Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tony Pua for Parliament

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It's now officially confirmed. I will be standing as the DAP parliamentary candidate for Petaling Jaya Utara. I will be contesting against a very strong opponent, Datuk Paduka Chew Mei Fun who is not only the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry for Women, Family & Community Affairs, but also MCA Wanita Deputy Chief designated for higher positions.

It will be a tough battle, and I dare say that the BN candidate has an edge having been the incumbent for two terms. Particularly, we lost by a massive 13,000 votes in the 2004 elections. However, with greater awareness among the PJ electorate of the deteriorating national cirumstances - from crime, to inflation, to integrity, to governance and to leadership, there is a fighting chance of making it - but if and only if, discerning Malaysians turn up in force to vote.

The following are 5 important reasons why voters should opt for me and DAP candidates in the Petaling Jaya. Spread the word and vote for change.

1. The role of a Member of Parliament (MP) or State Legislative Assembly (SA)

We are committed to the principle that a member of Parliament's ultimate responsibility is towards the national policies and legislations to be debated and enacted in parliament. At the same time, the role of a state assemblyman is to enact state laws in the state assembly.

Where there have been areas of unjust policies or even bad legislation which needs to be updated or reformed, it is the duty of the MP or SA to propose the necessary changes. You can be assured that in this regard, DAP MPs and SAs will do so without fear or favour.

A good MP does not hide from responsibility to its constituents in the parliament. Examples are aplenty, with the disgraceful episode(s) of BN MPs insulting women ('bocor', 'terowong') and the handicapped ('Tuhan dah ajar dia'). MPs across the divide must unite to reprimand such atrocious behaviour, instead of being conspiciously absent from the Dewan, despite being in the vicinity when a vote is called.

Other BN MPs cannot escape blame for the persistence of such behaviour and more, among their colleagues over the years.

2. Serving the Constituency

At the same time, it cannot be denied that it is very important for an MP, particularly in Malaysia to serve the specific needs of the local constituency.

However, serving the constituency cannot be limited to issues such as mending potholes, fixing street lamps and unclogging drains, or for that matter, 'donations' in kind and cash to local residents' associations and societies. It also doesn't mean that an elected opposition MP or SA does or cannot not play the role of improving roads or street lamps – Teresa Kok and Tan Kok Wai are perfect examples of dedicated MPs who keep their constituencies ticking.

On the other hand, an MP or state assemblyperson in Malaysia has the extra heavy responsibility of monitoring and check the all-powerful local councils. Malaysia has no democratically elected local government, but instead has one which is based on a system of political patronage where local BN party leaders are appointed councillors.

As a result, we read of all kinds of abuses by the local councils with MBPJ being a prime culprit. Examples of corruption, abuse and sheer arrogance are once again aplenty, and you would probably have read the various columns in The Sun over the years. Some of the recent examples are the illegal siphoning of “donations” to an illegal “sports club”, attempts to develop open spaces and green lungs by consipiring with developers, official launching of a mega-PJ Exchange project by the Selangor Menteri Besar without the necessary approvals and traffic analysis, illegal privatisation of billboards etc.

The BN MPs and state assemblymen have unfortunately “closed one-eye” and maintained “an elegant silence” over the entire period either by claiming ignorance, or providing convenient and non-committal empty promises of “looking into the issue”.

3. National interest and the future of our country

Most importantly, your vote represents not only that of your constituency but also that of the nation.

It is not necessary to elaborate here on the issues affecting the nation today such as an crime, declining real income, weak and poor governance, racial disintegration, corruption, Islamic state etc.

While DAP would not have an opportunity to form the government in the next elections, it is critical that there should be a much stronger opposition to check the abuses by a hegemonic government, in our case, one with 91% control of the Parliament. Only when the voices of the people are heard, will the government of the day be more sensitive towards the needs of the Rakyat.

What makes the situation more dire politically, is the fact that constituencies have been gerrymandered extensively to make it ultra difficult for DAP to make major headway in terms of actual seats increase, despite a possible hefty increase in votes. Former opposition strongholds such as Kota Melaka or Bukit Bintang has been redelineated nearly beyond recognition.

