Friday, May 09, 2008

Raja Petra Bailed

OK, I must confess I did a little boo boo this morning ;-)

After 15 minutes of circling around, I finally found the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court where the Malaysia Today writer was scheduled to be freed on bail this morning.

I arrived early before 9 and was informed that Raja Petra will only arrive at 9.45 am. Happily, I wandered off with Wan Hamidi, who is rumoured (heh!) to have quit New Straits Times to join my boss in Penang in the coming months, for a cup of teh tarik.

Mana tahu, as I was happily strolling back to the sessions court at 9.40, I saw a group of supporters outside the court from a little distance, and Raja Petra was already being driven off!

Sigh, and I sheepishly joined the crowd, including the media who was present who all looked at me "knowingly" that I missed the "show". And now I need to go back and report to my boss that I umm..., "failed" to represent the Chief Minister of Penang to show his (and my own of course) moral support for the ordeal he is going through.

Readers may be reminded that Sdr Lim Guan Eng was also jailed for 2 years on sedition charges, which resulted in his disqualification as a Member of Parliament (and losing all benefits, including his pension and gratuity), plus the non-renewal of his accounting practice license from the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). But this things some how have a way of coming around. ;-)

With regards to the sedition charge by the Government, which I've yet to "formally" register my position on my blog - my position is clear, and so is the Party's, that without going into the merits of Raja Petra's allegedly seditious article, the Government's use of the sedition act is a clear cut abuse of an oppressive law.

If the Deputy Prime Minister or his wife so find that the articles published were misleading or factually inaccurate, they should take the necessary civil suit route to resolve the matter, and not clearly using and abusing the state machinery.

DAP leader in Parliament, Sdr Lim Kit Siang made it the number 1 item on his agenda, "The Empire Strikes Back" in his first speech in the 12th parliament. See also the video of his speech here.


aawilliam said...

Let your boss know. CM and an Accountant. It’s all about numbers. Forget the later, concentrate on the present and never let BN take back Penang.CHEERS :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your understanding boss, YB PCM will forgive you =)

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Sorry off topic, can we blog about this topic?

Cheras residents in stand-off to protect toll-free road

See for yourself how ordinary poor residents are bullied by the corrupted BN government and the police!!!!!

Jarod said...

aiyoh... i over slept la....MISS it!!! haih... Dun worry la..ur boss wont cucuk u.. he will ask u to see him and belanja makan ! haha!

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree with you more that the issue is about the abuse of legal means by executives. The issue is compounded by the fact that there was no need for this.

It reflects a very mediocre executive that has a very dangerous tendency should it come to an overwhelmingly powerful No. 1office.

If Badawi is incompetent as some people say, his heir-apparent is dangerous..

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Only those who live in darkness
Have great fear of the true light
While those who dwell in brightness
Get to see everything within sight

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 090508
Fri. 9th May 2008.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony Pua,

There is the greatest judge of all, God Almighty who will judge everyone whether he or she is guilty. Even the judges of our courts here will be judged ultimately. It does put shivers in the spine isn't?

jenn v ariela said...

Good Job, Well Done of DAP to Speak Up in and to make more exposure of those hypocrites!

Really hate to see Bung Mokhtar face in the Parliament, if sees him I believe many will throw bad eggs at his ugly face. I wonder why his states people so blind to elec him for becoming their MP. What a disgrace...

We nation thanks LKS & DAP for speaking out loud for rakyat's justice.

Long live DAP!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why can't other DAP leaders allow comments from the readers just like your blog (identify as anonymous)? They always ask the readers to register.

Anonymous said...


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE , press for the suspension of the NS program next week at PARLIAMENT IMMEDIATELY.


Get the support of all the Pakatan Rakyat

Where is the voice of PM-In-Waiting of Anwar Ibrahim on this BIG ISSUE?

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Liu blog is waste of time, do not publish comment when ask some selangor matter, why double standard. We rakyat ask for transparency issue, he dun publish. He can ask presssue BN for governance & accountability. Why not walking the talk after the election?

Anonymous said...

RPK has made a point & the whole nation has taken note. It's not about the article. It's about ABUSE of POWER.

The whole indicent at BMC, that can be viewed in MKini video / YouTube are scenes that reminded us of the same water-cannons & tear-gas last year. SO, NOTHING HAVE CHANGED.

Pls highlight this issue & demand an explanation.

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Yes , no many people like Tony which really support free talking in the blog,I think we must support Raja Petra, simply becoz we also blogging around the cyberspace, cyber space is the only place we can have free talk, if the BN government still wanted to control this limited space that we have i think we should voice it out regardless from BN or PR, this is our basic human right, why we cannot talk, the right is ours.