Thursday, May 15, 2008

Questions for Next Parliamentary Session

Well, now that you get the gist of how the Parliamentary Question & Answer session works, it's time for submission of the next set of questions, due on June 2nd, for the next session starting 23 June 2008. The current session ends on the 27th May 2008.

You can either submit your questions to me via email, or alternatively, just post it in the comments column here on this post.

As per usual, the questions should be limited to 40 words in Bahasa Malaysia (if possible), and should be specific in nature to extract answers from the Minister.

E.g., a question like "Will the government abolish the ISA?" while important, will in all probability extract just a standard expected response which really gives us no further information for our use.

While questions asking specifics on numbers e.g., "What is the density of students between urban national and vernacular schools vs rural schools?", and specific plans to tackle certain issues e.g., hillside developments, will provide greater insight onto the internal workings, which will then allow us to make further constructive critiques or suggestions to the Government.

The "politicking" bits, e.g., lift the ban on media freedom etc. can (and will) be raised during parliamentary debate sessions instead of Question Time.

Note also that some of the other questions raised earlier which I have not had the chance to ask, I will look into adding them this time round. I'll need to submit 15 questions for oral replies, and 5 for written.

Thanks in advance for your contribution! ;-)


Unknown said...

Hi there,

I'll try for a few questions:

1. Apakah tindakan kerajaan pusat dalam memastikan sistem pengangkutan awam yang bersepadu di Malaysia, terutamanya bagi Kuala Lumpur yang mempunyai sistem ini tetapi masih lemah dan Pulau Pinang yang bakal mempunyai sistem pengangkutan yang baru.

2. Bolehkah kerajaan pusat menyatakan tindakan utama yang boleh diambil untuk meningkatkan kualiti pendidikan terumtanya keupayaan berfikir pelajar-pelajar Malaysia yang nyata ketinggalan berbanding dengan negara-negara maju.

3. Bagaimana kerajaan pusat boleh memastikan gejala-gejala sosial terutamanya mat rempit, kes rogol dan bunuh dapat dibanteras sedangkan telah banyak tindakan polis telah diambil.

Question 2 is because I feel disadvantaged during my study abroad as most of Malaysians could not think of out of the box idea compared to the locals.

Question 3 is also due to this as although the country which I am studying in has legalised and high alcohol consumption, crime is low and people trusts staying out in the streets. This is unbelievable as I as a Muslim am ashamed that although I am living in a country that has "kepercayaan kepada tuhan" as one as its highest values, living in a secular country is much better as people have higher morals.

I believed that the schooling system is flawed to the max. The system should emphasise thinking rather than memorising ( which equates to believing what is there, not critical analysis of the situation). It does seem to show how the government wants us to think.

This may be controversial, but I do think that there should only be one schooling system as this is the only way to promote national integration. Remember the Petronas advertisement. This is how our country should be. Nevertheless, this system should not be under current administration and not be influenced under current ancient way of thinking. There must be balance.


Live revolves around piss said...

I have a questions, and it's about our police force.
I would like to know some basic statistics on crime
1. What is the ratio of the number of cases prosecuted to cases reported in terms of type of crime?
2. What is the waiting time betweeen the time a report is made and police turning up at the scene of the crime?
3. How many violent crimes that were reported have been successfully prosecuted over the past 5 years. Successfully = leading to conviction
4. How much money has been spent on upgrading the force and how much will be spent over the next few years?
5. What is the ratio of number of crimes reported to the total number of police officers?

Sing F Lau said...

Thanks for the opportunity to ask some questions:

1. Please inquire why the Federal Constitution is NEVER EVER taught in schools at all. There are classes for Morals, classes for Civics, etc... but there is NIL, ZERO instruction on the major article of the Federal Constitution. Is this a deliberate conspiracy to keep the citizen ignorance of the Charter of their nation?

