Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Face Najib

When asked by the press on whether the recent articles in Utusan Malaysia was stirring up racial sentiments, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak who is allegedly promoting a "1Malaysia", called for "moderation" by "all parties".

But he continued to defend Utusan Malaysia by saying that "...we cannot just blame one party, because other parties might have caused uneasiness."

Who, may I ask is causing uneasiness? Or is Najib just trying to tell lies like Utusan Malaysia on non-existent, ficticious statements allegedly made by opposition leaders? As they say, by tell a lie often enough, UMNO hopes that the people will perceive it as the truth?

And Najib himself is propagating these lies by asking today that "pihak berkuasa menyiasat kandungan blog Ketua Pemuda Sosialis DAP, Loke Siew Fook, yang dikatakan menghina Islam," when Anthony Loke is a victim of a vicious fitnah attempt by UMNO bloggers and cyber-troopers.

Anthony has filed a police report on the post which claimed that he wrote a post "insulting" the Perak royal family, which is utter bunkum!

Of course, leaders with no integrity like Najib and Zahid makes no qualms about riding on these fake and false accusations to defame and discredit the DAP leaders.

I'm not just angry, I'm absolutely seething at these leaders absolute lack of morals and honesty.


Anonymous said...

Well as you may know DAP or PKR or even BN play racial sentiments. The truth is everyone is like throwing a coconut to each other. The actual victim is the coconut and as a writer they express satisfaction in a form of writing.

A poison pen some might say but now it's not a pen anymore. Its a poison binary numbers.

If people can aaccept there's always 1 and 0 in computer machine level language, why can't people accept the difference.

No doubt that this is tanah melayu. If I as a Malay in China, if I do such havoc I might get fired openly by the government!

People cannot appreciate that life is too short. You are fighting for what? Justice? Money? Fame? Fortune?

Face the truth, we only want to live and wait till the end of our death day. So why quarrel.

Read the article from Raja Nazrin. Aren't the Ruler FAIR?

If People can't think than they are plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

I am man of many faces , can you see through my disguise ?

We saw the sign of Dark ages , We are in the Dark ages.
Evil to be called Good and Good to be called Evil.

Precedent is set for the Younger generation.Everything is right even though it is morally wrong.

Unknown said...

you stupid tony! you yourself is doublespeak. LOKE DID WRITE THOSE THINGS IN HIS BLOG ONLY TO DELETE IT LATER. Dont try to fool us. You DAP RACIST BASTARD. Chinese chauvinist. Get out of this country. you are not needed here. If you are not happy with the way things are run, just go and migrate. See if you can be an MP in US, Britain or Australia.

KoSong Cafe said...

BN leaders are making full use of their mainstream media to capitalize on false accusations. People get to know the top tv and news headlines while explanations are either not published or hidden.

Looking at the highlighted 'spats' among Pakatan leaders one would have thought it is the end of the coalition. But most of it are hyped by the editors.

The slightest complaint by any quarter involving Pakatan leaders, the police and MACC would take immediate actions while those involving BN seem untouchable.

If ever there is a moral right to jump ship by other coalition leaders of BN, it is when BN does a repeat of Perak in Selangor.

We can't wait to vote at the next general elections, just to show how fed up some of us in Perak feel.

Anonymous said...

Not only you very angry. Many Malaysians are angry and many can't tolerate to see the faces of Najib and Rosmah.
So what are we going to do, feeling hopeless and make sure next golf tournament everyone will use a golf balls with Najib or rosmah head and we will slice the ball when we tee off at every holes and those who fail to do it will win a prize.
Apa macam YB, never argue with an idiot as you will never win.

amoker said...

Hans? hemm.... cool down.

Anyway, he is doing a PR stunt but his real persona is when he shows his true colour. 1 Malaysia is PR ...

Asian Netview said...

I say Hans, everyone got right to comment - even you and everyone of us M'sian got right to comment on the way the country is being run but pls dun get carried away with yr emotions. Yr language & tone shows clearly exactly who is racist.

Anonymous said...

You DAP becareful. UMNO is hitting you hard but inciting seditious remarks which they can get away. They will try to blame DAP and split PAS.

Just look at the actions. Why MCCA target DAP. Utusan did the same by seditious remarks. UMNO is trying to convince the Malays that DAP is the Tai Lo or Tai Koh.

So DAP has to be careful - no joke

Sirah said...

Haris, if you cannot accept another person's views, just say so and tell us your own views. No need to be so kurang ajar as to spew venom and froth in the mouth. By doing so, you showed yourself to be just an uncouth and barbaric primate.

The People’s Declaration. said...

I am upset by the perpective of this posting

".....Now, aren’t Pakatan behaving like Pak Lah before and after the 2004 GE?

A lot of promises before the election, and all forgotten after?

That’s a fraud on the voters!....."

Anonymous said...

