Friday, June 01, 2007

Kesultanan Melaka

After another hectic week, I'm now spending a weekend break (planned months ago) with the missus and the kid in Sandakan, Sabah. Yes, it's an escape! Hence, I really shouldn't even be blogging ;).

But I thought the following letter from Dr Gunawan Mahmood of Johor Bahru, published in Utusan Malaysia 2 days ago deserves an exception. The letter is obviously with regards to the controversy which I inadvertently started, by calling for the Government to streamline the civil service.

Read the letter, of which a large segment is quoted below. Read it twice and you might just start to think that it's a pretty good satirical political statement. ;) Enjoy.
SAYA sependapat dengan Khairy Jamaluddin bahawa Tony Pua, Penasihat Ekonomi kepada Setiausaha Agung DAP bersifat menghina dan angkuh khususnya terhadap pegawai kerajaan yang telah berkorban tenaga dan jiwa raga terhadap keselamatan dan kemajuan negara ini.


Orang-orang Melayu sudah bekerja dengan kerajaan sejak Kesultanan Melaka lagi. Merekalah pentadbirpentadbir di bawah DYMM sultansultan dan raja-raja Melayu.

Dari bendahara, temenggong, menteri, laksamana, tentera, Jabatan Laut, Jabatan Istana, semuanya dipegang oleh pegawai-pegawai Melayu. Ini kerana memang negeri ini negeri-negeri Melayu.


Pegawai-pegawai kerajaan Melayu melambangkan ketuanan Melayu dalam politik. Oleh kerana itulah Tony cuba memperkecil-kecilkan pegawai kerajaan Melayu. Sebagai negeri yang asalnya Melayu, ketuanan Melayu jangan diabaikan. Politik Melayu yang mendominasi pemerintahan negara mestilah didukung oleh pegawai-pegawai Melayu.

Keadaan ini akan mewujudkan kestabilan politik. Sistem ini wajar dikekalkan. Tidak timbul sama sekali jawatan pegawai kerajaan diberi bagi menyara siswazah menganggur. Ketahuilah, bahawa siswazah Melayu juga mempunyai keterampilan dan kemahiran yang tinggi dan layak bekerja di merata dunia.


Sejarah pegawai-pegawai Melayu cukup panjang. DAP jangan buta sejarah. Maka kita pegawai-pegawai Melayu hendaklah jangan dengan apa cara menyokong DAP yang memperkecilkan dan menghina pegawaipegawai Melayu.


Usah biarkan cacing naik ke mata, Khairy dan para pemimpin pemuda mestilah mempertahankan golongan pegawai kerajaan Melayu kerana mereka adalah pelaksana dasar kerajaan yang diputuskan oleh para pemimpin. Sekali anda bersuara, kami berasa bangga dan terbela.

Johor Bahru.
So, what do you think? ;)


Anonymous said...


Almost died laughing when I read the letter...

You just made my day...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe we already have corrupted "pegawai kerajaan" since so long ago. Preserve our history......

Anonymous said...

I think he is more buta sejarah. We know that Parameswara is not a Malay, and he did marry a Chinese princess of Ming Dynasty. Moreover, Malacca will not become famous without the protection of the Mighty Ming Dynasty during its early days ruled by the 3rd Emperor of Ming.

What a joke by the "Dr".

Anonymous said...

By the way, I think he didn't notice that Tony mention about based on merits and he should not link the defense sector and the white-collar as a whole. We do appreciate all of their contribution to the country, especially the defense sector but it has no connection with the 30,000 graduate that can't find job.

Do you think the 30,000 will join the military or police? Maybe a few only. So, Mr Dr, please read the statement over and over again until you get the message. Privatization is not completely causing jobless to them, but it is just reducing the burden of the government in terms of monetary units. It is also part of Tun Mahatir's plan to reduce the burden of government, so, accepting more unemployed graduate only oppose the plan.

Shawn Tan said...

If someone really thought that what you said was wrong/slanderous, you would've been sued by now. It's obvious that since no one had dared to do anything but rattle an empty scabbard at you, you have nothing to worry about.

Anyway, enjoy whatever peace you can. I doubt that you're going to get much of it in the future. Seems like some people have set their sights on you.

As for Dr Mahmood (apologies if my Malay is a little rusty):

Memang benar, siswazah Melayu mempunyai keterampilan dan kemahiran tinggi. Contoh paling baik, saudara Khairy yang anda banggakan. Namun, dia juga memilih untuk bekerja bagi pihak swasta dan bukan kerajaan. Mengapa?

Tanggapan doktor bahawa semua pentadbir kerajaan terdiri daripada orang Melayu, tidak benar sama sekali. Terdapat ramai pegawai kanan kerajaan yang bukan Melayu. Ini ialah kerajaan Malaysia, bukan Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.

Kestabilan politik tidak akan diperoleh daripada keadaan dominasi politik kaum Melayu sahaja. Sekiranya kakitangan kerajaan kurang cekap, yang susah, bukan kaum Melayu sahaja. Setiap rakyat Malaysia akan terasa bebannya.

Jangan lupa bahawa gaji kakitangan kerajaan dibayar oleh setiap warganegara Malaysia, tidak kira bangsa atau agama. Jadi, memang menjadi hak setiap rakyat untuk menyoal sama ada harta benda negara digunakan dengan wajarnya.

Tiada salahnya menyoal. Hanya orang bersalah yang takut disoal. Sekiranya mana-mana pegawai kerajaan terasa terhina dengan kata-kata saudara Tony, mereka juga bebas menyoalnya. Sekiranya saudara Tony tersilap kata, barulah betul dia meminta maaf.

Hanya dengan soal-menyoal, akan kita saling memahami. Jika semua pihak hanya membalingkan kata-kata benci, akan makin berpecah-belah negara kita. Maka, menjadi mudah kita dikawal oleh pihak asing. Akhirnya, robohlah semua yang diperjuangkan oleh pejuang kemerdekaan kita semua.

NYPT said...

Dr Tak-Guna...

sometimes its very hard to argue with people like him who advocates and religiously protects malay supremacy. very illogical.

people like him belong to the past since they always like to bring up the past.

Maverick SM said...

In every nation, there will be govt servants. Are we justifying that just because a certain race was the early administrators, therefore he has the divine right or constitutional rights to inheritance of the portfolio? If that is so, Tan Siew Sin was the Finance Minister too.

