Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Question Amended Again

I'm very miffed.

It looks like I need to review all my questions which has been submitted to the Parliament in advance to ensure that they remain the questions which I have asked the respective ministers to answer. My earlier question to the Minister of Home Affairs was "amended" such that the key answers requested weren't given.

Today, my question 'scheduled' to be answered at No. 64 was again 'amended', more seriously time such that I didn't at all obtain a satisfactory answer the Minister of Higher Education.

Here's my original question:
Tony Pua meminta Menteri Pengajian Tinggi menjelaskan dengan teliti cara pelajar-pelajar STPM dan matrikulasi

a. Berlayak meneruskan pengajian di universiti awam
b. Diperuntukkan ke universiti-universiti dan kursus-kursus yang tertentu

Apakah kriteria yang digunakan selain daripada pencapaian akademik mereka?
And here's the version which the Ministry responded to:
[Tony Pua] minta Menteri Pengajian Tinggi menyatakan:-

(a) kriteria pelajar STPM dan Matrikulasi yang layak meneruskan pengajian di universiti awam; dan

(b) kuota universiti-universiti dan kursus tertentu bagi pelajar tersebut.
There are some key difference in the above amendments, which went beyond just "grammatical" corrections.
  1. "Dengan teliti" was left out

  2. The intended question in (b) to request the Minister to clarify exactly how students are allocated to the respective universities and specific courses went completely missing.

  3. I never mentioned or asked about "kuota"! How did that get into my question!
As a result, I got a reply that essentially a regurgitation of what we have heard before which didn't provide any useful information.
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, kriteria pemilihan bagi kemasukan ke universiti awam bagi pelajar lepasan STPM dan Matrikulasi adalah berdasarkan susunan merit, pilihan program pengajian, pilihan IPTA dan bilangan tempat yang disediakan bagi program pengajian berkaitan dengan berasaskan prinsip meritokrasi. Pemohon juga perlu memenuhi syarat am dan syarat khas program yang dipohon seperti yang telah ditetapkan oleh universiti.

Kejayaan calon untuk dipilih ke program pengajian yang dipohon adalah bergantung kepada kriteria yang disebutkan. Pemohon yang mempunyai merit yang rendah tetapi memilih program yang kompetitif, berkemungkinan sukar untuk mendapat tawaran ke IPTA.

Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) sentiasa menyebarkan maklumat berkaitan kriteria pemilihan kemasukan ke IPTA. Guru Bimbingan dan Kaunseling / Kolej Matrikulasi dimaklumankan tentang kaedah penyediaan merit semasa Program Pendidikan KPT Bersama Rakyat di seluruh negara. Kementerian bersikap terbuka, telus dan adil dalam pemilihan pelajar ke IPTA bagi memastikan pelajar yang berkelayakan tidak diabaikan.

(b) Kursus-kursus yang ditawarkan di semua IPTA adalah terbuka kepada semua pelajar yang layak. Pelajar perlu merujuk kepada dasar dan syarat-syarat kemasukkan yang telah ditetapkan.
I'm not sure if you are satisfied with the above answer, I certainly wasn't.

Which unfortunately means that I have to ask this question again for the next sitting. Possibly I could ask about the lowest scores achieved in getting accepted into the specific course within a specific university.

Your advice will be most welcome in how I can rephrase the question such that there is no way the Minister can get away with such a general and meaningless response.


Anonymous said...

Please complain in the Parliament, not just complain in front of us.

Please don't forget you're MP, we don't want to see a weak MP which we've elected.

Collin Ng said...

I am from Singapore. YB Pua is not complaining, just that he is registering his frustration that his questions were not answered by the minister. This is exactly his job as MP to seek the truth, the receiving party is simply avoiding it. That simple!

Anonymous said...

The issue of BMC, we need to be informed regularly what is happening.

The declaration of assets publicly by Office Bearers and EXCO of Selnagor, we are need to be know the status.

