Sunday, August 02, 2009

True Colours

Let me dedicate this Cyndi Lauper's chorus to Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak after yesterday's rousing performance in the streets of Kuala Lumpur.
But I see your true colors
Shining through
I see your true colors
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow
1Malaysia? People First, Performance Now?

The only 1Malaysia I can see was those brave Malaysian united on the streets, who refused to be cowed by police threats, intimidation and thuggery, despite only seeking a better Malaysia without draconian laws.

The only "performance now" I saw was the ruthless efficiency by which the police took action against the common people, the very people who were supposed to come "first" under Najib's regime. Well, first to be beaten, maybe.

Yes, we are indeed seeing your beautiful true colours now. Well, then again, actually, it probably never changed.


resident.wangsamaju said...

People first- means 'kaotim' the people to toe in line first

Performance now- means let the PDRM, MACCC carry out the job now.

PJU Voter said...

Hi Tony,

As much as I hate those BN stooges but I honestly think the protest held yesterday was UTMOST STUPID & ANNOYING.

I just cannot comprehend the LOW mentality & intelligence of those idiots jamming up the streets & creating unecessary traffic chaos just to hand some stupid memorandum to the palace. I guess GOD gave these idiots BRAINS to shit instead of thinking.

Goodness!!! I simply cannot understand the STUPID & WANKING mentality of those who took part. If I were the FRU or PDRM....I would have shot these idiots with GUNS & blast them with BOMBS instead of WATER CANNONS. Atleast by doing so, I can help ease the pain of those traffic users who were caught in the jam caused by this said bunch of donkeys.

As for you, should just "SHUT THE FARK UP" rather than writting this stupid article of which makes you look like a BLADDY FOOL. The only good thing is that you didn't organize any nonsense CANDLELIGHT VIGIL this time round.

Anonymous said...

well said Tony.

You want to touch him with a ten foot pole? me, no.

amoker said...

I dun believe Najib at the first instance. The 1 malaysia is a smokesceen

Marsha Maung said...

I can't agree with PJU Voter. Simply put, if the polis don't put up road blocks ALL OVER THE PLACE in the first place, and let them demonstrate peacefully, there would be no riot and chaos. I don't know for sure but my prediction is that nothing would have happened except for the fact that the memorandum gets to the intended hands.

that's all.

it's the panic-striken acts of those in power that caused the massive jams. the opposition would have organized a well-organized peaceful march to the istana only what.

it's when polis shoot all those things that things go crazy.

just IMO

Anonymous said...

the pdrm as we all know is not polis di-raja, it is raja polis. they are many good police out there. it's the head of police ie. IGP. the IGP can be more powerful than the PM. our current political system allowed it so. if pdrm is true to its nature, polis di-raja cannot vote in elections. otherwise no meaning in using "di-raja". police & army are suppose to be neutral when using the "di-raja" title. not the same as "di-kerajaan".

should run a poll if rakyat understood the concept & accept the 1-malaysia slogan. action speak louder than words. the anti-isa demonstration & the heroes don't need 1-malaysia to tell them that they are pro-Malaysian.

on the jams, in the 1st place ask the pdrm why have road block? there is no massive jam caused by the demo. maybe a little but the massive jam is due to the road blocks which is totally uncalled for. pdrm & BN just want to put a blame on something. as far as i can read, most people took the LRT to the demo - except for the VIPs.

when BN or UMNO members hold demo & protest, where is the same being applied? this is the true colours.

pdrm is the biggest underworld in malaysia at the moment, in this perspective. as long as BN need the pdrm, pdrm will continue to hold BN ransom & continue to extort BN.

Anonymous said...

Dear PJU Voter,

I don't think you can fit yourself in any country in the world which are heading for a reform to a just and democratic system of governing.
Myanmar and Republic of China suit you best.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PJU Voter = TOKZ = "Douchebag"

Douchebag Definition - An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears.

Yo PJU Voter and BN shoe polisher, you should blame BN for making you a car slave and getting stuck in jams. Imagine if they improved the public transport years ago, you wouldnt be stuck in a jam.

PJU Voter said...


To those who oppose my views:

"I guess you guys/gals are too naive to think if there weren't any road blocks; things would be PEACEFUL"

"Gooodness!!! Come on!!! Those donkeys who participated are outright BABARIANS & do BABARIANS have manners??? It's simple as that. You can't expect DEVILS to be GODS, can ya???"

Grow up sikit lah

Anonymous said...

