Sunday, May 04, 2008

Section 19 New Members

I was at a function this morning where Section 19 and other Petaling Jaya residents submitted some 300 membership forms to join the Democratic Action Party (DAP), as well as forming 5 new branches.

Chinasamy, the proposed pro-tem committee chairman of one of the PJ Section 19 branches
handing over the application forms to Charles Santiago (MP, Klang),
Dr Cheah Wing Yin (ADUN, Damansara Utama) and myself

It's certainly refreshing to find so many interested in joining DAP, as I believe that the "change" which occurred in the last general elections has given the people greater belief that "more" change is possible, and the "fear" of repercussions from a lobsided Barisan Nasional government receded.

The members of Section 19 are also looking to set up a mini-service centre at the Bistari low-cost flats to help resolve the problems of the residents in the area as well. In essence, we hope that these new branches will all be active in organising activities to strengthen neighbourly as well as inter-racial ties of the residents.

Well, for those of your supporters who are not yet members, and are interested in joining DAP in Petaling Jaya, please write to allypua (at) yahoo (dot) com, with the Subject header - "Membership", and we'll try to get the forms to you. Alternatively, you can just pop by our service centre at 55M Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama (10am-6pm weekdays).

Membership fees is RM5 per annum or RM100 for life membership. For those interested in actually forming a branch, the proposed new ruling is that you'd need 50 members, of which 10 are life members. Join us, support our cause and play a part in shaping the face of this country in the years to come! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hidup YB Tony Pua.....

Hv u ever thought of setting up "TONY PUA FAN CLUB"?

Frankly speaking, I am ur fan and i manage to hv a photo taken with u during the election period....I believe with the setting up of the so called "Fan CLub", the response will be overwhelming......


Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Hello work for people is more important than promoting ur DAP and yourself lah, stop promoting lah DAP have good win already, posting more political point of view

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Jason,

I generally don't respond much to comments but i'll make this an exception.

Without a vibrant political organisation, with a large and strong base, it is quite impossible to serve the rakyat both in the short and more so in the long term.

Hence it is critical that I help grow DAP or our ideals, as voted by the rakyat, will just fades over time without the necessary renewal. A healthy political system requires strong political parties (from both sides of the fence), without which democracy will not work, and the people's interest not served.

I also noted that your comments have generally been negative - not that there's anything wrong with that, but taking somethings in the positive and lighthearted spirit might offer less stress on the blood press :-)


Anonymous said...

How to help people when the party's influence is limited?
Good job Tony for going to the right direction.

ediannuar said...


just ignore jason, as long as you know what you are doing. we can't please everyone.... :)

Anonymous said...


It is good that you allow those 'negative comments' like Jason ANG-blog shooter. Let other readers see for themselves how come these people can be so 'negative' all the time.

Keep it up with your good work and perhaps you should convince more of young Malay professionals to join DAP. Prove to them that DAP is the right choice for a Progressive Malaysia.

SOP said...

Generally youth are attracted to the ideology of serving the people and making this nation a better country to live in. Both PKR and DAP fit the bill. Young people who are more educated are bored with politician who are using politics as a platform for personal interest and wealth. In other words, political parties which appear to the younger generation have bright future here in Malaysia. May God bless all the good people in M'sia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

If you unsure about DAP political struggle,...
Could u pls shut the HELL up?...

Bcos of fighting for Rakyat's right, Mr Tony offered himself to speak up for us by joining opposition party.....By right, he could hv opt for an easy life...

To Tony Pua:
Well done ! ! !Keep Fighting for us! ! !

To Jason:
Please do not leave a message that will tarnish the name of our beloved MP...