I believe you have voiced the issue of blatant abuse of the process of employment of govt servant purely based on unemployable graduates irrespective of race and most unfortunately, the majority of which had come from a specific class. I don't think you are against any person of any race being employed if they are well qualified in terms of knowledge, skills and competency. I would surely support anyone, in particular the Malays being given the opportunity of being a civil servant based on merit and suitability of the position and with the required qualification. For whatever reasons, over the decades the other minority races had been adapting to the marginalization and utter discriminatory processes within the system and had accepted it as silent protest. However, what we hope is that such compromise is not construed as consent nor convey special rights and privileges as conjured.

The above are just opinion and not intended to project any outburst of discontent. Hope it can be taken constructively by the esteem readers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Gunawan, please read Tony Pua's letter carefully before giving your two cents worth about the issue. Please don't be mistaken, Khairy is playing to the gallery. He must be laughing reading your letter.

This is really embarrassing. I work in an MNC and my expatriate colleagues just dont understand why the Malays are so emotional over Tony Pua's comment.

Anonymous said...

Illogical as the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka (KMM) might be, the analogy is serve to tug at the heartstrings of the Malay mainstream. I don't have hard evidence on this issue, but I suspect whenever the name Tony Pua is mentioned to any common Malay Malaysian on the street, it might serve as a synonym of Chinese chauvinist, false as it might be.

Unfortunately, the whole Utusan chauvinist machinery is used to smear or damage the credibility of the speaker. From all the arguments presented on the Malay press, none of them rebuts Tony's arguments on its logic. Instead they channel their energy to whip up racist sentiment and attack the speaker. This tactic is not new. Whilst Lee Kuan Yew was still a MP in the Malaysian parliment, the Utusan used pretty much the same tactic against the PAP.

The opposition must develop a proper tactic to counter this "red herring" and "straw man" tactic by the UMNOputra.

So I suppose we should stop laughing or belittling the message presented by these benighted "Doktors" or "President" of so-and-so society (etc : GPMS). Their strategy is to clobber Tony into shame and submission by accusing him as a racist and build such an image in the mind of common Malay as to confine his future political career to the Chinese and English reading mainstream.

Tony, in short, good job in raising pertinent issues dear to hearts of all conscientious Malaysians. But improvement needs : logic will not win the day, the opposition must win the hearts of the Malay if anyone is to succeed to the reign of this country.

Simon Wee said...

Dear Tony,

A copy of Shawn Tan's reply to the Dr should be sent to Utusan. We should not be talking among ourselves all the time.



Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,

With regards to your comments above on copying Shawn's reply to Utusan, save it. We are too far gone. Nothing much can be done anymore. We are a gone case.

Better to start thinking ways of changing harbour.

Simon Wee said...

Dear Anonymous,
This type of talk of "changing harbour" is not condusive to Malaysians. We must face up to any problem and find the solution. It is difficult but not impossible.
Face up to the challenge for the sake of other Malaysians who have no where else to go but Malaysia Look for common grounds and one of them is that every one wants a piece of the cake. Is it so diificult with China and India booming. It is just a matter of getting things done the balanced way so that no one will feel deprived. It is difficult given the long fester but not impossible as it is in the interest of every Malaysian to live in peace with each other. Time has changed and thing can be done differently and achieving the same favourable results with globalisation.

Silent Me Not AUthor 1 said...

Hi Tony,

I thought you wrote that leter yourself as a satire! No?

Oh well, i would also suggest to you to take up lessons on legal suits, in particular to Sedition Act, Libel Act, ISA, OSA, and other various deframation suits, as I would expect, the BN politicians will start to notice you, another threat from the opposite camp. Maybe MCA will come forward and recruit you?

Anonymous said...

what a myopic imbecile that writer is......hehe
Perhaps thats the sort of people UMNO needs....extreme loyalty and complete blinkers in operation

Anonymous said...

Ahh, so they are talking about Malacca Sultanate. But i would like to point out some facts.

1. Have the Malays forgotten how the Portuguese conquered it?

2. Do you have any idea what had Sultan Mahmud done that led to the fall?

3. How in the world that could happen, if the Malays are indeed good government servants?

4. How can even Malacca flourished in the first place without the protection of Ming Dynasty, which repeatably warned Siam not to touch Malacca and help in Malacca's trade?

5. Looking at history, the fall of Malacca coincides with the "close door policy" of Ming after having internal political turmoils. Did you notice it not?

6. How in the world could Johor Sultanate fail to conquer Malacca back from Portuguese and later the Dutch, if the Malays are so strong and smart?

7. How in the world could Tanah Melayu became a colony of British from the 19th to 20th centuries?

8. How could Malaysia lag behind South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore today, although she was one of the highest and fastest growing economy during independence?

9. Why, after 50 years, Malaysians are still discussing who owns Malaysia and who contributes more to the country?

10. Will the situation remains for another 50 years, or until the Earth is destructed due to human negligence?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can you give us the background and CV of Dr Gunawan?

I wonder if he is another UITM grad?

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,

Again with regards to your talk on brushing off "changing harbour" thoughts. Please bear in mind that you are where you are today because your forefathers before you were willing to change harbours even though the going was very tough for them. You yourself have acknowledged that the situation now is very difficult and perhaps this is akin to the situation faced by your forefathers.

Fighting over who and how one will stay in a sinking ship will get you nowhere. If you look around, it might be difficult to change harbours, but if you bother to look long and hard enough, it might just be around the corner. The peoples before the arrival of Tony have tried hard enough but looking at the situation now, it has only gone from bad to worse inspite of their best efforts. Tony - the Messiah? Hardly, although I think he's a real talent.

Give it another 10 years and you will see what I mean - hopefully by then you would not have drowned.

NYPT said...

"History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's damn is the history we make today." Henry ford.

It doesnt matter if you were tony fernandes yesterday...what matters is who you are today!

Anonymous said...

quote Penghulu:
"[...] So I suppose we should stop laughing or belittling the message presented by these benighted "Doktors" or "President" of so-and-so society (etc : GPMS). Their strategy is to clobber Tony into shame and submission by accusing him as a racist and build such an image in the mind of common Malay as to confine his future political career to the Chinese and English reading mainstream. [...]"

