Friday, February 06, 2009

Job Opportunities @ The Rocket

Yes, the economy is not faring too well. But DAP needs to continue to grow to reach out to the people, and attract greater talent into the party. Hence, as part of our aggressive expansion plans, we are looking to recruit intelligent, young and dynamic individuals to join our team to make The Rocket one of the most successful and respected party newsletters in Malaysia.

The objective of the newsletter is to be able to provide Malaysians with a better understanding of both the political environment in Malaysia as well as the policies and comments by our party leaders. The Rocket also provides coverage for various activities carried out by our branches and members throughout the country.

We are looking for JOURNALISTS and WRITERS for all languages - English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

You can apply via Jobstreet here, or email your detailed resume to daprocket(at)rocketmail(dot)com.


Unknown said...




Anonymous said...

Hi Tony Sir,

Can it be part time? Since I have a morning job to go to.. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tony

How about Part Time?
Is it possible?


vchi said...

Can overseas Malaysians apply? Are there jobs for those not on site?

Anonymous said...

Yes, part time cartoonists who know:

Jonas Lee said...

If you wish to make a real impact with the Rocket, can I suggest you start a non-partisan column that looks at real political and economic issues without any political bias. Be not only self-critical but encourage/castigate your electorate for not thinking enough beyond bread and butter issues.

For instance, who is to blame for the Perak crisis. It is more than just PR and BN. It is the voters, the media and bloggers who did not examine the issues enough.

Anonymous said...

dude you really have to start talking about what is going on in Perak

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeremiah entirely.

The last time I saw the Rocket, it seemed narrow and partisan, with no small amount of MCA-bashing.

Anonymous said...

Your link leads to SIVA login. Link should be Jobstreet here


Golf Afflicted said...

Hey guys,

1. Part-time is a little difficult although we welcome articles. We pay RM100 per printed article. Send them to rocketeditor (at) rocketmail (dot) com.

2. Thanks SH. Error corrected

3. Talk about Perak? The whole world's already talking and dissecting the whole issue. I won't be adding much more value talking about it here. (No mood to do so either)


Julian said...

Hmm.. Guess part-timers aren't in demand...

Let us know if The Rocket (sounds really delicious to me, must be the 14 Feb that's around the corner) needs a creative touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, I'm just curious y isn't there anyone from the PR talked about immorality when MP from BN hopped to PR? When MP from PR defected then u all start talking about ethics and all the stuff.. I'm not supporting any party here.. I just hope u all can walk the talk..

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Yeah.!Coret..Coret...Coret..because..Today...he was the "Winner".This PM in waiting is too smart..too wily..even able to convince...a Former CJ..!
So,the Majority of the Rakyat should accept mainly because he..was the Winner..! What will happen if any exposed....?
May the God tells day..!

Anonymous said...

pensioners can apply oso?

Anonymous said...

The people pin their hopes and aspirations on you PR people - and the moment some get elected they sell themselves to the highest bidder!
PR reps act like spoilt petulant children.

So disappointed.

The leaders of PR- DSAI/LGE/Hadi should now make it a point to go meet each and every elected rep (ADUN n MP) - hear their grouses and try to settle their problems.

More action and less press conferences please - u have convinced most of the rakyat - it is your own reps u need to reel in now.

This is especially true for Anwar (what the hell is he doing?), LKS and Karpal.
PKR seems like a rudderless ship and DAP has too many talking heads.
Consolidate your bases and show us that our faith in u is not misplaced.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Tony,

Just a suggestion. Why not make a free online version of the rocket? The main reason is that the current readers of this newsletters are mainly DAP members and/or those who are sympathetic to the opposition's cause. That would be like preaching to the converted. Why not create an online avenue where articles or writings can be freely viewed by all. :)

Keep up the good work !!