Monday, May 12, 2008

No IPCMC In Sight

Some 40-50% of the complaints I receive via email are on matters with regards to the state of crime in Malaysia, and in particular, Petaling Jaya. The matter never fails to raise its ugly head whenever we have held dialogues with the residents. So what is the government doing about it?

On my part, it is impossible for the MP or ADUNs is unable to do much about the matter without the co-operation of the police. We have tried to see the OCPD of Petaling Jaya since the 4th of April, twice the appointment was set, and twice it was postponed by the OCPD at the last minute. I've finally got another response today to have the dialogue on this Wednesday 3pm. Hopefully, it won't be postponed at the last minute again.

However, on the national front, we are looking pressing the Barisan Nasional government to set up the originally promised but much delayed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) in order to re-establish the credibility of the police force, as well as improving its efficiency and effectiveness.

IPOH TIMOR had on 7th May asked the Minister of Home Affairs:
...sama ada Kerajaan sekarang akan menubuhkan IPCMC untuk mengadakan satu perkhidmatan polis bertaraf dunia yang cekap, beramanah dan profesional demi mengurangkan jenayah, menghapuskan rasuah dan menghormati hak asasi manusia - mesej jelas "tsunami politik" 8 Mac 2008
And unfortunately, the reply was short and disappointing:
Kerajaan telah memutuskan untuk menarik semula Rang Undang-Undang Suruhanjaya Aduan Khas 2007 (Special Complaints Commission) yang telah dibaca untuk kali pertama di Dewan Rakyat pada 13 Disember 2007.
Which of course is totally and absolutely ignoring the question that IPOH TIMOR had asked. The Special Complaints Commission was nothing close to the IPCMC recommended by the Royal Commission on the Malaysian Police Force.


lisathetan said...

Hi Tony!
I'm one of those who wrote to you on this matter.
Last week, my friend's house in Tmn Mayang just got robbed of her brand new Merc & Plasma screen TV. They were robbed at knife point!!

The police only arrived 20mins after they left!!!

I am so appalled!

Still no cooperation from the police?

Anything else we can do about this?

Anonymous said...


IPCMC is only possible after a complete fall of the BN government. If they are sincere, IPCMC would have been set up before GE12. The rot starts from the PM down to the AG, ACA, judiciacy, police, etc. So do not expect corrupted leaders to fight corruption. To them this is tantamount to political suicide.

Instead of wasting time to pressure the hopeless PM to set up the IPCMC, it would be more effective that the five PR-states perform well and pursuare more voters to vote BN out next round! Once PR becomes the federal government then only the country is hopeful for a true reform.

peisheah said...

Sigh. It's hard to get good governance from them huh.

Maybe the question should be rephrase : Kementerian Dalam Negeri. Do you want a hand in getting your children & grandchildren to be victims of crime? If not, where's IPCMC?

Anyway, keep fighting.

NEO said...

You need to talk to their agent before you could meet the OCPD and this involve many stages.

Every stage also cost money, just like what happen at Police Station Dang Wangi...

Anonymous said...

YB Tony Pua,

Utk pengetahuan tuan, saya merupakan penduduk Petaling Jaya dan telah mengundi untuk DAP pada pilihanraya umum yg lepas...Saya mengundi untuk DAP kerana saya difahamkan Parti DAP adalah untuk rakyat Msia dan bukannya terhad kepada kaum Cina saja.....Akan tetapi, saya mendapati komen-komen yg berikan YB adalah semuanya dlm Bahasa Inggeris...Bukan ini negara Malaysia(BM sebagai kebangsaan), YB sepatutnya peka terhadap permintaan kaum melayu dan artikel-artikel yg YB kemukakan mestilah dlm bahasa melayu juga....
Sekiranya YB tiada masa, mintalah pertolongan dpd sukarelawan untuk menterjemahkannya kpd bahasa melayu.....Diharap tuan dpt memenuhi permintaan kaum melayu yg menetap di PJ....

Sekian........terima kasih

petluc said...

Saya sokong sepenuhnya cadangan yang diberikan oleh anonymous mengenai komen-komen daripada YB seharusnya juga dalam Bahasa Malaysia.
Sememangnya, ini juga memberi peluang kepada YB untuk berlatih berkomen dalam BM kerana ini lingua franca dewan parlimen juga.
Diharap juga, anonymous tidak akan salah faham bahawa jika komen YB dalam BI, tidak bererti beliau "racist". Cuma, buat masa ini, beliau lebih selesa dengan BI. Namun, ini tidak boleh dijadikan alasan tidak berBLOG dalam BM - ini sebagai blog rasmi Wakil Rakyat PJ Utara.
Ohh, saya Bangsa Malaysia berkebudayaan China - China Apik la tu. :-)

petluc said...

Last year, there was a Parliamentary Caucus on Crime Prevention. The group of Parliamentarians went round the country to listen to the views of the people. They were also at the civic center in PJ. I was there too and I had the opportunity to speak too.
Maybe you could pursue on what happened after that.
Amongst the MPs present were Uncle Lim, Dr from Permatang Pauh, Cili Padi Batu Gajah, NAzri was the chair and a few who are now in the wilderness.
Was the whole exercise just a waste of tax payers money?

apa yang terjadi dengan Caucus Parliament berkenaan dengan Jenayah tahun lepas. Caucus itu mengadungi ahli pelbagai parti - apakah hasil daripada itu?
Mungkin YB seharusnya mengejar hasil tersebut yang banyak meneriman cadangan dan komen rakyat