Penghulu is absolutely right. I certainly hope that TonyP will, in the future, write in a way that will be impossible for these benighted "Doktors" or "President" to twist/spin it into racial/ketuanan Melayu crap.

If you think carefully, KJ might be stupid for all I care... but him repeatedly calling for an apology and smearing your name before the Malay public is doing you no good, now or in the future. Don't give them the chance to limit your audience to just the few of us here.

We might be laughing at his stupidity, but remember this: if everyone around is insane but us, then in the eyes of the insane... we're the crazy ones.

I seriously think TonyP needs to address the Malay public ASAP, to clear up the issue or to ridicule KJ or reply KJ with an open letter and have Utusan publish it... Whatever, just do something/anything to show that you are not attacking the civil servants/Malays. [Or maybe you can try the LKY technic in apologising: the I'm-sorry-for-what-you-feel technic. Heh heh!]

p.s. I'm digressing here... Next time, can the forums be held in a not-so-Chinese place(e.g. Chinese Assembly Hall)? Liddat sure lah no Malays will come. Perhaps some other venues that are more race-neutral?

Anonymous said...

Dr who???

Kesultanan Melayu Melaka analogy???

Co'mon... Use your brain Dr whatsoever...

1) Malacca would not prosper if they didn't HIDE LIKE A COWARD BEHIND CHINA. (Which reminds me of a young children doing something wrong and then run to hide behind his parents so that he would not be hit). Afterall, if they were so damn smart, they would not try to use keris to fight against the Portugese guns. (Heck.. Even a small kid can tell that using a gun to kill your enemy is way faster than using that keris...)

2) Besides... Kesultanan Melayu Melaka??? WTF... Do you have any idea how OUTDATED are those administration systems??? (If you like using outdated old ideas, why not try to travel from JB to Penang by walking since last time they don't have cars??? Even better... Why not you try to WALK all the way from KL to Paris???)

3) Ooh... Not to forget... My favourite... If I'm not mistaken, among the reasons behind the fall of Malacca is due to the POOR administration and the disharmony among the Muslims and Hindu-Muslim because the Muslims were not happy with a Hindu-Muslim (Tun Mutahir) taking up the post of Bendahara. (Please enlighten me if the "facts" mentioned above are wrong... Afterall I've just turned 18 years old..)
My point is:
- So they admit their admin was poor, and why should we follow and idolize such a poor example???
- So there were already disharmony involving Muslims and this is due to the muslims not satisfied with a Hindu-Muslim (Tun Mutahir) taking up the Bendahara post? This already proved that THEY ARE RACIST!!! Why... What's wrong with a Hindu-muslim holding that post???


Mr Tony Pua, I think I should compare you with Simon cowell from American Idol, brute honesty. Lol. That's why that Mat Rempit King play the racial cards to cover up because the truth hurts you know...

Simon Wee said...

Dear Anonymous (of Changing Harbour),

Our forefathers "changed harbour" for reasons such as:-
1. No Globalisation then with closed economies monopolised by the colonial powers;
2. Real physical conflagration where own people fought each other (civil wars);
3. Enticement by British Colonial power of Indians and Chinese for its own vested interest.

Time has changed and the situation now is different. Now we have globalisation, a booming India and China and of course the existence of Singapore as our neighbour. There is no need to change harbour. Even in a sinking ship, if we have enough of us, we can still make the ship float again because we have enough of the brain power and the support of our neighbours to do that.

In neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Singapore the people don’t blame their government for their economic failures. They would blame it on things such as bad feng shui, sabotage by their partners or just bad business decision. In Malaysia the blame would be on the New Economic Policy for obvious reasons.

Please see and on two Singapore parents’ frustration over their children failure to gain places in Singapore Universities despite having all As and Bs. None of them, however, blamed the government but only the respective universitiers' being not transparent enough.(Any Singapore Malay in similar situation would not face such problem). In Malaysia, however, the inferences were obvious in recent such cases.

The problem in Malaysia is that the economic cake is getting smaller. However things would get better because of globalization, a booming China and India and efforts being made to attract Singapore investments (IDR).

Please don’t change harbour for the sake of other Malaysians. Long live Malaysians.


Simon Wee

Anonymous said...

Yes Simon Wee is right, don’t change harbour. Bolehland needed you more than before. The oil reserve is getting less and less by the day, Sabah and Sarawak forest has gone and all the resources has been used up to help build our KLIA, Twin Tower and F1 track, the Dayaks and the Kandazan are left to feed for themselves. We needed you more than ever because you need to contribute to the economic cake so that the majority can have the time and pressure to embrace Arabian culture and so one day we can really look like one Arabian country where prophet lives his life then, we can be truly Islamic. Oh yes, we won’t want to be seen having an unique Malaysian flavor culture anymore, no songkok or Kabaya as this make us not Islamic. We need your contribution because putting “Mat Space” up need money and also we need to buy bike for Mat Rampet to motivate them to catch snatch thief. We are Bolehland and Bodohland in the making.
Dayak Princess.

Anonymous said...

Tony Pua, stand as candidate in Subang Jaya or PJ, you will win!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that this Dr Gunawan's is poking fun at the SIL. If he is for real,then let's hope that he does not enter politics.

Simon Wee said...

The sarcasm of Anonymous signed off as "Dayak Princess" could be a display of pessimism and animosity generated by experiences of a personal nature. Unless I know what these are I am in no position to put forward constructive suggestions.

I have my grievances too, but, as the saying goes, I look at the bigger picture.

Meanwhile allow me to dedicate two Chinese songs;_
1. "Yau Pin Cai Hui Ying" (Success only through struggle);
2. "Min Tian Hui Geng Hau" (A Better Tommorrow)


Simon We

aawilliam said...

Hope by now this DR have aleardy get it right.MP Theresa Kok met this type of people also.Similar in nature.(Nudesquat case? remember?)

aawilliam said...

Tony in B.Malaysia!!! :D:D:D

Anonymous said...

Looks like malaysian malaysia concept is an eyewash - the real intention is to usurp the majority wish.

Anonymous said...

Why do the Malaysian historians always conveniently forget that the Sultan of the Malacca Sultanate KNEELED in front of the Ming (Chinese) Emporer to ask to be a vessel state of China?