2. This question is provoked by the article by Raja Petra on the Muslim paying their zakat and the exemption from paying income tax. Why aren't the similar giving by the adherents of other religions ENJOYING the same privileges? The same question is stiired in my mind every time I file my annual text return. I freely give a big chunk of my earning as a Christian... but does not enjoy tax rebate like some of the citizens do.

3. My two sons wanted me to ask this question. They both were in the debate team of their school - Penang Chung Ling High School. Their team came up TOP for the Penang state, on both occasions. But their this MONSTROUS and PIGGY rule... that if a school debate team DOES NOT have a Malay in the team, that team cannot represent Penang State at the national level. How does a debate team from the CHINESE school going to have a MALAY member in its team. Did the Education Minister make this rule, or just some lesser donkeys?

Pragalath said...

What is the number and percentage of student intake into public universities according to race for the year of 2008?

Anonymous said...

Given the chance I'd like to ask the Minister of Education whether any action will be taken against headmasters of Kebangsaan schools who carry out a 'Malay-isation' or 'Islamisation' of our national schools. An example of this would be making it compulsory that either the president or secretary of all societies in school have to be a Malay. This was at one time a policy in my alma mater SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ (although it was never considered that there are religious societies that Malays will be discouraged from joining!). I'm sure there would be other examples out there as well.

I am very concerned about the increase of admissions into Chinese Independent schools in Malaysia over the last 10 years. While I am not against the concept of having a Chinese medium school - people should be free to learn in the medium that they choose - the problem with these schools is that the children do not get the opportunity to mix and mingle with children of other ethnicities. If non-Malay parents consider Chinese or Tamil medium schools as the way out from the Malayisation/Islamisation of our national schools, these numbers will only increase in time to come. Is less of a problem if a minority of our country's students are in these sort of ethnically-based schools but if its the majority that are going to these sorts of schools I think we're going to find ourselves in trouble in no time.

Are we to continue living in suspicion of each other?

Unknown said...

Please ask this question to the relevant ministry involved.

-When is the government going to close Indah Water and return the operation of all the sewage treatment plants back to all the respective town or city councils. Indah Water was formed to suck hard-earned money from Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Request the Finance Ministry to provide a detailed analysis and breakdown of the RM48bil petrol subsidy.

Major D Swami (Retired) said...

The suggested questions on National Service are:

1. How many deaths have occurred in National Service camps and out of camps to date, inclusive of trainers?

2. Who are the cronies...oops the contractors involved in the upkeep of the camps, the food caterers, the uniform suppliers, the transport suppliers, sanitation contractors etc etc?

3. Any of these cronies...ooops what's wrong with me...related or linked to UMN... oops again politicians?

4. How many Ministers children/grandchildren have attended NS training?

5. If exempted, why?

6. Can it be made compulsory for all Ministers children/grandchildren to attend NS training?

7. How about scrapping the whole National Service program and utilising the money for education scholarships?

8. What is the racial composition of the crony...oops and double ooops contractors ? Give the numbers.

9. How many brawls have there been in NS camps between the racial groups?

10. How many rape cases have occured which the public is not aware of since the inception of this program involving both female and male NS trainees/Instructors?

11. How many more deaths are required before this NS farce is shutdown?

12. Has any Minister's child died so far?

13. How frequent are the audits?

14. Do the audits cover the following:

a. Food hygiene

b. Camp hygiene

c. Water hygiene.

d. Garbage disposal and frequency.

e. Equipment audit.

f. Proficiency of instructors.

g. Safety. Which certified group conducts and how frequently.

h. Religious freedom, are places catered for the various faiths, if none... alternatives .....I have run out of ideas, feel free to continue............

15. There have been around 22 deaths, no one is yet to be made accountable, why is that so? Is it due to the indemnity certificate?

16. Why do parents have to sign the indemnity certificate absolving the National Service administrators of blame before a participant attends training? Which is the and so is not responsible or we are not responsible..

17. What is the outcome if the parent refuses to sign the indemnity certificate?

As I Was Saying... said...

