Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Toll Review

I complained about the fact that none of my questions were scheduled to be heard in Parliament during question time because the highest for this period was at No. 20. However, it was much to my surprised yesterday evening, to find one of my questions scheduled to be answered at No. 6 today. ;-)

The question was to the Minister of Works:
[Berapakah] pendapatan, keuntungan kumulatif syarikat-syarikat konsesi tol dan adakah Kerajaan akan mengambil langkah tertentu untuk merunding semula ciri-ciri kontrak yang tidak seimbang dan membebankan orang ramai.
The official reply was:
Untuk makluman ahli yang berhormat sehingga Disember tahun 2007 terdapat 22 buah lebuhraya bertol yang sedang beroperasi di bawah pengawasn Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia.

Sehingga tahun 2007, jumlah keseluruhan pendapatan dan keuntungan kumulatif bagi syarikat-syarikat konsesi lebuhraya berkenaan semenjak diswastakan sehingga kini adalah seperti berikut:
(i) Jumlah keseluruhan pendapatan kumulative ialah RM27.6 bilion
(ii) Jumlah keseluruhan keuntungan kumulatif RM3.5 bilion
Untuk makluman ahli yang berhormat, kerajaan sentiasa meneliti perjanjian-perjanjian konsesi lubuhraya sedia ada bagi memastikan perjanjian itu tidak berat sebelah serta tidak membebankan pengguna lebuhraya.
Unfortunately, when the answer was given orally, the numbers didn't "sink" in, but now on relooking at the numbers, it doesn't seem to make sense as PLUS on its own already made much more than the RM3.5 bilion above. So I'll have to recheck my own figures again.

However, the Minister did point out that a Toll Review Mechanism is being put in place, and he admitted that the contracts which provides abnormal profits to some of these concessions will be renegotiated - a first-time admission, I believe. He also announced plans to differentiate toll policies between those in urban areas, and those which were inter-state.

I also heard from the reporters that the Minister announced to the press that the study will be announced in 3 months.

While the numbers announced were a little suspect, it is encouraging that the Minister in appearance at least, seems to be more cognizant of the discontent amongst Malaysians with the rising toll rates, especially in the fact of inflationary pressures from all aspects, after the political tsunami of March 8th. Comparatively, the previous Minister would just wave away all complaints and suggestions.

I also posted a supplementary question, which I did so probably too nervously (first time in Parliament lah...) as follows:
Terima kasih ke atas jawaban yang diberi oleh Menteri Kerja Raya yang baru yang menggalakkan, yang kita semua harap akan membawa satu pentadbiran yang baru atau dengan izin, "paradigm shift" berbanding dengan institusi yang lama.

Adakah Kementerian Kerja Raya bercadang supaya PLUS, syarikat konsesi Lebuhraya Utara Selatan akan diberikan hak untuk meningkatkan kadar tol pada tahun ini ataupun tahun depan, selepas cadangannya untuk menaiki kadar tol ditangguh pada awal tahun ini.

Dan kalau terus ditangguh, berapakah jumlah gantirugi yang kerajaan perlu bayar kepada syarikat PLUS yang ternyata telah mendapat keuntungan yang lumayan sekali?
The Minister replied that the postponement was for 1 year, but as he went off-tangent on some other policies, he didn't answer the second part of my question (amount of compensation), and subsequent request was not heard by the Speaker. Well, will have to wait for the next opportunity then. ;-)

But it does appear, for now at least, that the BN government is slowing waking up from its slumber, and all the pressure applied by the opposition and the rakyat, may just bear some fruit. ;-)

See also the latest report posted in The Star, and here in Malaysiakini on the Minister's response.


Naoko said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your question being asked in Parliament!

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,
Since you are now in the Selangor State Govt, what chances are there for the State govts to look into the toll concessions? Are the toll concessions granted by state govts or the federal govt? Is the contract between toll concessionaire with state govt or federal govt?

May I suggest PR state govts look into opening new alternate links to by-pass the current tolls? Are there contractual prohibitions for the state govt to open alterbate roads by-passing tolls?

Anonymous said...

The beginning of the new era for you, Sir! Good luck and all the best!

keep us updated. your fans love to hear from the horse's mouth and not from doctored MSM

Lee Wee Tak

petluc said...

Kor Kor,
What do you mean by (posted a supplementary question, which I did so probably too nervously )? Just be yourself have a special way of speaking ever so gently, even in ceramahs. Your unique oratory skills gets your message through plus the words you use. However, with BM maybe a bit different la.
So sayang did not get to see you on live TV - hopefully tonight can see.
Surely your performance would be much better than Kelana Jaya, macam mana sebut nama you? he he.....