And by being a vessel of China, Malays are by history a sub-tribe of the Chinese.

This is not intended to insult or hurt Malay pride, but hey, time for both sides to eat humble pie and reconcile. This country should not be divided along racial lines.

Anonymous said...

The intellectual rigour while obviously not there, does not imply that the political spin is not signficant. I would be so snobish as to dismissed such talk because it plays to a significant group of people and more importantly to people that acts with their hearts and not their minds. There is no arguing the illogic if you can't touch their hearts similarly.

Lee Kuan Yew knows this best if you ever heard his earlier speeches - it was all fire and brimestone that had a lot of emotion in it although they were based on logic. Today, its much tougher to use the same technique. If you have emotions vs. logic. Logic will lose in todays short-attention span political environment.

Anonymous said...


Where is the historical evidence?

National geographic?
Bulletin UNMO?

Simon Wee said...

It was Lee Kuan Yew who stirred up the Malaysians for his/Singapore's own vested interest and then left us in a lurch to fend for ourselves.

People like Lim Chong Yew and Sarawak's Kalong Ningkam (name's right?) who gave their 100% support to Malaysian Solidarity Front formed by LKY, were left dumbfounded when LKY packed up and went after stirring up the hornet's nest. Kalong Ningkam went to the extend of wanting Sarawak out of Malaysia to join Singapore. The rest is history.

Therefore please try to do things our way this time because it is our future.

Long live Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

this friend of KJ, is a really myopic and colour blind (to every other race )fler, who keeps mudying the waters we all live in by bringing up racial issues and linking issues of transparency and governance with race and religion. thereby trying to shut up the slowly waking majority and let these flers to get on with their little schemes. if it is true that the civil service has become a sort of storage tank for hitherto unemployable local graduates. then i for one feel very sorry for them and ultimately for us, because a lumbering and inefficient civil service will not serve to achieve Vision 2020. and since when was it ok for one race to almost absolutely dominate a sector (i.e. malay in civil service)when the good DR's friend KJ, tried to get more malays into the IT sector he said that. some how i dont see him trying to more ppl of the other races into the civil service. and it is quite strange that KJ himself remains in the private sector and it certainly was one hell of a leg up that the partners at ECM Libra gave him to purchase ECM libra shares. the man has no credibility in the peoples' eyes. keep it up TP.

Anonymous said...


If ur comment is not directed to Malay civil servant, then who is your aim to?

Being a malay myself, i felt so annoyed by your comment.

Some people said it's a fact...and those who want to rebutt it should use facts,not emotion.

Okay...let's see it this way.If i say all chinese are 'mata sepet', what would you all say?

Come's a blatant fact,u know! rebutt me with facts...not by ur emotion.

I read ur statement again and again (as you wish) and i still felt hurted about it.

You have no respect for civil servant and malays respectively.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 2.53 above

You dont have to get hurted...hehe

What TP said is the truth, if it is not why then KJ or Dr Indra Gunawan challenged TP to a public debate?

Let the world and the public be the judge and dont cowl under someone's sarong!

Anonymous said...

To anon 2.53 what is obvious here is Tony has a vested interest as a DAP man. Dont expect him to be straight. There's no need to feel hurt b'cause all those talk are minority provocation. Your duty is to put up your case in accordance with the democratic principles - vote . No need to feel hurt as that will only lead to revenge and counter revenge - remember the displaced Palestinian they are majority but have no rights over their land. So dont under estimate the minority but challenge them head on - with democratic might

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Anon 2.53,

Please read my original statement again and my explanation here.

I'll repeat again, my target was specifically the Government's recruitment policy for the civil service and NOT the "Malay" civil servant. It's an important difference.


Anonymous said...

They are minority here but if they follow the ways of the jews they'll swamp malaysia (read china and chinatowns in every cities of the world) Remember they told you to balik kampung once upon a time in the summer of 69' just like what the palestinians are experincing now - in camps, a refugee in their own land. They are not called the jews of the east for nothing. So be polite and nice but firm

Anonymous said...

Ok Tony, understood your intention, but it opens up various interpretations and your bloggers especially the chinese ( my perception) As a moderate malay with a chinese boss I have a negative attitude on him now since reading your blogs of late. I won't take chances but will just take side with my fellow kind however 'wrong' they are.

Anonymous said...

Tony 5:34

Only stupid person will intepret your "unemployed Malays graduate" as "unemployed graduate".

got my drift?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:53 PM.

Why felt hurt? Hurt because you don't want to admit your own weakness and failure? If you read and understand TP's entry, he is actually refering to "government servantS". Read again G O V E R N M E N T S E R V A N T S! It is a fact that the government is absorbing unemployed graduates (which TP supplemented with all the data required).

And, forgive me if i hurt you once again. Almost all unemployed graduates ARE Malays. And it at the same time almost all government servants ARE Malays. So KJ has been extremely smart in catching and igniting the issue, because he agrees with the fact! If he really cares about Malays, why did he chicken when being challenged to a public debate? Is it because he is afraid of losing. As an Oxford graduate, he wouldn't fear public debates.

If you think deeper into the issue, he is trying to provoke the Malays and Chinese in arguments. He has succeeded in achieving his objective, that is why he stays aside now watching the drama! Up to now, he never said a word again, but most Malays are writing to the newspaper to voice their dissatisfaction. See the connection? He is planning something up his sleeves!

A Malay at heart.

Anonymous said...

Hei dey Malay at heart (Anon 6:43),

Who provoke the Malays and Chinese in arguments?

unwieldy goverment service?
What is Tony bench mark?
hang paham ka makna unwieldy? Apa fact dia kata " slow and not productive"?

kalau kita kata Tony pengotor sebab tak cebuk berak dia delete tak comment ni?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Relax..they are ganging up against you with their crude and gross remarks because they cannot face you in an objective and rational discussion
Remember TP, its their leader that CHICKEN OUT for a public debate confrontation

We support you TP!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

apparently your comment about the civil servant pay rise especially on the unemployed malay graduate has something to do /similiar direction with the A Coup D’etat book recently released in London. (

the book's writer is from the same political sect with you.

what say u Tony?

Anonymous said...

Anony 7:59,

No one is running away except KJ the chicken man lah.