CS Tan

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Hi Tony, I also Back from Singapore, the only think that make us different is that U joint DAP and I joint Gerakan. U have mentioned that i always comment negative point, but do you know that this is the feeling that DAP leader always accusing our Gerakan leader in negative point ? I hope u can pass my message to you team leader, do not always complaint people, try to valuating own self first before commenting. This not a matter whether who is the government , the most important is as a politician your first priority is people in malaysia, not yourself, there is why i not really active in politic, i am IT, i think you know that, ur good friend jeff Ooi are using the blog to shotting our gerakan for how many time? ask him? Gerakan also have IT people OK ? i cannot tahan than i satnd up, as jeff Ooi mentioned he want to have IT media political war, i ready for it , u pass this message to him. If he do not perform well as YB i will dig more thing about him and disclose in IT media OK, remember i just a ordinary member of Gerakan, we serve without publicity.

LAU WENG SAN said...

if the "blog-shooter" is simply shooting, he is as good as nothing in blogosphere is he is contributing equal amount of rubbish in blogosphere by shooting for the sake of shooting.

As I Was Saying... said...


You were smiling all the time this evening on the mandarin political talk show shown live on RTM 2.

Keep smiling Tony.


Anonymous said...

hey jason, if you want to 'shoot' so much just because your Gerakan leaders also got shot before, then all the best for you!

pls remember to seperate the personal from the impersonal. this is a personal blog and not an official webpage of DAP. so i think YB Tony has no need to post 100% political postings all the time.

if you got such an issue with YB Jeff Ooi, i suggest you post your personal comments on his blog at screenshots. if you have nothing to say, then shut up la.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jason ANG,

I am not a DAP member or Tony supporter. Infact, I didnt even vote the last time as I was away.

I must say after reading your writings, I feel like committing suicide. Why la so negative, young man?

As for you and the Gerakan thingy, you lot in BN have ruled for 50 years. Now Tony just came into the picture less than 2 months and you are beating him up?

Blog Shooter said...

Hello people who left comment , pls show your identity otherwise i assumed that all this people is equal to Tony pua him self lah, still movieing around.

Blog Shooter said...

Cs Tan = Tony Pua, ask cs tan to show his identity why like coward hidden behind ?

Anonymous said...

To Jason,
Well, if you think you can dig the so called information/evidence that DAP is doing bad or corrupted, just shoot it up. I'm sure you will if you have.

As standing from people's interest, you want to do so not because you are from Gerakan, but you want to speak on behalf of people.

Then, what is there for you to challenge Jeff Ooi here? If you have guts and information go setup your IT media tool. I want to see.

FYI, I'm not from neither Gerakan nor DAP. I'm just an ordinary people.



Anonymous said...

This ciku named Jason Ang cannot be come back from Singapore. His English is so poor.

Just judge for yourself how he replied an email. Read here

Anonymous said...


Typical BN sore loser - your precious Gerakan lost in the recent General Elections so do some self-examination instead of blaming Tony Pua, Jeff Ooi and the DAP.

Blaming others instead of yourself is also the main reason why Gerakan will NEVER win Penang again in future GEs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason.. it's u here again! how R lu? u good? me also good good.. so u got the check the dictionary boh? aiyo.. y u sound so the angly here.. chill la.. live and let live.. got dengar before? not good lo always angly.. because ah.. the blood ah.. got this thing call plessule wan.. can go up wan lo.. peace out!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tony... growing the grassroots is important stuff for participatory politics.

I think this article from the latest issue of Aliran can contribute (in a slightly indirect way) to the discussion on the value of spurring on growth of party grassroots, vs. mere policy positions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

For someone like Jason Ang who claimed to be back from Singapore, his English is really horrendous. What he wrote does not sound like Singlish too. It is just plain bad English.

Gerakan is now wallowing in self pity and still in denial mode. Looks like Mrs Koh Tsu Koon had to come out and challenge Guan Eng and Jeff Ooi to a debate on the Bunga Tanjong funds.

It is important that DAP builds up a strong membership base especially of the Generation X and Y and ignore arm-chair critics like Jason.

