Friday, February 13, 2009

Will Khir Toyo be Charged?

I was arrested (and whacked) for lighting candles at a peaceful gathering of 200 or so people last year in an open park and charged for my "crimes".

Four days ago, Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth Chief candidate led a 1000-strong crowd chanting "kill him" at those accused of alleged treason in Ipoh. He got away scot free (not for the first time too!).

When UMNO Youth also demonstrated in an unruly manner outside Karpal Singh's legal office in Kuala Lumpur 2 days ago, and Karpal

related that he had spoken personally to an officer in uniform, whom he identified as “Mr Chan”, and was told that the organisers had not got a permit for their protest but that he was “under instructions” not to break up the rally.

Finally, when Khir Toyo led an UMNO Youth march in Penang heading towards Karpal's personal home, the police arrested him. (That must have been such a slap in the face for Khir Toyo, the other UMNO Youth chief hopeful)

Thank you to the police for acting impartially in Penang. The next step is for the Attorney-General's office to prosecute Khir Toyo for "illegal assembly".

I'm all for protecting our constitutional right for freedom of assembly, for holding peaceful demonstrations. But all must be equal before the law, as expressly stated within our Federal Constitution - therefore if the police are to prosecute anybody for peaceful assembly, then all should be prosecuted. If not, then all charges to all accused of 'illegal assembly' must be immediately dropped.

Will Khir Toyo be charged? (Was that a rhetorical question?) And if he is charged, it'll be absolutely hysterical if his defense was the right to peaceful assembly as provided for in our Federal Constitution!


Julian said...

An obvious no.


Anonymous said...

of course he won't be charged. he will be called a hero instead, as a hero for all the pendatang from sumatera. the other will be hero to all the kera. bn is always above the law. they can protest, gather, incite hatred & violence - but get away with it. they cry with just a warning.

none of the pdrm dare to charge kt & kj coz they will be transferred for duty in thai-m'sia border patrol.

Anonymous said...

while UMNO are busy championing their invisible 'Malay rights' claiming we the Chinese and Indians are a threat to the nation, ironically these UMNO goons are busy worshiping China and India.

Racism has no place in today's world, lets face it Mr.Khairy and Khir and all the racist UMNO. We need the America, China and India more than they need us.

Anonymous said...

Both these blokes, Botak Syed Hamid the HM and AG are the disgrace to the nation. Their brains are chained to the corrupted UMNO-BN regime or function in reverse actions, good is bad and Bad is good.
Of course nothing will happen, maybe, not lack of trying by the police chief of George Town but, again working under the sufferance of the despicable regime. If there is no change of the Federal govt, the whole nation will live under the fear and sufferance of this evil empire.

Anonymous said...

Let us see whether the police wiil charge Khir Toyo and KJ.The public will know by then is UMNO police or the Police for the people.

Anonymous said...


You should be arguing for Toyol NOT to be charged.

2 rights dont make a wrong.

Assemblies must be allowed and if so, the police will be in the wrong if they charge Toyol.

And yes, they should not have detained you, thats for sure.

How can you now ask the police to the 'wrong' thing , even if its to Toyol.

Anonymous said...

They are both a disgrace to the educated
ones !
Just for their political ambitions they are wiling to do anything, including 'punching' the non Malays.
It is traditional UMNO hopeful leaders always use the non Malays especially the Chinese to be their 'punching' bags.
Did they learn all these from their education ? They are a real disgrace to those who went to varsity!

Anonymous said...

Tony, No Way! I dare you for a bet, a lunch of chicken rice will do. I AM THE SURE WINNER...HA ha

Johnny Chiam

GreenBug said...

YB Tony, its a double-standard world we live in here in Bolehland. Perhaps that "arrest" is only for sandiwara only. The PDRM is not impartial, we all know that, why bother to even discuss about it? We just need to work harder to change it.

Eugene said...

Biggest gangster cum robber of the state can be charged?

No way, how can abang charge adik?! No such thing in Malaysian Book of Records.

In the dreams of all Malaysian citizens may be!

Jeffrey Chew said...

My thoughts - unemployed dentists tend to act this way - irrational. However, how can dentists be unemployed other than the one who took the trouble to come all the way to Penang - thump his chest with his UMNO cronies and expect the world to believe that he is speaking for. I guess unemployed dentist tend to act this way - so why should we all be bothered about persons like this?

Anonymous said...

Khir Toyo only want to make this event another cheap and effective ways to promote himself just for the up coming UMNO election next month. Like what Khairy have been doing in Ipoh Perak too.

Anonymous said...

umno election is getting near and he must shown to be as ultra as he can be.
by the way, where is he from?

Anonymous said...

i want to know where he get his botox jabs from...hehehe. he should be featured in nip/tuck.

the difference here is:

1. tony pua & gang were gathering in peace, singing negaraku...then wham-bham got kicked in the butt but police samseng.

2. kt & kera were acting like mat rempits hooligans, shouting hatred & inciting racial sentiments. these are liable for ISA...but in boleh-land it is all BN-Boleh. Yang lain, bukan BN, tak-boleh.

Founders of BN-UMNO are no doubt ashamed of such leaders, if they are leaders or samseng.

Anonymous said...

Get every resident disturbed by the toyo march register an individual police complaint.

And make sure the police follow up on every police report lodged.

Anonymous said...

if he got charged, malaysia sure no crisis this time...