Sunday, August 09, 2009

NTV7 Point of View: New Economic Policy

I was on the NTV7 "Point of View" programme a few months back discussing Malaysia's New Economic Policy. Have a listen ;-)

Interestingly enough, this episode was never made available on the NTV7 website which carries electronic versions of all previous episodes ;-)


temenggong said...

Well articulated Pua. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Tony, could be the NTV7 Production team filmed the production but declassified by RY filtering department.

I do not expect to see any shift of UMNO agenda to carry out his government policy based on Race. Their fundamental existence is dependent on "class struggle". They will collapse if "class struggle" is taken out from their agenda.

Mike Martin said...

I wonder why this episode was not posted on the NTV7 web site along with other previous episodes? It wouldn't be a form of censorship would it? Surely that would be too obvious wouldn't it? On the other hand.....!

To me, your views seem totally rational and demonstrate common sense - more power to your elbow!

Simon H said...

Excellent! I have a recommendation though. Could we have subtitles in all the different languages? Any you'll definitely need some way of disseminating these information down to the public, especially in the rural areas where TVs are hard to come by, let alone a computer with internet connectivity. How about pakatan offices in rural areas throughout m'sia organising social events like free screening of movies where you can inject some adverts in to cover your costs, and also inject some videos like these to deliver the message to the masses? All you need is a projector, a big white screen and some chairs (don't think it'll cost much in the long run).
Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

NEP means the non Malays must run slower and also the taller non Malays have to squad so that the Malays will look to run faster and taller. Period.
But really are the Malays running faster and look taller than the non Malays ?
The policy does not want to give the Malays the chance to complete so to improve. Look at the results after all these years ?

Pak Leman said...

Saya nak tanya En. Tony, apa yang pernah dibuat oleh DAP untuk kaum Melayu?

Jika nak transform 'protest vote' against BN kepada 'real vote' untuk DAP, mengapa tak pernah nampak apa-apa langkah untuk membantu dan mendapat sokongan pengundi Melayu?

Kalau tak nampak dalam kaca TV atau surat khabar ataupun 'online media', jika cakap sahaja meskipun benar-benar menolong, takde orang yang akan percaya lah.

Sekarang kebanyakan media Melayu pun mengatakan DAP anti-Melayu, harus ke kaum Melayu mempercayai tu? DAP sendiri bersenyap, dan MP Jelutong pun tak nampak ikhlas dari segi yang dilaporkan oleh media...

denzook said...

it's all because of you people straighttalk too much that make this program taken away (and almost caused the host her job). better next time you speak wisely don't mess other people rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

What is new here is just a little more evidence revealed about the soundness of DAP and PR's governing policies.

This was a golden opportunity to add something more and Tony blew it. He is acting like an errant boy of DAP leadership rather than stepping out on his own. Just old party lines, well articulated but still old..

The NEP is inherently Dishonest and therefore flawed. The idea that implementation is at fault is a whole load of crap. The NEP promises the world to the Malays just the same way the Communist and Fascist did. It just don't work..

Govt should be there when people NEED it. NOT went people WANT it. If people want something, they have to do it themselves. Its call growing up. You want the richest people in this country to be Malays, go and do it yourself. You have no right to ask for it. Ask the Indians, how many of them benefit from Ananda Krishnan being the second richest man in this country? Trickle down theory runs out of steam very quickly.. exactly what happened to the NEP..

There is NO implementation that will make the NEP succeed. Otherwise communism would not have collapse after just 50 years. Its a pipedream and at some point we ALL have to wake up and stop dreaming and instead just work towards our dreams whether we get there or NOT..

int said...

I agree with Anonymous 9:55am. You cannot fix Malaysia by tinkering with the NEP, you must scrap it entirely. NEA sounds like a new thing, but until we see tangibles, we must assume it's the old wine, especially since Anwar spent a larger effective part of his career peddling the old wine, this new wine is still rather "novel" for him!

Tony, perhaps my own reading of your comments is flawed, but then again you are a politician and an important part of your job is to communicate effectively ;-) .......... but I thought for a second there I basically heard you conceed that the NEP did work decades ago. If this is what you meant, then I must say I disagree with you entirely. NEP was fundamentally flawed from day 1. So what if most of the poor "back then" were Malays - it's very simple reasoning that to truly eradicate poverty, you have to help the poor! Any attempt to argue otherwise smacks of political expediency rather than sound policy-making. NEP has done incalculable damage to this country, it broke my heart a little to hear you defend it even in the past tense.

The "NEP tidak lagi releven" argument is typical PKR fare, but seems (to me at least) at odds with DAP's character - I would expect DAP to stick to their guns and say "it was a bad idea from day 1 and the sooner we kill it the better".

In a broader sense, it seems like the differences between DAP and PKR are fading away, for better or for worse. If this trend continues I hope at the very least a merger materializes within the next 10 years.

I also sort of agree with Pak Leman. DAP cannot be said to be helping the Malays by simply following PKR's lead. I'm quite dissapointed that after Lim Guan Eng took over as Sec Gen, Malay participation in DAP seems to be all but dead - this wasn't always the case, not even in the last 10 years. Of course LGE is NOT anti-Malay, afterall he did go to prison to defend the honor of a Malay girl and he is a bona fide hero because of that - but perhaps his strategic choices have been wrong which have led to a decline in Malay participation under his leadership.

True Fiction said...

Fair views, but you need to reach the segment of society that matter - the poor Malays.

I am quite sure the urban middle-class English educated non-Malays (eg me) may come across this programme....but how many poor Malays who can't speak English will tune in?

You need to get on to Malay talkshows on TV or radio!