Is tension building up, when this is merely a forum for all concerned to voice their opinions. Do not insinuate things. If you think you have the facts to rebut, bring it on like a man.

Anonymous said...

Budak cina,

no la no fact ma, onli insinuate,

go head la, do all taking bad about Khairi, say la what u want to say,

go head la, speak ma all malay graduate cannot do job and so and so

let see, what happend next, if we and our children (if u have), can have good sleep then

Anonymous said...

Seems like some overly sensitive idiots here cannot differentiate between an objective non-racial statement made by Tony Pua and a racially charged remark made by the SIL.

No wonder Bolehland is going down the drain with such in-DUH-viduals around (to paraphrase Scott Adams of Dilbert).

Anonymous said...

Dont talk about the Melaka Sultan, he brought in the chinese and now we have the babas, bukit china, china buta,tangga china, kongsi china messing up peaceful Tanah Melayu

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

Can we please stop with out unworthy attack of each other's races? Both sides will definitely have it shares of blame and credit.

If we cannot have a rational discussion in cyberspace where we can preserve our anonymity and spare us from public embarassement, what more can we say if we have to publicly defend out statements? Please keep cool.

Anonymous said...

It is great news indeed to find that we have multi-racial reader of this blog - makes it more relevant. After all, what's the point if Utusan is read by 90% Malay reader and Chinese paper by Chinese only? It's time Malaysian share a common paper or source of information- a forum to exchange views, a medium to reflect on the "mood" of our fellow citizens.

It is regrettably a case where our history might not have been the best reference point to base our future directions. Yes the Chinese has caused pain to Malays and Malays too have restrict certain rights rightfully common to all citizens.

Our presence on this webspace is to argue , trash out and reflect on the best course forward for all of us - not to harp on past misgivings.

I hope the Chinese have to concede certain points on their "privilege" minority status here. Allow me to present you a hypothetical framework - imagine if France is swarmed with immigrants from Arab countries, say they constitute about 40% of the French population. After some years of inhabiting cosmopolitan France, they demand to have public schools teaching Arabic as a main language (not a mere subject), Arabic press circulating freely, and the right not to learn French as a language and aftter all, if the Arabs were dominant in the economic sector, young French-Arabs would have no real to master French to survive economically. After all, good Arabic and English will suffice to put the rice on their table. Imagine if French Arabs advertised in Le Monde, requiring potential jobseekers to know Arab to apply, what will the native French feel about their security in their traditional homeland? France wouldn't feel like France anymore - more like an extension of the Middle East.

To be fair, the Arabs would have contribute enormously to the French treasury. Without their business and income tax, perhaps France would have difficulty implementing some of their welfare policy to assist native French who are in need of help. Perhaps the help went a bit too far but unless the Arabs chip with their tax (coming from their business acumen), the French welfare dole-outs wouldn't be worth the salt to die for.

I hope we all see how the analogy applies to our country. The French wouldn't want to lose their identity and security of belonging. The world over is facing what Malaysia is experiencing and they are just begining to feel the heat of having a significant minority race. UK is facing demand from Muslim police not to have to wear the official badge as it contains a Christian cross. US Democracts candidates have to address the "sensitive" question of whether they approve of having a second official language of Spanish. South American and Mexicans immigrants (or recent Americans) are demanding that their children be taught spanish in school whereas the earlier immigrants from elsewhere have not ask for such measures. The world is coming to a point where Malaya was 50-70 years back. Americans might be sheepish about it but there are real concern that certain American cities (etc : Miami) are becoming Spanish soil. One need to speak Spanish if anyone is to seek employment in Miami City.

Anonymous said...

To clear the air of this hu-ha and speculation about the "bloatedness" of our civil service, I suggest that government set up a committee consisting of external and independent consultants - a team of impartial personnel, who would have nothing to gain of out this inquiry except for the flat fee that they would be paid. Let them do a study - a formal and exhaustive one - to determine if our civil service is really overweight - benchmark against say the British civil service , known to be not the most efficient body in UK - and then we carry forward from there.

Of course, there are the possibilites of determining issues by perception, which I can consider itself valid but not water tight. Imagine a group of graduating students from IPTA talking during the upcoming commencement.

Student A : So how's your job search lately?

Student B : Still going on. I actually have difficulty looking for jobs. The economy doesn't seem to be doing as great as before. I don't seem to be able to live up to the image of being a university graduate.

Student A: I see. Me too actually. I am gunning for the civil service. I suggest you tried it out as well. Datuk Seri Najib lately said the civil service can absorb university graduates. After all, if grades is a strong determinant to get a job in one of our local banks or even the foreign manufacturing firms, then it would have been a bit tough for me. I think we would stand a good chance in the civil service. I suggest we both apply. Just got the form lately.

Student B: Brilliant idea. I wonder how come you never did too well in your final thesis. hehe...

If this conversation between 2 local uni grad is indeed NOT apocryphal, perhaps reputation of the civil service as an employer of last resort is not unwarranted though exceptions can always be made.

In reply to one of the bloggers who mentioned that ...[Almost all unemployed graduates ARE Malays. And it at the same time almost all government servants ARE Malays]..., I think the offical statistics shows that 70% of unemployed graduates is Malay , NOT 100%. For the percentage of civil servants, I am not sure. If someone has the figure, please share it with us.

The 70% percentage should not be considered statistically significant. After all, Malays/Bumiputeras (using the term loosely) ,constitute 65% of the population. So perhaps the unemployed among races is evenly distributed.

Anonymous said...

Hello anoy (ing)11:45,

Yes la you have many idiot here who cannot understant oxford english. aka chinese english. (You have banyak duit go to good school, olang lain tatak wang la, jual tanah mau kasi makan ma..)

so read many time before you published. Once it hurt it hurt you know ma.. (itu melayu cakap sekali luka parut susah /tatak hilang ma..)

jangan maian kona-kona ma, you hantam cakap melayu taktak boleh kerja, now you say KJ racist ma, cakap pusing-pusing, sini taufan talak ooo... sana taiwan ka China mainland adala taufan...

Simon Wee said...

I think the analogy given by Pengulu about France and Arab cannot be applicable to Malaysia. France as we know is already a nation and then the Arabs came. In Malaysia practically all the races came from somewhere. Indepedence was achieved through the effort of the three races. As such when we became a nation, then suddenly a dominant race started to tell everybody to do things their way. If not its racist. This I think is the crux of the problem. We must find common grounds.

