Sunday, August 16, 2009

UMNO Youth Returns To Racist Rhetoric

I had thought that under the "new" leadership of Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth might just portray a different face of UMNO, compared to its vitrolic and thuggish past. I that thought, wrongly, that we'll have a more "centrist" UMNO Youth to deal with in the years to come, making the opposition's life more difficult. But it looks like it just cannot stay away from its true nature for long.

It is shocking that they have gone to the extent of using extremist religious rhetoric to rouse hate sentiments which clearly runs contrary to the so called concept of "1Malaysia".
Umno Youth stepped up its attacks against the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government, accusing PAS of abandoning its Islamic ideology, and of becoming so liberal that “pork would soon be sold openly on the streets here [Shah Alam].”
Will they get any tongue-lashing from Datuk Seri "1Malaysia" Najib Abdul Razak? Or any threats of being charged for sedition by the Home Minister? No. I wouldn't be surprised if they are being given a pat in the back instead.

They continue with the old failed tactics of "A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP." This is no different from MCA's ploy with the minorities by arguing that "A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS."

I believe Malaysian voters have matured, and finds it completely reasonable that "A vote for PAS is a vote for DAP and vice-versa", for we are all in a coalition to protect the interest of all Malaysians, uphold integrity and promote good governance. Unlike of course, UMNO and Barisan Nasional who are unable to distinguish between personal and public interest, between racism and "Malaysian.


Anonymous said...

UMNO is the last racist party in the world after south africa demolished white supremacy , so we must help to preserve this last heritage the world has for our children to "enjoy".

Anonymous said...

You can almost feel sorry for KJ-young bright Oxford kid but unappreciated and mistrusted as being too ambitious by rivals within his party and worse also out of favour with the top leadership.
He is capable of clear thinking but is resigned to stooping to the lowest level to be within the same depth as his morally bankrupt and intellectually impaired colleagues.

Old Gold

Anonymous said...

I watched the Discovery Channel today playing Singapore-Malaysia by the then Lee Kuan Yew and Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Guess what make Singapore break away from Malaysia ? It is becos LKY doesn't agree with TAR racist policy (the one we are having it now). So after the breakaway, LKY locked himself up for retreat facing the sea to think of what to do. The rest is history.

Anonymous said...

Budak Oxford tidak akan tidak tahu dunia sebenar ...!tapi kadang-kala dalam hidup politik yang terdesak kpd sesuatu kumpulan realiti..apatah tak sanggup buat sesuatu..untuk terus bersinar di sekeliling bintang-bintang agar dapat kekal menyinar jadi hebat..jadi wira..jadi Bulan..!

Maafkanlah taktik politik yang kian tak boleh gunapakai merekalah!
mungkin suatu hari..Oxford yang cerdik-pandai tiada apa yang kurang dalam hidupnya..dapat kembali ke pangkuan yang Benar bersama YB..kerana Cintakan Rakyat Malaysia!Insyaallah

Teruskan usaha gigih benar YB kpd SEMUA RAKYAT MALAYSIA..yang menjadi dukung belakang kuat untuk perjuangan yang berasakan kpd SEMUA LAPISAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA yang inginkan Satu AMAHAH Satu IKRAR bersatu hati bersatu jiwa untuk mencapai Satu Harapan Satu Impian Satu Malaysia..agar SEMUA RAKYAT MALAYSIA bersatu-jiwa MAJUKAN NEGARA DI MATA DUNIA sehingga mencapai BAHAGIA UNTUK RAKYAT MALAYSIA..!Insyaallah..!

tupingera said...

UMNO's racist rhetoric is akin to the desperate struggle of a drowning man.
They know that they have lost credibility and on the way out.
They are playing the race card to the hilt hoping the rakyat will be at each other's throat and that will enable them to cling to power.

I am a Malay and I can speak for my immediate and extended family and close associates; to us, UMNO is nothing but a bunch of crooks out to plunder the nation.


Anonymous said...

UMNo treat themselves as first bumis. Even our East malaysian Bumis do not come close to their standards. They forget about Bumis in East Malaysia. What did East Malaysia Bumi get after 40 years joining Malaya? Umno stated Malay Insitutions then Dayak, Ibans etc have no choice?

Anonymous said...

he needs to re-brand himself bcoz he didn't get a cabinet minister post. clearly, he was 'politically' fenced out. politics is a dirty game, even if you are within umno-bn. it doesn't matter if he was ox-ford or ox-fart grad. kj or umno youth has been insensitive about the efforts & tolerance of the rakyat as a whole & he suddenly seemed to be out of touch (perhaps spending too much time in s'pore with his bentley). just go to sri muda shah alam market - & it is clear proof we don't need 1-Malaysia as it is already working without 1-Malaysia nor BN participation. the rakyat itself will know how to adjust & respect each other's needs.

do you see an indian-hindu running wild with parang bcoz a malay pasar tani man selling beef? c'mon KJ - grow up.

we may as well tell all malaysians to be vegetarian.

SetiaSelalu said...

The Majority of Malaysians of All Races truly support the Pakatan Rakyat of Keadilan-Pas-Dap and from past election results they have sent a strong signal to Umno that they REJECT all form of RACISM.
Malaysians are SICK of the rhetoric and Racism promoted by self serving politicians.
At the same time,Dap must counteract strongly Umno disgraceful attempt to damage Dap by spreading false & malicious lies that the party is anti Islam and anti Malay Ruler.
As a Malaysian Chinese and DAP Supporter, and I can proudly say I am proud to be an Anak Malaysia who support PAS ,respect Islam as the official Religion of the Country and proudly declare 'DAULAT TUANKU ! '
Do NOT allow the Propaganda Machinery of Umno Youth tarnish the Dap and create disharmony among the Good People of Malaysia of all Races.