Q - What action has the government taken in making sure WiMax has been implemented throughout Malaysia?

(So far no news at all about WiMax after the initial excitement. And it's been a long and disappointing wait!)

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us indirectly that you have run out of questions to ask in the next parliamentary session? Do you need our input? You do not want to see your name in the list that no questions were forthcoming from these MPs.

Anonymous said...

Does the government have a handle on migration trends, and how they relate to demographic changes as well as the brain-drain problem? If such statistics are obtained, what is the procedure/methodology employed to obtain them?

Anonymous said...

"PSD rejects 10 A1 student for scholarship" - The Star, Tuesday May 13, 2008

How does the PSD approves the "quota" for students applying loans to further their studies? Seems like it that the common races that have been appealing in the media are mostly of non-bumi status. Not to mentioned those who do not have the access to the media. This is not good for our brain drain issue within the country. Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

The missing billions in Wang Ehsan - please pursue this issue. It is disgrace what they had done. Don't allow it to just fade away. The wrongs have to be righted. I am pinning my hope on you to have justice done. Expose them, pursue them till they slip. Please.

Anonymous said...

My question

Why government always make execuse that not enough Police Personnel to petro the street but when come to seal road at Bandar Mahkota Cheras I can a dozen of Police on the site.

Why not Federal Government publish the term and condition has been sign with the Highway Company, we need to know why the vehicle consume the highway increase the government still allow them to increase the price.

Anonymous said...

See the latest interview on Tony Pua by NTV7 Edisi Siasat mandarin. The video release on TV 10-05-2008. Good job Tony Pua, we must compare with S'pore and China. Must watch..
voluteer youtuber editor.


A. I have a question, City like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tokyo, Paris and Europe city have more people riding bicycle or electric bike in city . Why in KL and PJ don't have it. Everybody seen prefer driving car more. How is electric bike? JPJ seen don't allow. Save the Fuel!??

B. Are we prepare for earthqueke? What will be, if this happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB

On questions about $ (esp. rakyat $):

1. can the gov give a detail & transparent breakdown on the RM2.3B spent on NS? RM2.3B in 4 years...that's about RM 500M/year!

2. instead of spending RM2.3B on NS...why not spend this $ to improve our general healthcare system. Don't ask me how. That's ahy we elect MPs, right?

3. what happened to the RM40B oil subsidy? also, is the subsidy real or just on paper for gov propaganda?

4. if oil-subsidy goes, what is the purpose of imposing such a high-tax on more enviromental friendly vehicles such as hybrids? when the world has switched to fuel-cells, we are still running on petrol/ action talk only by gov as usual.

On NS: gov said most trainess like the NS...if that's the case, those who like it can go ahead & join the NS. For those who wish not to should be allowed not to join the NS in this case. We will then know if this claim by gov is true. The choice should be given to the parents whether to allow their child to go for NS or not. Every parent reserve that basic human right. It should not be "forced" by gov. The spending on NS will naturally reduce & the $ saved can go to better use or maybe buy a new submarine :b.

Anonymous said...

Here are some issues:

1. What are the statistics on express bus accidents and resulting fatalities over the past 10 years? What measures are being taken to improve the safety of bus passengers on Malaysian highways and expressways?

2. What are the statistics on the number and nationality of runaway foreign maids? What percentage of runaways are caught?What measures are taken to protect employers, and to resolve this longstanding problem?

3. What is the justification for requiring students to declare their race and religion when they sit for public examinations, such as PMR and SPM? If there is no discrimination based on race and religion, why should this practice not be abolished?

4. What measures are being taken to ensure that desperate foreign workers are not cheated into coming to Malaysia, only to find themselves abandoned in KLIA or trapped in conditions that can only be described as modern-day slavery?

5. What are the reasons identified for the longstanding taxi woes at the KLIA and LCCT? What measures are being taken to develop a taxi system par excellence, ala Changi Airport?