Petaling Jaya Utara, despite DAP losing by a massive 13,000 votes the last elections remains one of a handful (literally) of seats in which we have a decent chance of wresting from BN. This is because, being a largely educated urban constituency, the number of swing voters who are attuned to national issues, is very high. Many constituents are contemplating or have already decided that their children's future should no longer be in this country which we so love.

As such, we are making a serious concerted effort to win in this constituency.

4. Position on key issues and more importantly, actions taken

With so many disturbing events affecting the country, what are the MP or state assemblymen's positions on these issues? Are they in agreement with UMNO's “ketuanan Melayu” approach or the statement by the Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak that “Malaysia is Islamic state,... it was never, never a secular state”, which the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi himself concurred?

More importantly, if the MP or SA disagrees with such policies and practices, what are the concrete actions he or she has taken to improve the state of affairs? An MP or political party's responsibility to the rakyat is not to disagree “privately” with the major wrongs in this country, but goes along with it anyway. The President of MCA goes to the extent of publicly declaring that “UMNO is our best partner.... why end such a beautiful friendship” less than six months ago!

On the other hand, the DAP leadership as well as the team in Petaling Jaya, have put ourselves under public scrutiny by placing our opinions and policies for public scrutiny, e.g., in a regularly updated website or blog. When the Government does the right thing, we won't hesitate to commend them, and likewise, if something's wrong, then we won't hesitate to censure and provide alternative constructive proposals. Without the pressure applied by the DAP on the Government over the years, I dare not imagine the state the country will be in today (yes, it can still get worse).

5. Conclusion

To conclude, the DAP candidates including myself, have nothing to gain (and much to lose) from offering ourselves as candidates in the General Elections besides hoping that we will be given the opportunity to serve the community and make Malaysia a better country for all Malaysians.

In the coming general elections, the primary consideration for Malaysians must be to vote for both the future of our children and country.

We certainly look forward to your support! ;-)


Jarod said...

ONE VOTE FOR U! I'm voting for the 1st time and i am under PJU! YES! YES! I have read about u! i will definitely go for U!!!!! Gambate! GOD BLESS! So sorry that i can't come ON SUNDAY!

PS: is there anything i can help u? i am free on fri-sat! IT wise is OK for me.

l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

Tony & DAP, you have my full support! I have already donated to DAP fund. All the best! Cheers!

Zulkifli Noordin said...

Go Tony Pua Go!

Anonymous said...

hello there,

I was born and breed in PJ and I feel you start some good changes, my vote is for you!

Anonymous said...

The citizens of subang jaya are now wearing black because they are in grief that you are not representing Subang jaya in this coming elections

Anonymous said...

I will vote in Kepong, but you are having my mental support... :)

Anonymous said...

Tell the voters in PJU. Why there are 3 levels of jaga jalan kereta in PJ? We have BN councillors, SA and MP all looking at the roads and drains and neglect their duties as to crime, education, and barang naik. Ask them to CHANGE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Without your inspirational blogs & talks, I would not have studied in University of Cambridge. Millions of thanks.

Although I am not a resident in PJU, I have just asked my friends living in the area to vote for you and they said "If not you (DAP), who else..."

You are one step closer.... good luck and ganbatte.....

lanaibeach said...

Tony Phua I wish you luck
I can't vote for you
I am not under your area
You can rest assure
I will vote for your colleagues

My area is highly Chinese populated
It is always between MCA and DAP
This time around I think it will be
DAP for the people........

I am encouraging for change
I post my view in my blog
So I hope this GE 12 will happen
The changes the country needs badly

The wind of change is blowing
Time to act has arrived......
Though I can't vote for you
Your colleagues have my two votes

All the best Tony Phua
Let the changes happen
It is time the country needs it
For now, the future and beyond

Anonymous said...

Chew Mei Fun issued May 13 threat openly. See blog link below.

PJ Utara voters should say NO to Chew Mei Fun, for her irresponsible tactic. If the higher leadership of MCA behaves this way, what hope do we have in depending them to defend our rights ?!

Anonymous said...

way to go tony.........god bless

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Go go go!! I have successfully pursuaded my friends and relatives living in PJ Utara to vote for you! I have even brided my cousins with RM100 angpaos to vote for you as they were uncertain who to vote for.

