Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bird Park

Family Day @ The KL Bird Park today ;-)

Short update (5/5/08 Mon):

Thanks for the remarks in the comments below ;-) Some response here:

I didn't write anything for this post, I just thought a picture would be good enough. Don't have to comment on everything ;-)

The picture looks jaded because it's a photo of a photo. We didn't bring a camera yesterday morning, so took a RM10 instant photo short with the birds ;-). Well, instead of scanning the picture, I did the lazy way out by taking a photo of the photo to put up, hence the lack of sharpness ;-)

As for the orange shirt - well, orange/orange-bronze-red is my favourite colour, at this point of time anyway, hence the choice of colour of my car, my bag, and even some of my ties! heh... and of course, I just don't have that many shirts!

The bird park is a big place, plenty to walk and see, especially for kids, hence I'd certainly recommend it for families with young kids. Go early though to avoid the sun!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have time for family's activities. I am so worried that you guys are so busy that you all will go crazy without relaxation. I can see how much you appreciate the precious time with them till you upload here.
Poor Teresa Kok , she got to deal with services like writing letters for the rakyat. Sign. Sometimes these people should be reasonable and understanding.
Do not lose spirits with rakyat who behave in bossy rude manner.
Bless you all with great health,spirits and energy.

Anonymous said...

YAB Tony,

Happy Family :) . it's time for more babies to increase chinese population . :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ya Tony.

A tad jaded but still looks ok.... I mean the orange T :)

Sunbear said...

I noticed you like to wear orange shirt eh...

hakkamui said...

Tony, can't get access to your article on bird park, so I am not sure what you had written.
However, I had my share of story for my recent visit with my family.I would like you to read it, if you can find sometime. I would like to know your thought on the issue I raised. I am still very annoyed with that policy adopted by the operator.
The link is

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony Pua,

This brown/orange polo T-shirt must be your favourite. Looks the same as the polo T-shirt you wore in your profile's photograph.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

that orange shirt same on the photo entitled "about me"?

first i read that lim guan eng travel on economy class seats and not I see you not buying ne clothes....wah respect lah to you people :-)

Lee Wee Tak

Anonymous said...

The KL bird park is worth a visit if you've not been before. It's not bad, but I wish I can say it rivals the one in Singapore.
Anyway, 2 observations:

1. Tony, are you wearing the same shirt as in the picture in your "About Me" section? ;D

2. Is there something wrong with the photo or camera? It looks quite dull and dark, like it's an old picture...

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

Ur bird park is in Singapore or Malaysia , look like more in Singapore, are you still holding your Singapore PR, i think u should give up, if your are so concern about malaysia and u are the YB for malaysia why u still holding YOUR singapore PR ship and promoting for singapore, u should promoting our Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Jason Ang-blog shooter,

u think holding another country's PR is = promoting the country instead of Malaysia? This is quite funny. Even if YB is still holding his PR, he can still continue contribute for Malaysia as a YB...I see no difference whether holding a PR and giving up the PR to Tony as YB. I believe his capability and passion in improving Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Really, the KL Bird Park is alwayz a place i recommend to non-KL lang to enjoy.

BTW, YB Tony, I also notice you are wearing the orange T in your Chinese Blog profile. Hahahahahahaaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,

I've adjusted the sharpness and colour of ur family photo for you. Hope u like it. :-)

here it is

dong zhu said...

To Jason ang-blog shooter,
Read carefully ! YB Tony Had Wrote 'K L Bird park'
below the photo, Don't just guess !!!

dong zhu said...

Somebody just guess !
Malaysia also got bird park lah !He think he got money to go out from malaysia and stay else where for year,So he never visit KL bird park before,
when he see bird he will think about Singapore first
this is what call cintai Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

"u think holding another country's PR is = promoting the country instead of Malaysia? This is quite funny. Even if YB is still holding his PR, he can still continue contribute for Malaysia as a YB"

If this is true then Lim Guan Eng should apologize to Ng Yen Yen for making a big deal out of the fact that she has Australian PR.

Be fair la.

Btw, I am a DAP member... but one who may soon get Australian PR as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

how much of the per entry to the bird park in KL ? And how about the price of the Taman Rama-rama ? for adult is below RM 10 or above RM 10 ? and children is below RM 5 or above RM 5 ?the price is acceptable or not ?
thank u

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony

This Jason Ang guy is really a pain-in-(you know where lah!)

KL has a bird park and a pretty good one too in the Lake Gardens and as a Malaysian we are proud of it too. My foreign guests too enjoyed the park.

Having a PR in Singapore does not mean we are disloyal. India used to be like in Malaysia where its citizens cannot hold two passports. They have changed the law and have attracted billions of dollars in investments from the Indian diaspora esp USA. Top IT personnel from the US Silicon Valley have started offices in India as a result.

The world has changed into a global village and people like Jason is still having 1900 mentality. Probably, still living under a coconut shell and worse still in a well too. How sad!

Golf Afflicted said...

Sigh... I just only noted the comment by Jason earlier asking if I'm still "holding on to my Singapore PR".

I'm not sure where you are getting your "facts" from Jason, or if you are paid to speculate, but as mentioned in an earlier post-comment, I am no longer in business, I've sold completely all my interests, and for the past year, til I was elected, I was working pro bono, and using my own cash to operate a service centre.

Secondly, I do not, and I never did take up "PR"ship in Singapore, I'm no Ng Yen Yen.

I would certainly appreciate it if you could clarify your facts which seems to be absent from some of your comments, before posting allegations here.

And others here, don't have to hit him too hard. ;-)

Jason ANG Kian You , 汪建佑 said...

that is why i am asking mah ?
good to here you that u have services center, post more problem that peple facing and how u solve it, much better than posting personal life, i think the blog for a YB should more concern about malaysian people rather just promoting party and own self, i will glad to get a message u brought out for people, OK?

Anonymous said...

Jasan Ang sounds like the taiwanese politician 謝長廷. Personally, I dont see there is problem on the PRship.

Carol said...

Is Jason jealous of people who have PR status elsewhere? Having PR in another country does not mean that they are not loyal to Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

"Secondly, I do not, and I never did take up "PR"ship in Singapore, I'm no Ng Yen Yen."

Aha! glad to hear it :) let the Ng Yen Yen bashing continue then. But why focus on PR when there's so many other reasons to whack her?

U know she is such a horrible person to be put in charge of Wanita anything... if u hear her speak at a wedding function you will understand why... if a male says the kind of things she sometimes says, the guy would be labeled a MCP and lose to a DAP lass in the next election guaranteed.

But my favourite Ng Yen Yen story, which is apparently a true story...

There was once a state by-election, where it was UMNO vs some guy running as an independent. This poor guy had only completed his studies up to SPM level.

So Ng Yen Yen went to town la, publicly and loudly advising the poor boy "you know education is important, you should further your studies, SPM level is not sufficient to be wakil rakyat"....

...but then UMNO told her to shut up. Because their calon also only reached SPM level.

Anonymous said...

Jason Ang,

Hey, YB is also an ordinary citizen, just don't read his blog if you don't like it. He can write anything in his blog.