These may not be top priority issues, but they are chronic problems that don't seem to get resolved despite recurring public outcry over the years. We need some political will to tackle such issues.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

One question for YB not for parlimen.. :D

After the oral questions and written questions are submitted and debated, what are the actions taken by the MP to ensure positive and concrete outcome for the 'rakyat'?

Hopefully the questions and concerns of the rakyat will not be debated and then forgotten.

aquila said...

My question is about the fuel subsidy.

Q1 What is the ratio that the government subsidized for diesel and petrol in 2007 or first quarter of 2008? (As mostly petrol is for private use and diesel is for commercial and industrial)

Q2 What steps that the government had taken before to prevent fuel smuggling activity? What is the result?

As for your info, I am very concern about the fuel subsidy as it has been misused heavily and really affect our future.

According to the figure that announced by government, the fuel subsidy for 2008 is about RM40Billion. However, people still struggle so much. The reason is this big chunk had gone to rich people. For those doing business, they still can get a very low price for the transportation, ever though they make profit in high margin, such as oil palm plantation. They employ those transporters that can offer the best price regardless of whether their transporters use subsidized fuel or industrial. Our government indirectly channels wealth into their pocket. The government should study on this issue and resolve it immediately.

I believe, if our government can reduce the fuel subsidy to RM20Bil, and use it for the development, then we able create another history after the 97/98 crisis.

I hope YB can bring this issue into the parliament and force the government to move fast. My suggestion is opposition should set up a committee to discuss on this issue.

Loh Thuan Theng said...

To quote Ranger;

15. There have been around 22 deaths, no one is yet to be made accountable, why is that so?

PLEASE ask that the National Service be ABOLISHED.

22 DEATHS means FAILURE already!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sila kemukakan soalan di Parlimen: Meminta pihak polis mempastikan kereta polis dipasangkan/dinyalakan lampu isyarat apabila meronda di waktu malam. Ini akan memberi kesan sekurang-kurangnya menakutkan dan menghalaukan penjenayah/penjahat sebelum melakukan penjenayahan. Di samping itu, penduduk akan ambil tahu bahawa pihak polis telah menjalankan tugasnya.

Introduction said...

YB Tony

I am from Singapore, always been keeping abreast of Malaysia state of affair. I just came back from KUL recently, visted my uncle @ Jalan Selayang who is staying in government housing with his family. The last time I visited his place was some 3 years ago and they had just moved in to this place. I must say the conditions of the place after a short span of 3 years is really bad. Rubbish is dumped everywhere, lift is urinated and the supposedly still new paint is starting to peel off and stain is evident too. When I asked my uncle why the place is not properly maintained, he simply shook his head accepting it is norm in public housing. Is this the responsibility of the town council to ensure the place is kept clean?

Anonymous said...

Tony, just saw your nemesis Ms.Chew on Astro TV. She is still harping on state government unable to appoint city councillers while the topic of discussion was about political 'frog'. I think she is suffering from longkangism deficiency syndrome. Maybe you can give her a part time job to jaga longkang. It is a pain she is suffering like that.......after all what all the pj resident vote say, she still don't know what the pj folks want. She still think we are short of development in pj..............sad. pj-dap-supporter.

CSK said...

Hello Tony

Does the gov know how many malaysian is working in UK as professional? I had a friend working at lecturer at Imperial college, Myself and a few mates are structural engineer in london's consulting company. Any chances gov scout on people like us? hehe...cheers

Anonymous said...

To pj-dap-supporte: I stay in PJ, but I still need development and also maintence. May be you are rich and you never walk along the roads in SS2. The no-entry signboard is covered by loah shark's ad. And rich people drive in just like that. I wish you are not one of them. We want PJ residents to be PJ councillors and willing to see longkang. NOt YB Pua.

Anonymous said...

Before implementing Wimax, it would be prudent to use "The Precautionary Principle" to weigh the pros and cons of the cumulative biological dangers to the public of involuntarily subjecting them to continuous exposure of pulsed microwaves.