Anonymous said...

aiyo jason.. so the naughty hor those pee per criticised u hear (oops.. I mean here) u just explessing (not expless bus ah) yor thoughts here mah.. poor fella.. but ah.. u know ah.. what they say ah.. also got the point lo u know.. u sound so the angly la.. always scolding tony and jeff.. pity them also u know.. so here is a suggestion la.. if u rili want to comment ah.. how about giving constructive (constructive means err.. helpful here) feedbacks to tony and jeff? that would be more better, light? think about it ya.. as usual.. peace out to u & take care!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i have to agree with many people. how can one be a blog shooter when his english is so bad?

well, maybe jason ang was trying to say something.. but when looking for the 'limited' choice of words in his dictionary, he used them in the wrong way - that's why everything sounded so negative from him? pls try to understand him... excuse him!

sorry to be mean, but this is really my first time reading comments from such blog shooter. what an eye sore!!

btw, i gotta admit that ive been silly to have always been voting for gerakan past GEs. i had to stop voting for them starting this GE, as it is a fact that they are doing nothing better than wasting our taxpayers money!

tell me what good things have they done..... apart from... hmm, sending mat rempits for sky diving experience in north pole - hey, i also want to have such experience!
not that im having prejudice towards mat rempit, but come on, don't waste our money, do something more practical!! even if sky diving was appropriate, but why in north pole?? DUH! there are so many people needing financial help here in malaysia!!

before leaving negative comments in this blog, use yr brain to think hard.. what good things have gerakan done apart from being racist? watch in yourself, there are loads of videos there. see how they behave - 'ini bumi kami, you keluar dari malaysia kalau you tak suka'. what about hishamuddin's keris issue? have you forgotten all these - or were you in SG and you didn't know what happened here in MY.

how about equality of local university placements for students? did u watch the video for the UPM incident? and rude remarks like 'MP Batu Gajah tiap tiap bulan bocor' or indirectly insulting OKUs that they are disabled because of the sin they did before 'God has taught you a good lesson by putting you in a wheelchair'? if you don't feel anything wrong with those that i mentioned above, i've nothing else to say. otherwise, wake up JASON ANG - it's not too late!!

Blog Shooter said...

Hello everyone, seen to be you all is more angry than me leh ? anyway just for your information Tony Pua still holding his PR ship In singapore right ? u all can ask him lah. if anyone in doubt that i am back from singapore or not go check me out OK, than u know why i write in this way, becoz this way particularly for all of u want me to write in good english pay consultant fees u know hahaha, anyway this is nota personal attack, as a YB , Tony should bring more national issue to the parliament instead of playing around to promoting DAP or himself, what u all think ?

For all this coward without name , better do not posting here, otherwise everyone will assumed that all DAP people is coward. show ur identity lah

Blog Shooter said...

Tony Pua u should work like Lau Wen Sang, u know why, he set up a services centre, servin people lah

SOP said...

Jason, you are like your former boss Dr Lim Keng Yaik, talk without using brain. Pls learn something from your current boss Dr Koh, who is more gentleman. Pls also learn how to talk constructively, otherwise Gerakan will be doomed forever, avoid being the first political party in Melaka Muzeum.

Anonymous said...

hah... you guys can really be cruel to the poor chap jason. dont like that lah guys, our fren just expressing is frustration, and if he thinks YB Tonys' blog can help let off steam, by all means.

in the mean time YB, you've some pretty hard work cut out for you esp since the federal is witholding much funds from the pakatan states. even if you cannot determine direct federal funds, the only way is to make sure things are run well in the state (in your case PJU) and hopefully the voters can discern.


Anonymous said...

I guess probably the jason ang is some sore loser who got kicked out from Singapore and venting his anger on successful Malaysians who excel in other countries.As a Malaysian student currently studying in Singapore,I am pretty sure that he did not study in any junior colleges nor top universities here like the NUS or NTU judging by the standard of his English,probably he just finished washing the toilets in one of the MRT stations and claim that "I came back from Singapore",how pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hie Jason & Blog Shooter,

I am his loyal supporter, not YB Tony as claimed by your previous comment....Stop questioning what DAP has done for Msian......I wud like to ask What Gerakan has done for Msian Chinese, Malay, & Indian?......As a body Guard to BN?HAHAHHAHAA

If u r not clear about DAP political struggle, please find the following DAP ACHIEVEMENTS for your easy reference:-

1. YAB Lim Guan Eng-Jailed bcos of fighting for a malay gal, HIS ACCA qualification is revoked.

2. YB Lim Kit Siang- Sent to Kamunting Camp without trial during OPS Lalang.

3. YB Tony Pua- Risking his own life by joining Bersih Street
Demonstration which is exposed to the threat from FRU.

4. YB Tan Kok Wai(CHERAS MP)- Detained under ISA for leading the cheras residents to protest against the toll collection...
....AND THE LIST GOES on....