I told them that we don't want CMF as our MP anymore as she dares not to speak up for the people in parliment. When the 'bocor MP' made his sexist remark in parliment, what did CMF do to defend the dignity of women!? Nothing!! She remained slient and succumbed to UMNO. We must abandon this type of MP!!

We don't like her 'another 513' intimidation. This tactic is only used by hooligans like the racist SIL!! We must abandon this type of MP!!

We don't want an MP who can only take care of our 'longkang' issues. Over the past 8 years, CMF did nothing to solve the '白小' issue, only when the election is called that she approached Hisap-putin Keris for anther fake promise. We know that the '白小' is a corruption issue, but yet again, CMF did nothing to voice this out in parliment and succumbed to UMNO again. We must abandon this type of MP!!

Most importantly, we don't want another MCA dog to draw support for the evil, greedy, corrupt, hypocrite UMNO party!! It's time to vote for a change!

All the best Tony!!

Anonymous said...

This is the third time I vote for PJU. The past 2, DAP lost. Calling all the PJU guys, let vote for tony. Do we need another MP like CMF in the parliment? Can she fight against UMNO? We want a representative that can change the country not maintain longkang,lamp poll and others so call "service". This is crap.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.53pm

well said. asked her to be a councillor to take care of drains, street lights and hawker stalls. A MP who doesnt even dare to stand up for her own kind, is worst than a traitor.
you are right, we dont need MPs scaring us about 1969.
My wife is gonna switch her vote from MCA to DAP this round. I am sure more will do so.
Best wishes Tony.

Selangor Voter said...

Hi Tony,

I think we have to stress to the electorate that "promises" made at any time are not substantive and can be empty as the only SAFEGUARD is the institutionalizing of policy making. This makes democracy different from autocracy. I think we should reject candidates that fail in the policy making process but instead concentrate on so called services provided (which are provided by local councilors in all democracies). I hope you and your colleagues will triumph. Keep up the good work and good luck to all of you in PJU.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


in all honesty, will you fight for the malays and indians in yr constituency? can you, will you sympathise with them? or will political expediency make you choose the obvious?

Anonymous said...

yeah lor ... longkang, potholes small issue. the worse is crime rate in pj up and up. in ss2, even a few metres away got balai polis got so many perompak, and even recently got rape case somemore.

we're got quite alot of balai polis, but we still need to hire guard to look after our residential area. i attended an ss23 session and the attendees praised the RT for setting up guards house. heck, we're got a police officer staying at the area and a balai polis nearby at damansara and ss2, and we need to pay guards to look after our safety !!!!!

l藍海 said...
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Anonymous said...

i will vote for u :D fully support :)

Anonymous said...

You have my vote! I'm glad many neighbors I know will be voting you too. BTW, just attended the CNY gathering organized by SS4C/SS4D community. CMF was the YB guest. I'm disgusted this CNY event was used to spread MCA's racial propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, I hope you make it through and win. You are going against a MCA performing candidate and I am not certain whether to VOTE you or YB Chew.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Could you kindly list the dates and venues of your ceramahs?


Anonymous said...

I am a PJ Utara voter. My vote is for you. god bless

damian said...

As the simple proverb says "Talk is cheap", the ruling BN has been in power for donkey years & let's just examine what was promised in
the last election 2004 & study the report card now before deciding in this 2008 elections to wisely make the right decision
1) Tackle corruption? Improve?, Fact: it has been worsen with corrupted politician & businessmen go scott free, becoz convicting
them will "bring-down" others even higher up to the level of senior ministers. One cannot even count the no. of "Tutup Kes"s
2) Religious freedom? with Islam Hadhari , it is even worst than ever before, apparently even if you are dead you cannot rest in peace, if someone proclaims u to be Muslim u can be dug-out & reburied, I mean even the Taliban don't do that, so are we better
off now, you tell me?
3) Economic & job improvement? Fact- Look at International
Economic reports, the facts & figures there, where are we in world ranking, somewhere at the bottom of the well.
4) Education -graduates who cannot speak English properly, need I say more... Fragmented schol system resembling 3rd world country
5) Press freedom - Yes we are ranked, as equals to Noth Korea, Zimbabwe,Myanmar, who are ruled by tyrants, say now that is what we have in common, our leaders thinks the same way, there is one & only news , the 'Feel Good' news, why report things that make the people
'feel bad'?
6) End to NEP? Fact- this policy will be there for another 100years
so comfortable right? with 'a golden spoon-fed for a life-time from birth to deathbed, why change & share with others
7)Crime rate- skyrocketing? Why not enough police ahh to catch all the bad guys? Then how come peaceful demo, met with thousands of FRU & PDRM's, where the manpowers come from?
Must be sleeping in the barracks , what other explaination can that be?
8)Total monopoly on big, medium & the only one left small business
If the Chinese still chose MCA then get ready to face new laws requiring to concede small business such as distributoring building materials,franchising,convinient stores,etc.
9)Public service, can only be described in one sentence, of the 'government servant'? Looks more like they master, you the public, slave, just goto any 'gomen' office & want to get any thing done....wait long-long lah if 'no give Kopi-O $'
10) Vision for the future, recall 2020? Why no mention now, coz the Badak-wi admin jolly-well knows damn well we will not ever going to get there not in 2030,or 2050, or 3030 if there's no change of how this counrty is run & mismanaged?

