dispensing justice.

It all comes down to transparency and accountability.

In this case, the FRU themselves seems to have violated public order which they claimed to upheld. Shouldn't these FRUs be held accountable for their action?

Anonymous said...

YB Tony Pua, more info on Grand Saga here:

Taliworks, a main board company is major shareholder of Grand Saga:

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work Tony!

Anonymous said...

One question

Lets consider that the land is under the state government.

If the Selangor government were to ask grand saga to open the shortcut PERMENANTLY. is it a legal requirement for Selangor state government to access people money and give compensation to narajaya and grand saga ?

One more thing,

Instead of ‘tegur sahaja’ attitude at the Tan sri Khalid, why not ‘tegur dan bantu’ tan Sri Khalid who taking a cautious appraoch and trying his best not to waste rakyat money after inherited this kind of mess.

Until one knows what is the contents of the contract between Narajaya and Grandsaga, this matter will remain very muddle.

Anonymous said...

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Khalid Ibrahim more concerned with Toll Company's revenue than Cheras residents' rights

Anonymous said...


Justice must be served for the people of BMC. How they were treated by the FRU/PDRM/GSSB were uncalled for. Why can't they be more civilised in allowing the road to remain opened until the issue is totally clearified. It was already reported that the land belong to Selangor, what their actions were a crime to the people! Not the other way round. Where is our basic human rights? The law only applies to the poor man on the street. The criminals here were the reps from FRU/PDRM/GSSB!!!

Believe we are all expecting some answers from the Selangor State Gov on this issue in the coming days.

The PDRM should change their slogan from "to protect & to serve" to "to oppress & to deny". Kudos to PDRM, they are on par with those in Africa.

Unknown said...

Herbert, you do not fully understand the issue here.

What contract between Narajaya & Grandsaga are you talking about?

Please get your facts right before commenting. Otherwise, you'll only muddle the readers of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
I have one question. What can an ordinary citizen do if we want to make a complain against the police? I have lost all confident in our police force. They seem to be above the law they are sworn to protect and they acted against the people they are answerable to. Is it possible to remove all these police who acted for a few well connected person abusing their political position?Dr Mahathir was right when he said we are living in a police state. Who can we turn to? So sad, so sad.

As I Was Saying... said...

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is a by-product of the New Economic Policy(NEP), so it's not surprising that he acts like one of those from UMNO.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

By the way, where is Parti Sosialis Malaysia? Have they sink in oblivion deep in PKRs belly?

Dr Nasir, Dr Kumar, Sdr Arul and others, what happened? The immortal enemy of PSM, the 'capitalist' is not in far away distance, they are right here, raping the people of Cheras. And your MB, have said that he will protect their interst. So what have PSM now become? Having a strange bedfellow Khalid, once enemy now partners in crime?

Hope you guys in PSM dont turn into PKRs comprador.

Anonymous said...

Found this blog which answers some questions on WHO OWNS GRAND SAGA:

Hope this helps, YB

Anonymous said...

I am in agreement with the earlier comment that our S'gor state govt should take a clearer position in this matter. While we can see that some PR MPs have been down to ground level however, I don't see our State leaders making a positive move in support of the residents much less their own party members. I am aware that there is a meeting scheduled between the respective parties but after viewing the video of the standoff, it is explicit that under the circumstances one cannot just make such an announcement and expect that to be sufficient. Whether or not there are greater impediments to the current situation and not known to the public is not material. You must be seen to be doing everything you can - perception of matters counts. However, if there is non, my friends this is going to be one bad mark for you PR guys in my books.

I am concerned coz even YB Tony is questioning the same issue and he is in your govt. Not good.....

Unknown said...

Dear YB Tony Pua,

Thank you for posting your comments on the Mahkota Cheras issue. I fully agree with what you have commented, however, being a member of the ruling Pakatan Rakyat, I think it would be more appropriate that you seek some clarification internally before bashing out comments on the issue. Criticism is good, but constructive comments with factual remedy is better. :)

DAP is playing a different role as it used to be before Mar 8. You are no longer in the opposition (well, as least in the context of Selangor state government). I personally do not expect the newly formed PR state government will be able to resolve every problem left by the previous BN government. Hence, I am willing to be patience (for now) while the new state government is trying its best to develop solutions that is favourable to the rakyat. Perhaps, other stateassemblymen, such as YB Ronnie Liu or YB Ean Yong Hean Wah should issue progressive statement on what is the state government's planning with respect to the problem.

I think YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has earned due respect for his prompt response and taking a stern stance in the pig farm issue. :)

Long live PR...

p/s I am currently at overseas and I am very interested in the debates going on in the Parliament. Sadly, there are not that many video clips uploaded online (on youtube). Wondering if DAP or PR will consider getting the clips uploaded on regular basis? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Lim family (who has 83% interest in Grand Saga as per information the blog)?

Incidentally this Dato Lim Chee Ming (only 35 years old) is the CEO of Talisworks Corporation Berhad, a company listed on Bursa Saham

Who are shareholders of Talisworks Corporation?

Lim family has 52% interest in Talisworks Corporation Bhd.