Dear Blog Shooter & Jason,

I would like throw back the questions to u:

Any "BALLESS" Gerakan leader willing to emulate what DAP has been doing???



JASON & Blog Shooter(sore loser)...pls repent and quit Gerakan...JOIN DAP lah...



Anonymous said...

hey si PENGECUT Blog Shooter,

I am not a coward...if u hv balls ...

send message directly 2me..
no need leave any unpleasant msg at this blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Malaysian chinese,
IN order to have more voices and chinese right, we must have strong politic party. Many chinese choose to be neutral but our future will be gone. So i hope all chinese to join DAP, or Keadialan or even MCA or Gerakan. to have more chinese voices.
*Why we see that UMNO and PAS party strong? very simple bcos they have many many active supporter! so they able to demand more malay right.

IN fact im now start ask my friend and relative to join DAP to have more voices.

me said...

Two pertinent points:

1) Why the need for emails to get a membership form? Just upload the PDF somewhere. Get computers to do the job for you.

2) DAP really, and I mean REALLY needs a strong, vocal, aggressive Malay membership outreach programme.


casper c said...

Hello Tony and family,

Question for the Gerakan thambi - when did you enroll ? Only credible reason to join them is if your father is also Gerakan - you get the drift ?

Any other reason(you damn 'suay seow' knowing the brand of politics that BN component parties exercise) and I say that with justification from the results of recent GE would attest.

Anyways, all the best to you thambi and work hard to save what's left of Gerakan but don't mind me and other posters indicating there's not much of a futurelah.

Best regards all out there.

Anonymous said...

Bravo YB Tony,

your blog been post at Malaysia Today.

*Dont waste time on those Bastard shooter jason.He is Gerakan member to gain corruption money from our tax payer money.

Anonymous said...

Pls be there!

LATEST - Raja Petra Ordered to Surrender

Monday, 05 May 2008
Raja Petra Kamarudin @ RPK has been ordered to surrender himself at Jalan Duta magistrate court at 9:30AM tomorrow, Tuesday 6th May. " RPK is expected to be charged for sedition "
Hope to see you all there tomorrow.

Francis Foo said...

That bloke who claimed to be a Gerakan member...stop embarassing yourself even we don't see your face personally. We do see your psyche in the form of what you wrote...lame...

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Nice to hear all of you dare to speak out, the most important thing is -do you dare to speak to Bad UMNO leader ? I am not blindly supporting Gerakan, as far as i concern gerakan party culture is the one party in BN without corruption right ? Point it out if any gerakan leader is corruption. Please.

But do all of u know that the DAP Johor chairman have accuse Muar DAP ADUN for corruption until this case bring to court?, maybe you all do not know about Johor matter.

To reply the coward without identity which claiming my english is bad and not back from Singapore, please visit my singapore business website at or you may also visit, read it carefully before you putting unreasonable personal attack,further more for your information i also honoured by singapore the Spirit of Enterprise award 2006, you may check my profile at my business website or log into this website .

Why i choosed to write in such english way, just because this is a blog without Law and this is the place that we can speak out whatever you want, i personal have no problem with Tony Pua, in fact admired him , he is the youngest CEO in Cybervilliage Ltd in singapore, the only thing that i felt not right is that Tony trying to promote more on the party and personal life rather than the politic point of view, since he have choosed as a politician he must always sensitive to politic environment, otherwise he may Kick out by DAP LIM empire anytime, trust me on this otherwise U can call up Dr Boo, the DAP Johor Chairman to clarify such matter.