These 10 essential components of 2004 M'sia report-card, how did we fare? 0.5/10 & yet they are people still support & vote for BN, I
can only deduce that this pople have the same mentality as that
of Chew Mei Fun PJ MP, if they(BN) lose how? After become like
1969 where the UMNO ran riot & kill us, then we will lose our business, I want to tell u now, that u're losing your business now even as we're talking, very slowly but surely one fine day
there will be no more business to fight over, when the country is ruined like the Phillipines, Marcos & Estrada ruin the country so much & corrupt people are so entrench in the political system, that it is unrepairable anymore. Despite all the effort current Arroyo admin, the damage is done irrepairable & thanks yor support to BN, we will go down the same exact path.....

Unknown said...

There's another reason you should add on your list.....You are assigned to mark and tackle your Oxford alumni self proclaimed naughty boy, KJ in the parliament.

Anonymous said...

CMF claimed that she and her co-BN candidates standing in PJ are professionals and eloquent speakers.

May be they are. But what's the use of voters voting for them when CMF and her running-dog mates will keep their mouths shut when confronted by Umnoputras?

Did we ever hear any sound from CMF over the many ills (like the AP issue, bocor, one-eye, Zakaria's palace, unsheathing of keris by Unmo Youth boss, Lingam's tape, etc) happening in Malaysia?

People had actually elected a monkey that sees not, hears not, and speaks not. Just a dumb so-called professional interested to hold on to her position in the cabinet and happy to be a dog always on the beckoning of Umnoputras. At least, for being dumb, CMF got her rubbish title of DP.

As a female MP, CMF could not even defend the dignity of females! Now she is thick-skinned enough to ask people to vote for her again.

Please lah, people, don't let the likes of CMF fool you again, and again!! Once, twice - cukup lah!!

How can people be fooled by CMF and her gang of cheats all the time?

Wake up and change for the better.

Please spread the words round and ask your family members, friends, and colleagues to support the DAP candidate - support in terms of words, money, and votes.

Don't worry. Even when CMF loses and is no longer the MP of PJ(U), she will continue to serve the people there, jaga longkang, etc. This is what she knows best and she will be happy to continue to do so. In fact, I guarantee that CMF will serve the people of PJ(U) with more enthusiasm as an opposition member.

So, nothing to lose if voters there vote for Tony Pua and DAP - vote one and get two persons (Tony and CMF) to serve for you! Win-win!

Unknown said...


AM always ready for a new govt.

Anonymous said...

Go Tony Go! You can do it!!

Anonymous said...

The aim of CMF is to get rich, so long as she get a few contracts her goal is achieved. Unlike Tony Pua, so we know whom to get our votes.

Anonymous said...

In PJ, you have the young and the Indian votes but a large part of PJ is older and women. This is where you have to deal with more bread-butter issue.

You have to say things like does it make sense to pay LDP toll rates and still have be in traffic jam?

Crime is a big issue with PJ residents. They want to put cameras all paid for by the rakyat and it will still NOT work. They can understand if you say if the Big Fish take money, the small fish will also eat - says Lee Kuan Yew there is no hope to clean up.

Chauncey Gardener said...

The PJU incumbent has forgotten who voted her in. Perhaps the 2004 election results were swayed byt the Badawi promises.