I'm a Malaysian who happen to be same race like you.

I think most rakyat knew about UMNO's tactics to slander PR Leaders, particularly DAP leaders, like the case of YB Anthony Loke, YB LGE (CM of Penang), YB Ronnie Liu, YB Jeff Ooi and etc. But why can't PR Leaders, particularly DAP to take a step back to ponder deeply about the series of incidents. Why openly rebut those false accusation publicly and play according to UMNO's game and tunes.

Is it necessary to response to every single accusation either via blogs / media and etc? why don't you guys reciprocate with actions which can reflect otherwise or even can discuss with trustable leaders in PKR and PAS and come out with some amicable solution collectively.
Continue open bickering within PR and vs UMNO will not help rakyat to perceive DAP as reasonable leaders, instead now would strongly believe UMNO indeed had successfully painted a good picture on DAP Leaders as racist, even you may continue to argue the accusation is not true or BN-controlled media trying to play up the issue. These are all not important, please try to look at a bigger picture, what you guys intend to achieve for the future generation, work closely and maturely together with other PR leaders, what you guys had promised to the rakyat during GE.

Remind all the leaders, especially YB LGE to take a step back, what is the right move, what is the right strategy to counter all these tactics by BN/UMNO. Action is definitely louder than words, showing the rakyat what you guys are capable off, besides merely politicking and make rebuttal after rebuttal.

Always as a human, esp. leaders once successfully hold position or elected , it's very very difficult to look at own weaknesses, refuse to admit own mistakes. Refuse to change. Perceive to be arrogant. The higher you up there, the hardest to eliminate those "chronic disease".

Again, take a step back!

- Malaysian Love Peace -

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony,

You have righteous zeal for justice. A quality - rarity! However, "its the economy stup#d'" so say Ronald Reagan.

PR has total control in Selangor. Has PR delivered economically? We as peasants, certainly don't feel it.

x Lower SMIs registration
x Lower employment
x Lower investments - drastically -80% year on year
x Higher inflation
x worsening traffic congestions [despite higher unemployment]
x we can't entrust you with Federal Govt powers when at state level, you have delivered a little bit more of 20L free water.
x DAP economic advisor, Mr Teh Chi Chang, use arm-chair criticisms. WHy not advise S'gor PR to achieve economic progress? Constructive!
x ceramahs : nice and even entertaining, for what I should be angry at government when i am struggling to fill my tummy in PR's government here?"

"Its the economy, stup#d" (Ronald Reagan, 1988)

Look at Singapore's stock exchange that surpassed us in performance and value!! for a small nation less than 20% our population. Lee KY is ruthless autocrat, but he lifted S'pore economy terming it as a speed boat- won landslide victory.

Imagine, S'pore Stock Exchg outperforming us with S$179 billion of active foreign funds! We support our Bursa with own money - EPF,Govt Bonds, LTAT. A joke. why foreign investors not support YTL? IOI? KLK? I&P? S DArby? Genting (HQ in KL)? Maybank? PBB? Gamuda? all resides in S'gor.

if your reply is "vote us as Federal Govt, then we show you" then its scary for at state level with all the state executive powers, its a paltry track record.

if you blame global meltdown, benchmark with S'pore, harder hit by recession - but recovered faster. Bear in mind, M'sia Bursa has NOT surpassed its 1994 peak - til present. in your admin of 3 years, its nothing to shout.

We are watching with deep dissapointment with PR economic agenda, while it has high marks for political agenda. Quick glance at your articles, 70% are criticisms. You are government NOW. Show us what you are made of.

Malaysian - less hopeful now.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a couple who both cheated on their spouses to shag up with each other?? THen scheming, plotting and killing??

They also have the TV and MSM to kill you guys. I think you guys just have to work harder for your constituents, they wil know who to vote for if you can get things done for them . I understand that u'll have to counter their allegations, but just answer them and move on. Don fall into their trap and play up these non-issues. Don let them divert your focus, instead un leash something to divert them. There was so much corruption done by UMNO, I'm sure you can announce them 1 a month. Then let the bloggers spread them to the others. Like the Johor land scam where Mohideen sold the whole township to Singaporeans. Blow it up like fireworks during Beijing Olympics. Let them run helter-skelter.

Anonymous said...

Starmandala said...

Najib was anointed Umno President by 190 corrupt division chiefs and pushed into the PM's seat by vested interests (mainly Mahathir, Daim and corporate Umnoputras who managed to persuade the monarchs that a Pakatan government led by Anwar Ibrahim would mean the end of their easy access to the nation's wealth). Those of us who knew what was in store fought hard to prevent Najib Razak from being installed as PM - but even a timely speech by Zaid Ibrahim and a petition submitted to all parliamentarians as well as the Agong failed to halt his ascension to power. Once he became PM, it was inevitable that Malaysia was in for a very rough time.

Anonymous said...




