Tuesday, August 11, 2009

MCA and Gerakan Mute

Utusan Malaysia has been taking a scorched earth policy to destroy whatever credibility and worth that's left of Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's call for '1Malaysia'. And they are doing so with impunity, backed by all UMNO top leaders such as the Deputy Prime Minister himself, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the UMNO Youth Chief "reform but not reformed" Khairy Jamaluddin.

We are not surprised at the severe backlash from the UMNO politicians who finds their source of patronage and livelihood seriously threatened by the so called '1Malaysia'.

What is possibly more interesting perhaps, is the fact that the 2 major component parties - MCA and Gerakan have remained completely mute to the racist agenda being perpetrated by UMNO and its mouthpiece to stir up racial sentiments. This is no different from the UMNO General Assembly of 2006 when the 'ketuanan Melayu' fever reached its peak with current UMNO vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein unsheathed his keris, and delagates howled for blood.

It was a point of no return for MCA and Gerakan from then onwards culminating in the disastrous results in the March 2008 general elections. For a short period of time, it had appeared that these 2 parties learnt their lessons. But such courage to stand up to UMNO has been short-lived.

In fact, while Gerakan was plotting its future last year, many had called for the party to withdraw from Barisan Nasional. But it's top leaders, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon and his cohort wanted to "stay in power". They had advised their grassroots back in Sept last year:
"We will also observe whether Umno is going to reinvent itself during its December 2008 annual general assembly. Within the next few months, we are going to fight for the reform of the BN. Only if reforms don’t happen will we start to consider withdrawing," says Chang.
Now, nearly a year down the road, it cannot be clearer that all the talk of reform in UMNO is pure shadow-play. Nothing have changed. If anything, it has gotten more vicious, with all sorts of evil, ficticious and malicious allegations thrown at the opposition.

So, MCA and Gerakan, why aren't you saying anything? Will you quit and hope to survive or will you stay to see through the nail in the coffin for your respective parties?


Anonymous said...


I believe you DAP guys are brilliant at 'hentaming' the BN.

But can you guys govern just as well. Is Kg Buah Pala , so hard an issue to resolve? Stop alienating your supporters by not acting justly.

TOKZ said...

Hi Tony,

Pls. kindly find herewith my CLARIFICATIONS towards your queries as stated in your article shown above:

1) MCA & GERAKAN in keeping MUTE becos' they believe in 'close-door discussions' with their respective allies.

2) MCA & GERAKAN is NOT DAP!!! DAP only love to BARK in the public like a 'pariah mad dog' over the slightest of all issues with PAS & PKR.

3) MCA & GERAKAN believe in mutual respect. Whatever disagreements they have with UMNO or vice-versa, it'll be discussed & compromised privately (NOT publicly)

4) If MCA & GERAKAN were to behave like DAP, Malaysia will end up as a DOG LAND. Malaysians is already having enough headaches with DAP over their constant BARKING in the public. Can someone bring out the guns to shoot these annoying & noisy dogs???

5) BARISAN NASIONAL is formidable becos' they are UNITED. Seldom we hear internal squabbles within BN because they respect different races & religions. Where else, DAP is more like a COMMUNIST PARTY who fight for only 1 race. I forecast DAP is still hallucinating thinking Malaysia is indeed China.

6) NAJIB is doing a fantastic job & as long as he maintains/upgrade his current performance, DAP & their fellow allies are bound for the coffins.

7) DAP should NOT waste time trying to degrade BARISAN NASIONAL. Instead, they should spend more time solving their own internal squabble with PAS & please, please "DO IT PRIVATELY!!!". Please don't BARK publicly anymore, ok??? Thanks!

I hope my explanations will help TONY clear-up his queries. I apologize I can't speak DOG's language & thus TONY, please DON'T bark. Try to digest what I've said, ok???


Nick said...

I think what would really be worrying is if anyone would actually believe the propaganda. If so, for Gerakan and MCA to speak, and I'm not defending them based on their credentials, would likely only be counter-productive to all involved. If anything, they're a spent force anyway so there is no value for them to say anything.

By the same token, I have to ask whether goading Gerakan and MCA to speak is due to political worries among the goaders that the traditional position of certain voters who vote for stability will vote for these spent forces instead.

Maybe from the view of a politician it would make sense, and it could even be justified that it would be good for the country. Because racism, is, essentially a bad thing.

But the fact remains that if the core issue, which requires a conscious effort to promote racial unity at the fundamental level, political strategy will serve nothing more than to prolong the inevitable. I have not really seen ANY party on both sides of the divide try to address it.

Furthermore, there could be a chance that political strategies fail, especially when nobody's playing fair, there are no rules and you can't expect what's going to happen. I think ultimately in that situation, it is the people who will suffer.

Maybe what we should really do is to build bridges, instead of shouting at each other from either side of the river bank. Because only then will such propaganda be rendered obsolete.

Anonymous said...

MCA & GERAKAN mute! these two parties have reduced just to their leaders. they r there just to safeguard their family assets. they know very well that they will be ZERO in the comming elections.....obviosly these LEADERS need time lah to safe gaurd all their assests before being thrashed by the public in next GE....good luck MCA and GERAKAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you make noise you are out of jobs so has to play safe loh.
Income and family expenses come first ma.
Just like in a private firm , if we are not happy with the boss we only talk behind him only , who want to confront him ?
If you want to join a political party choose lah party which is in control and prosperous.

Who care about rakyat's welfare , the most important thing is our children and family are well taken care off.If not your wife will be grumbling the whole day.Why you so kepo..
Wayang-wayang enough. Once a while show your face at the rakyat gathering and extend some caring and concern messages will do loh.

It's very fast a month comes to and end and it's pay day again.
Like this lah we call Seng-Mot-Chye.

GreenBug said...