Well, I may be fooled one time but I ain't a sucker ! No more promises - actions, please.

And woefully, the incumbent PJU MP did not take any action to voice her constituents alarm and disgust over issues like the "Bocor" incident, increasing curtailment of religious freedoms and practices, corruption, etc.

After two terms, the incumbent has not reflected the wishes of PJU's hopes and aspirations for Malaysia.

Vote for CHANGE !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

U have my support!!! Good Luck!!

best regards,

Anonymous said...

Our family will vote for you. All the best Tony!

Anonymous said...


You must tell the people to vote not only for the road and the longkang.Tell them before they go to the vote look at their children eyes.

They will be the one paying for the Mercedes, BMW X5 and Porsche that the UMNO cronies enjoying now.

Here is the reasons;

UMNO cronies is sucking the projects under PFI. They inflated the prices 3-4 times of the cost and the money goes to their pockets. The projects would be later paid for with the taxpayers money by the half past sick government.... Since we dont have the money we borrow from China, Arabs, Brunei etc.

This will be national debt and our children will pay for it later.

If people love Chew May Fun I dont blame them. But they should look at their children eyes as the children would be the paymaster for the corruptions now. By then we will have no more petrol anymore.

BTW, an order of 8 luxury cars is still pending at NAZA Motor until the elections is over and the contracts will be awarded to UMNO cronies.It will be billions dollar projects.

The people who vote for Chew May Fun be prepared to pay for the higher oil price while the Umno cronies is busy booking nice number plate for their Porsche and Mercedes.

Think voters. Your Children will pay for the Number Plate of the cronies and you have to pay for the higher petrol price with the car jacking as bonus and your wife handbag at the mercy of the Mat Rempit.

Vote Wisely said Tun Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Although I am not under your area, still you have my full support..
Your ability is well proven...
I had read some news about you in a forum…quoted the link:

All the best and bring the 'change' to Malaysians...coz we need it...

Anonymous said...

hope you win tony, we certainly need ppl like u as elected representatives. i wont be voting but u certainly are my fav candidate this time around.

jading said...

more people need to know about this site and about you! All the best and I hope you will be given a chance by the people to represent us in Parliament this term. I beleive we need a change.

Anonymous said...

Go Go Go TOny PuA!!!
I support you. If you were the finance minster our economic will be great!!!

All the best!

Dave lu said...

You have my Vote Tony!
You are an example for all the young people in Malaysia.

Although i'm not in your area to vote for you, but i will definently support your DAP colleagues in my area.

I'm don't think we need to wait for another 50 years to see change, especailly in areas of education and social development.

We need to stop the brain drain away to singapore and other countries.. NOW!

Anonymous said...

i'm not from PJ.. but other state.. anyway, moral support for you!! really admire young people like you... let's give BN a good fight and deny them 2/3 majority..

Anonymous said...

Bro Tony,
Your opponent is impolite when speak in the TV interview during the nomination day. I hope you may able to convince the PJ residents and kick her out from the Parliament.

Anonymous said...

Got this in my email. My sentiments all along:

"Good people join BN to change and improve the system, from within. They stand up for the people and are shot down by the party and system. Why waste your votes on them then if they are powerless?"

Do we need another running dog?
You, the rakyat, decide.

Anonymous said...

People should boldly vote for DAP/PKR/PAS candidates on 8.3.08.

Don’t worry about the loss of longkang services in our area by BN MPs and state legislative assembly men/women. Win or lose, BN parliament and state candidates will continue to look after our longkang. That’s all they know what to do (jaga longkang, collecting titles like Dato, Datin, etc., and enriching themselves with corrupted money), because their mouths are sealed in the parliament and the various state legislative assemblies. It is as good as not having them in our parliament and the various state legislative assemblies. They will only act like those ‘see not, hear not, and speak not’ monkeys. In fact, female BN MPs dared not even speak out against the bocor BN MP to defend the dignity of females! How pathetic!

Don’t worry, after losing on 8.3.08, BN parliament and state candidates will serve us better as opposition members, because they will not take us for granted and would like to impress us for our votes 5 years from now. Time to show BN parliament and state candidates “Who’s the boss”!

