Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UMNO Abandons Multi-racial

I thought this editorial commentary by The Malaysian Insider entitled "UMNO bets on race appeal" a few days ago best encapsulates what is happening in Malaysian politics at the moment. Excerpts are quoted as follows:
Umno appears to have discarded plans to widen the party’s appeal and speak for all Malaysians. Facing pressure from its rank and file, and concerned that its mantle as defender of Malay rights is under threat from PAS, the ruling party is retreating into its own cocoon.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin gave a sneak peek of this insecure feeling during yesterday’s Barisan Nasional (BN) supreme council meeting.

During the meeting, Gerakan president Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon highlighted a series of incendiary commentaries in the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia and said he was troubled by the effect it was having on race relations.

Responding to this, Muhyiddin, who is shaping up to be a hawk in the administration, justified the pitch taken by saying that Malays believe that Umno is weak and giving in too much to the demands of non-Malays. It is understood that
none of the leaders of BN component parties challenged this view.

A BN leader told The Malaysian Insider: “There is a hardening of Umno’s position. The openness and willingness to become more inclusive is not evident.”

In the aftermatch of Election 2008 Umno leaders publicly said they could no longer only speak for one race.

But not anymore.

Senior party officials and a think-tank set up to rejuvenate the party believe that the Malay vote has to be secured above everything else.

In addition, the party officials feel that non-Malays have become too vocal and demanding since the general elections.

In recent weeks, Umno leaders and Utusan Malaysia have become more strident in their remarks in what is a palpable attempt to shore up its position as the defender of Malay interests.

The DAP has been the subject of heavy bombardment of late, with Umno and Utusan accusing the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) party of being anti-Malay and anti-Malay rulers.

A minor dispute over the illegal seizure of beer in Selangor has been turned into a major affront to Muslim rights.

And Muhyiddin appears to be at the forefront of a campaign to restore Umno as the ultimate defender of the Malays and Islam.

Last week, he accused Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of being a traitor of the Malays, and despite the threat of a RM100 million lawsuit, the deputy Umno president has refused to retract his remarks or apologise.

Yesterday, he also pointed out that the BN government’s priority would remain the Malays.
Full article available here.


Anonymous said...

The biggest traitor is Muhiddin "the Al Malikul Sembab" himself as his lazy brain and unattractive look will further destroy Malaysia or will remain static like he did nothing when he was MB Johor apart from enriching himself and cronies by selling all the land to foreigner.
I will forever tell him and the PM I never voted in to go and fly kite... sick and sick ... but Lawan tetap Lawan.

bennyloh said...


Anonymous said...

I think the key part to note is what you said before, why is Gerakan/MCA/MIC have no answer to Muhiyiddin when gave his reply about Utusan especially given that the answer is actually VERY SIMPLE!

Even if Malays feels that UMNO is weak, the answer does not lie with going down the road Utusan is pointing. That is the easy lazy answer. The answer lies in UMNO/BN delivering on promise, its original promise and selling the hell out of it. If UMNO/BN systematically marginalise these people, it will win back the middle even as they turn to PAS. PAS does not control PR and hence is limited in what they can do even with the zealots in UMNO..

The only reason to go down the parh Utusan is advocating is because you want the easy answer, the quick result rather than work on a good plan. If that is the case, then forget it, because BN will split..

The issue is why Gerakan/MIC/MCA does not have a good answer? The reason - the leaders are lost themselves and mediocre like UMNO lord after so long feeding on their political breast milk.

BN is going to split and its not just because of UMNO. Gerakan/MIC/MCA are full of mediocre leaders that will have no choice..

KoSong Cafe said...

My impression of Najib is one who would try to please in order to stay on as PM.

My impression of Muhyiddin is one who has yet to settle down as No.2 because he shows his racist character at every turn.

With the other leaders trying to show their mettle within Umno, 1Malaysia is one big confusion within a racial party.

Who would buy something that is obviously out of synch?

With the powers that they wield, they can so easily rattle the Pakatan state governments. The way MACC go after the representatives gives the impression, Pakatan cannot use development funds at all! Never mind the big cases like PKFZ where it would turn a blind eye. Other smaller Pakatan cases, their officers can lodge report if there were none from the public.

malayamuda said...

Najib has to watch Muhyiddin closely. When Najib slips, Muhyiddin will lead the chorus in asking him to resign.

Remember how Muhyiddin asked Pak Lah to resign ? PENGKHIANAT !

But after that he told Pak Lah Sorry ! He is lucky he didnt do that to Mahathir or else he would have been framed of being a Lesbian or something like that ! LOL

Anonymous said...

BN will be gone ,theie days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

If need be said, MCA/MIC/Gerakan would have voiced out their dissatisfaction when Utusan "1st" printed the racist issue.

Why & what took them so bloody long to say something...?????
Or better still "nothing" was said..?????

