Monday, May 12, 2008

No Local Government Elections?

Holding local government elections was one of the key rallying points by nearly all of the opposition candidates during the last general elections, myself included, or more specifically, myself in particular.

And to reiterate, I will do my utmost to apply all necessary pressure on both the state governments led by DAP, PKR or PAS to hold local government elections, as well as of course, pressing the Barisan Nasional federal government to allow local council elections.

Quite a few questions have been raised by MPs in parliament as to whether the Federal Government intends to hold local government elections, one of which came from Liew Chin-Tong, MP for Bukit Bendera on 7th May:
Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan [diminta] Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan menayatakan hala tuju dan jangka masa pelaksanaan pilihanraya Kerajaan Tempatan bagi membuka sebuah babak baru dalam demokrasi di Malaysia.
The answer was short but not so sweet:
Untuk makluman Ahli Yang Berhormat, Kerajaan tidak bercadang untuk mengadakan pilihanraya Kerajaan Tempatan.
Well, it clearly demonstrates that the new Minister of Housing & Local Government, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan, who took over from his brother, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, has no intention in respecting the wishes of the voters who clearly want local government elections to promote efficiency, transparency and good governance.

The Penang state government led by DAP has publicly pledged that they are committed towards local government elections to be held by or before the next general elections. There is an action team looking specifically into this issue, particularly on legal and administrative aspects of conducting local government elections in the state.

At the same time, we are awaiting the relevant policy announcements by the respective state governments in Perak and Selangor on its commitment to, and the time-frame for executing local government elections.

Let's push for concrete steps to be made towards local government elections, and let the Federal Government challenge the state government in the state of law, against the wishes of the population, should they so wish to do so.


Anonymous said...

As the answer was without an explanation, the reason for not allowing local gov elections is obvious. Otherwise no chance to abuse local tax collected as well. National tax is certainly not enough to support our fat & overweight ruling gov. We need to have a lean & mean ruling gov. For this reason, PR make work very hard to make sure PR become the next gov with over 2/3 majority in parliament. There are already some fragile issues which the "opposition" in Selangor state is going to capitalise on. Where is the voice / action of Selangor MB over the BMC incident??? Is DAP fighting this war alone?

malayamuda said...


How long u guys wanna beg this BN ? You guys can talk till your mouth froths at the angles. Nothing will happen !!

The have big ears but they are DEAF !!!

Take over Federal man ! The sooner the better

Anonymous said...

Sorry, tony, the new minister knows nothing about his ministry,more so local government election. The answer was prepared by one of the ministry's officials.I wonder why BN appointed a person of such calibre to be a minister.

Anonymous said...


Baron VonShrimpy said...

Hi Tony, first time commenting on ur blog, but this isnt the first time im saying this. Ive even emailed Haris, Uncle Kit n YAB Mr Lim Guan Eng with my idea, but so far no response.

My idea is this. Why not just hold shadow local gov elections? maybe the state gov can conduct open interviews on prospective candidates (like Perak is currently doing). Then shortlist them, and have a non-binding "election" (officially a poll) on the candidates. Can call it an exercise to "mendapat input dari rakyat" or watever...

The candidates who get the most votes are then 'appointed' by the state government.

This semblance of local gov elections will surely appease (albeit temporarily) the ppl, and will surely force the BN's hand. Heck BN states might be forced to follow suit.

prussiablue said...

Local Government is the third pillar of federalism and in fact the most relevant to the people on the ground. Taking away direct election from this branch not only deprieve the people from voicing their concern at the right tree but more crucially channel the problem to state and national representatives which shouldn't be looking at long kang and street lamp.

Elective councillors have true mandate from the people and can be held accountable for their action. Malaysians must be educated to understand the beauty of this. BN will never deliver, ever.

Anonymous said...

The DAP has been fighting for local council elections for years, but the moment they came to power in penang, they said they are not going to have local council elections because it is to expensive. I think that might be the case.

Golf Afflicted said...

Umm... Sandyow,

Since when the Penang government state that they are not going hold local council elections?

From the very first day, the DAP state government has reiterated its commitment towards local government elections, and has so far been the only state government to do so.

The only thing is, it was suggested that it'll be held in conjunction with the next general elections to save cost i.e., you will have 3 voting slips - one for MP, one for ADUN and one for Local Govt. (Elections are not cheap)

In the meantime, the process for local council elections, the establishment of a action team, the draft law for such elections, must be first established.

To date, the Penang government is the only one who has made such a commitment.