MCA & Gerakan have been mute for 52 years, not just now. I have never expected them to say anything either publicly or even privately (closed-door meeting kononnya)!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't read Utusan.

Pakatan should organize free delivery of the thrash to MCA and Gerakan headquarters. Make sure they read them too.

Pakatan also need more people coming out denouncing the Utusan crap, especially people from PAS.

Anonymous said...

Frankly,the presidents of mca.gerakan,ppp,mic combined together also dared not challenge Krismuddin(as umno youth leader only) racist gesture, so how can you expext such herculian task (to talk down KJ/utusan)for them to do.Even if we combine all the dayak,iban,dusun etc leaders, the whole bunch will sit down obediently when only an umno division leader lashes them.This is a sad fact which we must accept Tony.

Unknown said...

kiasi! at the end sure si.

Anonymous said...

KTK actually voiced up this concern during BN supreme council meeting and DPM shuts him up by saying, in order for BN to survive, UMNO must be strong again, and this must be done.

Anonymous said...

At that time, last year Koh Tsu Koon did not get his heart desire, which was to become a minister. Therefore he would tarik harga and pretending to talk about getting out of BN. Now that he is a minister. he will not do it. He is more concerned with himself rather than the dignity of Gerakan.

What is even more amazing is that Gerakan members are so stupid to accept what he is doing. Never have I seen a bunch of stupid, selfish ignoramus.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the intelligent,

SOmetimes lost in woods, not see the whole picture. YOu have nothing significant to show, i am afraid. Your foe (MCA) is so kind to highlight to solve your own backyard problems.

Now, 3rd Quarter of 2009, you have mere 2 years to propose, launch and implement effective econimic strategies. that is a tall order but do-able.

DAP is noise, to the silent majority. Beware and aware you are elected by default as opposed to support.

Salam - Reagan

Anonymous said...

I only have this to say: if one were to keep a dog at home, wouldn't one want it to bark loudly at unwanted guests (for obvious reasons)...or one would prefer a MUTE & DEAF DOG that will allow the unwanted guest(s) to rob & pillage one's home. Think about it...no offence intended to the DOG. I like DOGS as they are after all, known as man's best friend.

If we look at a wider perspective - it is BN that were traitors to the Malays. For over 50 years, the Malays are still the poorest. The Malays (majority) don't own a BMW or MERCEDES, Bali-style home on 50,000 sq.ft land, etc. UMNO-BN has fooled the Malays into voting them to power but only to enrich those politicians & those inclined to them. All UMNO-BN (including MCA, MIC, GERAKAN) main players live like superstar lifestyles. Just look at their homes is enough. I bet you they don't even own a Casio watch.

Theng said...

i don't agree that MCA and Gerakan keeping mute is a policy that should be adopted. See what have these two parties done??NOTHING! Controversy and controversy have been coming up. What have these 2 parties done in upholding the our democratic principles?? NOTHING! They still think that they have the "silent" support of the minority. It's all bullshit.. The closed door policy is NOT working..I'm glad that at least the opposition brings things out to talk. This at least let us know that they are working hard to do SOMETHING..
I personally think that the Kampung Buah Pala's residents have asked for too much...i understand that they want to keep their original homes but development must go on. They are still not satisfied with the compensation given. It seems that it is all because of their selfish motive.

Anonymous said...

De Facto leader outdid you. sensationalise, charisma and even bordering on entertainment.


How has he helped the people?
Any INTEL Equivalent factories coming in?
Paved the way for IT India engineers to serve local MNCs?
"Residence" status as in permit to stay in Selangor to time indefinite for professionals from Japan? Germany? USA? India? Indonesia?

use your political mileage for better governance to convince local and foreign investors to "ACT".

Oh, de Facto leader, its all hot air while the real leader is lineralising Equities market.

Selangor administration, your move.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing: when there is a blog that is having contents that are anti-govt, the govt will quickly shout that is all lies, bullshit, seditious, anti-this anti-that, traitor, etc etc. full of drama.

But suddenly, there is a blog that is anti-opposition...wow, it's the truth, put all on frontpage for all to see, it's not seditious, it's anti-opposition so it must be true.

Hope the wise people out there get this point. If not, we are doomed.

Anonymous said...


why pakatan do not form a common website. unity in cyberspace applies dude.

wandererAUS said...

MCA and Gerakan, these two political beggar parties have been completely silenced the day T mamak shafted the roti canai into their mouths!
These scumbags from these two parties will go to any length to please their masters in the evil UMNO regime.

Anonymous said...


I dont know how much of a big moron 1 can be. Close-door discussions?? Please..... Lets not talk about years back, lets talk about few months back, how many deemed stupid articles Utusan had published and what has been done from the very first article published, probably nothing or the close-door discussions is not working back then and still not working now. Though I agree with sometimes the Pakatan members comes out with their disagremeents publicly one every single small matter is plain dumb makes me wonder if these guys are even good at public relation which is essential atm.

camcamni said...


DAP dont bark...DAP shout! They have to shout because the rakyat had been lead to believe that its betetr to sleep and with the dogs like MCA & Gerakan just lapping and licking up UMNO, rakyat will be ok. But its the contrary...if DAP did not shout, then we wouldnt have know so much about the BN;s bad intentions.

When I rear a dog, I dont want a dog like MCA or Gerakan who only knows how to eat sleep and licks.

You think by keeping quiet its good for us? No, I say we rakyat want to know whats happening to our country and what better way but to know it when someone shouts so all can know and not someone who just licks and only the few people knows.

Tony, carry on your work and if you need a hailer to shout louder, by all means use one...dont sit there just whimper and lick UMNO's buttock just like MCA and Gerakan so that UMNO will give them minister posts. KTK got that and he is quiet and MCA got their minister posts and got quiet. You see that?