Dear PJU voter,

First of all, I believe you were caught in the jam. Secondly, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions but please watch your language. Try not to insult others by calling them names. Thirdly, if you have kept yourself well informed, you would have known that there will be road blocks and perhaps with proper planning, you would not be caught in one. So try not to curse at others for doing something that they believe because I am sure you wouldn't want others to curse at you for something that you believe in.

A Malaysian

Li Huat Chai said...

PJU Voter, you were caught in the jam ah? siok, siok,siok !!! Next time why not just watch tv at home if there is a demo.

You should join them if not support them (brave people) and not mock and condemn them, stupid boy.

Luckily and I thank God, we only have one moron here (Tony's blog) like you !!!

mantoya said...


I know this PJU Voter. On that day he wanted to shit so badly while caught in the jam. As he could not leave his car in the middle of the road to rush to the nearest bush to ease himself, all the shits in his belly went up to his head hence coming out with this kind of comments decrying the demonstrators. I pity you PJU Voter. Sorry can offer my help to clean your car with all that stinking stuffs. Anyway not many of the other fellow traffic users noticed about what happened to you that day because the Air Pollution Index (API) was so bad with tear gas fumes and water cannon mists.

We grew.

sinkeh said...

Proves PM is a weaking. PR should go for his throat FAST.

TOKZ said...

Hello all!!!

I agree with most that our country needs REFORM. However, REFORM should be done in an appropriate way or otherwise a SENSIBLE way.

I also agree with PJU VOTER that attending/organizing street protests are UTMOST STUPID & it causes unnecessary problems for road users. What's even more STUPID is that these NONSENSE street protests causes many entrepreneurs to lose business. (Ask any traders in Sogo, Jln TAR & Chow Kit and they will agree 100% with me)

REFORM is indeed a MUST but street protest is a sure "NO, NO". Street protest will only cause the following:

1) Make Malaysia look like some BABARIC country with no LAW & ORDER.

2) Make those participated in the street protest look like BABARIANS who have no basic sense of civilizations. The only impressive thing is that these protesters do wear clothes & shoes instead of wearing animal's fur/skin like some CAPTAIN CAVEMAN & CAVEWOMEN.

CANDLELIGHT VIGILS & STREET PROTESTS must be BANNED immediately. REFORMASI ought to be done is a more sensible way instead of BABARIC way.

Anonymous said...

Dear PJU Voter,

Oh no.

You are the greatest man on show.

Oh how you glow.

With all your words and tempers that you've just thrown.

I guess you don't have much money.

You seemed not to know any IT.

No computers and no internet to play and see?

Still buy pornography in the form of VCD?

Oh shucks, do you know that they now have DVD?

You are crazy, so big already, still depend on your family?

Still believe in newspapers lately?

Still calling people names behaving like a baby?

Maybe you are a donkey.

Because you're still angry, stuck in the traffic jam until 6.30.

I must say, you are indeed very funny.

We now know you are the Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh that we always see on TV.

You must be a stupid boy, if you got balls.

Or a stupid girl if you enjoy going to the shopping mall.

Everyone knows the demonstration call.

My God, you mean you didn’t know at all?

Maybe your only friend is your pet dog called Furry.

With no friends or partners or family.

Don’t scold our Tony.

Don’t bother to write anymore in this blog, silly.

Still sore at the traffic jam, go kick a dustbin, you bully.

Try and appreciate all those who dare to do.

They are not like you, they got many other things to do.

Write rubbish in internet and drive around KL like a fool.

I don’t like your attitude using the internet like your loo.

I am not sorry for insulting you, you are such a moo to be true.

Go play with a Barbie doll or some kind of manic-voodoo.

Nobody wants to play with you.


PJU Voter said...

Guys & Gals....please take it EASY!!! COOL IT!!!

Why be single minded & look at things from only 1 angle. Why can't you all see the bigger picture towards this STREET PROTEST???

We sincerely need to find NEW AGE approach to address this ISA problem & leave the street protest to BARBARIANS.

The way you guys/gals are supporting the recent street protest will only make yourself look like some CAVEMEN/CAVEWOMEN who still think your shit is ya food.

It's 2009 & NOT 1009, get it??? Time to grow up & be a little wiser atleast.

Good luck!!! You may thank me for my brilliant advice later. cheers!!!

Sharizal Borhan said...

Whether it’s Pakatan Rakyat, NGO, GMI or any other associations/parties who opposses the use of ISA, it should be carried out using a more sensible approach.

Street protests are strictly for individuals of whom the Melayu call “Orang Ketinggalan Zaman”. These ignorant individuals are still living the prehistoric days where dinosaurs were men’s best friend.

