Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pasir Salak

Dato’ Haji Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, this is a dangerous man. He's a first time Member of Parliament for Pasir Salak, Perak.

If you think that KINABATANGAN, PARIT SULONG or some of the other (in)famous personalities were disruptive to the previous parliament, I would rate them nearly-harmless rabble-rousers in parliament who doesn't treat the Parliament seriously enough.

However, this Yang Berhormat from Pasir Salak, is an MP who preaches race supremacy, and he's certainly not apologetic about it. Let me quote from the Hansard, when he was interrupting a speech by BATU PAHAT on Monday, with reference to the outrage expressed over the controversial Tengku Mahkota Kelantan's speech on Malay rights:
Satu perkara yang saya tunggu-tunggu untuk mengambil kesempatan ini dan ingin bertanya kepada Yang Berhormat Batu Pahat, sama ada bersetuju dengan saya di atas apa yang telah dilakukan oleh wakil rakyat daripada Bukit Gelugor yang sanggup membuat aduan polis terhadap Tengku Mahkota Kelantan.

Atas apa? Kesalahan apa? Tuanku hanya mempersoalkan untuk mempertahankan hakhak orang Melayu,
ketuanan Melayu (emphasis mine), apakah Pakatan tidak memperjuangkan hak-hak orang Melayu? Ini ada di dalam perlembagaan, saya mendesak pihak Yang Berhormat daripada Batu Pahat supaya kita sama-sama bersetuju, bolehkah kita bersetuju meminta kerajaan untuk mengambil tindakan setegas-tegasnya kepada mereka yang membuat kenyataan atau mengambil tindakan yang mempertikaikan ketuanan Melayu dan hak-hak orang Melayu.

Saya ingin mencabar parti pembangkang, sama ada tuan-tuan menyokong atau tidak perjuangan kita daripada Barisan Nasional untuk mempertahankan hak dan keistimewaan orang-orang Melayu sebagaimana yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan.
Thankfully, BATU PAHAT (BN) didn't fall for his bait by hinting (that's my understanding anyway) that those are some of that kind of thinking which requires "changing":
Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya ingin beralih ke tajuk lain. Cuma saya ingin menyatakan di sini bahawa dalam sebuah negara demokrasi, masyarakat yang berbilang kaum saya rasa wajar kita sensitif dengan isu-isu yang kita perkatakan supaya tidak berulang apa yang dikatakan sebagai peristiwa 13 Mei itu.

Saya harap bahawa kita sebagai anggota Dewan pada zaman yang sebegini mencabar untuk mewujudkan sebuah negara yang bersatu padu dan maju, apa pun sama ada pembangkang ataupun kerajaan, kita harus lebih sensitif supaya tidak timbul perkara-perkara yang akan menyebabkan sebenarnya kita merosakkan perpaduan di negara kita dan membangkitkan perkara-perkara yang boleh menimbulkan ketegangan kaum.

Oleh sebab itulah saya berharap kita sendiri sebenarnya sebagai ahli-ahli politik yang dikatakan berwibawa ini harus berperanan.
But it wasn't about to end. PASIR SALAK continually disrupted the Dewan over the next few sessions with similar type remarks.

And just a couple of minutes ago, he was at it again. IPOH BARAT was raising his concern for the 150,000 stateless in Malaysia, of whom a large proportion are Indians and suggesting that the Government should quickly resolve this matter for the sake of these children and their future.

PASIR SALAK stood up and ask, shockingly, "Where are Indians from?" and continued to make disparaging comments which implied that since the non-Malay races are not from Malaysia, they do not deserve rights in this country. He even challenged IPOH BARAT, asking him why he refused to answer, when the latter ignored him.

My only comment is that PASIR SALAK, should count himself fortunate that he wasn't a victim of the political tsunami, but if he continues as he does, he may not be so lucky the next time round. Certainly, you can expect PASIR SALAK to hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in the weeks or months to come.


Anonymous said...

Umno keeps churning out 'leaders' like these and never move with the times. It's amazing how institutionalised racism is in this country and we seem a long way off from coming to terms with the fact that Independence was 50 years ago (half a century) and like it or not, we all have to live with each other. how can the chinese and indians be viewed as migrants... disgraceful.

btw, i voted for you and would like to say thank you for giving PJU her voice back. :)

prussiablue said...

Get used to it Tony. Some UMNO guys are taking the extreme route to divide and conquer, piting various races against each other. That is their freedom of speech right as well, unless the AG were to charge him for sedition if he repeat the same thing outside the parliament but we all know that won't happen, right?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about those who are nostalgic enough to revisit the "Ketuanan Melayu" issue.

