Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muhyiddin Sinks to New Low

There's a major controversy over the candidature of UMNO's Rohaizat Othman in the Permatang Pasir by-elections. 38 year old Rohaizat has actually been disbarred by the Bar Council from practicing as a lawyer for failing to return RM161,000 of a client's money which was held in trust. How can Malaysians trust someone who has been found guilty of breaching trust?

Well, our Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin can.
"This is not a case breach of trust . . . it's just that his license had been revoked," he said, pointing out that the Election Commission had cleared him and allowed him to contest.
Umm... Honourable Deputy Prime Minister, why has his license to practice as a lawyer "revoked" again? And by the way, has Election Commission "cleared him" as an honest man and be eligible to practice as a lawyer? Maybe that's the new role of the Election Commission now, to usurp the role of the Bar Council after having usurped the role of the Speaker in the Perak Crisis.

And apparently, it's not the only offence too!
Rohaizat is learnt had also been fined twice by the Bar and his clients have filed several complaints against him to the Bar, all on unprofessional misconducts.

When told this, Muhyiddin brushed them aside suggesting that there were trivial issues.
Trivial issues?! The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister even went the extent of calling the Bar Council fines the equivalent of "parking tickets"!

Oh my, no wonder it's normal to have scandals like the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone and the RM24 million Khir Toyo palace, trivial indeed. (But of course, every RM100 receipt must be accounted for, if it's by a Pakatan Rakyat representative - that's not trivial at all)

Rohaizat is of course, is the best UMNO (and Barisan Nasional) could offer, for he's young, comes from Khairy-led UMNO Youth and he represents the bright future of UMNO.


Anonymous said...

this is why in most democratic & more civilised countries, the deputy keeps their mouth shut. only in m'sia make a lot of noise. play the hero or bad guy. no blain one (pck ltd).

what dpm is saying is that the 'parking tickets' are paid for by tax-payers - so, who cares! not his own money. they also advocate what rohaizat has done or being disbarred being nothing wrong. so, from tomorrow you will see a lot of umno lawyers running away with their client's money bcoz it's ok to do so. no blain, no blain.

either that or it is a political conspriracy within umno to embarass dpm.

bar council was merely stating the facts & clear the air, then now dpm says bar council has an agenda...what is this???

Anonymous said...

rohaizat is the best coz he didn't blow up anyone with C4...he didn't rape underage girls...he didn't point middle-finger...not sexist...not racist (?)...not offended the diabled...not so corrupt (only RM 160,000...nothing compared to the BILLIONS by his seniors, that's why like parking ticket fine only when compared to RM 12,000,000,000)...he didn't use military vehicle to cruise around...he didn't order fru to use water cannon on innocent people...didn't order the police to block the state sec bdlg of perak...didn't order macc to intimidate / hassle selangor state exco...i can go all nite!

Anonymous said...


This is the joke of the month delivered by the BN/UMNO animal farm.

They will spin lies and justify their actions to appear logical thinking Rakyat is as stupid as them.

I am sure PAS candidate will bury this questionable BN candidate at the coming by-election without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

He shouldnt be allowed to contest!!! How could someone like that be people's representation?
Hmm, MACC decided to reopen Mohd. Fairus's case. What a coincidence, or should we say 'timely' ...
Simply put, really 'low class' tactics :p

telur dua said...

See the new low that UMNO has sunk to? They don't even have a decent candidate to field.

Evil regimes usually do themselves in.

Anonymous said...

Permatang Pasir is the beginning of the breakup of Najib and Muhiyiddin. Muhiyiddin is in very very bad shape. AND its not just the candidate.

Muhiyiddin just put himself into play and they are going to drag all his dirt out too. His helicopter ride. Spining lies on Nik Aziz. Stories of his Johor days are going to come out too. He is so s***ed

Anonymous said...


KoSong Cafe said...

How could Umno leaders' perception be so different from an average person? Blatant discrimination by MACC, EC and what have they under their control without any feeling of guilt nor shame.

Now, a straight forward matter of a serious professional misconduct is being spinned to seem like a simple offence.

The importance of trust and integrity seem to have been lost in their world of power and wealth.

It is telling on Muhyiddin and Zahid, for trying to cover up a huge error of judgement. Isn't it better to admit a mistake than to look silly to the rest of the world?