Long live Malaysians

Anonymous said...

To anoymous 7:32 am,

If you can't debate in a coherent and logical manner, go back to your tempurung.

Showing your emotions here like some crybaby highlights the level of maturity that you have - zilch.

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,
The Malays were here first, that's why this region is called Tanah Melayu. You and your chinese kind are still in a state of denial. Once we get this straight we can talk.

And to anon 8.50am , a debate is a debate and even Tony will agree that no one is privy to the only wisdom on earth, so stop being egoistic . That applies to all you dap sympathisers

Anonymous said...

To anoymous 3:52 pm,

You are not debating in a logical manner, you are RANTING like some crybaby.

Typical of those who are bankrupt of ideas and can't talk straight - such as UMNOputras and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

Kawan kawan melayu... maafkan saya jikalau bahasa melayu saya tidak ada standard. Saya akan terima kritikan anda dan berlajar dari kritikan tersebut.

Saya berkerja di sektor swasta, saya pernah berkerja dengan boss melayu (di sebuah syarikat MNC). Dia fasih berbahasa Inggeris. Saya anggap dia seorang melayu yg sangat cerdik sebab apa yg saya boleh buat, dia boleh buat, apa yg dia boleh buat, tak semestinya saya boleh (dari segi kerja lah).

Pada pendapat saya, pada keseluruhannya orang melayu bukan tak boleh kerja atau tak pandai, hanya malas sedikit (boss saya setuju). Manakala orang cina bukannya pandai sangat juga, tetapi kelebihannya rajin sedikit.

Bukannya tak ada orang cina yg malas, atau pun tak ada orang melayu yg cerdik pandai.

Saya rasa penulis tiada niat untuk meluka hati sesiapa. Dia hanya menggunakan fakta-fakta mengkritik kerajaan, itu aje. Niatnya jelas menghala kepada kerajaan dan bukan kaum melayu.

Tentu sakit hati kalau kawan saya sendiri yg beritahu saya ni takda otak kan? Adalah satu kisah benar... kawan saya pernah kata saya takda otak. Dia kata saya otak [ba... I chose to censor this word due to extremely degradeful language]! Memang sakit hati pada mulanya... tapi, lepas berfikir... kalau bukan kerana dia, saya takkan bersungguh-sungguh memperbaiki sendiri.

Semoga satu hari nanti, kita semua akan berjaya. Saya kata "kita" kerana kita memang belum berjaya. Selepas 50 tahun merdeka, kita masih bertelingkah siapa pandai siapa tak pandai, siapa pemilik tanah air and siapa bukan pemilik tanah air. Kita belum matang lagi. Kita masih berkelakuan kebudak-budakan.

Anonymous said...

sadmalaysian 6:06,
Ini bukan kali pertama bahasa seperti Tony dileparkan kepada orang Melayu, agenda dia besar,

Tony mau gambarkan orang melayu sebagai malas dan #### (censor). macam seperti agenda barat melebelkan islam adalah pengganas.

Kesannya orang melayu akan terpinggir dari arus ekonomi, dipinggirkan dari mendapat pekerjaan samada sektor awam atau swasta.

kalau niat Tony iklas tidak ditujukan kepada orang melayu dia pasti akan kata hanya "unemployed graduate " dan bukan unemployed Malay graduate".

Saya pasti Tony tidak tersilap bahasa sebab dia pintar, oxford graduate... tak taulah kalau ijazah yang dia dapat tu hasil kerja merasuah pensyarah dia....

Anonymous said...

To anoy 8:58

sorry a apek, my tempurung ada dekat sana tanah besat china, talak wang mau pegi oooo...

saya sini malaya duduk, bikin bisnis manyak senang , manyak wang, saya sudah tipu olang melayu kasi tanah sama saya, apa pasat saya mau balik cina.... lugi ma...

Simon Wee said...

Anonymous of (Time 3:52pm) spoke of Malays being here first to justify his analogy of France and the Arabs. Would any historian out there care to put the cards on the table for him to see with references to the aborigines of Australia, the red indians of both North and South America. It is clear that establising nationhood is more relevant than who comes first, not to mention the natives of many pacific islands.

I am not insinuating that their ways are the best. But in the Malaysian context, all the races must given a stake in this country. We must find common grounds to achieve their noble task for the sake of future malaysian generations.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear anon 8:11, its an analogy so you don't take it literally. This is Tanah Melayu you are talking about. period. The sharing will of course be different. You come to other people's house and you want to share equally? nonsense

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 6:42 pm said:

"sorry a apek, my tempurung ada dekat sana tanah besat china, talak wang mau pegi oooo...

saya sini malaya duduk, bikin bisnis manyak senang , manyak wang, saya sudah tipu olang melayu kasi tanah sama saya, apa pasat saya mau balik cina.... lugi ma..."

Typical of ketuanan folks - deluded and stupid.

Anonymous said...

When faced with stark and crude reality this anon10:54pm turns to name calling. Sure he thinks he's clever. Make my day

Anonymous said...

Stop arguing about the racial issues !!!

If we do not do address the problem of the civil service, we’ll all facing the consequences regardless whether you’re “bumi” or “non’bumi”. Do you want to see another toll hike ? Do you want your children being educated by sub-standard teachers/lecturers ? Do you want our doctor that can not save life ? All these will one day affect us. You can keep on arguing about who is right and who is wrong. You won’t realize how important a quality civil service is to every citizen in the country.

What is the use for our children to get into university while nobody wants to hire them because the education system is not up to par.

What is the use for us to work extra hour while all our earning are being channel to some tycoons who charge us enormous high toll rate and fuel price.

What is the use to have corrupted police that will protect the criminal in the expense of the citizen’s safety.

Think about it….. Do you want this to happen to you ? It will affect you regardless of what skin colour you’re. If you insist of paying higher toll, higher fuel price, keep our corrupted police force and our low quality teachers, keep on fighting with each other. If not, challenge the present government for the better of our future. We all deserve to have a better life and better civil service

Anonymous said...

dey Anon 11:09

If Tony start with racist remark, you say it's for the good of civil service.

Tony keep on lambaste civil servant because he said they are unemployed Malays graduate ma...