Wimax can be considered as large area Wifi on steroids. Recently, in the UK, schools with Wifi networks dismantled them after teachers and students complained of a range of adverse effects.

As it is, the public is already very highly exposed to pulsed microwaves with the proliferation of countless mobile phones and relay transmitters from towers, inside and outside shopping malls, from the rooftops of shop houses and hospitals etc. over the last 10 years or so.

Adding Wimax will surely increase the
amount of "electrosmog". The question is, is it wise to do that just because Intel and other high tech companies proposes that Wimax is the way to go to a completely wireless society where even the last mile internet connectivity to your home will be wireless!!!

The longterm biological effects on living organisms of pulsed microwaves
will eventually surface to haunt us and our children in the future if we choose to do nothing now. Because we cannot see, taste or smell low level pulsed microwave EMF, it seems innocuous and of course this is what is emphasized when they say it is harmless. Is it?

Anonymous said...

How many of the past and present Minister's children has underwnet the"character building" National Service?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who says jaga longkang is more important than fighting for equal rights for our pj folks in the parliament. I vote for YB Pua NOT FOR HIM TO JAGA OUR LONGKANG AND BUILT MORE TOLLS TO COLLECT MONEY FOR US, I vote him because he is dedicated to take care of our GREATER RIGHTS, THE RIGHTS THAT WE SHOULD HAVE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Cleaning longkangs is the job of Majilis Perbandaran, my VOTE is toooo valuable just to have a MP to take care of longkang and free of loan shark posters. THOSE ARE THE WORKS OF CITY COUNCILLORS not our representation to the Parliament. Please get it into your brain!

Anonymous said...

Wah YB Tony Pua.
I was just back from JB using the federal highway. What I saw amazed me. Not only cars tearing the highway at 120 km/hr even buses, lorries and mind you low loaders with about 6 cars tearing at that speed. Just imagine with such speed and momentum do you think they can really control the vehicles?

What has our police or JPJ doing? or our ministry of transport staff enforcement units doing?

No wonder deaths on our roads are a regular news. Where are all the promises to control these buses and even low loaders?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr Pua

Here are my suggested questions:

(1) To the PM: Will the govt consider setting up an Overseas Malaysians Unit in the PM's Dept to keep track of, and remain actively engaged with, the Malaysian diaspora who are living and working overseas, with a view to either persuading them to come back to live and work in Malaysia or to invest in Malaysia?

(2) To the Higher Education Minister: Does his ministry know how many Malaysians are studying in the top universities in Asia, Australia, the UK, US, Canada and Europe? Does it have a database of these students? Does it have programmes to actively engage these students (and, no, overseas Umno clubs don't count!), keep track of their studies and academic performance, offer targetted financial aid where needed and take pre-emptive action to encourage to return to live and work in Malaysia after they graduate? How does the ministry propose to compete against other countries (Singapore, Australia, the UK, Canada, the US etc) that are actively seeking foreign talent and that have liberalised their immigration policies accordingly?

(3)To the Transport Minister, International Trade & Industry Minister and Finance Minister: To what extent has Malaysia Airlines' dismal performance got to do with the fact that KL (and Malaysia) is not a regional banking and financial centre, and a hub for MNCs, as are Singapore and Hong Kong? Are the ministers aware of the comments made by MAS MD & CEO Idris Jala in a recent interview with TheEdge Malaysia business weekly in which he said: " predominantly a business hub...The reality is that Changi is a stronger business hub, which can be attributed to Singapore being a major world financial market, while KLIA is a strong tourist hub. For evidence of this, one only needs to look at the number of European business traffic to and from Malaysia, which is less than half of that to and from Singapore...". Do the ministers, and the government, agree with this opinion voiced by the MAS MD & CEO?