With client's money, a solicitor is expected to hold in trust while awaiting completion of the legal transaction. There should be no compromise on this. Restitution cannot be acceptable because in the case of trust, it is the time when you are entrusted, there is no other way but 'client's money cannot be used under any circumstances'. This should be the case with any other funds held by trustees.

IPOHKIA said...

Well said, this is the worse DPM Malaysia has ever groom, low class, no standard when giving speeches, fact less, encourage farud leaders to be in UMNO and BN team, what will happen to Malaysia if we are going to have such leaders leading us, the future generation will be full of fraud culture practice people and I think what Tok Guru says is true, Maka sesiapa dari UMNO rasuah, tipu, salah guna kusa, membunu, bila mati tidak akan pergi the syurga, pada saya neraka pun tidak dapt pergi, dia akan mati reput sebai bangkai di tepi semak.

Anonymous said...


re-posted 1

Purple Haze said...
I am not really sure what Anonymous (Salam)'s point was in his posting. Could you or he/she clarify ?

There are a couple of revenue items that were not mentioned in your assessment

(a) food and beverage
(b) advertising rights

I am not sure how much these will generate but these may buffer the risk a little. This is, of course, assuming that one cannot bring their own nasi bungkus/ta pau into the theme park.

August 17, 2009 1:37 PM

re-posted 2:
Simple Formula said...
Salam is a troll. He or she is probably stirring more shit elsewhere. Performance and compensation may be based on how many posts made.

From Wikipedia:
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or disciplinary response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

August 18, 2009 11:39 PM

re-posted 3


Hi my fellow M'sians,

On missing the point and calling me a throll is fine by me. Its a free country except that if you insult the govt u risked ISA-ed.
Really, the point of electing a politician is about the steering to economic heights, employment and purchasing powers. You notice the PR as an opposition stayed as an opposiiton. PR has 4 states under their management powers , but we have yet to see any real progress ie economically speaking.

Visit Bank Negara website and be shocked to see
high unemployment
record low FDI

also note, We spent on our kids education for 13 years only to lose them in universities in S'pore. then these top talents stayed on for better employment. By golly, we are subsidising and suipporting S'pore economy! just as India's grads working in USA Silicon valley.

Mr Teh CC himself worked overseas. WHy can't we make our top talents work here?!

Yes blame the BN government. But remember PR is the government of 2 richest states in country! so where is the PR results? Are they not claiming to be better?

Salam - (the troll? Midget? )

Anonymous said...

To call right is wrong and to call wrong is right is the trademark.

To call evil is good and good is evil is the copywright.

Commercialy it's Franchised.

kopitelp16 said...

All can kow tim! Remember, YB.... we're in Bolehland!

BN candidate, as squeaky clean....even proven guilty.

marcus63 said...

tony, an analogy for you.
you cant make chicken soup from chicken shit. to umno, as long as its chicken, you still can make soup even if its shit.

Anonymous said...

Ada tak ada serupa juga.
As far as many concerned , many ministry posts are redundant.Quantity over quality.
More distruction than construction.

Anonymous said...

This Muyhiddin Yassin was a bully as a teenager in Muar who stole from a sundry shop regularly and then threatened the owners with his form of 'ketuanan' even then. He has fattened himself corruptly and at the people's expense....but bear in mind the fooling of the people has become an ingrained evil habit. Something's got to give and its already happening!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that UMNO-BN has chosen this crook as their candidate. Serve them right!! Sure lose!!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the guy accused Lee Kuan Yew of threatening to go to war over water?

Somehow he found a way to sink even lower... all by himself...

Anonymous said...

To All Malaysians your days are numbered.

If any country threathen war against us our DPM will give everything away that country ask for.

SIGH! :(

Anonymous said...

glad to read the news that rohaizat's partner - yusri - have surfaced to defend himself after being accused by BN. now we know what kind of judiciary system we have, a BN-one. what's the big deal right - RM 161,000 only. RM 2400 for flags are more serious & more important.

rohaizat is not the best that BN got for PP bcoz he only cheated the koperasi RM 161,000. he is low level umno executive member only - probably the lowest tier. the more one cheats, the higher rank one become. this is BN hiearchy. so now, he is given a chance - if he wins the seat - to show how much he can cheat the rakyat from his MP status so that he can climb up the BN status.

meantime, no sound from his youth boss - KJ of Oxfart? was it not his choice of men for this by-election?

as far as i am concerned, once a corrupt, always a corrupt. it's worst than drug addiction. there is no rehabilitation center for this. in fact, the corrupt will keep encouraging to be more corrupted. this is the only way one can climb the status in BN. otherwise, one will get sidelined or told to join pakatan - if one wants to be recognised for merits.