Selamat Bersidang!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Good job! Please keep pressuring the corrupted BN ministers. Don't let them suck away our hard-earned tax money to enrich themselves!
My whole family supports you!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Well done!
Just be yourself - your content and substance will carry you through. No need for thunder and sparks :)
All the best and keep up the effort.
Best regards,

NEO said...

If I remember correctly, there are many examples in the history book which stated that few revolutions which caused the fall of governments was caused by "toll".

Will BN-led Malaysian Government will be one of those governments in the history book?

Anonymous said...

Profitability (RM Million)
From (2006 to 2002)

1 Toll collection 1,691 1,664 1,499 1,443 1,376

2 Revenue 2,091 1,671 1,650 1,581 1,663

3 EBITDA 1,977 * 1,788 * 1,500 * 1,447 * 1,367

4 Profit before taxation 1,108 1,071 774 736 735

5 Profit attributable to equity holders 1,105 1,064 768 732 735

Above is the audited account extracted from Plus website.

Does the minister's answers make any sense????

The Profit attributable to equity holders from 2002 to 2006 is even more than RM3.5 billion.......

Unknown said...

Sedition act, read here:

Anonymous said...

go to news section.. u can see tony there

Anonymous said...

Tony, who owns Grand Saga? The company is amazingly defiant and aggressive, to the extent of facing off 1000 residents, their ADUNs and even disregarding the Selangor State government. Do they have powerful backers? Even the police seems to be helping their cause!

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

what do you think about the Sedition Act 1948 on If RPK is ‘Charged’ for Sedition - Good or Bad?

Anonymous said...

Just a side track, perhaps DAP members should track the performance of the speaker of the parliament by logging

1) the number of moitons he rejected when the motion is raised by opposition MPs;

2) reasons given and

3) compare to those allowed by the speaker when the motion is raised by BN.

A simple excel spreadsheet would do. Periodically reveal the trend of the speakers’ decision making for the rakyat to assess whether he is fair or not.

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

The cumulative profit figure is sickening.

How much one can do with 3.5 billion ringgit?

Ok leave 1 billion to the blood suckers,

how many lives you can save with 2.5 billion ringgit if we spend on healthcare?

how many children we can educate if we spend on schools?

how many disable people we can help if we spend on social welfare?

how many trees and rivers we can save if we spend on environmental care?

Rather than reviving excess profit tax, I suggest petroleum , IPP and toll concessionaires taxes to be levied and the money so collected can only be used for healthcare, environmental preservation, education purposes.

No need to buy top notch fighther jets because Malaysia don't do war nor buying submarines because they are no good for chasing pirates nor for Mongolia. (Mongalia got no ocean, what you people thinking of?)

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

Support RPK- Face Book

Support Pakatan Rakyat-Face Book

Anonymous said...


Jarod said...

Hey, Thanks for putting this question up! We want the LDP toll to be reduce to RM 0.50!!!!! 1.60 is eating up our money!!!!!! CILAKA!

IN between two town yet we need to pay, wat nonsense!

And also PLUS North south highway. always jam when festival is around the corner!

Anonymous said...

People should open their to see who these tol operator are, Grand saga can even ask the police to work in their favour against the wishes of the people and the Selangor State government. How can they demand a compensation of RM400 mil to open the access road when your construction costs is RM275 mil. On top of that, the government had compensated them more than RM100 mil previously coupled with concession extension for not increasing the tol rate. Toll collection up to year 2002 already exceeded RM100 mil.

Don't tell me the survival of the company is solely depended on the Bandar Mahkota township. If that is the case, the privatisation project is just not viable. Think about it, people even have to fight for basic necessity like access road, should we make tol a control item !!!!! Else do not simply build tol without people consent then ask us to pay without question

Anonymous said...

A positive development by the government today. The Ministry will be reviewing the toll concessions and it will most likely bring a reduction in toll rates! Hooray, they ARE doing something about it. Good start.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

I think your style of asking questions in Parliament is far better than Kit Siang's style. While Kit tries hard to scold the government while asking a question, your method of asking hard numbers for the public to judge is much appreciated. After watching the telecasts, its clear that no amount of shouting from Kit Siang will change the BN Reps. But forcing them to reveal large sums like these are bound to be unpopular amongst the rakyat and hence a more effective way of getting them to do the right thing.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I would not put much stock in the hope of toll decrease. I have seen these agreements and they don't leave much room. For the toll to be reduced, the traffic numbers has to be way out there. No chance of that ever happening...

The man is just a rookie who is not ready to face the music so he bought time with marginally plausible excuses. As you pointed out even his numbers are wrong...