And that includes the assorted Malay NGOs who recently held a pow-wow in JB and issued a "fierce" declaration with multiple demands.

And yet we see Malaysian Malays going meekly to work in Singapore as technicians, bus drivers, auxiliary police, nurses, construction workers, cleaners etc. Where is their sense of pride in "Ketuanan Melayu" that they have to seek their livelihood in a foreign country?

And how do they account for the fact that Singaporean Malays are, by and large, doing well in school and university and increasingly moving into the ranks of the professionals? All without handholding and the hot-housing of a NEP!

And these same Malaysian Malays, when they migrate to other countries, have no qualms about competing with other races on an equal footing for jobs and education opportunities.

It's only in Malaysia where these zealots are given the space to voice their opinions.

Ask them how the Malaysian economy can generate the thousands of well-paying jobs for it's school leavers and graduates, and how foreign investors will avoid the country because of the 30% quota, and these zealots will be forced into embarrassed mumbles.

It's a pity that no one has stood up to forcefully rebut their views, statements and arguments. It's a game of chicken and no one has dared to call their bluff.

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,
Yes, its terrible isn't it the measure of institutionalised racism within UMNO. The only way is to kick out BN and Pakatan Rakyat take over. Racial tolerance must be taught from young and only a righteous incorruptible government can do it. BN has had 50 years and this racist is the result. BN is answerable for this crime of polarising the races of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


Naoko said...

((Short time reader, first time poster))

Interestingly, Tony, the link you gave for Mr Tajuddin lets us modify the correspondence address, but I forgot how to exploit it.

rainbow said...

Great of Ipoh Barat to ignore the negative comment...good TAI-CHI ward! Pasir S will have to take it back (no need for the Speaker to tell him)- universal law... There will be more to come if they continue to behave in this manner. Life is not just about shouting and using unpleasant words.
The Sabah Bigfoot spoke from his heart for the Kinabatangan's people concerns when he was being interviewed today... "what ICT and internet when there is no road, electricity and water in the village..." He was disappointed with some BN leaders who spoke about ICT and internet when they were in his area - Sabah. He spoke about requesting for a bank for 17 years and now it is happening soon. He spoke about growing rice but the BN government said it is cheaper to import! so what happened now? He does acknowledged that he gets emotional in parliament because he felt important things have to be addressed. His people asked him the country had merderka for 50 yeras but they have not! He seemed to have the rakayat at heart...
Please don't feel that by ignoring is a WEAKNESS which many people felt. The greatness is how to be able to STAND TALL and ward off negatives remarks without losing one's DIGNITY. This is a skill to be learn. If one is successful to ignore negativity, the person who made the comment fall flat in the mud-shit. Why take on Shit words? Think about it? ....

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why these umnoputras still harping on Malay Supremacy after 12th GE. Just look at the statistic of Malay MPs in the current Parliament, the number is actually increase compared to the previous Parliament. The only difference is more are from PKR and PAS, who are more sensible than those umnoputras.

How I wish Pakatan Rakyat could take over Federal government now. Please do something to make this happens.

Anonymous said...

Malays place great emphasis on Islam but in Islam there is no mention of race supremacy; only about fairness and justice.

A good muslim should differentiate people as muslim and non-muslim, even then during the prophet's time, non-muslims were treated fairly and with respect (that's what I read from my form 6 sejarah islam). A good muslim should not discriminate people on basis of their race.

As a non-muslim, I stand to be corrected.

Bung M stated that as the second honcho of the backbencher's club, he would be responsible to oversee performance of the BN backbenchers. Where is he and the PM? Also, where is the Speaker? Keen to stop supplementary questions and Opposition is quiet as a muted mouse when this sort of outrage is tarnishing the August House. If this is not a case of selected persecuion, give me a better example. (come to think of it, there could be)

Najib mentioned a week or so ago that the cabinet will meet routinely to discuss how to attract non-malay votes, well there is one subject now. Let's see if there is solid resolve in them.

Kudos to Batu Pahat and Ipoh Barat but if theu wanted to have good advetisement, they should have told the unbecoming to shove off.

Dear PM,

how is BN ging to promote national unity with a baggage like that. And for the people who voted him in, WHAT THE XXXX U WERE THINKIG?

Lee Wee Tak

NEO said...

The God create sky...., the human and the animal.

He is just acting like a Monkey!

Unknown said...

Why there are some still championing malay supremacy? Malays are a mixed bred lot. If you look at the founder of Malacca Sultanate and he's an Indian from Indonesia before embracing Islam.
A former minister,Mat Rahmat once said tht Wan Azizah is not fit to lead the Malays because of darah cap naga but irony his spouse is a chinese.

Jarod said...