No sympathy for those who got harmed during the recent street protest. I was told there are some ‘wakil rakyat’ from Pakatan Rakyat who took part in it. Are these ‘wakil rakyat’ too KETINGGALAN ZAMAN??? Man!!! they ought to be shoot for being stupid instead.

TOKZ said...

The recent uproar over the recent street protest are caused by the following:

1) Low mentality people who are still living in the SEVENTIIES doing things the SEVENTIES way. I call them BABARIANS & Melayu call them ORANG ZAMAN PURBA.

2) Pakatan Rakyat is running out of ideas on how to defeat BN. Other than organizing CANDLELIGHT VIGILS & STREET PROTESTS….they have nothing better to offer anymore. Thus, causing problem is their last resort.

3) Individuals who attended/organized the street protest CAN ONLY be regarded as CAVEMENS/CAVEWOMEN who still live in caves & eat shit as food.

4) Lack of capable leaders who are capable to come-up with CONSTRUCTIVE IDEAS & APPROACH to address the problem & address the objective they are fighting for.

Tokukaupei said...


No one said STREET PROTEST is wrong. It’s only OUTDATED, that’s all.

For goodness sake, street protest might be the way in the past but we’re in the new millenium now. REFORM message ought to be carried out in a more sensible way. Participants of STREET PROTESTS today can only be regarded as “BABARIANS LIVING IN THE SIXTIES”. Can’t they figure a NEW AGE approach to send a memorandum to the palace instead of being STREET BABARIANS causing unnecessaryu traffic chaos to others???

TRISHAWS & BICYCLES may be the main mode of transport in the past but will one consider these appropriate in today’s modern world???

It’s really SAD to know most Malaysians are still living in the RETRO SIXTIES/SEVENTIES. I wonder when will they ever wake-up to face reality??? or is that they will NEVER wake-up???

KY said...

Hi Pitbull (anon 2:05pm),

WoW!!! Nice poem!!! I envy you becos' you have such a nice mother singing such poem to you everynight. She must be a SUPERMOM.

Did you just call yaself a PITBULL???? Oopppss...sorry!!! If you're a Pitbull, then, ya mother is also a Pitbull too. Thus, you're one hell of a lucky "Son of a Pitbull bitch".

Hahahahahaha...only a fool will call hismself a dog & allowing others to call his mother a Bitch.

What's wrong with ya??? You need a VET???

Anonymous said...

Dear Flintstone,

Oops, I am sorry, I meant dear TOKZ

Now, it is your turn to be mocked

You said Caveman, this means you are still behind the clock

It is ok, it is time to bring you out and make you understand the plot

Dear Flintstone, you can stop your moan

We all know your mind is like a bone

And KY, I mean Dino

What is up with you?

Did I step on your tail or dissed you?

You heard what I’ve said?

Stop chewing on Fred’s head!

Demonstrations like these will obstruct road users

That is why we need to read newspapers

You need friends and relatives to tell you what is going to happen later

Nowadays, you and I know that internet is truer and quicker

Without notices, ever wonder how they managed to gather?

You think it is easy to manage all of them together?

Is losing a day’s business such a big matter?

Are road users all that matters?

What is it that you don’t understand?

Do you really think they like to stand in a crowd with no fans

and a sun so hot with police acting like vampires with fangs?

Damn, you are a joke man

Do you know why they need the streets?

No stadiums were given, where the hell do you think they will meet?

Perhaps, in your house with satay and blueberry chips?

Perhaps, in a mosque, church or temple where Zeus will strike a bolt of lighting up your creek?

Perhaps, in the mountains with cows, donkeys and some hairy sheep?

Perhaps, in the sea swimming with Dugong, holding flags heading to Philippines?

Perhaps, in the caves (like you said) screaming away, “Echoes in Eternity”?

Sounds like Barbarians in Gladiator, oh I love that movie

But the protestors are the Gladiators, and the Barbarians are the police

Bring up your brilliant ideas

Do not tell us your jeers

We are all here

We are all ears

We really want to hear

But demonstration is a tool to fear

And demonstration is very clear

Police do not need to interfere

For God’s sake, just be near

Don’t be a queer

We don’t need all that gear

Just watch our rear

While we walk with our shouting tears

In overseas, demonstrations are done this way every year

Don’t say anything if you got nothing nice to say

It is not nice to keep waking up for another “same shit different day”

They did all this so that you can wake up one day

That oppression is over, and your children will have their own say

And finally you dare to say

We’ve beaten the country across the Johor bay!