"Recession is when your neighbour loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours." - Ronald Reagan, 1984

Kesakitan konstituen

Anonymous said...

its time all DAP MPs with blog strengthen their blog's password. I bet these UMNO cyberwarrior are out there cracking you and your colleagues blog's password, their next aim is probably to post something via your own blog, so that denying it is almost impossible.

Anonymous said...

A detectable pattern of systematic attack against PR is becoming more and more apparent by the day. Beware Tony, and godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Forget the apparent hypocrisy. its a given..

There is an article in Malaysia Insider that implies Muhiyiddin is leading those who want the party to turn-right instead of reaching out to the middle ground.

If what is implied is true, it means Najib's administration has a serious crack. No way MCA and Gerakan or even Sabah parties can go down the same road the UMNO goons want to go down.

Najib has a real problem.. And its showing. No way he can go for the middle ground now... He lost it for sure which means that its for PR to keep.

The issue is how to break apart BN. There is a space where they turn right enough, they win over PAS and maybe some in PR AND yet may not lose MCA, MIC and Gerakan which is not as important as losing the Sabah parties. But given a bit of push, they could end up losing ALL of it..

The answer is to make Najib not hold back the right and watch it tear the entire BN apart..

Najib being hypocrite is NOT bad. Najib hessitating to turn right is bad. In order to do that, PAS need to be reassured that they won't lose in the event that Najib turn right. Offer them some seat in Sarawak and Sabah if Najib cannot hold back the right..

This is a golden opportunity I tell you...

One more thing, someone from PR should contact the UN and prepare to bring in peacekeepers should things turn violent..

najib manaukau said...

To Hans,

Your comment asking the Chinese to go back to China should be directed to UMNO in the first place.
Why then delegations after delegations ,sent by the UMNO led government no doubt, to foreign countries and begged the pentadant Professionals to return to serve in Malaysia were and still are met with so very little success. Why ?

Even though the offers came with lots and lots of incentives (do you hear )and do you why there were so very few takers ?
Most of those rejected the offers because in the first place, they did not want to return to a serve in a country with people like you around.
To begin with these very Professionals were asked by the Keutnan Melayu (pendatang from Indonesia yourselves) to get out of Malaysia in the first place.
The kettles are calling the pots black !

They became professionals, without any help from the Indonesian pendatang ,but through their own determinations and of course with brains that the soooo few Ketuanan Melayu don't have. So sad lah !

They were not even offered admission into the varsities in Malaysia to do medicine when they applied as Malaysian students in the first place.
Why then the Malaysian government is spending million of dollars on delegations to these foreign countries to beg the so called pendatang to return to serve the country ?
Yes, we are courageous enough, unlike you, to admit we are pendatang. But who are you, the real Malaysians bumi are the Orang Asli. We are all pendatng !
This was openly admitted by pariah Mahathir, who is also a pendatang. A DNA test will show that he is an Indian so will it show that many, if not all, in UMNO are also pendatang and not Malays as claimed. This may include you !
Try and prove me wrong- come on, I will be more than glad to fund the test without any assistance from anyone.
Come on be a man ,there is nothing wrong to be a pendatang so long you have what it takes !
One more thing, why are there so few Oncologists in Malaysia? You claimed to have a population of 26 million people with only 39 Oncologists when you need more than 200 of them. Is this why so many well to do Malaysians are seeking treatment abroad ?
Singapore has only a population of 4.5 millions ,which is a fraction of your population, has more than twice of what you have ? All these do not include the other Professionals as well.

Anonymous said...

Criticise but be constructive. then it makes good learning.

1. set up scholarships tapping onto MNC who needs good CSR to attract foreign money to its stocks and to train new generation managers. Target RM50 million
2. stories of BUMI success in professional fields give impression that DAP indeed for the people - Malaysians new roads to provide open developments. reduces TOLL monopolies
4. incentivise strategic industries in S'gor - education hub? medic-tourists? ICT? all requires Venture capitals. no lips services please, walk your talk. like sell S'gor owned buildings, raise funds. Choose ONE at most TWO key indusries to develop. want to be Detroit-cars, Hollywood - entertainment, Milan - FMCG, London - finance.

My recommendation: Choose, invite top top medic univ and Business Schools. YOu complement Singapore's dominance in finance, semi-conductors, bio tech. turn foe to friend.

Now, TOny, that is transformational leadership. WHy waste time with accusatory articles? We voted you, didn't we? You promised many things. Next PRU, you not gonna say you don't hv enough time? insufficient power? detract your shortcomings by magnifying BN's weakness.

Hey, PM has achieved much politcial mileage - sale of Unit Trusts, opening ZOnes while you go 'reacting' on newspaper articles of scandals exposures.

What is Dr M known for in world? transforming an agriculture country to 19th largest manuf powerhouse in world!


Cheers, tony.

You are better than that, I am sure.