We all know lah...........!
(What's happening..!!)

Anonymous said...

Camno budak bodoh ni boleh jadi TPM aku pun tak tau, yang pastinyer budak dungu ni tak layak pon jadi TPM, tiada rupa dan gaya TPM langsung !! Adakah ini menunjukan UMNO dah ketandusan pemimpin berkaliber sampai mangkuk cam ni pun boleh jadi TPM?

Anonymous said...

The leaders of MCA MIC PPP your conscience.Are you doing a disservice to your people and the nation future by keeping quiet for many many many years already?Get out and form another grouping yourselves(not necessary must join PR) if you care for us all!!.What's the point when millions of people suffer but a few of you enjoying life,its awful shame.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with your view Tony. It is ironic that whilst the PM is advocating 1Malaysia, the DPM, majority of UMNO, and their main mouth piece like Utusan and Berita are increasingly reverting to their racist/ultra Malay stance. Utusan in particular, seems hell bent in instigating and pursuing a racial divided path. There have been numerous occasions when I read their editorials and articles, the writers had insinuated and attempted to flame racial hatred, particularly towards the Chinese such as the threat of repeating the violence of May 13th race riot. Today, racist Propaganda Minister Rais Yatim is reported to want to impose censorship of the internets. He said that this is due to non observation of racial and religious sensitivities OF NON-MUSLIM TOWARDS THE MALAYS and asked those who don't know the history not to comment. What a bunch of bollocks from someone who looks like a 90 year old tranvestite. To Rais Yatim, the founding fathers of this nation does not teach each races to be hate mongers and fearful of each other, you twat. And the irony is a)non malays are not fanning any racial hatred but pointing out societal imbalances as citizen of this country; b)Utusan and Berita are fanning racial hatred for so long but no one speak out and the entire BN now turns a blind eye to it. Does the PM has enough balls to use ISA on these cockcroaches? Or is he one of the racist, as he increasingly showing his true color? ; c)Utusan and Berita, as well as political bloggers such as Rocky Bru, Pasquale, Demi Negara have long flame a right wing, ultra nationalistic therefore racist view and hatred towards any non Malays and Chinese in particular, often based on paranoia intinged, their rights are being eroded kind of fear, the Malay language are disappearing kind of fear, all sorts of (nonsensical and fictional) fears often seen only from individuals who are hate mongers and racist (remember the infamous German Chancellor?). The Malays are getting more and more hateful, due to the racist stance which UMNO once again reverted to. And UMNO, being a sore loser, will do anything to get back at Pakatan. And the worse thing is these people, the normal rakyat and majorities of dull minded Malays are being played like a violin, not being able to see the true nature of UMNO and BN political trickery.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you look at the Chinese papers also. I am a pro PR but I am disturbed by what I read in the chinese papers. If you think Utusan is bad, the chinse papers are worse and have been at it, fanning racial sentiments from long ago.

malayamuda said...

Anon 2:11pm

so at the weekly cabinet meeting if anyone brings up the fact that Chinese papers also fan racial sentiments can MCA say.......

"No choice la dudes ! The Chinese in Malaysia think MCA is a pondan and does nothing for the Chinese. So we have to fan some Chinese sentiments here"

Will Muhyiddin and Najib accept the " stategy " of MCA to win votes ?

Cindy said...

I think to say that UMNO is protecting Malay rights is actually insulting the Malays. What is Muhyiddin trying to imply? That the Malays are a weak and defenceless bunch of people who can't stand up to the challenges of everyday life like their non-Malay counterparts?

As for the comment about Chinese newspapers, can you blame them for doing so? After all, Utusan Malaysia seem to think it's their right to insult other races.

Anonymous said...


You guys may have missed the whole point of politics- its governance effectively CAT so say the DAP's governance intent.

Its mere opposition reaction to Govt's action which admitedly is pro-action to create economic activities.

What does DAP achieve, mere 'whistle-blow' on say PKFZ? At best, few imprisonments, at worst - nothing.

But you forgot the macro view of caring for your constituents such as
- create a Paris out of Damansara North. = beauty, romance, floral attractions.
- create a hub of entrepreneurship = how about 2 rows of fish pet shops
= 2 rows of Car parts dealers
= 2 rows of fine cuisine
= 2 rows of North Indian cuisine.

Mr Pua, you travel so much. transfer your knowledge and convert D'sara to the Orchard (S'pore) of M'sia.

Or stay there barking " Govt you are no good" (but me? perhaps no better)


Anonymous said...

this is excellent

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is either very rich clever people or just full of dumb-ass citizens...

this article should be archived - it will be useful should PT BII get into more trouble.

Anonymous said...

who cares about dap ,after the kampung buah pala injustice.a social justice party my ass!.sama macam bn cakap ,cakap,cakap tapi keputusan sama juga.