(4) To the PM: Malaysia has made into the top 20 list in the 2008 World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY), coming in at #19 (up from 23rd place in 2007). What are the govt's plans for Malaysia to catch up in terms of competitiveness with the likes of the US (#1), Singapore (#2), Hong Kong (#3) and Switzerland (#4)? Specifically, has the govt taken note of Singapore's strong points, as rated by WCY 2008 - economic performance (#3), business efficiency (#2), infrastructure (#3) and govt efficiency (#1) - and how it proposes that Malaysia catch up with Singapore in these areas?

(5) To the Finance Minister: does the govt have a deliberate policy of keeping the ringgit weak against other major currencies, in order to benefit Malaysian exporters? Why is the ringgit worth only 42 Singapore cents, for instance? Why is the US dollar valued at around 3.27 ringgit? Is there something wrong with the fundamentals of the Malaysian economy? Is the perennial govt budget deficit, caused by the horrendous payout for subsidies, to blame? Or are currency traders playing their little games, shorting the US dollar versus the ringgit. Malaysia does not run a current account deficit. It has a high level of foreign reserves, in excess of US$100 billion. Yet the ringgit is persistently weak.

anaklangkawi said...

i agree with joseph Poh..

1. why we should diffrentiate our kids in the beginning.. when are the ministers going to mewajibkan sekolah wawasan..

2. how many numbers of ppl are diistiharkan bankrup by malaysian policy in 1999.. (while anwar as a menteri kewangan?

Bunda said...

Dear YB Pua,

1) What is the number of inmates in our penal system who are first time offenders? What is their percentage of the total inmate population?

2) How many inmates are second time offenders? And their percentage to the total inmate population?

3) How many inmates are third time offenders? And their percentage to the total inmate population?

I suggest that you move for a private member's bill to institute a "3 strikes you're out" law. Meaning, if you get sent to prison for the third time, no matter if it was for different criminal offenses, you stay in for life without a chance for parole.


Anonymous said...

where is minister assets being shown?

Anonymous said...

My topic of interest is on the CCTV that are being set up all over the country:

1) How much has been/will be spent on the hardware installation in the last and next 3 years?

2) How much has been/will be spent in the cost of operating the CCTV in the last and next 3 years?

3) Is there a centralised body that coordinates the use of these CCTV to ensure proactive usage of the CCTV to prevent crimes? Who is this body? Or is the CCTV merely used for reactive purposes?

4)How is the operation of these coordinating body being monitored to ensure that this body do not misuse/abuse the CCTV for personal and private usage? How do the government ensure that our individual privacy rights are not being infringed and trampled on?

Anonymous said...

May I suggest you chaps word your questions in Bahasa Malaysia so that our dear YB need not spend time translating them?

Anonymous said...

Dear YAB
I agree with another 'anonymous' PJ-bro that MPs are not for stuffed longkangs & pot-holed roads. There are more important national issues.

It is for this reason we need to vote & fight for local council elections: which eventually, stuffed longkangs & pot-holed roads will be a thing of the past.

Do not be surprised that many PJ residents are still under the spell of the BN-MCA. Caring only about the condition of their driveway.

In any case, I thought the previous MP claimed to have looked after & repaired all the holy roads? Good job it was, eh? Not even 1 year, got stuffed longkang & pot holes again...who are the contractors? They sure are complaining about the regular repair jobs they have to do & to charge MBPJ for it. Aiya, so much repairs to do, never seem to end. (hope to spread some sarcasm a bit to wake up some fools).

The ineffectiveness of MBPJ was the failure of the system to look after the localities under the BN-suck-tax-$ formula. I was told MBPJ spend nearly RM 2Million a month just to plant new floral & this true??? Who is the botanist & landscaper? Should be fired. No green fingers at all. Rotation system must be adopted for all these sub-contracting.


Anonymous said...

Can you or a member of DAP ask for the list of sons/daughters/nieces/nephews/grandchildren/family members of all UMNO politicians who have been called to attend NS, and those who actually attended and completed the training?


Kweenah, mother of 3

Jonas Lee said...

Why the Impatience To Form the Government?

