Monday, June 02, 2008

Overseas Business Networking Trip

Hi guys. My access to internet is terrible at the moment as I'm on in working business networking trip to Hong Kong with the Penang Chief Minister. Should be back in action again next week, hence apologies for the lack of posts as well as slower replies to emails and comments. ;-)


lan said...

should be a fun and beneficial trip! see you in 1 week time!

TL ONG said...

Have a nice trip there ya... All the best to you & your team...

Anonymous said...

Your apologies accepted! Just don't do this again! :)))

Anonymous said...


The people need these

1) Jobs at good wages

Your overseas investment trips help

2) Better social services and help with the rising costs of living

Can you study what Islamist groups
have been doing in Turkey and Egypt and copy what they have been doing in the provision of social services? (These also help to generate political support from the people)

No worries...we take customised inquiry. said...

Oh, I live and work in HKG. It would be great if we can organise a meet the CM here for other Malaysian (or Penangites) to meet the new CM. Or is one such event already planned? If yes, please let me have the details.

Anonymous said...

Are you on business class or economy?

dranreb said...

all the best

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
If I am not mistaken, I believe that MPs such as Jeff Ooi and Liew Chin Tong would be with Penang CM to bring in more FDI into Penang if not Malaysia
That's wonderful news. At least, give those detractors such as those in the nearly defunct Gerakan a big tight slap.
Anyway, I would suggest to take leaf from LKY. Any statement that borders defamation towards you, LEG and the rest of DAP MPs that damages the credibility of individual as well as the state government particularly in Penang. Do not hesitate to take legal action against.
Who says that defamation suits can be nrought against "oppositions" Even ruling MPs should be brought to trial if their comments for such matters

Anonymous said...

Haha, Nice to hear from you after the 1st parliament session end.
Do enjoy your working trip to HK. Have fun and all the best to you & Mr. Lim there :D

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you and the CM of

Anonymous said...

ayaaa tony pua, cut the wayang kulit shortlah, it's all about money isn't it. no difference compared to any political individual, blogger, party or organization in this world maa. the only difference is the sophistication of one's political game lah. don't be like um-no lah, wash dirty and cheap political linen in global public.

NEO said...


Good strategy move! Now everybody should look forward.

Try to secure some investment from HK. Example, Kerry Group & Kuok Group

Anonymous said...

Kerry and Kuok Group are Malaysian belong to Robert Kouk. They have big set ups everywhere else except in home turf because of govt. policies. Do you know how big is their operations in Singapore and elsewhere ? what have they got here by means of percentage? And whatever money they make is all sweat money, nothing like UEM, Bernas, Khazanah etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to CM and the rest of you, from Gregory & Lucille Holy Spirit Penang

Unknown said...

i) r u travelling first class?
ii) did u bring along your whole familyand let the state foot the expenses?
iii) is this a 'lawatan sambil belajar' 'ala BN way?

pls explain to the BN fellas, they all want to know. if you r not travelling 1st class, if u did not bring along the whole family incl aunties uncles neneks datuks and charge the bills back to the state then the BN fellas will complain u 'SPOIL MARKET'

hahahaha!! support u all they way YB.


Golf Afflicted said...


For the sake of clarification on the point raised by a few of you here - none of the DAP MPs (5 in total spanning over Hong Kong and Korea) or the Chief Minister and his wife flew in the first or business class.

We all sat together at the back. While it would not be wise to rule out flying business class in certain future trips, but it's definitely a policy that unless really necessary, it'll be economy class.

Oh, and other than CM's wife, there were no other spouses on the trip. ;-)


Anonymous said...


We do not mind you all having your spouses but just sure that their expenses do not charge into rakyat's account. We hope that your trip will be a sucess to bring in more investment into Penang and Perak State. BTW, what about Taiwanese investors. They speak Taiwanese like Hokkien

NEIL said...

YB,I personally invite the CM to pay a visit to Kuching .You see he is the first DAP CM in Malaysia,so with his visit here there will be a second Tsunami over here.A change that we need.Tell him that there plenty of his supporters over here.His presence here will be of great help to prepare his his collegue for the next decisive election,Welcome to the land of DAP.