Notable Board Members of Talisworks Corporation:

1. Dato Hj Abd Karim Munisar (also directot of
Tuan Hj Abd Rahman (President of Kumpulam Daruk Ehsan Bhd, Exec Chairman of Kumpulan Perangsang & Kumpulan Hartanah Selangor Bhd)

2. Dato Lim Chee Meng (Exec Director)

It appears that this Grand Saga by the links above, is a related or affiliated company to Selangor State government (in which Pakatan Rakyat is governing)

Now YB Tony, you know why your MB Khalid said this "state government must also take into consideration that the toll is the source of revenue for the company"

Hence, the test of WALK THE TALK of Pakatan Rakyar starts here.

Test of good governance, integrity, transparency & social responsibility.

We are watching you all.

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

Can you ask your ADUN in Selangor, how many water concession has the Selangor State Government given out?

All this while (since PR took over the State Govt) I thought only SYABAS is the only water concession of Selangor because the media publicity by MB Kalid for the review of the SYABAS water concession.

On studying the Talisworks Corporation Berhad, it seems this Talisworks also has a water concession.$FILE/TALIWRK-AnnualReport2006%20(1.6MB).pdf

The question is, why isn't a call by MB Khalid to review the concession agreement with this Talisworks Corporation Bhd and all other companies given water concession in Selangor?

Why is there discrimination?

Or is PR practising selection "prosecution" just like BN?

I hope my question is valid.

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with an article by a reader of Malaysiakini Chinese version as follows :-

郑云城 | 5月12日 8点25分







It seems this Grand Saga guy is more powerful than Khalid.

Anonymous said...

It is really pity and sad to see the residents of BMC risking their life just for the right to use their access road. They are just normal folks wanted to live in peace yet have to face with the heavily armed police and FRU units working for GS.

S'gor State Government,you have to take stern action to help the people there. A few MP alone is definitely not good enough. People have given their vote to you, so it is time for you to DELIVER.

What else can normal folks like us do if even the State Government chosen by us dare not voice up to protect their rights/properties. It is really sad.........

Anonymous said...

More decision-makers bring less efficiency - - By Davide Castelvecchi, Science News

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony, even though you yourself a Pakatan Rakyat member, you are not afraid of voicing out for what is right. I for once have this belief that politicians will always be politicians. Being a selangor born person myself, I am unimpressed with how the new MB is handling the issues as for now. Please give us more reason to believe that PR will keep their promises to the rakyat. Because in Selangor, its not looking so good. Please show is PR does not stand for "Pakatan Rapuh".

Unknown said...

Tan Sri Khalid should publicly denounce the PGRM and IGP for using brute force on the rakyat.

Grand Saga is erecting a barricade on state land - that sounds so illegal unless they got prior approval or whatnots - if it is possible to do it that way.

Since the land does not belong to Grand saga and they put stuff there what is wrong with the rakyat in removing it?

why does the PGRM approach the rakyat with water cannon, tear gas, FRU when the IGP himself says that "To me, all parties concerned should sit down and find an amicable solution without resorting to mob rule."

Mr IGP - can you for once try to maintain law and order without being seen as lop-sided,(the FRU, tear gas and water cannon all aiming at the rakyat?)non professional (by not trying to mediate before hand?)non threating to the rakyat (by implying it is mon-rule when Grand saga is the one who started the fracas by insisting on putting things in a place that dont belong to them?)

when can Malaysia have a first world mentality police force?

Anonymous said...

mhwang says:

Walk the Talk. U r doing a great service to the Rakyat in voicing our discontent on how the MB is handling this issue. Service to the people transcends party line. PR has demonstrated that when u agree to disagree u can emerge stronger than before so long as priority No.1 is always on the MPs mind: the people is the boss, MPs r the servants of the people!

Anonymous said...

Well guys, although I might sound a bit apologetic towards the pakatan rakyat government. Hey, if the previous government can't settle most outstanding issues in 50 years. Don't expect Pakatan govenrment to resolve them in an instant. If not, what next. Bring Khir Toyo and kuncu back. I believe you guys agree otherwise.
However, it's against convention that the police acted on behalf of GS without any court warrant. Perhaps, Pakatan can start by rounding up such people on this matter.
Oh, by the way, we have been lotsa affiliated NGOs got away scot free with no tear gas, no water cannon. Something is verywrong here.

Anonymous said...

General speaking the performance Selangor goverment lead by Pakatan Rakyat is disappointed when handle the Bandar Mahkota Cheras cases. If the official paper has been comfirm that the land belong to State Goverment why no action been taken.

Anonymous said...


What is status of this issue? Quiet already...

Unknown said...

Dear Tony,
While we have Grand Saga building its barrier on state land, in Petaling Jaya, more specifically in Jalan Damansara, we have a case of a traffic light the control of which was given to the toll operator, Litrak.

In order to 'encourage' people to drive thru the toll and pay $$$, the traffic light was nicely tweaked so that, as few as 5 or so cars get passed each time the light turns green. After much protest, Litrak modified the traffic light to allow more cars (10 or a bit more) to pass during the peak hours in the evening.

Why is this allowed to happen? Where else in the country do private entities decide how traffic lights are to function????

Pls help the PJ residents who have been cheated all these years..... ARTIFICIAL TRAFFIC CONGESTIONS are being staged by the toll operator so that MORE will drive thru the toll road....