In the wake of the 8 March 2008 General Elections (GE), we asked a prominent Singapore political analyst what was the one main factor that pushed Malaysians to vote for the Opposition? Was it a protest vote (push factor) of voting against the Barisan Nasional or a pull factor of voting for the Barisan Rakyat (as the Opposition was called then)?

Surprisingly, the political expert sounded as shell-shocked as everyone else. In his opinion, he said it was a combination of factors such as discontent over widespread corruption in the system, the rising crime rate, the perceived erosion of right of religious freedom, the political marginalization of the Chinese and the Indians, the NEP, Lingamgate etc.

In many ways, he was right but surely there must have been one tipping factor that tipped the 12th election outcome to swing into the Opposition with the gaining of five unprecedented states under their administration.

Until today, I am still looking for that one tipping point factor if there is one because I don’t believe people are so different that they can be motivated by a wide range of reasons.

Perhaps the BR did a great job through the new media. But was it Tony Phua who said, post 8 March, that even a cow would have won if it stood against the BN?

A a decision-making framework I formulated before voting has helped me to understand and clarify the reasons behind my voting decision. In fact, I wrote a piece in Malaysiakni’s letter column called “Will You Swing Your Vote?” three days before the GE.

Looking back, as a first time voter, I voted for the BR because I wished to deny the incumbent BN a two thirds majority. This is described as the Strategic Vote.
In my pre-election hypothetical case study, I assumed that the average Malaysian will attach a 30%weight to the strategic vote.

Now, after talking to friends and reading several blogs, I believe that the strategic vote would have figured more significantly with a 50% weight (with the balance 20% accorded to the political candidate and 30% for his/her policies).

If this was the key tipping point factor, then we can now better deal with the post-election issue of a potential change in the government through Pakatan Rakyat (PR) obtaining more state and parliamentary seats through “cross-overs”.

Since I did not vote for an outright change of government, why would I be in favour of the PR’s strategy to gain power through cross-overs, which is ethically questionable? My skpeticism about the timing of this formation of a new government is based on concerns that the PR party is not ready to form a unified, cohesive government with a consistent set of economic, social policies for the country.

The PR’s manifesto sounds great and the party may eventually and hopefully transform Malaysia into a more accountable, transparent and efficient country. But why the hurry in 2008? Is it because BN is imploding under its own weight? Or is it because Anwar Ibrahim is just impatient to form the next government?

(For more analysis, check out

KinWah.lai said...

Dear Tony,

i'm not sure anyone still remember that our gov actually try to implement GST on Jan 1 2007 but "GOVERNMENT DEFERMENT OF GST TO A DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER." on Feb 22 2006.

no news on the GST after 2 years.

1. how gov going to implement GST smoothly, which currently still dont have a fully function systemfor most of the SME?
2. how gov helps the poor as the poor will have to pay the extra tax?

Anonymous said...

Will the government open up the last mile connection between the ISP and the customer. This will allow local entrepreneur to start up business to be small neighbourhood ISPs. As well as encourage and competition which drives down prices and increase innovations of services.

When will the government implement the mobile phone number retention policy. This is will allow mobile phone customers to switch to which ever mobile service they deem as worthy to them. This will encourage competition which drives down prices and increase innovation of services. lim kheng yaik. Our previous Minister of Energy, Water and Telecommunications had set forth a plan for it to be implemented this last year. But so far no news on it.

When will the government allow VOIP services to provide internet to fix line number services? For instaces giving VOIP customer the prefix number of 015. So users from fixed line networks around the world can call them. Jaring was previously allowed to provide this services.This will encourage competition which drives down prices and increase innovation of services.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,

I have this one question.

What is the stance from the govt on the issue of reverting the teaching of Maths & Science subjects to Bahasa? They had been flip-flopping this idea trying to please just a handful of people who just refuse to learn these subjects in English. Please do not allow them to revert it back to BM as this adds more disadvantages than advantages to our precious future generations. Many thanks.

DY.. Bdr. Utama

Anonymous said...