So you say private firm better and efficient, see how many chinese developer have kapor house buyers. Check who are behind "gores dan menang". If you say police are corrupt, check who give the wang sogok,

Got the drift?

Anonymous said...

Right on anon 11:31pm!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:02 pm said
"When faced with stark and crude reality this anon10:54pm turns to name calling. Sure he thinks he's clever. Make my day"

hoho who's the one ranting away here when you can't even rebutt Tony Pua's arguments?

Go back tanam jagung lah - you don't have enough grey matter to post in a blog like this.

Anonymous said...

Haa this anon 12:23 am really thinks he 's has the grey matter - look again its black ma - b'cause of the black heart fromm the curses he's been throwing. How I long these pests just migrate. I'll plant jagung to celebrate of course

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments.

However I'll appreciate it if you could stick to the debate on the subject and less on fighting a meaningless anonymous war of words (both ends of the spectrum). There are really no prizes available here for producing the most vindictive or racial snipes (again, both ways).



Golf Afflicted said...

And to Anon 6.38,

If you are going to 'quote' me, I'd appreciate it if you can quote accurately as per what I have written and not put words in my mouth.

;) Tony

Anonymous said...

11:31 PM

"So you say private firm better and efficient, see how many chinese developer have kapor house buyers. Check who are behind "gores dan menang". If you say police are corrupt, check who give the wang sogok,

Got the drift?"

Yes i got your drift. You are indeed in the state of denial. I am particularly interested in your last statement " If you say police are corrupt, check who give the wang sogok." Are you implying that it is because people resorting to giving bribes that make the police accept them? What a joke! Don't try to fool the readers here by using a reverse causation.

If the police are really clean internally, they will NOT accept bribes even if you throw money at them! To the contrary, it is the police that "request" bribes from the public. GO and get your facts right, or if you never encounter those police, i suggest you try one out. Police is the shame of this nation.

Anonymous said...

To anon 9.24am don't even offer to bribe if you are clean in the first place. I dont, I'll just pay the fine if it comes to te crunch but very seldom that I break the law. Let me give you a quiz - identify the dirtiest and chaotic towns in the world .......... chinatown. Just observe any one in the world, simply b'cause they dont respect the law, go around it and if caught you know what the'll do ....... b.r.i.b.e. so the solutionis to have less of their number and not spoil our society

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It is high time you take control of your blogs and delete those persistent trouble makers!
Dont let that one or two recalcitrant blinkered fools hijacked your blog!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Regarding police taking bribe, the corrupted police will hint and ask if you want to settle without paying saman.

On one occasion, they (a group) witheld my IC and if i wanted my IC back, they say I have to pay RMXX.

They always ask where you work, where you are going. To make sure you have no connection with any authority before they choose the victim.

The police have guns, we don't. Now, you tell me who is forcing who.

Are you some minister who made remarks when a girl is raped, it is the girls fault for wearing sexy? The mean to say police is always innocence?

Anonymous said...

Dear anon 1143am, as a malaysian of chinese origin, i am truly ashamed and depressed by such blatant racist remarks made by you! you should be ashamed of yourself. who dont you look at yourself in the mirror and say "racist".

while i must agree that TP strung his sentence about civil servants wrong with an inconsiderate dab of judgment. but c'mon folks, we are going off topic from what our discussion is about.

there are more racist statements made by MP's (just go to u-tube and type malaysian parliament) but here we are, taking shots at TP. i do not think he was right by making such remarks, but i think the amount of hate he received is not right.

it is lamentable that after 50 years and probably more than 100 years (some chinese probably have a longer geneology in tanah melayu, than some melayu!) the chinese and indians are still regarded as 'pendatang' in though the malays are the supreme race is this country. if anyone out there thinks malays are supreme race, go to the mirror and say to yourself "supremist".

all races and all ppl are equal under the sun. we all die, and we get judged. the sad thing is that the current politics in malaysia is racially drawn, the leaders are using racial grounds to divide the masses. the question we should ask is how to improve Malaysia and create wealth, instead of who comes first and who gets what.

we should look to the future and not harp on the past. the past was a lesson for all FOR the future.

Anonymous said...

To anon12:11pm why are we blaming the leaders or even these blogs for the racial divide. Its human nature and the fittest will survive. The Malays have only this region to show their presence and are trying their best to survive. Likewise the chinese diaspoara is known , almost like cockroach surviving and causing damage all over

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear anon 2;12 pm how can you compare chinese with cockroach. Cockroach survived since the time dinosaours roamed the earth. Giving credit to us ?
Long live Roach Chan

Anonymous said...

its not human nature for the fittest to survive. its animals nature for the fittest to survive. i do wish to be catagorised or labelled as an animal, nor i wish to be judged as an animal. i believe in the goodness and kindness in man. and thus, to see ppl foregoing their civility in the name of race, religion or self indulgence is a smack in the face of God (if you believe in one).

to be honest, most malaysian politicians are shallow and unable to carry a decent discussion without going into the race issue.

i sincerely hope tony would take this as a good opportunity to see how the game is played by the other party and i sincerely hope to see more of you around!

we do not need racist politicians, but we are in dire need of quality politicians!... with a moral bearing.

Anonymous said...

"...most malaysian politicians are shallow and unable to carry a decent discussion without going into the race issue...."

Completely agree with the statement. All these have to go back to their personal benefits, which is why they like to provoke all races against each other in the first place. UMNO especially, has never failed to mention 13/5 during each elections to threaten the rest to vote BN. Under the current leadership, things have gone from bad to worse, with Hishamuddin and Khairy as the lead. MCA and MIC on the other hand, only keep their mouth shut and enjoy their life. DAPs are still living with their utopia, where they will gain popularity and govern the country one fine day. PAS is still aiming at a Islamic country while PKR exists just for the sake of Anwar. Each ethnic is segregated thanks to the education system and affirmative policies that benefitted the majority. Everyone is in the state of denial, questioning who owns the country and contributes more. What we are doing now only allows foreign nations to make us a joke, tarnish our dignity and even colonised us.

When will our politicians really care about Malaysia and Malaysians?

Anonymous said...

Well said 540 but the ppl deserve the politicians and govt they have. Just read this blog big buffaloes trying to chase away small yellow dogs. DAP to rule one day ?- fat hope , they are just as racists and will not be accepted, unless they learn from the jews ...sigh

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shawn Tan said...