So, people, this is a win-win situation. Vote for DAP/PKR/PAS candidates on 8.3.08 and get two groups of people working for us – two in one! Our DAP/PKR/PAS MPs and state legislative assembly men/women will be speaking out and keeping an eye on BN in the parliament and the various state legislative assemblies; while the losing BN parliament and state candidates, who are longkang specialists, will help us to look after our longkang, together with DAP/PKR/PAS MPs and state legislative assembly men/women.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony! I am one of those SS2 guys who lived in the area for many years. Looking at how things are going, you got my vote.

A couple of the guys who grew up together with me in the area as well will be supporting you come March 8.

All the best to you Tony!

Anonymous said...

Tony you need to reach the housewives and retirees who may not attend your ceramas or read your flyers. House calls by well trained DAP angels would certainly help.

zewt said...

all the best tony.

too bad i wont be able to cast my vote as I am out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony

Best of luck!!

-umi qazrina

Anonymous said...

政府说:马来西亚没有种族区分.. 马华代表华人 巫统代表马来人 国大党代表印度人.. 那么哪个党可以代表马来西亚人? 只有反对党可以代表马来西亚人

TONY PUA, you are our hero no matter win or lose. As I affraid of the 'no clean' election this time.

Jonathan Ponnu said...

Tony Pua, all the best. You can count on my support. We need more people like you to ensure a greater degree of accountability by the Executive in Parliment. Go, Tony Pua, Go .... Go ... Go !!!

dannie chOOng said...

people must be prepare for a change this time ! Chew Mei Fun as an individual is a very nice person, too bad she's representing the wrong camp. DAP will have my vote this time, M'sia need to move on, 50 years liow leh !!!

Anonymous said...

all the best tony, u have my vote.

a small correction, her title is datin paduka, not datuk.


Anonymous said...

Identify yourself as a potentially genuine MP unlike the previous MP in your PJ areas who acts more like a 'drains & rubbish' clearing supervisor because those are the only times you read about 'him/her' in the news. Never heard about his/her involvement in national political matters other than raising their hands and feet to confirm "YES".

KC Goh(吳繼宗) said...

You have very impressive background. You have a very good chance to win.

KOKahKOK said...

go go go! congratulation! work hard lo

Anonymous said...

I have put Tony's background in my blog. go and take a look. see whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

Think my previous comments did not get into the blog. Anyway, I was about to tell you that I live in USJ and wanted to vote for Hannah Yeoh but the latest check with SPR revealed that they did not changed my constituency even though I have written and filled in numerous forms for change. I was disappointed but guess what - I now know I will be voting for someone whom I think is as capable as Hannah! You have got mine (and my family members) vote! You get out there and stand for what is right - no more abuse and crap from BN. ENOUGH!!

J Khoo

Anonymous said...

政府说:马来西亚没有种族区分.. 马华代表华人 巫统代表马来人 国大党代表印度人..

This statement shows how stupid and dangerous the BN is and exposes the true racist colour of the BN!

After 50 years, BN continues to practise 'divide along racial line and rule' policy. And this is exactly the mother of all problems in Malaysia. Race, race, race!

After 50 years, BN still call us: Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians, etc. rather than Malay, Chinese, or Indian Malaysians.

BN know that the day we all accept to be only known as Malaysians and accept Malaysian Malaysia, it is the day Umno, MCA, MIC etc. become redundant (chap lup) and their politicans have no further access to all the gravy trains!


jhybeturtle said...


I am one of the PJU constituency. I'm having a tough time deciding between Chew Mei Fun & you. My concern is there are not enough women in parliament, and at the same time, not enough gender-aware and committed men in parliament (an obvious indicator being the terrible display of sexist language the whole of last year).

So my question is, how committed are you to women's rights? What would you do to ensure that Article 8 of the Federal Constitution is met? Would you for example, support a Gender Equality Bill or a Sexual Harassment Bill? Would you speak up when some idiotic MP starts to compare women to toilets or spoiled virgins?

I know that I can approach Chew Mei Fun on these issues, and she will be open to at least discussing them.

Do you take these issues as secondary and less important than so-called 'hard'/'real' politics like the insane amount of rats & health hazard in the area (which is also important, but as, not more, IMHO).

I would appreciate some of your time to speak something about this, so that this blog is not merely a dissemination and PR exercise.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to you, Tony. I live overseas and am not a registered voter. I hope that you can bring good changes to a country that needs an honest government that will put the people's needs and interests first. All the best.