They are doing it for you

Stay cool

And KY, (I mean Dino) please stop sniffing Fred’s poo!

You have been doing that since noon.

Behave yourself, or Fred is coming after you.

Yeah, it is me, your brother, PitBull.

marsha said...

others who are in agreement with the fact that the POLIS caused the jam instead of the demonstrators, don't fall for it!

let the fler talk his head off. :-)

you look at the time, it's either one and the same person or two (drunk, possibly) of them talking and posting to himself/herself.

let it go.

if he/she wanna go crazy, we pretend it's a TVB drama series only.

we got more important things to do.

Anonymous said...

Dear PJUVoter, Sharizal Borhan, TOKZ & Tokukaupei,

Your comments look extremely familiar. Are you the same person writing all those just to vent frustration?

I dont think anyone likes traffic jams caused by street protests, but sometimes when its a necessity you just can't help it. People there are people who are fighting for the rights of you and me. It's easy to sit behind a computer to criticise those of whom took the streets to fight for what is right for you and me. Street protests are still prevalent at this day of age, even in the more advanced of countries.

It would perhaps be better to provide constructive criticism, to provide your ideas of how we could go about it without street protests?

I am sure the street protesters would happily go with some other alternative than putting themselves literally at risk for you & me who sits comfortably at home praying for things to get better :)

Anonymous said...

marsha said...

BINGO, anonymous (8.12pm) He does not know what he's tokking about.

just let it go.

but i damn admire the poems! shit. it's damn GOOOOOOD!

KY said...

Hi Brother PITBULL,

I must admit you're indeed a creative POEM composer. Never knew DOGS especially PITBULL species can be that creative...."Well Done!!!"

I like POEMS too. Since you gave me ENGLISH POEMS, hence, it's only FAIR if I were to return it to you via MELAYU BODOH punya POEM:

Buat apa nak pergi PROTEST,
Lebih baik duduk kat rumah main CHESS,
Syiok saya tengok protesters kena BASH,
Gelak tak tahan saya cakap BEST.

Wahai PITBULL janganlah MARAH,
Protesters bodoh tak tahu duduk kat RUMAH,
Cina marah orang sebegini TIU NIA MAH,
Orang Melayu pula marah PUKIMAK.

Protesters aje tahu buat KECOH,
Macam mak PITBULL seorang PELACUR,
Bayar 10 sen boleh main BUTOH,
Memang bodoh PITBULL anjing SEEKOR.

Kalau nak Malaysia MAJU,
Tolong jangan buat protest yang tak TENTU,
Nanti ada orang mati jadi HANTU,
Protesters memang bodoh macam LEMBU

Hahahahahaha!!! My Malay POEM is COOL, huh??? No need to thank me...Cheers!!!

denzook said...

unfortunately AMD lose to intel ...

1 bangsa - 1 malaysia

sounds like malaysian malaysia to me ...

Anonymous said...

Dear KY,

Being childish is not a crime

But your comments are vulgar, coarse, disgusting and undefined

You are happy but very rude every time

You who started the ‘mock-me-line’

Know that your language is annoying all the time

But you seem to enjoy writing all those lines

You seem to enjoy writing all kinds of lies

You call Melayu Bodoh and that lie is so dry

Know your limits, if not it is better if you die

There is no point in living your life

There is absolutely no direction in your life

Wake up, you have no friends, no family and no wife

Didn’t you know, they have left you since 1999?

God has wasted his time, can’t you hear his sigh?

I’ve read to my mom about your lie, KY

She said to me “Oh my”

“What Malaysia has done to KY”

“He is the product our education has brought us by”

“He makes it all the more reason we must continue our cries”

ISA is good last time

But they’ve abused it so many times

If proper channels fail, we need to aim for the sky

We need to aim high

We need to make our children shine

We need to air it in CNN or CCTV9

We need to put pressure like applying to the wound with some lime

We hate to go to the streets when the sun hots the shine

We have no choice but to do it right one time

The streets is all we have to make the climb

The government is not blind

I am sure they will give the attention properly this time

Dear Tony and/or the owner of this blog

Would appreciate if you could screen the messages that clog your blog

Would appreciate if you could block

People like KY from writing rubbish and being vulgar in this blog

Unless they are polite and funny like Hermit the Frog

This is not YouTube

Where everything inside is like poo in a stew

This is Tony Pua’s “People’s View”

Do put up a bit of curfew

On messages without any clue

Thanks, this is Superglue (getting rid of my nick name PitBull)