Soon he will have LOTS of GOLD SAND (PASIR MAS) covering his front portion of his house!

Anonymous said...

dun think there's any point arguing with the sicko. continue with the hujah and soon this fello will realised he's in a danger position. good luck pasir salak.
i'm chinese btw. but i feel offended with such statement asking where the indians come from?
god bless him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the guy who spent 6 million to get elected as an umno division chief and suspended for money politics ? The new 6 million dollar man of the dewan rakyat. Wonder where is the ethics of umno to select such a candidate.

Anonymous said...

The man is dangerous but his existence is a measure of the maturity of our society. In a lawless society the warlord with the most dangerous weapon is king

Anonymous said...

Did people notice something. On Parliament website. This guy supposedly from Pasir Salak list his correspondence address a huge bungalow in Bukit Damansara. You wonder why he is into race supremacy?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from an MP who has an email address like this:

susan roses??? Seriously???

He must be the world's only living brain donor.

hengwahwan said...

Dear Tony,
I am from PJ and my family and I are very happy voting for you and Dr Cheah my ex-colleague's brother.
Yes we have a number of racists who talk big about "Malay Supremacy". They are all Nazi Thugs and served with servility people in the class of Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebels, Adolf Eichman etc. All of them are racists of the sewage order. They live in Netherworld unlike us who strongly believe in a World replete with kindness,compassion, equality, fairness, righteousness and justice. Our quest for our kind of World continue unabated and we just need to ignore such racial supremacists. In US the land of slavery once upon a time had already demolished racial supremacy a long time ago.It also died with the flames of Berlin in 1945. We must do the same here.

Anonymous said...

be careful people, there are racist people in pakatan rakyat too. Open your eyes. It's not the party, it's the people themselves. SO to generalize the whole of BN as racist is like saying their component parties like mca, ic etc as racist also.

The important thing is to change from within and allowing them to make the change.

IbnAbdHalim said...

Dear Tony,
If I'm not mistaken this 'six million dollar man' is the same guy who was suspended from UMNO sometimes ago becuz of money politics. He's a racist alright.

Unknown said...

Good morning Tony,

Yes, this type of guy is really dangerous and not suitable for the multi-racial country like Malay. They are still living in the old age of feudal system where it is rule and divide. If he is so particular about this supposed race issue, he has to investigate his own family tree to ensure that his lineage is not diluted through mixed marriages. Otherwise, he might find that somewhere somehow he might be disqualified from this so called special race.

In today's Malaysia, race is no longer revelant but NATIONALITY does. Since we are all Malaysians, what is he barking about??

Muhammad Fahmi said...


People in Perak already know that this guy is a very 'kurang ajar' person. Please do some study about this guy, dig some of his history. When the time is right, just strike him out. We need people like Saifudin Nasution and Ibrahim Ali to kick his ass.

Anonymous said...


if people know he is like that, how come he won?

I just don't get it!

Lee Wee Tak

Nis said...

ahah his son is my good friend and neighbour, and his girlfriend was a chinese girl. it was a bit disbelieving to see him being such a racist in Parliament, he could learn a thing or two from his son.

YB, good work in Parliament so far. hope to see u in action on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

6 million dollar man is very dangerous as I remember Steve Austin played by Lee Majors can run and beat up bad guys with his bionic limbs.

Anonymous said...

Funny that he should ask where Indians come from. A lot of UMNO members come from there as well. Ask some of their Mamak members. :P

Anonymous said...

If the mentioned MP don't like Ketuanan Melayu to be challenged...then why not he leave the country & go back to Indonesia? See how pea-brain these people think. Ungrateful ingrates.

Also, if that's the case, then all the UMNO MPs should refuse tax-$ or salary from Chinese & Indian tax-payers. All UMNO MPs should only account their salary from Ketuanan Melayu tax-payers. The Chinese-Indian tax-payers will share with Chinese-Indian MPs. If some Malay bros-sis want to contribute to the Chinese-Indian tax vault, it is most welcomed. How is this arrangment?

Btw, in history, we all know that it was a fact that the Emperor of China was protecting Malacca or Malay Peninsular from the 15th century from Thailand. Was not that the reason of Princess Hang Li Po & the 4 Hang warriors set up base in Malacca? Otherwise, we all be greeting sawadeekap now & tomyam is the no.1 food, rather than nasi lemak.

Unknown said...

$ and race is the only brand of medicine sold by these UMNOxtras. What else do they have? People with good brains, humility and dignity can only be found in Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

i saw from video clips on how he acted like anjing liar menyalak in the parliament, memang mensiasuikan. the same goes with the idiot from kinabatangan as well. these bozos have turned parliament a circus or a zoo. what a shame to have MPs of such quality in our country!

