Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Election Commission Chairman A BN Puppet

... and a major disappointment and disgrace too.

The new Election Commission chairman, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof was appointed in January this year, and the issue of the Perak state by-elections presented the first major test of the competency and impartiality of the new chairman after the previous one was looked upon with contempt.

However, it is unfortunate that the Commission's decision today to not call for the by-elections, which went against the ruling of the Perak state assembly speaker on the vacancy of the 2 state seats.

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz went to the extent of declaring that "it is not the place of the speaker to declare the seats vacant, but to keep the EC informed; it is the EC's role to declare the vacancies. The EC's responsibility is to determine if there is a vacancy or not. Our answer is not."

This is an absolute and blatant contempt of the state constitution of Perak, and serves only to prove the impartiality and incompetence of Tan Sri Abdul Aziz, who acts as a stooge for his Barisan Nasional paymasters.

Can the decision of the Speaker be subject to challenge? Of course, but only by the aggrieved parties through the court of law. For e.g., the 2 affected assemblyman could file of an injuction against the EC or the state assembly.

Even the former tainted chairman of the election commission has stated that the EC has no choice but hold elections unless otherwise instructed by the courts. But it is certainly NOT the place for the Election Commission whose role is to effect elections when requested by the Parliament or the respective state assemblies, and not make the decision as to whether there should be elections.


telur dua said...

This what happens when gutless illiterates are appointed to important positions.

Anonymous said...

wat do you expect of a crooked system?

telur dua said...

This is a very dangerous precedent.

amoker said...

Totally agree. Incompetent biased fool

Anonymous said...

Tony, nothing to worry about, 30 vs 27 is still a majority. Those two having resigned should never be counted.
I thought the last chairman was stupid. This is worst..a moron who thought that he is a genius. Now he confirmed that he is a BN man.
He is doing a disservice to the two constituency 'cos they don't have a rep in the state assembly.
Anyway it good, we let BN shoot their own feet.

nothing to worry about,

NEO said...

Let us set-up a On-line Petition" to demand the new EC Chairman to resign immediately.

Let as the new EC Chairman to join Umno and contest as the Umno Vice Chairman post

telur dua said...

Next time when an MP or ADUN dies, this EC guy will say there is no need for a by-election, he'll say they didn't die, they are just having a long rest.

His decision on the two Perak ADUNs is a dangerous precedent and should not go unchallenged. Truly, he is an illiterate. Sue him.

Anonymous said...


what do you expect from desperados? take this as a blessing coz it now confirms that EC is nothing but a spineless institution at the beckoning of BN.
by the way, its just not the EC. Tell me which institution dares to stand up and uphold law and order as provided in the constitution. Do I have to remind "Correct, Correct, Correct"?
take heart, tony. what goes round will come around. the law of karma always prevail.

WY said...

BN muppet = puppet. disappointment again.

Anonymous said...

Frankly am dissapointed with your comment. You added your view BUT little else. This is a very complex issue from a political strategy point of view for PR, as a near-senior leader, you should show a grasp of complexity to the case.

Malik Imtiaz and Malaysian Insider gave a very good view of the legal point (http://malikimtiaz.blogspot.com/2009/02/making-sense-of-perak-controversy.html).

BUT not the political point.

You should have taken the technicalities and added the political angle i.e., that in the end, there is a larger ruse of BN to kill PR by war of attrition of resources.

Anonymous said...

a malaysian voter who is not aligned to any party or a member of any party but one of the majority that decides who should win the elections.

guess what guys, i'm tired of all the 'i'm one up' politics in this country be it from BN or PKR.

none of you seem to be doing what you are suppose to be doing when you were elected in, that is to work for the people and keep the people's interest in mind, other then 'i'm better than you' politics thrown at each other.

the election is over for God's sake, it is almost a year since. I frankly don't see any improvements in any of the states apart from new mercs for trengganu and new camrys for selangor and perak. bravo gentlemen, you got yourselves new cars with the rakyats money.

what is so wrong with using protons. its a malaysian car, i repeat, malaysian car. its not BN's car or UMNO's car.

maintenance very high you say. that is down to dishonesty in the transactions as in the case in trengganu.

if that is the case than you should be driving peroduas instead and save the rakyats money.

guys, india's official car is the ambassador. so why not be proud of our malaysian car.

enough is enough, get on with your jobs. just because its from the previous administration its no good and has to be changed.

well you have 50 years of things to undo. i'm not willing to wait long for improvements, so get on with your job's gentlemen. approximately 4 years to next election get moving if you want to keep your seats.

Anonymous said...

Ayoyoyouuoh! Hebat betul..!What kinds of MP we had.....today!

"Today Lompat sini..!
Tommorrow Lompat balik..!"
Yang Tidur,
Yang Sakit,
Yang Hilang,

Tiba-tiba muncul di buntuk Big Boss Negara...!
Inilah Malaysia Boleh.....!

Jangan cakap Maruah..Cakap Duitlah ..!Itulah Pedoman Hidup produk Katak-katak make-over moden kini...!

Anonymous said...

Right now I wonder how much each person was paid to cross over or how much additional leverage was brought to bear.

During the last election, alot of the people voted for the parties rather than the people behind them basically to 'punish' BN for their arrogance so it is pretty unfair that the choice of the rakyat is being subverted in this way. However life isn't fair and everybody has a price (plus it doesn't help that both sides are playing a similar game in accepting defectors).

Jonas Lee said...

We, Malaysians who favour democracy and clean governance, must all look at this setback for PR positively and creatively. Do not lose hope for Malaysia because God has a greater plan beyond the obvious cat and mouse game.

Look at the irony of the situation: The unethical cross over planned by Anwar failed last September.

Today, God may allow the devious cross-over and reverse takeover of the Perak state government by BN for one very good reason: the whole population of Perak and the country will start to see how unethical and undemocratic is the BN in trying to gain power.

Let them win the war of cross-overs but they will definitely lose the battle for the hearts and minds of the voters.

Anonymous said...

why when EC is on your side, you hail them like PP and KT by-election? now when the decision is not in your favour, you complain. i don't think this is fair, you have to be consistent...

Anonymous said...

I am not sidng any party but I look for consistenncy and principles. However, almost all politicians in this country have no principles. When you win in PP and KT, the voice of democracy has been heard. When someone crosses over to PR, it is called democracy. And you accept them with open arms and the outsted Perak MB even had the gall to say on TV another few more crossing over. So to him it is alright. Now PR has lost a state due to crossover, you guys say its not fair, being robbed of democracy et etc. My god. There is contradictions everywhere and you think all the Malaysian rakyat is so gullible. PR or BN sama aje