The promise of free water in Selangor

Please tell PKR leaders put more emphasis to work for Rakyat, not spending or focussing on crossovers/lompat activities.

100 days honey moon period is due soon. We want to see something.

Anonymous said...

Please complain or get the right channel to reflect this issue.
This is utterly unethical!

I bet the the answer gotten will be "Oh! typo error lah!

__mars said...


This may help:

Tony Pua meminta Menteri Pengajian Tinggi menjelaskan dengan teliti bagaimana tempat pengajian di dalam kursus-kursus dan universiti-universiti tempatan dibahagikan dan ditawarkan kepada lepasan-lepasan STPM.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say, your question is lamely constructed thus the gist of the question is misinterpreted or assumed.

Frankly, I don't understand what you are trying to ask. The edited version makes sense.

The word "teliti" should be terperinci meaning in detail. Teliti means carefully or care.

The ministry has responded to your question though not in detail. They only furnished general criterias. You should ask them to elaborate on "Pemohon juga perlu memenuhi syarat am dan syarat khas program yang dipohon ..."

What are the "syarat am"(general condition) and "syarat khas"(special condtion)?

Well question b) is answered by the sentence "Kejayaan calon untuk dipilih ke program pengajian yang dipohon adalah bergantung kepada kriteria yang disebutkan."

But question b) which was edited is not answered at all.

YB should improve in your Malay language.

Anonymous said...

I think you should show your question(s) to all the MPs and read aloud.Tell them this is unethical, still like to cheat and tell lies to the rakyat.The BN goons, the soar losers!

TL ONG said...

Hi Tony,

I like this sentence "Kementerian bersikap terbuka, telus dan adil dalam pemilihan pelajar ke IPTA bagi memastikan pelajar yang berkelayakan tidak diabaikan."

First, show us the criteria by "terbuka, telus dan adil". It should openly, how the select? How come so many good student can't get in? I don't think is "telus", do you all think so? "adil" maybe to him is "adil"...

Show me how the ministry select, not just give us the list. Openly tell us how you select?

Anonymous said...

Well, we are not the MP here, you are. So think of something, I'm sure you can. Just expect that in these 3-4 years as MP, people will be running circles around you, so you've got to think how to stop these and get your job done.

Golf Afflicted said...

I'm amused by some of the response here to the effect that my blog is the wrong place to make complaints.

Umm... I'll make my complaints with the relevant authorities/departments, but does it mean I can't write about them here?

Then what can/should I write on my own blog?

Anonymous said...

"I'm amused by some of the response here to the effect that my blog is the wrong place to make complaints."

I'm not amused, I'm totally confused. Of course your blog is a good place for you to mention this... e.g. personally I didn't even realise such things could happen, so I've learned something new!

I think this is quite serious. How can they alter the content of the question so substantially??? Who does the editing anyway? Seems like a fair bit of power. Now the Hansard has record of YOU asking that question right? How can like that... you never asked THAT question! YOU NEVER RAISED THE ISSUE OF QUOTA AT ALL!!!

I think we need to keep track of this. If they alter the questions just slightly but on a large and coordinated scale, they can effectively skew public perception. If the public sees DAP MPs constantly "harping" on the issue of university quotas, it makes the party seem like it's just sticking to a few of the old issues. You don't want Utusan Malaysia to dedicate another cartoon to you, do you?

Tony, just a suggestion, but this is what I would do. Find out:
1) How often it happens... maybe a lot of your colleagues have been victims as well.
2) Who does the editing.

and then...
3) Ask Zaid Ibrahim (or is it Nazri in charge of these thigns?) to direct that in the future, questions be issued verbatim, or in the case where it's not clear, seek clarification from the MP. If grammatical fixes are needed, the MP must sign off on the editing. It's 2008 for goodness sake. No need to send utusan on horseback to communicate with MPs, we can just pick up the phone and talk to any MPs aide, even if not the MP personally.