Anonymous said...

keep fighting, tony! we'll CHANGE it!!

Anonymous said...

All the best. Sorry that i cant vote for you, :p I am underage.. However, you have my support mentally.. Ya, Malaysia needs a change,a reformation to restore all of which we have lost under the government of BN. I have read some of your blog. I am reli impressed with especially those related to education. Keep fighting,good luck.. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

Kudos and Gambateh to you, Tony - I am currently a PJ North Constituent but living near Ikea instead (WHO CARES???) and likewise for my hometown man, our dear Ngeh Koo Ham in Sitiawan, Perak where I was born and bred - if you are in for social justice, do have my word for what you plan and scheme for the good of the constituents - God bless you - from Mr. F-Clef

Anonymous said...

Tony, is now time for you to show the malaysians what are u capable of? Everyone knows of your intelligence and your commitment towards a better Malaysia. I had been always a DAP supporter no matter what(btw, I'm at seputeh area-Theresa Kok will win with a large majority because she's the example of a real wakil rakyat)..Anyway, hopefully you win big this time. Traditionally PJ has always been a stronghold for DAP..god knows what happened and the ugly tactics used by certain parties to increase the number of votes eg:-phantom voters or wht not...Go Tony!Just change the world!we will be supporting you all the way..btw, just to let you know, local universities students like us are very much with just imagine how many local uni students we have in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

hi tony
i wonder if its just talk when we all talk abt the end of umno, mca, mic etc when in fact we champion chinese schools and other segrationist policies for the future!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

I support you all the way, you are defintily more than qualify to become finance minister if compare to the current one, in terms of qualification and background and at your age, you are more than qualify with the current one !!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for winning 5 states!. This winning is not yest the best. Its is only a New beginning of proving to other states that we should NOT fear voting for Opposition as BN instill fear, chaos and instability of the country. We should exercise our RIGHT to vote for what what is best for all of us. However DAP must not forget that what DAP had promises must fullfilled as BN is also watching YOU with magnifying glass. Should DAP/PKR/PAS is able to perform as to bring down the suffering of the public...then i truly believed the NEXT election, We can reverse the 2/3 majority for the opposition to form the government! In history, any government that make the citizen suffer had a high price to pay as citizen will revolt! DAP had use the Art of War technique very well indeed. All the best until the next election..

Anonymous said...

hello pua..! im glad that u have set up this blog for the people of malaysia to bring up issues pertaining to the parliament proceedings,I would like to suggests that the all the questions and bills brought up by the pakatan in the parliment can be publish on your blog as it is always not shown on our local tv stations which i feel there is media control impose upon them by u know who.The pakatan is the rakyats voice i hope that your blog will consists a link for people like me to view the whole exciting parliment debates on how the pakatan roar and speak up for the rakyat . THANK YOU pua,u have shown that we voters have made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

这个潘简伟真是, 脑袋不知长在何处。YB周美芬在8年的领导下终于把 八打灵再也 的生活水品提高,这正明了国政有做事。 不像潘简伟连民生问题小事都做不到反而每天只会点蜡烛。多年来国政不但提生人民的生活水准反而还制造商机制造赚钱提高八打灵居民收入,塞车代表人潮拥挤,人潮能带动商机,间接带动地方经济,小贩店铺生意兴旺等。YB潘简伟,你知道吗?你不是什么外国经济系的吗?难道这个理由都不会。那你处了会和其他同志玩点蜡烛,你还会些什么呢?看那面镜子因该是照你自己先

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Tony & Family,

Please do not feel despair in confronting the cowardice acts of attempted political assassination. The person(s) must be insane to think that the Police will not be able to trace the origin of the M16 bullets and accompanying threatening letter written in colloquial Bahasa.

We are all with you and another VOTE for your courageous move to expose those who are against a harmonious and progressive Malaysia for all our people under the yet to be matured 1Malaysia flagship by PM Najib. Keep up your good work in your Oxbridge team.

You may wish to interact with me via email address(, FB account and my own blogshere under MasAgungKL D'Scribe.

Please also read my comments on Teresa's outburst on the same issue posted this morning in Malaysia-Chronicle.

Best regards and cheers.

Mustapha Ong