Thursday, May 22, 2008

Donation Towards Relief Efforts in Burma and China

The DAP has designated this week for all its branches throughout the country to conduct fund raising exercises towards the disaster relief efforts in Burma and China.

DAP in Petaling Jaya started our efforts at the SS2 Pasar Malam on Monday, and will continue our presence, as far as possible at the various markets this week. RM4,945 was collected on Monday, while RM760 was collected on Tuesday at SS3.

We have also set up now an online mechanism for members of the public to donate here. You will be able to donate via credit card, Maybank2U and other payment methods. All funds collected will be announced on this blog, and it will all go towards organisations such as World Vision for disaster relief efforts in Burma and China.


Anonymous said...

Is there any similar fund raising activities carried out by UMNO leaders?

KY said...

very noble effort, bravo!

CHee XtheMan said...

forget abt umno la typical .... for them it is non muslim and non ketuanan melayu matters and it is none of their business..

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Tony,

Why The Star newspaper did not feature DAP's fund raising activities in PJU?

We must alert Wong Chun Wai, The Star News Editor each time we conduct such activities.

At least, we can tell "The Rakyat" The Pakatan Rakyat Govt really mean business and we walked the talk!

Makkal Sakhti!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Pui,
Don't you know that the Star is a spin-doctor owned by MCA?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous,

Noted & thanks for highlighting.

Do you have any creative suggestions other than blogs to feature any "Charitable" activities held by DAP?

Appreciate your ideas and value added contribution if any?

NEIL said...

Hi,YB, Why umno kept quiet all this while.They pretend nothing has happen. when there is a earthquake in sumatra they were barking, now they turn a blind eye.what a shame!To those who donate, God will reward them.Tks.