Sunday, August 09, 2009

Khairy Shows True Colours Again

For a moment, I thought there was a slight possibility that of all the insular, extremist UMNO leaders, there was one person who learnt his lesson well from the last general elections, that is the favourite public whipping boy, and now UMNO Youth Chief, Khairy Jamaluddin.

Check out his interviews with Malaysiakini post-March elections. Did you attend his Asia21 Forum where he said "I'm sad for BN, but I'm happy for democracy and for Malaysians", almost inspiring? What about the oft used phrase by BN leaders "We must change, or be changed!", that appears absolutely down the drain now too.

Read Utusan Malaysia. Hear what our Deputy Prime Minister is talking about. It's all still race, race, race. (Oh, and it's not about taking part in a "competitive race")

And now back to Khairy. After a brush with projecting a "reformed" image, it's now back to being a race and religious bigot. This piece of Bernama news is just shocking, when Khairy accused "the DAP, which was becoming more bold in insulting Islam lately."
"Umno Youth will organise a 'ceramah perdana' in Shah Alam, Selangor next Friday to counter the (DAP) insults against Islam... on this issue (religion), the Muslims are offended at their (DAP leaders') attitude and this needs a joint effort," he said.
DAP despite not having issued anything statement at all that is anti-Islam, despite having just been upholding justice and the law, we are defamed as "insulting Islam". Of course, by their definition, any such racist and religious bigot attacks on DAP is not sedition.

Suddenly Khairy is now a religious hero who is anti-alcohol. What hypocrisy, a perfect example of "meludah ke langit".
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