Anonymous said...

this is hot-stuff. hotter than the hottest nasi lemak in town.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan kasi Barisan clean sweep la.

Let Muhyiddin speaks, so we know how their brain works.

True Fiction said...

On the contrary - all this is quite entertaining.

I give these guys UMNO guys top marks for spin.

They should quit politics. Probably make more money as PR consultants. Probably win more awards too judging from their creativity to turn look at things from left field.

democrazyman said...

Different people have different standard for looking at crimes. For them, a RM161,000 crime is like a parking ticket. For them, a 24 million ringgit mansion is like a normal terrace house. For them, taxpayers' money is their gold mine. Malaysia Boleh!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

I wont argues with their choice of candidate. They think it is fine and dandy.Even the dpm backs him up.
Equating "Lesen di batalkan " to "Lesen Tamat tempoh laku".
The dpm thinks disbarred is the same as expired.
However,it is up to the voters over there to decide.
If P.Pasir wants a crook they will have a crook.
Some umno people argues that if Guen Eng who was jailed for sedition and ISAed before can ends up as Chief Minister.
Why not let their crooks be candidates?
Let him contest.

Like i had said, it is up to the voters.

"Wishing All Fellow Malaysians ,Selamat Berpuasa"

tupingera said...

Biasa lah.....Parti haprak...calun mesti haprak.

denzook said...

ppl always have 2nd chance to redeem themselves. even some ex-convicts after learned lessons can be better man ...

Anonymous said...

another stamford suit against the moronic DPM will be fine.

DPM, dont tell me its travial again? or having skeletons are a pre-requisite to be part of the inner circle of UMNO? darn, if so better pray harder for the country.

Anonymous said...

What DAP stands for? Saw a book by the Honorable LKS : TIme Bombs in Malaysia. a statement of "we are in trouble (There is nothing I could do about it)" message. Regretably that is the rhetoric message. Mere words.

My Sharing:

Keep your friends close.
But keep your enemies closer.

Your political adversary mentioned a truth:

MCA Deputy President Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek on party president and Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat's "conspiracy theory" about a RM100 million campaign to destroy MCA. (Source: Malaysian Insider, Soi Lek asks Tee Keat to keep MCA out of tiff with Tiong)

"If you say there is a RM100 million campaign to topple him, the message is that MCA members only look for money — no money no talk. At the end of the day, people
-----support politicians based on their performance." (Dash ---- marks added)



Still seat of pants - critiques?


Anonymous said...

By now, Najib is smart enough to know that grabbing short-term power in the PR states thru devious means will only mean losing long-term power thru voters' anger and sense of injustice later at the next GE.

Only 4 things will tip the balance of judgment either for or against BN:

1. whether the government actually dismantles NEP.

2. whether corruption in the MACC and among BN leaders/cronies will be investigated and eradicated for good.

3. whether the stock market can hold up the illusion of Malaysia's emerging new economic model. Indonesia has walked the talk and is miles ahead of Bursa. Once Yudhono resolves the latest terrorist crisis, Indonesia will be model of stability in South East Asia. Even Putra Jaya officials are asking why has the Indonesian stock market outpaced Msia. They are clearly worried about foreign investments making a permanent base there. So far, the rising tide of regional markets has helped to lift the FBM KLCI this year.

4. Whether God, who overseas the ultimate destinies of nations, will tip the balance of power or keep it evenly balanced in His righteousness and wisdom. Is PAS the hidden devil that can be worse than BN? We'll find out soon.

Anonymous said...

using other people's money without prior consent is not breach?

DPM, mana you belajar? may be we need to verify your education cert that it is not fake. memang tak percaya this comes from DPM.

Anonymous said...


Yesterday I got the new book by Jia Ma. Your hiphop style very funny.

He asked you how to make all Malaysians study together ? What you tell him ? Share with us la..

PJU voter said...

Tony Pua,

Please tell and inform us, PJ voters, what is DAP stand on these 2 issues:-

1) statement by Selangor executive councillor Datuk Dr Hassan Mohd Ali to nab Muslims drinking alcohol, selling, storing and displaying alcoholic drinks for sale.

2) PAS Youth condemning international act, Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) concert at Genting Highlands on Sept 5

DAP cannot be silence on this, please respond.