Monday, August 10, 2009

Najib: Doublespeak Extraordinaire

We have seen how Barisan Nasional under new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib's leadership is currently stoking racial sentiments and playing with fire. On the one hand he says, "Malaysia is for all" under his "1Malaysia" slogan. On the other his Deputy, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin plays the supporting role to rile up racial sentiments among the Malay-Muslim community with incendiary comments.

But the doublespeak isn't limited to the No. 1 and No. 2. No. 3, Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi plays the blatant role as well.

On the one hand, Najib says out loudly and benevolently that "ISA will not be used to detain politicians" just last Friday, as reported proudly by the Star.

However within 2 days of the above, under the covers of UMNO mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia today, Zahid threatens DAP Socialist Youth Chief, Anthony Loke Siew Fook with the ISA for allegedly 'insulting Islam' by putting words in Anthony's mouth! What hypocrisy!

In the Malay blogosphere, including that of the rabid UMNO Malay nationalist, Rocky Bru, the issue is currently rife that the Rasah MP has been making all sort of statements which insulted Islam. Read Anthony's blogpost here.

This is shocking, this is ugly, this is disgusting gutter politics at its very worst propagated by UMNO and Barisan Nasional, led by none other than Datuk Seri '1Malaysia' Najib Abdul Razak.


Anonymous said...

DoubleSpeak is part and parcel of UMNO/BN philosophy and methodology. Common being hypocrite is part of being a politician..

The problem is not doublespeak itself, the problem is the quality is really really bad. UMNO doublespeak entirely relies and people being ignorant rather than concrete argument.

So its entirely too generous to call them Extraoridnaire. Its not, it just that extra audacity and desperation. After all what is more audacious and desperate than to shoot when there is not really a good chance..

Anonymous said...

Mr.Tony....once the contents of certain comments have been removed , why Rocky is showing everyone once again? d`nt you think he is the no.1 culprit here....he is distributing dirty messeges written againest sultan. i feel rocky should be put behind bars for this sort of evil doings

malayamuda said...

people in denial usually dont know what they are talking about........

they are denying the fact that the people in Peninsular Malaysia no longer want BN to rule us anymore !

Najib can try fooling the people in Borneo if he wants to. Take over Petrajaya and stay there !

MelayuygDahBosanSamaDAPRacist said...

And you're saying DAP who has a slogan of 'EQUALITY FOR ALL' degrading other people's religion is not hypocrisy act?

Did malays talk trash about your religion?..

It's always DAP and chinese who started these chaos and trash talking..If thinks they are right, why do they delete the blog? SUDAH KECUT KE..

These troublemakers should be punished.....otherwise more trouble will surface in this beautiful country

ps: Can you tell me what is DAP contribution to the country (tangible ones). Please list them down..we all love to hear it!!

Anonymous said...

The truth YB, those three name that you mention are idiots Extraordinaire of the UMNO hypos.
They will succeed if all of us are idiots too, time will tell.

Golf Afflicted said...

The the MelayuygBosan idiot, please show me the evidence that we have degraded any religion in any of our statements, before making wild unsubstantiated allegations like you did above.

If you can't read, get someone to help you read.


bennyloh said...


Wilson said...

"Did malays talk trash about your religion?"

No. generally Malays do not trash talk other religions. But they are certain quarters who did.

Remember the undercover journalists who went to a church and defiled what the Christians there hold sacred?

I have bukti. Where is your bukti?