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Thambi, no choice lah this is politic mah,democracy is like that one mah DAP take almost 40 years to took over Penang, never mind lah, we can wait mah thambi, Gerkan can wait never mind

Anonymous said...

YB Tony,

I'm your voter and your true supporter. And I support the Pakatan Rakyat as well. I'm currently abroad but I came back for election during 08/03/08.

Let us all stand unite to support Raja Petra, who will be charged tomorrow. He is a true Malaysian hero and the rakyat is behind him.

-im malaysian,no question about it.

Unknown said...

Ah Ang,
Sorry I omit your Jason because Ah Ang would suit you better.I think you are one of the rare species who is still have hope for Gerakan.Just for your information,we Penangites have dumped this party for good and it will not be able to survive in Penang anymore.Gerakan has to find a new area such as Johor or Melaka since these two states are under BN.We are better off with DAP,PKR and PAS.

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow YB Asean-er ! They always say those who go to Singapore are sell-outs, but am glad that there are some who come home to 'serve' the country!


Jasper Chong said...

Dear Jason ANG-blog shooter,

First i am no DAP member nor do i have anything against Gerekan. I dont have any affiliation to any political party for that matters.

This is Tony's personal blog, he can posts whatever he wants be that political or otherwise. Tony can even post up his mom's secret BBQ chicken receipe if he wants.

Jason, you are simply acting like a sore loser. Ya, Gerekan lost Penang, so stop being a whiner and start thinking of how to win back the people's hearts.

But no, you come here and try to attack everything that Tony said. That is no way to win back the people's heard and only demonstrate how inmature you are both personally and politically.

My suggestion to you is that if you are so desperate to express your own point of views, and feel that DAP has unjustly wronged Gerakan then go and start your own blog and express your views there.

Because trying to convince a bunch of DAP/Tony's supporter in here is going to be harder than trying to convince Osama Bin Laden to shave his beard.

Anonymous said...

Ang Kian You, Jason @ Ah Ang,

Apparently you have talent in IT. Please put your expertise into good use and not mess up Tony Pua's blog.

We are all serious commentators and don't insult us the Tony Pua simply using anonymous identities to rebut your points.

Internet is a great invention and let us make good use of it, don't ever abuse it.

Anonymous said...

hey ppl, don't fall for his trap.

i guess jason's merely promoting his business or his blog. i was so stupid to check his blog out - you know what, there's hardly any comments from anyone there. not too many readers there!! maybe none... huh!

very often people make constructive feedback to get attention. see, he posted the websites, etc.. hoping to increase the counters of visitors to the website!!! eeee...

anyway, this is tony pua's personal blog. as mentioned by other commentator, he can even post a good recipe. go get a life jason ang kian you! you want to read about politics, go to the DAP official website!

btw jason ang, stop being a moderator as if you oversee tony pua's blog. we have an option to remain anonymous, ok. not because we are hiding like cowards.. don't always think negative. you are pretty annoying you know.. if you are thinking of using these young and famous bloggers to post constructive feedback just to attract attention, then you are nothing but a sole loser!

Unknown said...

Dear Tony and also Blogshooter,

I am not a DAP member, nor a Barisan member, but I can tell you where my vote and my wife's vote went. It all went to DAP since DAP was the only non-Barisan party in our constituency. I would even have voted for a block of wood if it was up against any BN party. I will also confess that it was our (me and wife) first time voting even though we are well into our 30's. Why? Because, BN has crossed the line. In fact, BN crossed the line so many times it is no longer a joke, nor can I "close one eye" anymore. All the keris waving antics, the wholesale plunder of rakyat's money, and downright arrogant answers when questions are put forward about accountability, etc, etc. The message from BN during election was that if chinese voted opposition, chinese will lose their representation in govt. That is the lamest pathetic reasoning I have ever heard in my life. If it was a threat, it was also the lamest pathetic threat ever.


IN FACT, WHY SHOULD I VOTE ALONG RACIAL LINES which has divided and polarised our beautiful country since Merdeka???

UMNO, Gerakan, MCA, MIC, etc are history for me.

May God bless Pakatan Rakyat and your work.