1) Why the government doesn't give or limits issuance of taxi permits to individuals?

Life is difficult for taxi drivers as the companies operate similar to Alongs. High daily rentals, no leaves or benefits. I don't blame the taxi drivers for the numerous complain of overcharging and selecting passengers based on distance. They face stiff competition, traffic jams, police roadblocks and harrassment by the authorities.

2) When is the education system is going to revert to fully English version and maintain only Bahasa Malaysia? Why did the national schools stop People's own Language(POL) and brought Moral? Why can't they drop Moral and bring back POL during normal school hours? The Muslims can go for their ugama class during this session.

3) Why is the Altantuya murder case dragging on for years. Who is incompetent here?

4)Why must we depend on immigrant workers when we have our own citizen who can fill up that positions. There are many unskilled Malaysians workers without jobs who are crossing borders to make a living. Why can't the government completely stop depending on immigrant workers? Are they greedy for profits just because some industries or association leaders say that locals are lazy and don't want to work? Why can't the employers pay locals sufficiently and provide benefits? This benefits, reduced salary and long working hours applied on foreign workers are the appealing factors of employers refusing to employ locals, not the as what the employers claim. Government should limit foreign intake or stop it completely.

Anonymous said...

Q1 Untuk Pihak Polis dan AG
"Kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara" adalah salah satu tenet didalam rukunegara. Kita telah melihat bagaimana cepatnya pihak polis menjalankan siasatan keatas MP Buit Gelugor yang telah dikatakan mempersoalkan dan menghina raja negi Perak. Bolehkan pihak polis dan AG memberitahu dewan mengenai apakah status terkini penyiasatan polis (sekiranya ada) terhadap:
i)laporan laporan polis yang telah dibuat pada sekitar tahun 80an terhadap Tun Dr Mahathir atas kenyataan beliau yang secara terang mencabar dan menghina institusi diraja
(ii) laporan polis keatas PM, Dato Seri Abdulah, diatas kenyataan beliau dan beberapa ahli UMNO yang menghina dan mempersoalkan tindakan raja Perlis dan Terengganu didalm isu perlantikan Menteri Besar di negeri negeri tersebut.

Die Linke said...

YB Tony Pua,
Regarding the issue concerning should PLKN (NS)continue at all given the recent deaths of trainees. I would like to know did the Defence Minister make the decision to continue based upon the best interests of the public or UMNOputras who have a stake in the running and organizing of the program. And who are these people involved? He says there are to many parties involved and it cant be scrapped of now.

This is an issue of vital importance to me as as I believe the recent deaths were preventable and these poor kids met their tragic ends for a scheme i believe is designed to gain short term political mileage and enrich certain connected individuals.

The Third Eye said...

How many Malaysians' foreign spouses were granted PR status in 2007. What's the plan for 2008? Will the policy change to grant automatic PR status upon marriage being registered with Registration Dept or at least after one year of marriage. There must be a way to determine marriage for convenience Besides, this is certainly better than the illegal immigrants allowed to stay in Malaysia indefinitely. Worse yet granted citizenship eg. in Sabah.


I've been married 14 years (is that convenience?). Application for my wife's PR met with no news from Immigration. I left for my wife's country after 4 years of marriage and was granted PR by her country after staying here for 1 year. Another case of brain drain as I led a mulitnational company in her country for 9 years until I recently retired.

Anonymous said...

Please do something about the frequent and regular deaths in khidmat negara! Please tony please...

There must be transparency in what is happening in the camp and accountability
Ask that Najib fella!

Anonymous said...

Pelajar-pelajar Siswazah yg telah menamatkan pengajian di universiti telah merungut bahawa kos pentadbiran sebanyak 3% yang dikenakan PTPTN telah mendatangkan beban hutang yang besar kepada pelajar....Apakah pandangan kerajaan mengenai kesusahan yang dihadapi oleh mereka? Bolehkah kos pentadbiran sebanyak 3% dimansuhkan serta-merta?