Monday, August 03, 2009

Voter Registration - Volunteers Needed

Many have asked me, besides actively joining politics, what they can do to help us help the country. One of the simplest and least political of activities which can be carried out is to help conduct voter registration exercises.

Currently, my DAP Damansara branch and service centre carries out voter registration exercises every Monday night from about 7.30pm at the SS2 pasar malam, just outside Medan Selera, same row as McDonalds. We register anything between 40-100 new voters each evening.

But even in Petaling Jaya itself, there are quite a few more pasar malams which we can hold weekly sessions, such as the key ones in Taman Megah (Sun), Taman Paramount (Sun), SS2 Chow Yang (Thu). But we don't have enough volunteers to carry out these sessions regularly at these venues. And we've not even included pasar pagi in SS2, Taman Megah and Section 17.

With more volunteers, we could also hold one-off voter registration sessions at condominiums, shopping centres and other heavily populated venues. One exercise held at a local church recently spanning a few days yielded more than 200 new voters.

So we call upon all who are keen and committed to help to contact us. You can email jshin48 (at) gmail (dot) com with the following details:
Contact No:
Where you stay:
Frequency: Adhoc only | weekly | fortnightly | Monthly (pls specify which day)
Other indicators that will help us co-ordinate volunteers
For those who wants to help in other constituencies, feel free to email in as well, and we'll try to direct you to the right persons in charge in those areas.

For those who are not aware, political parties have approved assistant registrars by the Election Commission to conduct these voter registration exercises. You can of course, visit your nearest post office as well to get yourself registered. ;-)


Anonymous said...

why not organize a mass registration in all LRT stations. I bet the last thing the BN government wants is more younger voters.

p.s. somebody please tell the father and son team - no family dynasty politics in DAP. My friends who are DAP supporters just couldn't stomach this anymore. CM, Shadow Cabinet, party Sectary.... so many post for what?

Eric said...

@Tony, sokong 100%. We'll be there.

@Anon 1:59 am, how about you get into DAP and tell the members just that? Rather than sit nicely in your chair and give instructions to others. Who knows? You may even get what you wanted.
Enough talk, action NOW!

Li Huat Chai said...

What do you mean by no father and son dynasty in DAP? We dont care whether they are father and son or mother and daughter, what we want is those who can work.

Are you telling people that if a father/mother is a politician then, their children cannot be politicians even though they are capable???

I tell you, Lim Kit Siang has sacrificed much for the people in Malaysia and so is Lim Guan Eng, fighting for the plight of a young Malay girl, he went into jail instead.

I just wonder you have brain wanting to tell off Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng???

By the way, Tony, you did the right thing. My brother just told me last week, you all need to register the new voters becos still a lot of Chinese are indifferent abt politics, and they dont even bother to register.

Can you all please also do likewise in Penang and all over Malaysia?

Tony, you all need to do something in Sabah and Sarawak also. The natives there are so innonent and so naive, you all need to do a hard work there.

How about Johor? The stupid Chinese are still betting on MCA.

It is imperative that Pakatan must win in the next GE!!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't DAP: go for nation voter registration and ask for volunters. There a lot of youths some in their thirties have not registered as voters. Go nationwide and ask for volunters.

TOKZ said...


No one said STREET PROTEST is wrong. It’s only OUTDATED, that’s all.

For goodness sake, street protest might be the way in the past but we’re in the new millenium now. REFORM message ought to be carried out in a more sensible way. Participants of STREET PROTESTS today can only be regarded as “BABARIANS LIVING IN THE SIXTIES”. Can’t they figure a NEW AGE approach to send a memorandum to the palace instead of being STREET BABARIANS causing unnecessaryu traffic chaos to others???

TRISHAWS & BICYCLES may be the main mode of transport in the past but will one consider these appropriate in today’s modern world???

It’s really SAD to know most Malaysians are still living in the RETRO SIXTIES/SEVENTIES. I wonder when will they ever wake-up to face reality??? or is that they will NEVER wake-up???

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,

Do keep up the good work, while I will also do my part to educate the young generation to register as a voter and to vote against UMNO-BN!!

Zul Kahar said...


‘A man begs for hopes’
‘While another begs for votes’

‘A man begs in dirt’
‘While another begs in fine shirt’

‘A man begs for help’
‘While another begs to help’

‘Which one is the truth, and which one is the false?’
‘Which one is pure, and which one is fouls?’

‘So have you, helped or being helped?’

I hope the above song/ poem may rocks & rolls all the politicians @ the musyriks.

Kalau baling batu kang, kena tangkaplah pulak.

denzook said...

i thot we can do it at post office.

camcamni said...

Yes you can register at the post office but lots of people had to be reminded time and again to get themselves registered. I even had to warn my college going daughter that I will stop her weekly allowance if she do not go get herself registered as a voter.

Malaysian are always slow movers and when the time comes which can be very sudden, they will complain they dont have the chance to register and so no chance to vote.

I agree that DAP should hold such registration exercise in all states even in Perlis and Sabah and Sarawak. Meantime, leaflets about current unjust happenings can be distributed. Bravos to Malacca DAP guys who were threatened with bodily harm but still continue to hold registration exercise. Without Frea Or Favour. Johore DAP should be more concerned in doing such work rather than quarrelling among themselves. A few extra seats and can see infighting already...what will happen if they are in power? Same like Selangor PAS?

Anonymous said...


Yes U can do it at Pos malaysia. This has been going on for many centuires but who cares? The reason is to raise awareness of the Rakyat. They are the real boss for all the gaji for the mata2, MCCA, Income tax are all paid by the tax payers like U and me. But where do the duit all gone? In whose pockets and are they giving us a service that we paid for? Look at Income tax - chasing all those char keuh teow people when they buy a small thing as compare to Dr Gigi with money for a Bali hai palace?

purple said...

Li Huat Chai, dont say stupid chinese in Johor betting for MCA. The fact is DAP in Johor is rather in low profile except for Dr Boo. in Skudai. DAP dont penetrate into some constituencies esp. Johor Bahru district. I would like very much to vote for DAP if there's a chance. Important is Johor DAP should stop quarelling among themselves and start working in unity.

Anonymous said...


Soon DAP ADUNS and MPs will be leaders. How can they lead the nation if they are quarrel openly. No doubt there are some disagreements, do them in diplomatic way

Anonymous said...

Shall we give them free one month subscription to Malaysiakini for registering?