Anonymous said...

What the xuck is happening to the present 'regime'...soon everyone will be as DUMB as them if free speech = basic right, is curtailed.

This signals the beginning of the end for them....

Please contact MT, they wouldn't allow me to register...if I tell them I am a nephew of someone...mayb they will invite Lim Boo Chang

Anonymous said...

those bastards, they are a bunch of idiots...
nothing positive will come up benefitting us, the rakyats, in this first sitting....deja vu
they will try to see how to 'earn' millions by setting up some usual

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned their days of "supremacy" are numbered. The next GE or UNMO persidangan would be worth the watch. On thing for sure the "mighty kris" wont be there, instead it will be a tiny weeny itsy bitsy plastic toy kris will be there

Anonymous said...

Pls ask in the Parliament: UiTM accept foreigners to study Masters programmes/PhD programmes, why non-Malays (Malaysian citizens) are not allowed to enrol such programmes in UiTM? Why Iranians, Arabs are trained in UiTM, but non-Malays are denied such opportunity?

d'Frog Prince said...

dear yb,

this is the first time i am leaving message in your blog. i find that all this racist remarks from brainless and useless representative appalling. but, then, they were elected and we have to bear with them for the next few years. next time, may i suggest the "pembangkang' to retort that - kami juga berjuang untuk mempertahankan hak-hak orang melayu dari dipergunakan oleh segelintir pemimpin untuk memperkayakan diri mereka sendiri. kami akan berjuang untuk kehidupan yang lebih selesa untuk orang-orang melayu. kami dari pihak pembangkang tidak mahu orang-orang melayu yang sejati, menang bersorak, kampung tergadai. kami mahu semua orang melayu maju bersama-sama dengan rakyat yang lain. negara kita hanya akan maju jika semua rakyatnya maju, bukan hanya bila segelintir sahaja yang maju." say it and mean it. let other be racists but you guys don't have to be allergic to hak-hak istimewa. don't have to argue on that point. bread and butter issue, as long as you can promise our malays brethren that they can and they will earn their livings on equal footings, they will not have any misgivings about the person/s who can promise and deliver this. of course, the same applies for the rest of the malaysians.

p/s - on a different note, i just got to know that a long time ago, you were a partner of a classmate of mine from MELAKA. hehehe, small world.

Unknown said...

My only comment is that PASIR SALAK, should count himself fortunate that he wasn't a victim of the political tsunami, but if he continues as he does, he may not be so lucky the next time round. Tony

Well, I am not too sure. I feel that the "Malay thing" is reinvigorating. If you have thought that we have passed racial politics, I think you are mistaken. BN extremists are just waiting for the right time to hit back, knowing that the people are still with PK. But I am not too sure for how long this "feel good" will last especially among the Malays.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony
Please post this racist thug's future speeches in your blog. In this way we can monitor his activities and bring him down to Netherworld.
We also may need to pray to the Good Lord for him to be saved as Retribution lies with Him not with Man.
This thug is a danger to our beloved nation just like robbers, rapists, snatch thieves,C4 bombers etc.

Anonymous said...


It's good to have these UMNO-Nazi type of people in parliament since it is live telecast. Let the people of Pasir Salak & rest of Malaysia know what kind of personality they have elected & if that's their choice of MP for Pasir Salak again for the next GE. That's democracy I am afraid. Not everyone viewed as good will be good or can be good (vice versa).

We just have to deal with it. Consider it as an interesting journey into parliament. Don't expect it to be like going to the movies with popcorn & coke.

They are many other dangerous men in parliament...those that bark does not mean they are barking alone...they could have been told to bark, for being there. All they are good for is the blue book. If the country is going to governed by the blue book, we are doomed.

lan said...

this guy is a noise maker. a waste of other MPs time

Anonymous said...


My personal opinion, this is all Pak Lah's fault. I am very sure he knows about all this racial remarks and hatred being brought out by these "YB" but yet he do nothing to curb them. His silence means "ok", his silence means "acceptable", how can he claim himself to be fair and just! Sometimes I feel we have regressed instead of progress, this is especially true since Pak Lah was in helm......many bloggers keep harping on giving Pak Lah a chance to right what is wrong but at who's expense?
I hope YB(your goodself) and the rest of the other Pakatan YB's can really kick these "monkeys" out and seriously get down to business in betterment of the country and "rakyat" in whole.

Hakkasan said...

y this fella survived the tsunami? don't u guys know that he's the infamous 6 million dollar man whom YB Azmin Ali alleged of bribing all the way to secure a political interest? this is the new Badruddin we gonna see in parliament...