The great Kesultanan Melayu Melaka was a Pendatang Sultanate. If Parameswara was alive today, he wouldn't be Melayu either.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Tan it is irrelevant whether or not Paraweswara is a Malay or the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka is a'pendatang' since it all happened in the Malay Archipelago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony Pua,

Dont worry in your struggle for truth. Gandhi used to say it..." FIRST, THEY WILL IGNORE YOU, THEN THEY WILL LAUGH AT YOU, THEN THEY WILL FIGHT YOU AND LASTLT YOU WILL WIN!"

Anonymous said...

Gandhi was in a more or less homogeneous population but with divisions of caste and religion. A colonial power is the common denominator to unite these people. In the end he still failed with the partition of the country into two because of religion. We too experienced a partition with the ouster of singapore. How can DAP do differently?

Anonymous said...

"Shawn Tan it is irrelevant whether or not Paraweswara is a Malay or the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka is a'pendatang' since it all happened in the Malay Archipelago."

My my, did this guy even study kindergarten? What kind of reasoning is that? If i am to follow your path, it will be

the malay archipelago never existed before the end of ice age. even after the ice melted, there isn't any malay here. on the other hand, this place is inhabited by iceman. so, this place isn't malay's.

Anonymous said...

To this anon 652, you're getting too childish, being too long in the kindergarten that he remains childish. Don't mean to insult, just cynical of your understanding on historical timeline

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, the legendary Malay hero Hang Tuah discovered China. He named China then as Kampong Pinang Sebatang.

Anonymous said...

He went on to discover India. He named India then as Kampong Sireh Bercabang.

Anonymous said...

One fine day, people found out his true identity, as he was more competence in Kung Fu rather than silat. Further more the surname Hang is familiar to Hang Li Po compare to Raja Muda Liar.

To cover-up his identity, he form a political party and name it Dunia Aku Punya, which was known as DAP.

Anonymous said...

This history bit must be from the kindergarten attended by anon 652

Anonymous said...

Nothing much to comment but anonymous 10:23 PM, 12:12 PM, 4:08 PM, 10:53 PM and 1:21 AM are the same person. More childish than anonymous 6.52 PM he is refering to. He is indeed retarded.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of person still in a state of denial. He/she thinks there is only one person whose opinion differs from him/her and give him the label. That's the kind of quality of people you have TP. I'm trying to change that by giving a different perspective before theses characters become extremist

Anonymous said...

ya la anon 9:06 AM,

You and us were in the same mental hospital ward, cannot remember ha,

You just like me, like to write on toilet wall so we continue here la, Tony Pua's toilet wall......

Anonymous said...

I can remember now, you are my patient anon 906. Must have done a great job, you were the retarded along with so many others enjoying drawing those rockets at the toilet wall. Still at it I see.

Anonymous said...

kahhhh.... try bluff me huh Anon 12:48,

Tony said chinese cannot work in goverment hospital. How can you be the doctor. Must be tht beyond repair mentally ill patient....

Anonymous said...

MCA can ma.

Dr Wong Fort Pin said...

"Tiada negara lain di dunia yang menyaksikan kaum minoriti menerima nasib yang sebagitu baik sebagai di Malaysia."

Let me share part of the article I read in Time June 18, 2007 issue- The Home Away From Home-- What makes Hong Kong so captivating for so many people from so many places? The opportunity it gives you to be all that you hope to be.

see part 2 to continue

Dr Wong Fort Pin said...

part 2 to continue here.

I marveled that Hong Kong is such a free place even for the writter Zoher Abdoolcarim.(you may read the whole article on your own.)

Almost anywhere you care to name, Hong Kong has people from there, all escaping something, all seeking something else.

Race, creed, caste, gender, connections and government matter less in Hong Kong than they do in other places--enabling self-made men and women, many stymied by regulation or convention elsewhere, to flourish. This is where a Chinese TV weather girl can blossom into a political leader, an Indian tabloid reporter reinvent himself as the town's top headhunter, a Canadian college dropout be transformed into a tycoon. This is where you can be all you hope to be, unburdened by the past." continue at part 3.

Dr Wong Fort Pin said...

Part 3 continue here.

To my surprise I found a fellow Malay doing well in Hong Kong. You may read the whole article on Welcome to The Club page 52 in the same issue of the Time.

"Not long ago, Abdullah Mohamed Hashim might have felt out of place in the city's cubicle culture because he's Malaysian and a Muslim. But the 28-year-old management trainee at the Dutch bank ABN Amro says he's had no promblem fitting in. Ät work, no one pays attention to where you're from, only how hard you're working," Hashim says. Like many local professionals,he works until 1o p.m. nearly every day. "Growing up in Malaysia, most of what I know about Hong Kong came from soap operas," Hashim says."That I'd come to live here? It seemed impossible. No one even considered it an option."

I hope many years to come Malaysia can be like Hong Kong. Everyone is free to reach the maximum capacity of what he/she want not hindered by his/her race, creed, caste, gender, connections and government.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fort,

Bukannya kita tak mau bekerja keras macam orang lain, tapi kan ada government jaga. Usahlaa bersusah payah, government bagi duit belanja.

Kalau dia orang nak bekerja keras bagi tax pada government, dia punya pasal laa. Asalkan Melayu dapat duit.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget Jalil Ibrahim was killed and thrown into the banana farm in Hong Kong too...

Anonymous said...

Ok you can work hard but when its time to go home pl leave. I learn this from my Brinei friends - they take in foreigners only to work but not stay and acquire their land

Anonymous said...

Abdullah decide to stay and get citizenship in hongkong? I dont think so unlike those who came here and decide to stay here for good

Anonymous said...

I am still looking for the so-called new delivery machinary promised by AAB 3 weeks ago? Can anyone enlighten me on that matter? Or is this another talk and no walk by our beloved PM?

Anonymous said...

Where is the childish/retarded story teller? How i miss his ingenuity in telling stories

Anonymous said...

Haa... must be talking to yourself anon 607

Anonymous said...

aiyaa.. anon 6:07pm, still at cerating beach ! Just dive into the water follow the currnet and you'll reach pulau duyong at my pleasure. You then swim on north and one of those china boat will bring you home to motherland