First world Parliament, please, sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Please continue to ask questions
in Parliament and then publicise the official answers widely so that we, the citizens of Malaysia, can get a clearer picture of what is actually happening.

We won't get this by reading the mainstream newspapers and their
"creative reporting".

Anonymous said...

the anonymous above Tony Pua is just the type of person who will never become an MP or in fact, he will only be a nothing. He has nothing constructive to say or do or give to society. just happy to sit around leaving criticisms on other peoples blogs. probably unemployed!

mr. Pua may be an MP. But he is an MP for you and I. The rakyat. I believe for Mr Pua to come down to the rakyat thru this blog is very humbling. To ask for advise and admitting his malay language is terrible. Mr. Pua cannot do this alone. the power of synergy will push things fwd. Mr Pua I'm here to serve you in anyway I can, just as you are serving the rakyat.

Mr Pua, I must apologise for using this space to write these things. can't stand these useless buggers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Don't give up.
Here is my 2 cents:

a.)Berdasarkan jawapan yang diberikan oleh Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) tentang "susunan merit", sila huraikan dengan teliti bagaimanakah sistem merit itu dikira? Adakah merit pelajar hanya bergantung kepada pencapaian akademik?

b.) Difahamkan sistem pelajaran bagi STPM dan Matrikulasi adalah berbeza sama sekali dari segi skop pengajian, tempoh pelajaran dan peperiksaan, jadi apakah rasional/asas/prinsip yang dipegang oleh KPT untuk menggunakan satu sistem merit yang sama bagi mengenal-pasti kriteria pemilihan kemasukan ke universiti awam bagi pelajar lepasan STPM dan Matrikulasi adalah sentiasa saksama dan adil?

c.) Sila senaraikan dengan tepat merit minimum yang diperlukan bagi semua kursus berdasarkan universiti.

Hope it helps.


KinWah.lai said...

i'm glad that YB share this question with us, so we can discuss and help YB to form a better question in future, so he/we will get the answer we expact and not this like of generic lame answer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

I guess you should not be bother with those negative comments stated in your blog. Afterall, your blog is opened to both your supporters and your non-supporters ;)

Anyway, i think it will be great if next time you can narrow down the answer of you question raised.

Something like this may potentially help:

a) Is academic performance the only criteria in the shortlisting process?

If no, please share with us the other criteria and how these criteria influence the shortlisting process.

If yes, can you explain why we still have incident that students with better education performance fail to be shortlisted when others weaker ones are able to.

Patriotic1994 said...

One day I sat in a taxi from airport and I asked the driver about his family. He is Malay. He said his eldest son got scholarship from JPA to study in Indonesia on medical. The rest of children still in secondary schools. He got 4 children. He looks young (probably 40++), but he only need to drive taxi to survive. This is around early 2008.

I recall in 1994 when I was studying in USA, I met a long hair Malay chap who just playing IRC with friends. He told me he had been there 5 years, under MARA scholarship. He would drag his study to as many years as possible because he can send part of his scholarship money back to his parent in Malaysia to live! He only take one subject one semester.

Then I met a bunch of Malay students from Malaysia in the same university too. All under scholarship to study, either JPA or MARA.

My father had to sell of rubber plantation to get me go oversea to study.

I bet our brothers already think their kind of life is good. All systems are setup for them. I guess they will defend it with their life.

Anonymous said...

this comment suppose to be posted today noon. But it cannot be done as i was browsing from a place where it is blocked ( ;=p , you know it where)

After i read the bahasa version after reviewed by bloggers, usually the questions get clearer.
So repeating comment from me. May be MP Tony should get some help from the translator on the review next time before posting it to the House.

Anonymous said...

atan, best not to make assumptions on what people are, and not to fling unnecessary insults on people. I hope you can understand English, and differentiate between what is a criticism and what isn't, because at this point, you seem to have a deficiency in this simple mental ability.