Anonymous said...

We rakyat "ARE" mesra with each other races.............

It's these goons that "ARE" creating all these nonsenses....!

Simple as that.

charles kiwi said...


It's about time someone tells you, in particular UMNO, to stop playing Allah or God or whatever you like to call your the Almighty.

If you really believe there is an Allah you must surely agree with me that it is Allah who decides what you are going to be when you are born, a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian or a European and not the half breeds goons in UMNO.
However, these half breed goons in UMNO, due to lack of Malay members, especially those with little or no grey matter in between their ears. They then played Allah and make rules to enable how one can 'become' a Malay especially for the half breeds goons. Why were these half breed goons born as non Malays in the first place ? Isn't that playing Allah ?

To me, you are either born a Malay or otherwise. You cannot 'become' a Malay just because you wear the songkot, pray
five times a day ,I wonder how many Malays really pray five times a day?
In all my life I have only met no more than half a dozen Malays doing that.
President Obama also has a white mother, does everything a white American does, is still known as a African American and not a white American, why ?
May be that is because they don't play Allah in the USA like the half breed goons in UMNO do !
I do not personally believe in any divine being or Allah and so do million of others. The best answer then is just have all the self-claim Malay goons in UMNO, especially pariah Mahathir, who constantly claims to be a Malay (as recently as last month in his his own BLOG), when in actual fact he is an Indian, his father is from Kerala in India. A DNA test will show he and his children are Indians.
May be that is the reason why he keeps reassuring himself and all the half breeds so often that he is a Malay. Needs he do that if he is really is a Malay ?

Either way the above two solutions will show that he is not a Malay but an Indian and therefore it is about time for UMNO to rectify the rules within UMNO and most of all stop calling the pariah a Malay he is an Indian. If Allah wanted him to be a Malay the pariah would have been born a Malay.
But be careful that might reduce the UMNO memberships and leave the Malays
with no able leaders and even worse the true Malays will become the minority in Malaysia. That would be a real Malay nightmare !

Anonymous said...

What is shocking is ALL the investment by this country on someone like him, the education, the resources put before him, the privillege, and this is what we get?

Does it not just scream NEP is a big freaking WASTE of Money?? I feel cheated of my tax dollar, patient and tolerance. Just a poster child of why spoiling children or adult is the same..

Anonymous said...

No more way out to gain political milage . Supporters deteriorating and FILAW not around so This is the last resort.

Mau Lut Han.

Anonymous said...

Just leave them alone to TALK & TALK to themselves .
Do not argue or discuss their TOPICS which are mere " cheese " to lure you into their " Entrapments " ! Just ignore them at all Times ! In HUMILITY, never, never reply their provocations!

Unknown said...

Whoever in the state and federal govt of Malaysia should learn from Singapore on how they manage the race and religon issues,

PM Lee speaks of principles of engagement in religious sphere

National Day Rally Speech by PM Lee Hsien Loong in Malay, Mandarin and English


Why the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act Remains Important

ahoo said...

We have awaken after a slumber of 50 years and the way current issues are being played out are clear to all and sundry.

Such politikus are a nuisance to society and they play politics of divide and rule. They are still hiding behind veil and uses underhand tactics to smite the people. Leave them alone and let's just watch how low can they go. We need PAS people to wake them up that today's politics are a different ball game from the days of old. Let us wake up each morning to the tune of fine music, we are anak bangsa Malaysia !!!

IES Agencies said...

I answer KJ Mouthpiece, Malaysian Insider's questions who is a traitor...

read it here

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

It is difficult for umno to change. As changing might means wiping out half of umno's power and position.
Changes in umno also might means bn to split up.
This will marks the End of umno's monopoly in bn

Religion and race issues are the only trump cards left.If those 2 trump cards crumbles they will have to "pretend" defending the monarchs and "pretend" to defend the Constitution .
Kj is not using his talents to help rebuilt Malaysia .
We cannot change his mindset now but the next General election will change him.
Dont worry .
Malaysian voters are getting smarter day by day.

Anonymous said...

this is what the "3 million" UMNO members are good for...

Anonymous said...

maybe 1malaysia is not for's for educating the umno-bn what it's like to be 1malaysia which is already happening in the streets but too blind to see or refuse to adopt to that lifestyle.

bn will not stop all their psychological warfare via the mainstream media, etc until the next GE or until they get back Selangor. Simply bcoz selangor was a cash cow for umno-bn. if they fail selangor, penang will be next.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

another great piece of article from rpk that say's it all.

this is one reply to rembau mp. eat this!

Anonymous said...

what actually happened in the north...

betulkah ini 1malaysia?

the poor mp has demonstrated how pants can be easily ripped by 5-10 police gangsters. so what more the macc when ganging up on a victim. and this happened to a big guy!

btw, no mention of ronnie came to help. never failed to do so to his friends.

Chris Yap said...


Anonymous said...

there is but at least 1 normal umno member. good guy, wrong party.

someone should tell tengku that he is in umno-baru that is set up by tun dr.m, not the umno-lama which he has associated with his sweat, money & lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Those goons can learn from this ...

Anonymous said...


I heard Tiong King Sing want to challenge you in PJU! Replacing Chew Mei Fun.

Anonymous said...

tony i think you should approve my comment here.

the only thing you can say UMNO is racist is when they declared the social contract is now revoked and invalid.

i wish it will come true :)