Anonymous said...

err... just to left you know.. jawaban is now spelled jawapan.. its been changed (:

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB Tony

What a change of air finally! This is why we need more opposition in parliament. Otherwise it will be "if don't want to pay, don't use" as remarked by a former YAB.

Do MPs have to pay toll? Just curious.

As I have strongly suggested earlier, it is highway robbery to charge toll for inter-town routes; e.g. from SS2 to Puchong. Plus it is the root cause of all jams.

Are not these roads suppose to be paid for by tax-$? What benefit is there to the country or rakyat for the toll-con-companies for raking in such huge profits? How are their profits being generated into the country's economy for the rakyat??? Besides making a certain number of executives or board-members extremely rich at the expense of the poor rakyat.

22 toll-con-companies for 27million is that by comparison to neighbouring countries, since our gov like to make comparisons with other countries.

Another thing, when the toll-con-companies make a loss, the gov make mega compensations at the expense of the rakyat tax-$$$ again. Now, when the toll-con-companies make mega-millions...should they not pay back the compensations of the same value (well, base on a fair method). Even interest free doesn't matter. Fact is, there is only 1 way traffic. Only compensations.

Anonymous said...

One more...with all the millions if not billions of compensations (from rakyat-tax-$$$) the least the toll-con-companies can pro-actively do is to waive the toll during festive periods; e.g. hari raya, chinese new year, deepavali, christmas, etc. What is the loss compared to the revenues gained?

Also be fair to all toll-con-companies employees...imagine how they feel, seeing all the people having a good time balik kampung & all that while they are stuck in a crummy booth all day. At least they too can celebrate the festivities.

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB Tony

If petrol/diesel subsidy goes, the toll & other $ burdening related to the automotive usage should also go with it. If the subsidies are gone, the said $ saved should go to maintain the roads or highways or improve the public transport system (which has seen any improvement since gov proudly declared saving RM 40B on subsidies to be used to improve the public transport...did anyone remember this bold statement by our PM?). Instead, the $ was used to buy tanks, subs & jets. Big boy toys. For what???

Diesel quality should be improved to the same high standards as those to Europe - sulphur free. In Europe, the diesel engines are well known to be less polluting than the petrol engines. It is either sad or stupid our diesel does the opposite. I am sure, almost every Malaysian has seen black smoke from the exhaust of trucks, buses, heavy machinery, etc. WHY?

Unknown said...

Great that now we know the figures. Although PLUS is a privatized company, the contract terms and rates would need to be reviewed again to ensure that the public is not excessively burdened. In light of rising food prices and the fuel, the least we could do now is to prevent companies like Plus to enjoy substantial profit while the majority of the people suffer. I have nothing against the need for corporates to increase or maintain their bottom line but, just hope that in difficult times like this, these GLC's can do more to assist the public. Not sure whether it's possible but we could propose some of these savings or special fund to help alleviate our public transport woes. There's no doubt that there's improvement in past years but, the people especially those who commute to work everyday would like to see wider coverage and more reliable public transport system.

peisheah said...

Why don't you get the breakdown by year & concession?

Oh yea, they're going to use OSA excuse again.

So much for a transparent government.

peisheah said...

I just got back from Bandar Mahkota & the FRU
acted! Tear gas & water jet treatment. Is
this what we get from Malaysia?!!!

A government corrupted by money & insensivity
cannot be good for the rakyat. Down with BN!!!!

Anonymous said...


Ask them why 2nd Link (to Singapore) toll is so high. Rm10.50if I'm not mistaken and Singapore charges an equivalent amount. Car-drivers have to pay slightly over RM20 just to enter Singpore. The same amount when they return.

It is clear the 2nd Link is heavily UNDER-UTILISED while the Woodlands causeway is jammed up every day. Does it make economic sense for whoever gets the toll money to persist in maintaining these exorbitant rates?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pls keep us posted on the condition of YAB Segambut. Our PDRM has no respect for wakil rakyat, esp if from the opposition party (in parliament) or ruling gov of selangor. Take legal action against the violence from PDRM. No reason for water-cannon & tear-gas. Act of cowards. That's all the PDRM is good for: tear-gas & water-cannons. Can't serve the rakyat properly from everyday crimes on the streets. But one phone call from Grand Saga or their political backers, the PDRM on the road with their tear-gas & water-cannons targetting the rakyat TAX-PAYERS. Grand Saga is also libel for this.

Anonymous said...

YB, as i realise our beloved country has been ruled selfishly until Malaysia has the most TOLL road in a small country especially in Klang valley.
Used to have Fed.Hiway as alternative driving within K.L and Klang but now every entry and exit are tolls impose